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Found 19 results

  1. The title basically says it all. What planets that is not Earth is yours favourite? Mine is Neptune beacouse I love the dark blue cloud colour, The Dark Spot and it's satellite Triton. EDIT: Added Pluto for the nostalgia.
  2. So, what I mean by this question is: where do you, y'know, come from? For instance, I'm mostly Scotts-Norwegian, with a bit of Turkish and Danish thrown in. From what descent are you?
  3. What songs and music would suit planet Mars?
  4. I can't choose whether to go with "Space, the final frontier" or "Spacey wacey big blue gas giant planet thing". One's cool and one's funny.
  5. This one was experimental for me. A dragon soaring through the skies with a palace like home in the background. Waves wash upon the shore there as the sun sets, and what looks like a moon, actually being another planet takes its place. There is a rising cliff in the distance. This whole landmass is actually a few hundred feet high from the ocean. You may notice other unidentified creatures soaring as well in the Background, and three clouds float by as un-phased as ever.
  6. Source: Please share your thoughts on the subject below.
  7. For those of you Who have Never heard of Captain Planet...........\/ Gaia is Real, and Chooses You to Be the newest Member the Planeteers..........but, Your ring is the Power of Heart.............What do you Do? Me........I tell her to f*** Off..........and Continue eating my Sandwich.................Go
  8. Scenario A: If, in the future, the Americans find several nations on another planet, which already know that they are descended from American fanbases who "illegally" escaped Earth centuries ago, how will the actual Americans treat their "descendant nations"? As renegade countries that need to be conquered back into American authority? Or as already-independent nations, even if they haven't sent their diplomats or any messages to notify the arriving Americans? Scenario B: There is already an ethnic group that addresses itself as "Americans". Unlike most other groups who settled on the planet, this particular group of Americans chose to retain their original culture and identity (even if it appears "anachronistic", e.g. 1950's-influenced, but not in an "isolated" level that they reject all modernized technology). How will the spacefaring Americans treat their "anachronistic", nativized counterparts/cousins? And likewise, what will the "settled" Americans view their looming counterparts from the spaceships? (I am doing this because I am writing a semi-military science fiction story; and I'm curious)
  9. So I was just surfing the web and found this saying scientists may have found another planet similar to earth in which it has water very similar to earth... This is pretty awesome.
  10. So.. Since I made space stuff in Inkscape... Why not do shit in photoshop too The image is 1920x1080p size so it fits perfect for a screen. ...That's when I love space pics. Anyways, I hope you like it or something x)
  11. So I decided to mess around a little in Inkscape and I started doing some planet looking thing so I decided, that's what it's going to be. Now these are somewhat poorly made and they don't look that cool at all, anyone could make them ten times better in photoshop, including myself. However I just wanted to see what I could create with inkscape's tools real quick. And well I have vector files of them now (so you can resize them without quality loss and all that for you that doesn't know) That's basically why I used inkscape and not photoshop. (And I was too lazy to wait for illustrator to load) Anyways
  12. Let's say that you are offered the chance to go to a new planet. You will be traveling with a crew to survive on the planet and experience it first hand. You will study and explore this new world. Don't worry though, you will still be able to keep in touch with Earth. This planet is filled with mystery and is Earth-like with oxygen. After five years, you will come back to Earth. Also, you are allowed to bring three items with you while on this journey. What these three items are, that's for you to decide. So, would you take the opportunity and go? Edit: There are already survival equipment and supplies issued to you and the crew. Forgot to add that. Sorry.
  13. Let's say that all nine (Pluto is still a planet to me, screw your science) planets of the solar system are habitable now. You are tired of living on Earth and want to experience life on a different planet. Where would you go and why? And before anyone comes here and says that you can't live on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune because their gas planets, I have news for you. You can. Eat those apples. Any who,I would live on Pluto. My reason for choosing Pluto is because I love the cold. I have always loved the feeling of freezing my flank off and I feel that I would enjoy life their because of it. It would also be challenging to survive there, but I'm ready for that challenge.
  14. Hey all, recently I've been looking at a lot of space art on DeviantArt, and I got quite curious in how it is done. I looked up a couple of tutorials on Youtube, which helped immensely, and these are the final products made on Photoshop, I am rather happy with them: The texture of the planet was made on a planet generator website (Can't remember name :/), and with the help of photoshop, it was made. This one was more of a challenge. The textures are from google images. The planet on the left is made from a rock, and the one on the left is water. The Nebula was made using brushes I downloaded off of DeviantArt, by Tsayre. Everything was made from scratch, aside from the planet textures, which belong to their respectful owners in the second picture. I know these are first attempts, and A LOT can be improved, so please, if you have any criticism please say it! Thanks a lot!!
  15. Do they have any kinds of space travel Equestria? It's obvious they know about outer space, because Canterlot has an observatorium while Nightmare Moon has been on the moon, but what about rockets, space shuttles and starships? I assume Nightmare Moon travelled to and from the moon by being transformed into some sort of energy to cross the void between the Moon and Equestrian world or teleportation? Luna Eclipsed features a pony wearing an astronaut-like costume, this means the ponies have some sort of vessel-based space travel or at least know about the concept, too. According to Issue #4 of the comic series, Equestria's planet is a spherical body with one moon circling around it. This moon is habitable and inhabited, with breathable atmosphere, plantlife and some sort of non-organic pony beings. In "Art of the Dress (song)", Twilight mentions Orion, Canis Major and Minor, wth actual pictures shown, zodiac singns visible from the Solar System only. No guess what this means. Why do Celestia and Luna have move Sun and Moon? I assume there is some sort of primitive spaceflight technology in Equestria, too, because of the observatorium to watch the stars and the pony's costume at Luna's party. Rockets are a possibilty or a catapult accelerating Pegasi to shot them into outer space. Twilight Sparkle is able to teleport herself with no time passing, it could be used to cross the empty space between star systems at speeds faster than light.
  16. It had come to my attention that so many of you are against Pluto. What's up with the Pluto hate you guys? This is more speciffiacaly pointed at the General Chat Thread. Now you may be asking why I think Pluto is a planet. I have one reason for you. Yeah that's pretty much my only reason.... but it is a planet!
  17. Hi, This topic is simple. What sort of place is Equestria in a geometric sense? By this I mean to ask if Equestria lies on a plane, or a sphere, or whatever, as the show leaves it rather unclear and has at times hinted in more than one direction. I would like to discuss evidence and arguments that might help solve this question, and also to promote my own view that Equestria must lie on a flat plane. Thus, I feel that we may as well jump right in. First I'll give reasons to think that Equestria is flat, and then some counter-evidence that rebuts my claim. For a flat Equestria: Celestia and Luna are said to "raise the sun" and "raise the moon" respectively, and we have even seen Celestia do so in the show on one occasion. Furthermore, we also witnessed the sun and moon rapidly moving across the sky when Discord was playing around with everything. Think about what that would mean for a spherical Equestria. The first implication is that by "raising the sun" over one part of the globe, you'd be lowering it for the opposite side, which while possible, runs contrary to the idea of truly "raising the sun". Furthermore, by raising the sun on a spherical Equestria, that implies that (if heliocentric) the sun is actually rotating about the sphere (and Celestia controls the motion of a massive body at will), or (if geocentric) that Celestia is controlling the rotation of the planet itself, which is a no less improbable proposition. As a final point, we should note that the sun/moon move rapidly when being raised, and even more rapidly when they were under the influence of Discord. As I said before, on a spherical Equestria view, this involves the rapid movement of some really big objects, which seems improbable for a single pony (even an alicorn) to accomplish. For a spherical Equestria: We once saw a model globe in an episode. There is reference to the cardinal directions in the show, which makes a lot more sense with a geocentric sphere model. There we are. Now assuming that this thread is in the right place, and that some of you have thoughts on this issue... Discuss!
  18. It's the year 2035, and the earth was close to starting world war 3. To prepare themselves for possible global war, north America started a program to bring man's creatures of legend into reality. They would use these creatures to help them defeat any threat that stood in their way... The creatures are: earth pony Ponies gifted with the ability to make plants grow at a faster rate than usual, especially flowers and crops. Pegasus Winged ponies that can fly extreme speeds. Some are capable of exceeding Mach 6 and shattering the color spectrum. (not sure if I worded that right) unicorns Ponies that have horns capable of performing "magic". Alicorns (non playable) Only two were created, one being the embodiment of death and the other life. (they're children would later be Celestia and Luna) dragons Chromatic reptilians with the ability to fly and breathe a certain offensive attack. (fire, ice, lightning or acid, with varying effects) griffins Aggressive fliers with the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle. zebras Augmented zebras with a special connection to herbs and healing. Others: Manticore Hydra(non playable) Cockatrice (any others not mentioned would be created by the alicorns later or would evolve from the other species) However two years passed and there was still no sign of a war. So, north america's leaders decided they would put the creatures they created onto a secret island reserve, away from humanity... This was the biggest mistake they could have made... 20 years later, a group of pegasi flew over the most populated cities holding a banner declaring war. (it should also be noted that two Alicorns showed exceptional intelligence in their training) ----------- So there you have it. The war will start in new York, then expand. You will be on the side of the ponies/mythical creatures. (the ponies, griffins and zebras have learned to talk, and the dragons can speak some basic words) Choose your race and make your character page using this: Name: Race: Description: Personality: Bio: powers: Other things you would like to add:
  19. So... What happens when I'm bored? Edit a 174 page novel from the 80s or so, that's what! What book am I editing to be a pony version you ask? "monkey planet" of course, the epic sci-fi story by Pierre Boule that the planet of the apes movies are based off of. When I say edit into pony version I don't mean: Before: Bob stared at the gorilla as it was about to slap him with his hands. (not actual content from the book) After: Bob stared at the pony as it slapped him with his hooves. Sure those will be changed, but there's some parts that have to be completely changed. If you've read the book and remember the part with the market place where the monkeys act crazy... Well you know why I would have to change that. Chapter 1 is unedited (except for some minor details) and there won't be much edited till... Chapter 3 I think. That's when the apes ponies come in. At first I did this for the lulz/for fun, but I thought why not put it here? I forgot! Here's the back of the book, pony version: What if ponies were the master race? Caging your wife, hunting and killing your brothers and sisters for sport? And generally treating you like the animal you are? Such is the terrifying ordeal of the man in this book story. It will startle you into some viscously though provoking questions about your place in the world. Believe us? Chapter 1 Chapter 2 (work in progress)