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Found 24 results

  1. Who is better? Unikitty or Pinkie Pie Give me a reason why you like Pinkie Pie or Unikitty or...both Unikitty and Pinkie Pie If you don’t know who ether Pinkie Pie or Unikitty or both Unikitty and Pinkie are just skip this thing.
  2. Rarity's, Pinkie's, Twilight's, AJ's, Fluttershy's, or RB's? I found it very hard to decide... I gotta say either Rarity's or RB's. Fluttershy's was also really pretty.
  3. An collab I done with Yinglongfujun on Twitter and DA I planned the overall composition, drew Screwball and Discord. He drew Pinkie and the background (and Discord's lineart)
  4. Just some text because I need some text in the box...
  5. Heya everypony, so I tried to listen to the critique yall gave me earlier and I came up with this I gotta say I'm a lot more happy with this than the other one!
  6. Hiya! So I drew this little Pinkie Pie and I figured I'd post it
  7. Hi everypony! I've created this fan club for the appreciation of the Mane 8! Now that all of the girls have been made into EG form, I thought it only fitting to see what art and love there is out there for them! If you're confused, the mane 8 consist of our mane 6 girls, with the addition of Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer. Seeing as they both have pretty big roles in their respective shows, and have been in a cross over (Mirror Magic) I really love the idea of bringing them together! Don't you? Let's see the artwork and the love! (Image saved and shared from another fanclub) (Kudos to whomever's this is because I love it!)
  8. I will update this post whenever I complete a new badge. Here is what I have so far. I hope you enjoy! Fluttershy Twilight Sparkle Applejack More soon! Support me here ---------------------------------
  9. Hey everyone! I just spent the past hour in photoshop making this AWESOME picture! I hope you guys all enjoy, feel free to download it as a wallpaper or something! --This is the best photoshop I've ever made!--
  10. So I learned to animate with flash puppets. YAY!!!! Specail thanks to youtube tutorials: so here it is:
  11. I think Pinkie Pie would make for a really fun vampire queen Comments/critiques are ALWAYS appreciated!
  12. yep, awesome forum banner and it went along well with my background.
  13. Hey guys its hard to come across new bronies in my area so i was wondering if you guys wanted to start like a Skype group or something. Pretty much everywhere i go to try and find more members of the fandom its mostly trolls so im wanting to make some new friends to talk to and you guys can get to know each other too.
  14. Okay, I hope I'm not the only person that's noticed this. It seems whenever something hard to explain happens in an episode, the writers just throw pinkie in with an interruption. Like,"Hey Apple Jack, where are your parents?" "Well ya see th-" "HEY GUYS, LOOK AT THIS REALLY COOL STICK!!!" Am I just rambling or does this actually make sense?
  15. Hello Everypony! My name is Pinkamena Diane Pie, but i prefer just Pinkie Pie!!!!:D: I LOVE PARTIES, FUN AND LAUGHTER! :D:D:D:D I am a member of "mane 6" and my element is Laughter! ;D I have two sisters, a mom and a dad. c; I have post a pic if you don't know me. (scroll down c:) HAHANYWAAAAAAY! Ask me. But first I have a question. Chimi Cherry. or Cherry Chonga? Chimi Cherry. or Cherry Chonga? Chimi Cherry. or Cherry Chonga? Chimi Cherry. or Cherry Chonga?
  16. I don't care how stupid this topic is, it's just a hilarious thought! If these two were to fight over a piece of cheese, to be honest i'd route for Fluttershy. She would use her all powerful stare to force Pinkie to give her that piece of cheese! Who would you route for, and state your arguement! . . . What...? Thought we needed a fun topic....
  17. Basically exactly what the title says. Is anypony from here going to the Edmonton Comic Expo? The reason I ask is because at the Edmonton Comic Expo this Sunday there will be a panel with Tabitha St. Germaine and Andrea Libman. So I was just curious if anypony was actually going. It would be fun to actually meet some other Edmontonian bronies and maybe have a little meet up for the panel.
  18. I have some cool G3 Ponyville Merch! It's actually pretty cool and the colors on the ponies are great! The Characters are: Toola-Roola V. 1 Toola Roola V. 2 Sweetie Belle Minty Scootaloo Starsong Cheerilee Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Blossomforth Cheery Blossom Shenanigins Sweetberry Buildings: Dress Shop Pinkie's Home Rainbow's Home Ponyville Carnival Post pics later! PM for more info and if u want to maybe buy!
  19. as kind of a way to show just how awesome this episode was- i took my favorite scenes and molded them together. i love the exspression on every face and the emotion they all have. obviously it isn't finished but i was just too excited to wait before posting- so yups- and i really just like rainbow dashies exspression as she takes "cloudsdale" away- i know it has nothing to do with the episode but i figured i might as well throw it in. a ll my references came straight from the episode themselves. enjoy!
  20. so i did a marithon of season three and one of my favorite songs now is true true friend. true friendship is one of my biggest problems. it;s hard to find anyone who's willing to stick to a pinkiepie, but for my friends that i do have i thank them for their friendship. it truely is magic. in whatching the episode for the third time- i found a scene i liked most and i drew it- now it ain't finished and i hate the shading but hopefully i can fix it soon. [All / Chorus] A true, true friend helps a friend in need. A friend will be there to help them see. A true, true friend helps a friend in need. To see the light (to see the light) (where the picture came from) That shines (that shines) From a true, true friend!
  21. Simple enough topic here. I've seen the word "brony" being used many times - obviously - but every time I see it used it comes up in a different way. Some people capitalize the term like it's a proper noun, some people spell it with an "ie" on the end "bronie." Some people pluralize without the "ie" to "bronys." And lets not forget that goddam tyrant of not even going to contemplate that as an option. It's a food people! And frankly it drives me up the goddamn wall. So i'm asking you now, what is the correct spelling of the word? Personally, I would say it should be an uncapitalised "brony" plural "bronies" I just want to see what makes people spell the same word a million different ways, and your arguments on to whether or not it should be capitalised. (I do believe there is already a thread about that though...)
  22. ? Lol! I was watching A bird in the hoof (Or whatever it was called) and near the beginning she Fluttershy says "Oh! Do I look alright? do I need to bring anything?" and looks at the clothes in her closet. She has Twilight and pinkie pies gala dresses! (and hers) Maybe they just look similar? XD lol just a little thing I thought was funny.
  23. So I might write this fanfic or if you want to I give you permission(just PM me to let me know). Anyway I have this idea of a guy that just read Cupcakes and then goes to sleep when he wakes up he sees pinkie pie, but he thinks it's a dream (but it's not) and anyway pinkie tries to make cupcakes out of him. so there it is if I write this i'll put a link to it here.
  24. Fghik


    By now, I hope you realize, Princess Celestia's merchandise is pink. Despite the show portraying her as white, and even the art on the boxes portraying her as white. Of course this is a strange move from Hasbro, it may be out of plain stupidity and colorblind-ness; but maybe not? Why do you think the toy director designed/allowed these toys this way? One theory I though of was because she raises the sun. And when the sun rises, it gives off a red light; reflecting off of her white coat. Why do you think it's this way? Post your ideas! And just so we're clear: This is the real reason