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Found 4 results

  1. Now I know this is a forum for Ponies and not airplanes but I'm guessing some of us might have an interest in aviation.If so,what kind of planes do like?Military,Civil or Aerobatic?Which one's your favourite?(my favourites are all the migs).
  2. What the actual fuck? A church pastor buying a $65 million dollar private jet? This is just plane wrong. (i'msosorry.)
  3. Ask me pretty much anything, but if you're here to ask for my B-17, forget it. planes are awesome.
  4. Well then, I figured I would showcase the military models I've forged over the years. For me it is a primarily passive hobby which is only done on rainy afternoons or evenings, sometimes with the assistance of my father. The parts are so small it is often rage-inducing and frequent breaks are... recommended to say the least. Here's a few that I have done in chronological order! Since I have had more practice and taken more time to improve my hand stability as well as patience levels I am most happy with the Bf-109 xD Here's a pair I got from the Winter Holidays this past year which I have not gotten around to doing quite yet, super excited to do the Jagdtiger model though. 1:35 scale and it is Otto Carius' specific tank!~ Now then, enough about me I can't stand the spotlight, as it were. What are your experiences with models, if any? Comments are appreciated~