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  1. In a world where the Tree Of Harmony was never created, and other, Darker means were used to drive the Windegos away, the notion of Harmony never rooted itself in the lands you know as Equestria. Equus is a far different, yet somehow similar place. Three nations have risen up in Equus since the ponies migrated there. Tensions between these realms have never died down, and now War looms around the corner. The Republic of Everfree: the Wild and Subterranean Nation of Everfree are a coalition of Earth Ponies, Zebra, and Rain Deer, along with any who seek refuge from other Nations. There's is a Representative Republic, rejecting any and all who claim autocratic rule. Their military is formidable: The Quarry Mares, stone conditioned Earth Ponies and Zebra whom live off rocks and train their bodies in the Quarries they got their name from, are frightfully strong special forces whom pack the strength of any mech into their bodies. They have harnessed the power of steam, water, rocks, and plants to create a druidic army of steam powered mechs. Their nation is hidden, but their special forces and strike teams are known and rightly feared. Hurricane Legion: A union of Pegasi and Griffons whom have made their nation on an artificially sustained hurricane on the coasts of Equus. In the eye of the massive perpetual storm, the nation capital resides. While under equipped and stuck in older models of combat, the Hurricane legion should not be trifled with. When they go to battle, their entire flying country goes to battle, bringing the Wrath of an unending Hurricane with them. They do not need mechs and weapons of war. They rain tornadoes from the sky, send lightning as intensely as any gunfire, and their flying legions of warriors are a force to be reckoned with. Empire of Midnight: Truly the Super power of Equus, whom the other two dare not strike. The Empire or Midnight, once Unicornia, is an industrial empire of Magitek, and home to an alliance of Unicorns, Dragons, and Changelings. Once ruled by two Alicorn sisters with limited vision, whom squabbled about the sun and moon, they had been usurped and stripped of their magic by the sovereign and brilliant machinations of our Hallowed Empress, Midnight Sparkle. Behind her is the backing of mighty rulers whom once had machinations towards conquering Equus, but now swear fealty to The Empress. Their technological advancements are unparalleled, and it is said that it is only a matter of time before the Empress brings the other two nations to heel. However, unbeknownst to all three kingdoms, a map will soon appear with a group of friends from a very different world. I'd like for this to be an RP with people playing as the Canon mane six and a few other characters like Starlight and Spike. I'm looking for people who can really capture their characters and play how they would behave in such situations. Canon preferred for the main group. You CAN be oc's from this setting, however they need to fit into the world. The Mane sixes group is the fish out of water in this scenario. Character sheet: Name: Gender: Race: (Pony, dragon, changeling, ect) National Affiliation: (Empire of Midnight, Republic of Everfree, Hurricane Legion, ect) Personality: (who are they as a person) Flaws and quirks: (what are strange and interesting things about the character you normally wouldn't expect out of them? An odd hobby, a fanatical love of flannel, anything that will set them apart. What are their short comings?) Specialties/talents: ( what are they especially good at? What are they known for?) Bio: (where did they come from? Who are they? Also add in where they got their flaws quirks and specialties from.) Physical description/image:
  2. I'm making an attempt at restarting a brand new Dark Tournament RP, but this time I'm going to be running things very differently. For those of you who don't know (most people), I hosted a series of tournament RPs several years ago. Each one had sixteen players and the tournaments completely consisted of one on one fights where everyone was on their own. I'm attempting to do something similar again (since the YYH 25 year anniversary is nearly upon us), but this time I'm going to be organizing it very differently. This time, there will only be five (or possibly six) players, and all of them will be on the same team. The tournament will be a sixteen team, single elimination tournament where I will be controlling the enemy teams (though only four of the sixteen enemy teams will actually matter.) I am open to letting other people control enemy teams if they would like to, but the focus of the RP will be on the five players in the main team, basically serving as the protagonists. This is still in the planning phase, so if you have questions or suggestions, I'd be happy to talk about them here. Backstory: The Dark Tournament. Once legal in Equestria, this tournament was banned nearly a decade ago for its brutal nature and reputation for attracting gamblers from the criminal underworld, but now, thanks to an influx of wealthy criminal investors, the tournament has been brought back with a new stadium built deep in the Everfree Forest. This brutal game pins sixteen teams of the lands deadliest warriors to fight to the death for entertainment and gambling. The victorious team will be granted one wish for each member from the corrupt and powerful tournament committee. Rules: - This is a typical sixteen roster tournament with teams of five. There are two ways for teams to fight in each round: a full 5v5 team battle ending when every fighter on one team is defeated, or five one-on-one fights with the best of three winning. Team captains will determine if the fights are 5v5 or 1 on 1. If the captains can't agree, fights will default to-one on-one. Note: The team captains can also agree on special terms for the fights, such as different conditions for winning or randomizing fights. - A fighter is defeated if he/she forfeits, is down or unconscious for a ten count, is out of the ring for a ten count, or dies. - If a team member is sidelined, they cannot interfere with a fight in any way. Helping a team member during a one-on-one fight will disqualify your entire team. - Weapons can be used Note: Weapons will need to be approved by me when you sign up. Notable Characters: Tournament Committee Rail: The majority owner of the tournament and head of the tournament committee. He's an avid gambler and owner of one of the teams (the team will be revealed later). There's a bit more going on with him than the other committee members and he seems to be planning something. Big Shot: A stout earth pony and corrupt member of the tournament committee. He's the owner of one of the teams (the team will be revealed later) and there are rumors that he uses his influence to cheat. Staff Topaz: The referee for every fight. She's a young unicorn with an almost disturbing love of violence. She serves a dual role as an announcer as well to make fights more interesting. She's also one of the only things keeping fights from becoming corrupt since she's one of the only staff members who believes in keeping fights fair. Enemy Teams: Showboat Tatterhoof's Traveling Circus Team Crimos Slots: Team Captain: Jade (unicorncob) Note: the team captain player will have to speak with the opposing team's captain at the beginning of each round to determine how the fights will go. He or she will also serve as the face of the team and determine its "theme." Should be a character with at least some charisma. Team Member 1: Rose Beast (Reader8363) Team Member 2: Frostflame (Snow Frostflame) Team Member 3: Dynamo Pad Team Member 4: Draco O'Malley (Dragon411) Alternate: [Open] [optional] Note: the alternate is an optional position. Every team can have one alternate fighter who can only be used to replace one of the five team members if they die. An alternate can only replace one team member.
  3. RP: What I have so far for Plot: A close to canon setting that gets attacked by the kind of aliens or strange villains the Rangers have to face in the shows (I have only seen English versions and in recent years have not watched it much on Nick), and they kidnap or otherwise incapacitate the Mane 6, Starlight, the Princesses, and possibly Discord. They are no match and all hope seems lost until my character Lektra creates Zords and battlesuits with her talent. These give five chosen Equestria residents the edge to fight the aliens or whatever we decide on. Basically the world has no heroes and we need OCs to step up. They're not dead and can appear in the RP as supporting cast to the Rangers, but they are no match for the bad guy. Ever wanted to be a hero and pose dramatically? Well here's your chance! Rules in no particular order, to be updated over time: Special abilities are fine, but I'd like to have this be more like the Power Rangers where your power comes from putting on a fancy suit and posing dramatically. All the Ranger tropes apply if you know them. So character abilities are dulled or weakened until they become a Ranger. That said, your character needs to have some way to fight before they transform, be it hoof to hoof, magic, or a weapon, but try not to be super skilled at it because these will probably become your Ranger weapons. See below on weapons. Gratuitous or overly graphic violence is NOT ok. By the nature of the RP there will be violence and fighting, but don't describe exactly how you cut something up or how much blood leaks out. Most people just don't wanna read this. It's dead, slashed, burned, damaged, or cut up, whatever, not exactly how and how much damage was inflicted. Move on alright? The owner of the character in question decides how much damage a character they play or an important character takes, and the rules of fair fighting apply. I'll be enforcing those. There will be a second transformation on top of your Ranger form called Super. This needs to be discovered and will come up as needed, if it comes up at all. You can be ANY sentient species seen in the show, or from the comics (With proper reference for those of us who haven't read them), and are not limited to the three pony races and their derivatives. There will be NO Alicorn OCs or OP characters EVER, and in general my decision on what's OP is final. BUT that said, Alicorn OCs modified to not have either the horn or wings are allowed as long as they're not OP. Villain could possibly be one if we decide on it, but there is no requirement for the race or species of the villain and that is completely open to whoever wants to play the villain. Alicorn is actually the Ultra Transformation if we get to that stage, so be prepared to gain wings, horn, or both temporarily. You will be able to design your own Ranger weapon, so make sure your character can somehow wield it. I'm sorry but I do not condone hoof-holding AKA "sticky hooves" so be sure to design a weapon that can be held with the teeth or has a way to be held with one hoof (A handle you can put your hoof into or making the weapon wrap around it for example) if you're not a Unicorn who will use telekinesis to hold your weapon. Your Characters will not instantly know how to use these weapons and will need training, contrary to most of the Rangers shows. Weapons need to be able to reasonably combine into a blaster as in this video reference: Other than needing to be able to reasonably combine with the other players, you have complete freedom on what weapon you use, subject to approval. Try to be creative and original. Once someone chooses a weapon nobody else can use that weapon, sorry. Zords can be deigned by you as well, but also need to be able to reasonably combine into a giant version of one of the races in MLP as in this reference: The same is true for the Zords. Other than needing to be able to reasonably combine with the other players, you also have complete freedom on designing your own Zord, subject to approval. Feel free to make it fit Equestira, or even not. Same rule on weapon originality applies for the Zords too, and everyone needs to choose different Zords. Players MUST be active. If even one Ranger player or our villain drops out the RP just instantly folds if a suitable replacement is not found in a reasonable time. You must be committed to not dropping out. What would happen if you and your new friends were the only ones able to save the world and you decided to leave the group? The team would be weaker, not to mention the Megazord would be lacking a limb. It'd be like the protagonist of a story deciding to not want to be the protagonist anymore. Don't sign up if you aren't sure if you can't be active. Post at least once in 3 days. By signing up you understand that you must stick around, and by dropping out or quitting the forum you will kill this RP. If the RP dies from someone quitting, we all know who's fault it was Please post at least one good paragraph. While I'm not going to force people to obey the Advanced rules and post a heck of a lot all at once, I don't want to see one or two lines of RP text per post. This is not a one liner RP. Colors: Red, Blue, White, Green, and Pink. Lektra is the "sixth Ranger" and becomes the Gold/Yellow Ranger at some point. We could still use Black in place of Green if there's interest, but it's controversial as well as a couple of the other original colors (Red was a standard white guy, Black was an African American, Yellow was an Asian) and been in and out of circulation a lot. It would be nice if your coat or mane color matched your Ranger color, but it's not really necessary. It could be in your outfit, but please have your color somewhere. Red, Blue, and Green need to be males. White and Pink need to be females. When my character becomes the sixth she will balance out the two. I will add a player list as we decide on the missing things, and open non-Ranger player signups as the RP progresses. The only players allowed right now are five Ranger players, anyone who would like to play a canon character to support the Rangers, the main villain who will create or summon monsters to invade the planet, and his or her cadre of supporting evildowers. First come first served! ROMANCE between the characters is fine if kept SFW, but ask the player what their character's preference is before this comes up in the RP. For example how would you like to be a stallion who likes stallions and profess your love to that one boy you've had your eye on for a while and killed many monsters with, only to find out he's into girls or is asexual? Yes, so at least talk to he player first and bring up that you're interested in shipping your character with theirs, please. -------------------------------------- Anyone interested and can help me develop this? Tagging a few people from the old version of this thread in case they might still be interested: @Drago Ryder@P-Jay@whitetiger187@Film Reel@Midnight_Aurora I can think of two people who might be interested in playing the villain, who doesn't necessarily HAVE to lose and could be reformed: @Randimaxis@Kaze Yousei -------------------------------------- Things that need to be decided on: 1. Five players and who gets what color fancy suit! Simple enough! Maybe what they look like too, but we can probably find ponified Ranger art online. 2. Player weapons and how the weapons combine. That's not going to be all that simple, really. 4. Your Zords, how they combine, and what they combine into. 5. Who is playing our villain, what kind of character it is, and their backstory. (Done) 6. Maybe help me flesh out the plot a little and make it sound like a story rather than an idea, once the other points are decided? (Done) --------------------------------------- Character list: Rangers: (Name, Ranger Weapon, Ranger Power, Zord) (Female) Red: Luster, Scythe-Shotgun, Energy Absorbtion/Redirection, Manticore Zord @Denim&Venom (Male) Blue: Clayton, Chokuto Straight Sword, Skin Hardening, Wendigo Zord @Acnologia (Female) White: Dawn, Bow, Ice Magic, Dragon Zord @Drago Ryder (Male) Green: Rocky Roads, Blaster, Speedster, Shogun Timberwolf Zord @Crewman (Female) Pink Plus 2 Males of undetermined colors, to be determined by the players. Genders of the initial group can be changed if really needed, but would prefer to keep them like this. (Extra Female) Gold: Lektra Bolt, Katana Daggers, Lightning Magic, Phoenix Zord @Lektra Bolt Evil: Big Bad @Randimaxis Midboss: Ivory Gust, Longma (Custom Species: )@TBD Cute Troopers, Scouts for King Pandar: @Buck Testa Canons: Twilight Sparkle: @Denim&Venom Discord: @Randimaxis --------------------------------------- Original idea for reference:
  4. That's right! I'm back, and ready to do it all over again! Premise is the same as last time, your character signed up to participate in a cultural exchange after finding a flyer advertising it. It was just a normal day when you happened to come across a paper. Intrigued by its colorful design you decide to take a closer look, it reads: Do you want to make friends, Explore new lands, and Experience different cultures as well as show others the joys of your own hometown? Then participate in the first ever All Equis Cultural Exchange. To participate all you need to do is write a letter about yourself including the following: Your name, your race, and your age. Be sure to describe yourself, including a picture if possible. And finally be sure to include your location, ability to host a guest in return is a requirement for participation. All ages may participate, children must have their parents' permission to enter. Once you have submitted a letter you will be paired with another of similar age who wishes to share their culture with you. You will have a few weeks time to interact via letter prior to the official exchange, then you and your pairing will each host the other for one week in your respective home towns. You look around at your hometown and think, Why not? End Prompt I'm excited to get this thing up and running again, Link to the last one. RP Threads Midnight Star & Argante Siren Song & Maia
  5. Okay, this is the OOC for The Blackwater Quarry [ ] The Blackwater Quarry is where ponies work in the emerald mines for their pay each day, kick-mining rocks for fair wages. I'm looking to make it a day-by-day RP of a typical work life in Equestria. There will be plenty of dramatic RP, but I'm certain I can add in some adventure, comedy & romance, if the situation calls for such. I'm rather flexible when it comes to story ideas, so feel free to offer an idea or three - I'm always listening. Anyway, more about the story in general. First, let's read up on the family's history: The Blackwater family has been known for two things throughout the years: Emeralds & BAD attitudes. The Blackwaters have maintained a mine/quarry near the base of the Crystal Mountains for generations; the majority of emeralds in Equestria come from their efforts. The mine sits near a lazy river, which has been blackened with silt from the digging - hence the name Blackwater. Though the work pays well, the family has been known to be greedy, spiteful & self-important, and those ponies who work at the mines have seen this behavior. The family isn't VICIOUS... but lying, cheating, stealing & bullying have been standards of the Blackwater name for as long as ponies have known of emeralds. The Blackwaters will be NPCs, and will be available for interaction from time to time. Shall we meet them? [Art by Vampira Heart] The patriarch & head of the Blackwater family, as well as the head honcho of the Blackwater Mines. Rough, cold & seemingly without a heart, this Earth Pony keeps his employees in line by making certain that everypony gets fair pay - but one mistake in his presence & you're fired. His cuite mark is a pickaxe crossed with a quill pen. Vainglorious & gossipy, Vylia seems too preoccupied with being rich to worry about much else. She's a Pegasus with a passion for profit. Her high-class sensibilities are second only to her capacity for business savvy, and most ponies learn quickly about her slippery ways. Her cutie mark is two necklaces, silver and pearl, looped through each other. The spoiled brat of a foal who is a constant troublemaker. His mother seems to believe he can do no wrong, but he's a nightmare of a youngster, and he KNOWS he can get away with most anything he wants to. The perks of being a rich genius, hmm? He doesn't have his cutie mark yet. The 'black sheep' of the family, which means he's the nice guy. He wants so badly to impress his folks, but he doesn't want to be friendless. He has a good head on his shoulders, but lacks confidence & self-worth. He seems desperate for a friend. His cutie mark is a lump of grey rock, with an emerald sticking out of it. The eldest son, Harcourt's handsome flank hasn't been seen around here for almost a decade... but rumors abound, from being a top showman to being a world-class thief to being dead. All the same, the family sometimes mentions him. If he came back, though... His cutie mark wasn't present when he left home... so nopony knows. [The Blackwater's portraits by SoulSpeaking] The rest of the crew at Blackwater Mines are as follows: (Picture by Venomous) CHUCK LIST: Gray stallion with black mane and tail - Earth Pony - CM: A scroll with a large check-mark on it Head forepony for Blackwater Mines; the rough and tumble workaholic who takes no guff. (Again, picture by Venomous) KNEE SLAPPER: Purple stallion with blue mane and tail - Unicorn - CM: A purple & blue jester's cap Forepony for Blackwater Mines; a nice fellow, yet an incurable practical joker. (Yet another gem by Venomous) REDD HANDID: Maroon stallion with LONG yellow mane and tail - Unicorn - CM: Twin drama masks, one frown & one smile (the frown is in the foreground) Forepony for Blackwater Mines; the snarky, self-important snob. (Yup - Venomous again.) SILVER STUDS: Light gray mare with orange mane & tail - Unicorn - CM: three silver nails & a silver-headed hammer Head engineer for Blackwater Mines; if anypony can build it, she can. (Venomous did a lot of these for me, y'know? I'm really grateful! Thanks, Ven!) "TAPS": A small dark blue mare with a stark white mane & tail - Pegasus - CM: A steel wagon wheel Pony Express Deliverer / Hauler; the sweet-smiling quarry mailmare. Other than these characters, there will be random workers & staff... and the occasional 'guest' or two. The locations that will be available (to begin with) are: The Quarry (Outside, in the mine, deep mine, barracks, Doc's office & the lunch trailer) - Blackwater Manor (Front porch, kitchen, main hall, pool, study, library & Luther's workshop) - and The Grounds (Inner yard, outer yard, woods, path to town & trolley stop). All I need are players interested in playing their OCs in a work-type environment. I prefer ponies who can write a bit before posting (no "Okay" posts, please). No overpowered ponies allowed, as this isn't about power-playing. Please wait until acceptance before posting. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea. I'm now just rolling through some story by myself, but folks wanting to join are welcome to post here first - I'm pretty flexible, so after I give you the thumbs hooves up, you can post as you please. [PC CAST] Crescent, the bat-pony = cwhip9 Doc Zinger, the staff doctor = Blitz Boom Scarlet Orange, the kitchen assistant = Emerald Bolt Baroness Carnelian, the socialite = Hazard Time Low Key, the Baroness' protege = Hazard Time [GUEST STARS] The Flim Flam Brothers (portrayed by JonasDarkmane)
  6. So, I've recently conjured up a new OC named Widdershins, and I don't have much planned in terms of her history or her goals. I would very much like to find a person or some people who might want to jump into some RP so that I can take her for a test drive and flesh her out some more. I'm down to plan just about anything - slice of life, magical stuff, romance and fluff, angsty things, etc. I tend to do more para/literate RP, so I prefer things being in that vein. EDIT: Also, possibly self-indulgent, but if there were any Discords that wanted to pester Widders, I would lov.
  7. So I want wondering if anyone wanted to do a Steven Universe RP? I've recently got into the show and started at the latest series so I know about all the spoilers and basic stuff. But I have no idea how the universe of the show really works, and I really want to do an RP with people. So is anyone game for that? I do have some idea's as to how an RP like this could go but I want to see what ideas anybody else has.
  8. Hey all, i'm starting my first RP starring the one and only Princess of the Night and I need a few things to get started. 1. Someone to play Luna 2.Someone to play Celestia 3. Someone for Starlight and Twilight 4. Someone for Chrysalis 5. 2 OC of your choosing 6 An additional 3 OC for background characters As soon all of these pieces come, we can begin.
  9. Note: I will only allow ONE person to join me. This is so I dont get confused and all that. First person who is willing to join me (With OC approved) will be in my roleplay. Link to my OC: IC: You may have your OC as long as I approve it (I’m an expert at it. Been evaluating for a few years.) and/or you can play as canon characters. If you are going to only play as canon characters, name the one you are going to mostly potray as. If you play as your OC, please leave the link to it, so I know more about your OC. Also, if anyone can come up with a name for the rp, thatd be great
  10. //IC Thread I have been away from the forums for some time, wish to jump back in and start up a new RP with someone or two. I am wanting to run my Ponysona Nightmare Season. Nightmare Season We can do the planning if you are interested in RPing with this guy. I am down for almost anything.
  11. Yo, your resident romance girl here. I want to do a 1x1 or perhaps 2 guys vs me if that's something you want. The premise is that we are doing a romantic rp, with me in the female role. I do not rp as a pony since i'm not comfortable with that yet
  12. So, I'm kinda bored and my last roleplay here is going nowhere and I want to start a rp to develop a few of my characters. I'm looking for someone who is willing to write detailed or semi-lit roleplay messages and will be reliable enough to not let the roleplay die off. As well as someone who respects the fact that people have lives and things take time (just not several months). Feel free to post some random roleplay segments in the comments if you're interested (that way I know if you're what kind of roleplayer I'm looking for) BlueBook out~
  13. I'm planning to make a Pok'emon x MLP roleplay. My main problem is that I don't know which region it should take place in. I only know that I want the region to be canon. I'm mainly thinking either Sinnoh, Unova, or Alola.
  14. With my first attempt at starting a roleplay dead in the water, I figured I'd seek advice on this idea. My idea for this does have a OOC page written out in the testing area, it's just the power ponies world, but anyone can be a hero or even a villain in it, able to throw their OC in, and give them a superpower to boot (Not a OP one, of course). In it, the Mane-Iac is gathering villains to beat the Power Ponies once and for all, while they try to defeat the Mane-iac as well. But how would you make this idea more interesting, like what twist would you put on it to make it more original and approachable?
  15. Welcome to Renewal of an Age, an Equestrian, non-canon RP focused around bringing balance to the wonderful land of Equis. Now, before we get down to character introductions, and eventually the RP itself, I want to lay down a few details, and yes, rules. First off is about characters, including what I do, and don't, want from my RP'ers. Expect me to be the DM, which, in this case, is more of Directional Manager rather than Dungeon Master. I won't be a single player, but rather every NPC encountered. Players should be 'average' Equis species. Ergo, Griffons (or Gryphons), Unicorns, Pegasi, Minotaurs, Deer, etc. No Alicorns, Tartarian prisoners, or god-like beings. There will be plenty of those already. I will only have 3-5 players at a time. No less than three, no more than five. I also expect you to roleplay as the character you submit. If a fun-loving, partying character is submitted and a quiet, shy pony is played, expect to be spoken to and possibly removed. Do NOT control another player's character. If your decision requires you making another user's character to do something as well, plan it out. Do not simply say: I dodge backward as Player #2 blocks the swipe with her sword. Then, we both leap forward. Now, moving on to role-play mechanics, there will be list of things to expect and remember. 1.) This will be done in a way vaguely similar to D&D. Emphasis on vaguely. Nothing along the lines of this: Player #1: I dash forward, using 10ft of movement, to strike for 14 slashing damage. But along the lines of this: Player #1: I dash forward and swipe at the Manticore's chest with my sword. 2.) On the topic of being D&D-Inspired, there will be times in which you want to persuade, or intimidate, or steal, or something else. For anything requiring speech, it will work based on actual wording or phrasing. Let's say you want to persuade someone to give you something for free. This will not work: Player #1: Come on, man, give me it. I won't spread the word about free stuff. This may: Player #2: Look, if you give my friend this, I'll spread the word about how this shop has a great supply and the owner is a kind stallion. 3.) There will be two types of Combat messages: Open-Ended and Closed-Ended. Open-Ended is along the lines of this: DM: The Manticore staggers back in pain before roaring. It swings it's paws at Player #1. Player #1 now has the chance to say this: I dodge under it's swipes before delivering a swift kick to its knee. Closed-Ended is this: DM: The Manticore staggers back in pain before roaring. It swings it's claws at Player #1, striking him across the chest. Player #1 has been injured with no way around it. Suffice to say, wording will be incredibly important so be sure to read messages closely. 4.) This RP will be a mix of action, adventure, and slice of life. It is also entirely open-world. Players could decided to go straight for the main goal, fall in love, flee the land to another country, or even join the evil and destroy the world. It is up to you what happens here. I just make the basic plot. I would like character submissions to be as detailed as possible; name, history, relatives, personality, abilities, and a whole host of anything you might think to add. Finally, when the RP begins, it will be done so as the players arrive at the Grand Galloping Gala. Now, expect this post to be updated frequently as I add more information as well as expand on what is already here. Lore Long ago, in a time forgotten by mortal and alicorn minds alike, several beings walked across the skin of Equis. These beings were as powerful as they were alien, none of them born upon the land they roamed. Each had been brought to Equis by another, given new bodies and new names with which they fulfilled their tasks. Gaea, Lady of Life, tasked with ensuring all life on the planet had a place. She brought balance between the myriad of species that called Equis home. Thanatos, Lord of Death, tasked with ensuring the world always had a place for new life. He ferried souls to the realm they needed to go to, whether good or evil. Tartarus, Lord of the Pit, tasked with punishing all true evil that ever came across his path. He ensured no being stepped out of their bounds. Hades, Lord of the Underworld, tasked with providing an afterlife to those who did not warrant Tartarus. He, too, punished the wicked, as well as rewarded the good. Hemera, Lady of the Day, tasked with bringing light to the world so they may see and grow. She guided mortals throughout their lives and gave them the time they needed to grow. Nyx, Lady of the Night, tasked with bringing coolness and peace to the world. She gave mortals time to rest and prepare for the day ahead. Aether, Lord of Light, tasked with spreading the good of souls across the world. He spread generosity and love to those who would listen. Erebus, Lord of Darkness, tasked with spreading the evil of souls across the world. He spread hatred and greed to those who would listen. Perses, Lord of Destruction, tasked with bringing an inevitable end to all things. He brought ruin across the world as was needed. Finally, Chaos, Master of Creation, tasked with rebuilding the world from any damage. Their power was great and all encompassing. One day, Erebus discovered a way to corrupt his fellow Masters. One by one, each fell under his fiendish control until all the world was corrupt. Mother, the being who brought all the Masters together, sought to fix this mistake. Each Master was taken and locked away, sealed in an eternal slumber. Mother reached out across her world and created the Spirits. Each Spirit represented a Master, taking their place until the time came for them to be awoken and purified. Of all the Spirits, only two were documented; Spirit Celestia and Spirit Luna, blessed of Hemera and Nyx. Eight others were unaccounted for. The time has come for the Masters to awaken. Submit Characters
  16. I just got started with V3 and there was one a while ago that was in the makin, but wasn't finished. So I'm debating on making one. With it being my first full control one, be patient with me Rules Keep it PG-13, please Don't try to take control of it. No Gmodding I would like some help with making it, but please, if you need to reference anything from the games, no spoilers
  17. I'd like to get my hooves wet, so to speak, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing something. I don't have any particular plans for location, and am more than willing to wing it, so long as it's somewhere that makes sense. But yeah, I'd really like to get into something. Hit me up here if you're interested.
  18. Anyone who has watched Dragon Ball Super knows where thiss is going. Planning an RP for a MLP version of the tournament of power. You fight on a stage suspended in space along with three other top fighters from your region. If you get kicked off the stage, you lose, and may not return. To avoid congestion, there will only be 3 "Regions" (Originally Universes) and each team will only consist of four ponies. Needless to say, no game breaking powers or abilities, but you may borrow attributes from anime. To sign up, fill out the form below, Ill go first. Attach a reference of your OC if at all possible. You may not add powers once we begin so be as specific as possible. If you dont wish to fight you may apply your oc to be a god of destruction and simply commentate. If any clarification is needed, feel free to ask and i will add it to the description. OC name:Nightmare Moonlit Power(s): Advanced level Unicorn magic, Sharingan eyes from Naruto, can make himself hover briefly with a magical current under his hooves, due to his small stature, he is very nimble, and is about half the speed of rainbow dash while flying. Can teleport, but only a couple feet at a time, so it is nearly useless. Can use chakra based jutsu, but the cooldown is about 3 minutes between each attack, so it is mainly a last resort. At the cost of one of his eyes, he can use the Mangekyo Sharingan, teleports a target from one place to another, however, he cannot teleport the opponent off the stage or into the observant stands as per Zeno's rules. Region: Region 3 ------------------------------------------------------ Regions: Region 1: ------------------------------------------------------ Region 2: ------------------------------------------------------- Region 3: God of Destruction: Kai: Fighter 1: Nightmare Moonlit Fighter 2: Fighter 3: Fighter 4:
  19. What If? The Storm King was,while funny, a smart, intelligent military statagist and equal opportunity oppressor?) Plot:The Storm King keeps his promise to Tempest Shadow and restores her horn. However her new horn infects her mind, making her loyal and power hungry(she's been brainwashed to believing she has always been loyal to the king) The Storm army captures the Mane 5 and Spike. Bit The Storm King says."It's just aswell. Your plan failed but it was cunning, I could use that, I am after all, an equal opportunity oppressor"He brainwashes them all including Spike! "One Big Evil Family"-One year latter- The Mane 6 are now commanders in the Storm King's military. Commander Twilight opened a school like before's "Twilight's Stormquestria Military Academy" everycreature that is from a territory in "The Storm Empire" is there, training to be the future soilders for the campaigns against the northern lands(Tierk and Scopans homeland, which also includes werewolves)Commander Dash and Applejack is supervising the troops of ground and air assault(Pegasi, Dragons, Griffons, Hippogriffs) Commander Rarity is the chief of military designs, creating the best banners, uniforms and style for each creature.Spike has, it pretty good! At first he was just a private and still assistant, until he helped big time, in the conquest of The Dragonlands, and suggested sea factories be placed in Seaquestria(conquered after the battle of Canterlot) he now has the statues of Lieutenant.Lieutenant Spike however is not in Equestria, he left with Captain Grubber(the two now have a cute bromance now) to the front lines of the North. Though keeping in her mindset Commander Twilight assigned him a guard "The Storm Paladins" a group of elite cat magic users(like Capper but magic users) while they take orders from Spike, they can override them if it is for his own protection(Twilight may be "evil" now but she still has her heart)Tempest is now General and supreme commander of The Storm Army, in the great Storm Empire she is second, only the king has higher authority. The Storm Six, are the young Six, but they are much more like elite warriors then students. They have graduated as valedictorians from TSMA, and are looking to join the frontline. My character is "Sergeant Smok".
  20. Hello. So, I was thinking of doing a HIE, or Human In Equestria, roleplay. We'll start off on Earth, and we end up in Equestria, by means we will discuss. Some things you should know. 1. Have good punctuation and spelling, as well as write at least a paragraph per turn. 2.Equestria does not exist in this, or just say our characters have never heard of it. 3.Ponies can be anthro if we so choose, I personally find it more convenient that way. It's up for debate, however. 4.Again, we will discuss the plot and such, but I would prefer if you had some ideas in mind beforehand, saves us some time. That's about it, and for the third time, we will discuss everything. Thanks, and have a nice day/night!
  21. Setting Marcus was just an average man living his life till he happens to piss off a witch while he was at a bar drinking with a couple of friends. Finding himself in a town filled with talking mythological beings, though he dismissed it as some sort of dream. Later he is captured by a band of slavers and after a week in captivity is sold to a circus master and has been forced to be an exhibit and curiosity. Four months have passed since then and he has accepted his new life knowing nobody will bother trying to help him. Our story starts near the end of one of these shows and just as the circus was about to end it's show a dragon attacks. Marcus now has the chance to escape if he survives the dragon and the panicked ponies, oh don't forget the circus master really dose not want to lose his top exhibit. Your character(s) are around during this dragon attack (or are the dragon) and take notice of this strange creature in ragged clothing running for it's life and you can decided to help the creature, kill it, recapture it and make some bits and many or help this creature for your own ends.j Info I would like at least one other for this RP (More are welcome). There is no limit to what race you may play within MLP (Like I said you can be the/a dragon even) If you want romance it will be MxF for Marcus. I can learn to do a female character on the side if you want but I don't personally do MxM. Also mention if you want anthro otherwise the rp will not be anthro. If you have another idea for the plot please let me know.
  22. Hello everyone I'm WiccanAssassin and this is my Slice Of Life Roleplay planning area. I'm looking for ocs and canon characters. I'm fine with oc x canon character, but you need to find a person to play the canon character. I'm looking for someone who can play Doctor Whooves for my Oc EchoRiver. Rules 1. Never hold you muse back; play them as they would act in the show 2. No bullying. It will not be tolerated. If this happened I will report you to an admin. 3. You can have up to two characters. 4. No NSFW content let's keep this pg rated ya'll. Keep swearing to a minimum. Like I sad pg or pg-13. 4. If someone is t ting to control the Wayne you use you character let me know, I'll talk to them. 5. Please have fun!!! If you have read the rules, please comment you characters and you favorite song or podcast.
  23. I am looking for a couple people to roleplay with, preferably 1x1 or a small group. I also prefer roleplaying on discord if we can! On average I write 3-6 paragraphs per reply, and I usually play as more then one character, often 2-3, not counting side/minor characters. I have a few ideas for some roleplays that I am interested in, most of them are vague though; (I really like playing as royalty if you can tell, lmao sorry) Rising tensions between two empires (ex. Equestria vs a non-cannon civilization) A a royal next-gen roleplay, where the royal children have to save their parents due to them being banished by some sort of evil entity/group (Parents can also be killed instead of just banished.) A a royal next-gen roleplay, where the royal children have to fight back against one of their own who has gone corrupt in a nightmare moon-like fashion. A roleplay where the world is in a dystpoian version of itself (as seen in mlp episode "The Cutie Remark") I am not interested in; Romance roleplays (there can be romance in our roleplay, I just don't want to do a roleplay revolving around romance) Overpowered characters (I am fine with alicorns, hybrids, human-gone-pony, demi-gods, honestly most things.. Just don't make your character the creator of the universe, please?) And while those are things I would really like to roleplay, I am also open to suggestions! If you really want to roleplay, its best you message me on discord. ( Pangur Bán#1537 ) See you soon.