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Found 21 results

  1. Hey guys! I just had a fun conversation with my family and one of my thoughts afterwords was "I could post this in the forums!" So hear I will ask the big question.... what is your favorite place to get pizza? This can be taken as far as you can think of. Like favorite type of pizza, best pizza restaurant, do you make your own pizza, or do you not even like pizza. Basically I just want to know your opinion on pizza also what kind of toppings do you like. And for restaurants, they can be chain, or even local! If it's a local pizza place, then a small description would be awesome. Thanks for stopping by this topic and let me know your thoughts!
  2. Is pizza a vegetable? Read this article to find out more:
  3. So at my workplace, whenever we work Saturdays (which is pretty much every Saturday) the company kinda makes it up to us by bringing in Pizza and Sub Sandwiches on alternating weekends respectively. But that got me thinking, which of those two do you prefer?
  4. Pretty simple topic here: how do you like your pizza? Pizza is serious business and tastes in it are very different. For some people it's all about the toppings, while for others the type of crust makes all the difference. And then there are those who care just as much about both or don't care much about either, because they love and will eat anything. My preferences have changes a lot since I was a kid. Back then I preferred deep dish or pan crusts, whereas these days I'm all about the thin crust. Toppings should ALWAYS include copious amounts of mushrooms because mushrooms are the best thing in the universe, and you know it. :V Other good toppings for me includes onions, bell peppers, and at least one kind of sliced meat (because sausage bits have a terrible texture to me). This could be pepperoni, salami, capicola, or sliced meatballs. Pepperoni would be my last preference of those, but it's the most ubiquitous. Go light on the cheese, please. Hey now, I love cheese passionately, but it shouldn't be the primary ingredient of the pizza, it should accent everything else and simply help to hold it together. A mouthful of gooey cheese, the taste of which overpowers everything else, isn't my idea of a good time. And while we're at it, do you have a favorite pizza franchise or a local place you love to frequent? We have a few Italian places here that make good pizza but no true pizzerias.
  5. Just a random image I did of Trixie Lulamoon with a small Pizzabox. It's obvious what she's trying to parody.
  6. I eat a lot. Morning, day, night, I have no real schedule. I have the appetite and metabolism of Pinkie Pie. Pizza, hamburgers, french fries, I love them all. I have a half dozen snacks and boxes of candy open at any time. But the most I ever ate was at my 21st birthday party. A lot of guys would use that occasion to get loaded. Not me. I went out with my family and loaded up on food instead. I had an entire rack of barbecued ribs, with fries and baked beans. "Where are you putting all that?" my grandfather asked. "Don't look under the table," I joked. THEN they brought out the surprise dessert. A big bowl of ice cream with sparklers sticking out of it and everything. I polished that off too. I weigh 150 pounds. So that's my pig-out story. Don't be shy, tell me yours!
  7. I ordered a pizza at work and a here is what I friend of mine drew on the box
  8. @ Eh this is probably gonna get me killed....again, but it's worth it. Say hello to this love birds. <3
  9. A boredom thread to see if there is anyone else on here that works at Domino's Pizza
  10. I don't know about you but i LOVE Pizza and i have one place that (to me anyway) dose Pizza right. Its a family owned Pizza joint called Bits & Pizzas. Yes i Honestly think its the best Pizza in the world Mmmm don't that look like a tasty Pizza to you? Well enough about my Pizza. I wanna hear about your Pizza. So where do you go when you just have to get a Pizza? What is you favorite type of Pizza? also if you have any pictures of you favorite Pizza i would love to see it. yes i know i have said Pizza thirteen time now.
  11. Some of you might remember The Rockafire Explosion, who played in Showbiz Pizza Place franchises all across the country before they were slowly converted into Chuck E. Cheese’s franchises in what’s known as “Concept Unification”. Here’s something you might not know: they’re still around. -Perhaps you’ve seen the Auqabats on The Hub Network; but you might have not yet seen their encounter with The Rockafire Explosion in this video: -Here’s the band’s tribune to Davy Jones of the Monkees: Now, how would you like The Rockafire Explosion to cover a song from MLP:FiM (say, Pinkie Pie’s Smile Song)? Perhaps some of you might want to drop the band’s creator Aaron Fechter a request to make it happen.
  12. Hey everpony,just wanted to know everponys opinion on pizza because im going to bu some pizza tommorow. Do you like it if you like then why? If you dont then why?
  13. In course of working on the script for my comic I started wondering about my characters' favorite food. That led to the question at hand... what kind of pizza would ponies eat? Would they even eat pizza? If anypony could offer some thoughts it would be much appreciated.
  14. So I was eating a slice of pizza when the (horrifying) question popped in my head... "If you had to choose whether pizza or My Little Pony FiW which would you choose?" I tore some hair out but in the end... ponies T_T I don't deserve this delicious slice!!!
  15. So, i asked the pizza place to draw a pony for My friends and me. This is what we got, not what i expected, but its still awesome
  16. Thought it was all fun and games? Thought it was a joke? Haha, yeah, real funny. Don't you know what's happening? Don't you see why this is allowed to be a real thing? Did you really not notice? Let me show you. Do you understand now? You're just going to get b&. It's a trap. Clear violation of the rule. Feld0's just testing you. Are you going to fall for it? Let's see who's getting b& today.
  17. Well? My favorite is a place called, "Picnic Pizza", I'm not sure if it's in anywhere except Ohio. I also love: Tat's Pizza, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, and even the pizza at Golden Corral tastes amazing. How about you all?
  18. So, what do you think? c: It took a few minutes, drew it with a regular #2 pencil, and painted it with acrylic paint. I admit, the styles sloppy. Sorry for that but it was just a quick sketch. ~Silver
  19. "Draw a pony eating pizza. Have the cheese getting all stretched and getting all over them, making them messy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....." -A request by @, You wanted it, here you go! I am quite pleased with how this turned out. Aside from the fact that the newly sharpened pencil was cutting through the paper at times. What Citrus was listening to while he was drawing this abomination.
  20. First, no, I am not a fan of Lady Gaga. The game wasn't even about her. It was just called Gaga Ball for some odd reason. Anyway, on Saturday, me, my sister, and my brother went to a laser-tag-and-pizza night at our old Tae Kwon Do gym. It was really fun, for the most part, we played laser tag, we ate pizza, it was at night. Anyway, I found out that they were playing a game in the back called "Gaga Ball". It sounded interesting, so I decided to check it out. It turned out that they had a big blow-up arena, sorta like a bounce house (Which are super fun, BTW) except with no floor or roof, and a dodgeball sized playground ball. I started watching the game, and I saw people were hitting the ball with their fists and and arms, and trying to avoid touching it with their feet. I started playing, and, well, laser tag became boring. I was addicted to that game. I even beat the person everybody considered the best, Payton. Then, there was pizza. And Coke. Warning, never give me Coke late at night if you know what's good for you. About two hours later, the caffeine started to kick in, and I was bouncing off the walls. Literally. I kept playing Gaga Ball, and, although all that jumping and running around can kill your bare feet, I was having as much fun as I could possibly have. I left the back floor for a bit, and went to go play Laser Tag. We were doing teams, red vs blue, and I was on my brother's team. He told me I was the sniper, so I said, "How do you snipe? Do you do it like this?" And waved my laser gun around, randomly pulling the trigger. My brother said no. He told me what a sniper actually does (Which I knew, I was just really hyped up), and I yelled that I wanted to be a... Uh... Something... I know it meant I could just do whatever I wanted, and shoot whoever I damn well pleased, and I liked the sound of that. But anyway, he made me be a sniper. I just ran around anyway. I got "killed" immediately, so I just dropped my gun and ran off to the back floor again. By this time, I was super amazingly caffeinated and drunk on tiredness, so I found nothing more amusing than hanging on the blowup arena. It caved in a lot, and that was the best part. I would yell that I was unbeatable at Gaga Ball, and when the inevitable happened, I would shout that I let them win, then lean on the wall once more. I was doing that until midnight, time to go to my cousins' house for a sleepover. We sat in the bedroom for a while, laughing and talking, until I brought up Slender. My cousin brought out her laptop, and I played for a while, and we were talking about how if you turn off your flashlight by clicking F, Slenderman can't see you. I decided to try it out, and it was working, but as soon as I turned it back on to look for the 3rd page, Slendy's face was right there. I was fizzing out like crazy. I freaked out, and pressed F a million times, but it didn't work. Finally, my sister turned, saw him, and slammed the laptop shut. I think I was done with Slender for the night. I went out the the living room to watch Tangled for the umpteenth time. My sister and my other cousin were both asleep by the time the movie ended, so I watched one of my favorite shows, Raising Hope. I watched that until I went to bed. When I woke up, I found out that there were doughnuts for breakfast. I was very happy. We ate doughnuts and watched Raising Hope until we were picked up. The end.
  21. Friendship is Epic. I made this fanfic starting my OC pony, Flare Gun. He moves to Ponyville from Mareami to make new friends, and start a new business. This is his adventures, which are alot like the adventures in the show itself! This fanfic also stars some other OCs I've met, such as: Red Engineer, Blaze Goldheart, Psyche, Crystal Iceblast, Aquatic Armor, etc. Now let me tell you this before you start reading, alright? I uploaded this on FIMfiction, and I keep getting negative responses. This story isn't perfect, you probably won't get the story unless you pay close attention to it. Some spelling errors at first, but as the story goes on it'll improve. 1337 speak in here so be aware, and a few jokes that you might not get, and some jokes taken from other content. XD But I did all I could, and someday I'll improve. I just want to to share this fanfic to see how you feel. Oh, and all the chapters are pretty long, probably as long as the show. Sorry. You may enjoy it, as the same time you may not. Just give it a fair chance, I didn't expect it to be good until the later chapters. So the story is a My Little Pony story, with a little bit of that SpongeBob and Family Guy feeling, and a little bit of internet content too. And this story has a moral: "Even the most annoying ponies, and ones that you might not expect to be friendly or helpful, can actually be one of the most helpful, nicest ponies you've ever met. You just need to give them a chance." (TL;DR? Funny story, maybe confusing, not perfect, give it a fair chance.) Link to Book 1: Link to Book 2: Book 2 ain't finished yet. <_<