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Found 6 results

  1. A new PInball Machine has just arrived at Sugarcube Corner. Pinkie, being her hyperactive self just had to have a go at it. What madness will ensue? What treasure will be found? More importantly, can Pinkie beat Sweetie Belle’s high score?
  2. Lately, i've been sucked back into a pinball frenzy and i realized that pinball has become a bit of a forgotten thing, considering that arcades are no more and there are barely any pubs out there that still own any Pinball Machines. Anyone still like to play Pinball?
  3. A lot of great events happened over this weekend. I went to Pin-A-Go-Go (one of the nation's largest pinball conventions) and this year was better than last year I must say. So here is a recap of the weekend During me and my father's 3 hour drive, we encountered a field of Windmills. We arrived to hour hotel. And I can't forget about "road trip ponies" again. So I brought Luna with me The sign/banner says it all. Let the fun begin I like this machine in many ways It has a great gameplay It has a rather familiar name My dad almost bought a Whirlwind at one point but bought a "Dr. Dude" for a better deal "Uhh. It's okay. You don't need to beat Fluttershy at staring" I love this game too. It has a classic/vintage look and feel, while using modern elements to make Funny back glass btw Did I mention how humorous the theme is!?! Apart from mass produced machines, there are some people who take it to a new level Like this AWESOME Archer pinball machine. I had a chat with the owner and said, "It's still a work in progress, but I like how everybody enjoys it" I also did. And to add a bonus, Archer is another TV comedy I love. Pin-A-Go-Go 2016 marked it's 20th anniversary. And this year is easily the best one can't wait for other game shows to come this year " Th th th th th Thats all folks!"
  4. I've had this brewing in my mind for awhile know and truth be told I will probably end up sketching a design for such a table but with the thread in question, my answer is yes because I would play any pinball, but the question I'd pose to myself is what I would expect of it? I would at least expect a 6-ball multi-ball with the ball locks being the mane 6 the question also is what season would they base it off of, what villain modes would they put in, this threads probably gonna get 0 replies but eh, I want to get the ideas off my chest. Maybe for the ball locks you have to play a mane 6 mode that dependant on the pony has you perform different task, for example Rainbow-dash mode would be all about getting orbit and ramp shot combo's, Applejack would be making bank shots and such. What do you guys think, if I get enough ideas I might draw what a MLP:FiM table might look like.
  5. Hey everybody! Let's get as many Marvel Pinball 3D players as possible and get the highest Team Hero Score! Your score is your total high score divided by 1 million. If you have friends that play, you can also see your team score! There is a leader board for this, but you need to have access to the rankings. That means you must be able to connect to the internet, and you must use the default settings. So whaddya say? If you're in leave your friend code here! Mine: 1977-0681-9458
  6. I found a bunch of old games, and I was wondering what to play. If any of these games ring a bell with you, talk about it!