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Found 75 results

  1. I needed 20 characters to to post this...
  2. this is one of my early pixel arts. I've made a lot since.
  3. Spike’s Time Off is the third installment of Spike’s mundane adventures coming Summer 2018! Play the previous games here: Spike's Day Off Spike's Day Out DISCLAIMER Spike’s Time Off is an UNOFFICIAL fan-made game. My Little Pony and its characters belong to their respective owners. PROGRESS COMPLETE!!! PLAY IT NOW! Want to download Spike's Time Off? WINDOWS Mac OSX You can follow frequent development updates here and at DeviantArt | Tumblr | Twitter
  4. EDIT 5/14/18 - I'm going to be uploading all my works to this thread unless it's OC Specific! I wanted to try out posting my art too a forum because I feel like I'm not getting the attention on it that I'm looking for, especially sense most of the people who watch me on deviantart or follow me on tumblr aren't super into MLP, so Here I am in a MLP forum. I was thinking of making holographic prints with this but it all depends on how interested people would be! let me know what you think!
  5. Release feels so close. It's like the pieces are all in my lap and I just have to follow the instructions to put them together. The final version of Battle Gem Ponies is so clear in my head now that I'm fanboying over it sometimes. In the last 7 days I charted out exactly how all 360 battle moves will look, I recreated every menu, rebalanced the battle system, came up with catchier names for things, sorted out details for a DLC & multiplatform launch plan, and closely studied just about everything that makes the games that inspired this one so great. To keep track of things I made a week-by-week breakdown of the rest of BGP's development. Counting down what's left to do to get the game to a launchable state. If you wanna find out what the Yotes Games Wednesday Milestones are, look at the list on this week's new devblog!
  6. I figured I could group a whole bunch of my feedback requests into one thread. Getting feedback on other forums has been super helpful so far with tweaking my character designs, so I'd love to get more opinions here! #1 is the main character, Ponatina The starter for my game is this Eevee-like pony that has all these different forms and I've been getting feedback from friends and the community to let me know which ones are best and which need improvement. So far I've redone 4 of them to get the collection you see here: Which one's best pony and which one's worst? ~ List of Ponatina's Forms ~- Fire: Burnatina- Aqua: Aquatina- Surge: Electina- Plant: Floratina- Ice: Frostina- Ki: Bucktina- Toxic: Venotina- Earth: Granitina- Air: Aerotina- Esper: Teletina- Bug: Sectina- Ghost: Phantina- Draco: Dractina- Steel: Metatina- Light: Solatina- Dark: Shadotina- Chaos: Havoctina- Magic: Mystina Another design I kept going back and fourth on is Skullna. Trying to make a little woona-style zombie-pony thing and not sure if I should go with dead black eyes or cutesy white ones. I chose black for now to emphasize the undeadness and decay. And to dump off the rest all at once, here's most of my game's roster standing next to their Ultra forms. Definitely wanna tweak a bunch of them, but for now they look good enough for me to move on to another dev task and come back to them later. What do you guys think? Gimmie your favorite of the bunch and the worst of the on these guys too! And for good measure, here's all the base forms:
  7. Part-timer Mom by Day... Dreamwalker By Night OVERVIEW Day Dreaming Derpy is a Paper Mario-inspired JRPG with an emphasis on the exploration of the Dream World and the interaction between Derpy and the residents of the Real World. While asleep, Derpy can use her abilities gained from her many part-time jobs to combat the nightmares that plague the dreams she explores along with the help of many unique, quirky characters. While awake, Derpy can prepare for her night-time ventures by working all around town to buy items and unlock new abilities she can use in the Dream World. SYNOPSIS FEATURES Over 10 unique allies! Hi-Bit Pixel Art! Paper-Mario-inspired RPG Gameplay Elements! Mother-Daughter Bonding! Strange Sense of Humor! PONIES!! SCREENSHOTS DISCLAIMER Day Dreaming Derpy is a My Little Pony fangame. My Little Pony and its characters belong to their respective owners. PROGRESS COMEPLETED! DONE, BABY! PLAY IT HERE! demo v0.1 released 1/15/17 demo v0.2 released 3/18/17 demo v0.3 released 6/7/17 demo v0.31 released 6/09/17 demo v0.32 released 6/14/17 demo v0.4 released 7/15/17 COMPLETE v1.0 released 1/16/18 COMPLETE patch v1.1 released 1/20/18 You can follow frequent development updates here and at DeviantArt | Tumblr | | Bandcamp
  8. Pixel derpy for all your pixel derpy needs!
  9. These shops are where I will make art of your OC by drawing him/her using a pixel base. Since the rules were changed, these bases will be made by me. I will try and complete requests as soon as is equinely possible. If you wish to make a request, then follow these rules. 1. Check if shop is open. While my Equality and Deviantart shops are always open, the Ponies shop is sometimes closed to enable me to catch up on requests. If shop is open, then proceed to 2. 2. Make request, including picture reference and/or colours. This is very important. As well as a picture reference (a generalzoi pony maker pic is ideal), you may want to provide a colour reference. This is of vital importance if you have provided a drawing as your ref, as without the colour reference, I will have to guess as to the colours and saturation, and I may guess wrong as pencil art looks different to the colour picker than vector art. 3. Male/Female/Adult/Foal. Please state what age your OC is and what gender they are. If you want a colt pic, I might instead edit a filly base for you, especially if your OC has a filly muzzle. Some OCs might look female but be instead male, or vice versa; I can work with that if you give me the correct info. However, if you just give me a pic and leave me to guess your OC's gender, remember that there is a fifty per cent chance that I might get it wrong. 4. Exercise patience. Now, I do have a life outside of the internet. I do have a job, and also need to come offline to eat, sleep, watch TV, socialise and attend to my personal life. Please don't bombard me with repeated reminders about your request. If you do, I might get mad and strike you off the list, or push you to the bottom of it. I don't like to do this, but if I'm being repeatedly harrassed, I will do this. Usually, I will only strike somepony off the list if they are banned, meaning that making their request is pointless. 5. Do not demand redos. These requests do take up a lot of my time to make, and I do have other requests to attend to. I might do a redo in exceptional circumstances, for example, if your colt is girly and you'd prefer an edited filly base, or if there is a gender confusion. However, I will not do this if you simply don't like the finished result, or if you demanded something which was very difficult for me to draw on Paint. If you want any edits, then do them yourself. I have taken time in making your OC so please don't be ungrateful and demand that I remake your OC to your pernickety ideal. 6. If I mention you, asking a question, please reply. This may seem like an obvious rule, but it's an important one. For example, let's say you post your reference pic along with "This is my OC"; a statement giving no clue to what gender the pony is. The pic shows what looks like a mare, but with a stallion muzzle. In order to clarify that your OC is a mare, I mention you and ask. You don't reply, so I put "waiting on reply" next to your name on the list and move on to the next request. You see, these pixels take time to complete, especially if I create a new base to make your request. I don't want to have to go thru all that work, making the pixel on a mare base, only to find that your OC is actually a stallion who likes to crossdress. So please have the decency to reply to a query I have regarding your OC. That dealt with, here are the links to my shops. Hope to see you there! Pixel Ponies: Equalised Ponies: Equestria Girls: Edit: Now I have an Equestria Girls shop!
  10. Hello, everypony! I have been experimenting with pixel art in Minecraft, and thought I'd make a thread to post some of it. I hope you enjoy it! Here's my first finished product. I am just starting out with basic stuff so please excuse the lack of detail...
  11. It took me a good while to make this but I did it, and I'm proud. I created this as a Final Project to my College Course.
  12. I've been seeing lots of people displaying art work pieces like these ones here in more than one house: I'm assuming these are made with the "Map art" method. When people make them, do they make it completely in survival in the same way pixel art is made? Because in all the time I've been flying around I haven't come across a single horizontal pixel art piece–yet I've found numerous vertical pixel art pieces. I would think that it would be easier to come across them in the overworld, seeing as how there are tons of artwork pieces displayed in the "Art Gallery" warp location. Is there a place on the survival map where I can find them and "load" it onto a map for my house? (assuming that getting these art pieces are free. Otherwise I'd pay diamonds to get them for my MC house. XD)
  13. The green background is still a habit from my Pokémon ROM hacking days.
  14. Just a little pic I did recently
  15. I just decided to practice some of my Pixel Art skillz hehe Love, RainbowRawr :3 <3
  16. Hey everyone! I've been hard at work on my game on and off for the past couple of months. Currently, I'm still working on the core of the game. The thing is, I'm in desperate need of an artist. If you care about the story or mechanics of the game, here's the lowdown: The player is a magical amulet. When somebody puts on the amulet, the player gains control of that body. When the host dies, the amulet drops on the ground until a new person sees it and puts it on. The cycle continues, with the player working toward the ultimate goal of defeating a furious goddess... I have made a bit of progress, as you can see from these gifs: (just... just click the button thingy) HOWEVER, as you could probably tell, the art is ugly. And bad. (and most of the animations are bad as well until I get around to fixing them. Same for the AI, among other things.) I may be good at programming, and arguably designing games, but art is not my forte, nor is it particularly fun for me. That's why I'm asking you guys, the artists, for help! I know there's at least one good artist reading this. These are the types of artists I'm looking for: Character artists (Pixel art only) Prop/Item/Tile artists (Pixel art only) Background artists (Any form of digital art) If you are interested in helping me create this game, that's great! I'll still do art, of course, but there's a lot of things I am not the best at making. Unfortunately, there will be no pay, because no money will be made from this game. This project is completely passion-driven. Skype (text chat, no voice or video) is my preferred method of communication, but if you don't have one, that's fine too. So now that I'm done talking, would any artists be interested in joining me in the creation of this game?
  17. Uh, hi! I'm sorta new to this part of the forums, but I brought art, so I hope that's good enough. I don't recall too many instances of pony pixel art that was made for one of the old systems or (micro)computers of the old days of gaming and computing. So, if ever you wanted something like that, here's a thing I did. I made this with ZX Paintbrush, which is an art program that allows you to draw within the (quite strict) limitations of the ZX Spectrum, and I think it's a nice program once you get your head around it. This was a recreation of a piece my(boy)friend made some time ago, which I'll link to here for comparison. It's nowhere near 1:1, but I think it's nice enough, given it's my first real try with the program. Please, tell me what you think!
  18. Hello everypony. I got bored so I made this. I'm not a very good artist lol This is the original one made Here's a better version
  19. I did a sprite! It was just meant to be a quick warm-up but then it turned into this This is basically my first time shading like this, I've done it before but not seriously like this. ouo I never knew I could do that, lol!
  20. So I post here some of my drawings about ponies. I draw with Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI, and I draw ponies for 1 year. I open the gallery with my favorite OC, Dolly. She's a human OC I ponyfied when I became brony. My ponysona :
  21. Remember the "What my cutie mark is telling me" song from "Magical Mystery Cure"? Well, this is my take on it, using six of my OCs. I made up the song lyrics, to be sung of course to the tune you all know. XD Base: My mane six reference, to show you who's who and what their cutie mark is: {Melody} (Glory's cutie mark) I'm getting all these visions of places I've never been, Ponies, happenings and objects that I've never seen! Oh Celestia, what is happening to me? It's got to be my destiny, and it's what my cutie mark is telling me. {Wish} (Sanura's cutie mark) No matter how I try, my aim is never true, I can't hit that target, I don't know what to do. It's just so difficult, it's so horrid being me, But it's got to be my destiny, and it's what my cutie mark is telling me. {Serendipity} (Wish's cutie mark) All of these explosions are making me feel fear, Ponies are all hiding and I wish I wasn't here, Fireworks aren't my thing, is this really meant to be? It's got to be my destiny, and it's what my cutie mark is telling me. {Glory} (Melody's cutie mark) Singing songs and writing them is meant to be a boon, But all my music is bad and my singing's out of tune! Everypony is standing there just laughing at me, But it's got to be my destiny, and it's what my cutie mark is telling me. {Sanura} (Serendipity's cutie mark) How can I do magic, when I haven't got a horn? I'm only an earth pony, not a unicorn! Regardless it just keeps on exploding out of me, {Sanura and Melody} It's got to be... {Glory} It's got to be... {Serendipity} My destiny... {Wish} My destiny... {Sanura, Melody and Glory} And it's what my cutie mark... {Serendipity and Wish} And it's what my cutie mark... {Melody, Wish, Serendipity, Glory and Sanura} Yes, it's what my cutie mark is telling me!
  22. Right, so I've been on a little bit of a kick as of late, and this stuff kinda deviates a good bit from my other art thread. So, I want to slowly accumulate some stuff of this type, and maybe get a little feedback on what ponies I should try to do next (assuming I stay on my kick). These are somewhat inspired by RPG dialog images I've seen kicking about, and my long afternoons kicking around on game maker programs without getting anywhere substantial. Anyways. I was playing around with Buffy and Roseluck most recently, with Roseluck still lacking even blink animation. Mostly, I was just getting base images ready, in the event I want to move forward with 'em. The first set for Lyra that started all of this for me: Anyways, would this be something people would be interested in seeing more of? If so, are there any major ponies y'all would like me to try at?
  23. Seeking Pixel Artists, Writers and Chiptune Designers for Point and Click Pony Adventure Game Seeking both pixel artists, story writers, dialogue writers and chiptune designers for short pony adventure game, featuring the mane six, discord, and other possible characters. If you have any of these talents, please apply using This Form. Think in the style of Monkey Island, King's Quest, or something similar. Seeking backgrounds, icons, and characters. Pixel characters require walking, talking, and possibly idle animations
  24. I had free time yesterday, so I made this pixelart in Minecraft
  25. Well I played with a minimalistic style before but I wanted to have a go at pixel art again and see how minimalistic I could go and still properly represent the individual characteristics. My first try got each pony down to an 18x18px square. I figured I could do better then that though and tried to go even smaller. I got down to 8x8px I think I could still get a bit smaller, but I would have get totally abstract to pull it off. Also for anyone intrested, here they are in there actual size, for comparisons sake.