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  1. It's the year 2035, and the earth was close to starting world war 3. To prepare themselves for possible global war, north America started a program to bring man's creatures of legend into reality. They would use these creatures to help them defeat any threat that stood in their way... The creatures are: earth pony Ponies gifted with the ability to make plants grow at a faster rate than usual, especially flowers and crops. Pegasus Winged ponies that can fly extreme speeds. Some are capable of exceeding Mach 6 and shattering the color spectrum. (not sure if I worded that right) unicorns Ponies that have horns capable of performing "magic". Alicorns (non playable) Only two were created, one being the embodiment of death and the other life. (they're children would later be Celestia and Luna) dragons Chromatic reptilians with the ability to fly and breathe a certain offensive attack. (fire, ice, lightning or acid, with varying effects) griffins Aggressive fliers with the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle. zebras Augmented zebras with a special connection to herbs and healing. Others: Manticore Hydra(non playable) Cockatrice (any others not mentioned would be created by the alicorns later or would evolve from the other species) However two years passed and there was still no sign of a war. So, north america's leaders decided they would put the creatures they created onto a secret island reserve, away from humanity... This was the biggest mistake they could have made... 20 years later, a group of pegasi flew over the most populated cities holding a banner declaring war. (it should also be noted that two Alicorns showed exceptional intelligence in their training) ----------- So there you have it. The war will start in new York, then expand. You will be on the side of the ponies/mythical creatures. (the ponies, griffins and zebras have learned to talk, and the dragons can speak some basic words) Choose your race and make your character page using this: Name: Race: Description: Personality: Bio: powers: Other things you would like to add: