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Found 18 results

  1. I've bumped into something - I'll need to place BOSS HP BAR somewhere, but the current HUD gave me a bad time organizing the layout. Sooooo yeah, I've been thonking on the HUD again, because why not. For a reference, this is how it looked like so far: I was trying to put it somewhere to the right, but the screen was getting somewhat clogged up. ...So I've tried to place is somewhere at the bottom - the spells were on my way. Also I was toying with the general design (see the top-left corner). Red for the HP Bar seems to work better, considering that other bars have colors based on the icons attached to them. The green was out of place there. But getting back to the BOSS HP Bar--- I've tried to move the spells to the top, to have everything in one corner... ...and here made some more science as well, to make it all more compact. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, that IN ALL DESIGNS the breath bar disappears once Twi leaves water. You won't see that bar most of the time, hence why it doesn't have to be nicely attached to the rest of elements. Also I was thinking on the spell icons - maybe instead of these little bars representing energy, they could have that in their backgrounds? That seems to be making it easier to tell how much energy do the spells have. ...But it still appears kind of messy, doesn't it? So I took a suggestion I got ages ago into consideration - that Twi's face isn't needed there. I tried simplifying the design... ...and was checking if fancy boss hp bars would be a good idea... Looks cool! -I think, but it's too distracting, so I believe going with minimalist design will work better. As for the rest--- hmm... not sure, maybe trying something different? Let's flip some things! There, It looks really simple, but it doesn't cover that much of space. It's just practical and considering, that there may be many things happening on screen, I think this is what I'll go with, at least for now, hah; Pretty sure I'll be adjusting things again in the future. So yeah, this is what I got lately. What do you think about these funny designs? That's all for now! Thanks for visiting! Also I'm terribly sorry for my grammar and English in general, it's past 7 AM and I'm really, really tired. Going to sleep now.
  2. It's been a while ~ As you may know, I've been working on the pause menu. When it was ready, I was able to configure/update existing features, as well as add new ones to make it all work properly. So now I have bunch of updates! First of all, let's start with that Pause Menu I've been working on for a while I believe everything there is self-explanatory. If you're wondering how many languages will be supported - by 'default' I aim into supporting these two: English and Polish. However! I'm programming the game in a way, where all the text is stored in external .ini files and visuals are adjusted based on the text's real width where necessary, which should make it less painful to translate, so if anybody would be ever interested in translating the game to another language, there always will be that possibility. ------ but that all will come in the right time... or not... I'll see how it goes. The next thing, related to the Pause Menu is Spell Enhancing. In short, you get some-kind-of-magic stars through leveling up. These stars are used to enhance (upgrade) spells. Enhancing may: - increase damage - amount of projectiles - their duration - their speed - their size - "Area of Effect" - add special effects - or even change spell behavior - etc.. Each spell is different, so are their upgrades. For example, I've prepared a some kind of a tier table for the basic spell, the magic projectile: And now the recent thing I've been working on... Leveling UP now raises stats and stuff. Previously leveling up wasn't doing anything other than increasing your "Level" value. Now it does have an effect, as seen below: I also did some smaller adjustments in meanwhile, like optimizing the code here and there (including collisions ... again -- and I'm sure I'll still have to adjust these once again in the future..) ~ but that's something you won't find interesting. Oh and I also started working on the Everfree Forest. It's too early to show anything though, but sooooomething is happening there. And that's all I think... Well for some testing I also made Tom ...If Tom could throw a party, it would ROCK! An amazing addition, I'll throw it in the title. So now it's all I think. Thank you for visiting!
  3. Programming Pause Menu in progress... > also implemented 'pause' --- , so that everything stops while the menu is opened. > also added background && shading to Twilight's Profile Pic in the menu --- now it doesn't look that plain. > also configured fonts --- now that was time-consuming, I had to nicely align each character, then load that to the project properly. For example, here's my hand-drawn font for GUI with just few characters: The font used in the commands however, uses small and large cases, numbers and all the potentially needed characters for dialogues and such... It is also hand drawn, for the most part at least. I used an existing font to start with. ...Comic Sans turned out to be pretty good for a pixel font. Well, that's all for now! Thank you for visiting!
  4. Hmm.. so after few days of wondering on how things will work like, I think the pause menu will look like this: Of course the ABCDEF thing will be replaced by proper description of highlighted option/item/spell. What these below spells are? These determine the spell's tier. Basically you'll be able to improve them along with progress, sometimes it will be a slight change, sometimes a major difference in behavior and whatsoever. To give you an idea on how more or less it will work like, here's the table I've prepared for the basic spell: is TIER I is TIER II is TIER VI -and if someone is wondering what "A-F SPD" means, it stands for Auto-Fire Speed. This spell doesn't have auto-fire, hence [ - ]. This is what Element of Laughter specializes in, for example. Anyway, as you can see, not much changes there, as basically it's a 'default' spell. It gains damage, speed and size, but still behaves as a normal straight projectile. Note, that things may be changed in the future, as I suspect I'll keep re-balancing things over and over again along with progress (development-wise). I probably won't be updating this, nor posting more tables, because nu spoilers for you. It is meant to be discovered on your own. Thank you for visiting!
  5. Hello everypony! Finally the HUD has been reprogrammed! ~And length of the HP bar increases along with maximum HP! For some reason I always like that little feature in games, because that makes increasing max HP more interesting --- especially checking if you can go off-screen with this. I thought it all will take few hours, but it ended up taking two days, heh. Why it took so long? I had to replace most of the HUD graphics in game files and reprogram the HUD in general, mostly spell icons, due to their new switching animation. I also have optimized the code, now it's shorter, organized better, thus more efficient & readable. I also have added some script functions that will come in handy when programming features in the future. ...Also I discovered, that previously there were two typos in the code. It wasn't a big deal, as things still worked in the end without crashing the game, nevertheless it's of course better to not have any of this floating in the code. I guess this design will do, at least for now. And as always, thanks for visiting!
  6. Hello everypony! It's been a while, hasn't it? Last year turned out to be kind of busy for me, but hopefully this one won't be like this! I've been wondering on which project I should be working on and to this moment I have no idea. I've decided to poke this one first, but I think I may be switching between this one and MLP: The Game, as I'd really love to get these two done. My priority project will always be the first one I have ever started - MLP: The Game, but it's good to work on different things once in a while to avoid getting bored. I'm also having 999 other ideas for games and I'm trying my best to not distract myself with these. Okay, so let's get to the point. Mooooonths ago in one of the updates, @HereComesTom mentioned moving things in HUD: For a reference, here is how it looked like so far: The 'mana bar' he mentioned is the energy bar with Elements of Harmony seen to the right. For me it looked fine as it was, as I kinda didn't want to throw everything into one corner... until I realized how inconvenient it was in practice. You see, switching spells was confusing when these were on the right side, due to the order of them appearing mirrored. I thought players will eventually get used to that, but I couldn't really get used to it myself. Switching spells wasn't a big issue, but whenever I looked at HUD, it was confusing me. The order of icons wasn't really readable and I imagine it could get worse when more spells would become available. There was one thing I was sure of... That these have to be on the left side. So today I've been working on redesigning the HUD ... the whole day. I was moving things around and finally came up with this: SOME OTHER CHANGES I'VE MADE: - HP bar is now thicker, because I wanted to make it stand out more, to make it more noticeable even without really looking at it. - HP bar's length now grows along with maximum HP. - Spell icons have less details in order to save some space and make the HUD less spammy. - Spell icons have thicker energy bars, because I removed the long energy bar and used numbers only. I wanted to give those little bars more highlight and make these more readable. ...Though I had a feeling, that something was wrong. It seemed so... clogged. One of my fellow devs suggested me this: ---and that made me realize, that it's all messy indeed. Colorful bars and icons, big numbers-- all over the place, yet so close to each other. So I got to this again and decided to get rid of some details, as well as using smaller numbers to make it all look neater: Now only HP has big numbers, as it's the most important part of the HUD. I think it looks fine now, though knowing me, I'll probably end up redesigning it over and over again along with development. I was also thinking of something like this: --- buuut decided to have it all in one place. What are your thoughts? And as always, thank you for visiting!
  7. I am really hyped for those game. Not only because it's a game with a snake as a protagonist and because it's the first fresh and original platformer in a long time, but also because this is a game that might be able to revolutinize the platforming genre. The stages also look very colorful and cute and the snake protagonist noodles looks cute and colorful as well. In Snake Pass, you are not able to jump and run through the stages, since a snake is not able to use any feet. Instead, it uses a whole new slithering mechanic, where you have to slither from side to side to progress and where you have to coil up towards certain objects to climb up walls. The game will be available for XONE, PS4, Steam, Windows 10 and even the new Nintendo Switch. Coming next month. What do you think of this game
  8. BETA 1.0 This is a NES-like Platformer Shooter similar to Contra. Two brothers are 'kidnapped' to the Game World by The Virus. It asks them to gather data from various games, which would grant it more power. Once the request will be fulfilled, the brothers will be brought back to real world. But what will happen next? Is the game world in danger? Do Super Coolstory Brothers find another way? > Unique Gameplay! (As for RPG Maker) Engine' scripts are totally reprogrammed > LOCAL MULTIPLAYER! > Bring Back Memories From Your Childhood! > Original Soundtracks! > Original Sound Effects! > Old-school gameplay! (8-bit style) COLOSSAL ANT - A murderous ant. For some reason it damages humans when touched and HOLY BALLS! It takes few bullets to kill and is annoying to hit! Drastically upscaled so you can see. Spuder - Dis Spuder can shoot cobwebs all over the place. It can't aim properly to be honest. Wox - A hybrid of a wolf and a fox. This cute dogie will gladly run through hug you. Rock - It has hard character. It wants to prove, that you don't need life to move and not be grounded. SMALL DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 1 BIG DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 3 SMALL HEART - Restores HP by one heart BIG HEART - Restores HP by three hearts 1UP - Gives one Extra Life Time - Gives some Extra Time Planned Items: Heart Container - Increases maximum life by one heart Super Coolstory Bros! BETA 1.0 IMPORTANT NOTE Google Drive and related to it sites assume, that this file is dangerous. That's because games made in the 'RPG Maker' series have an uncommon file type (custom compression), which isn't trusted by antiviruses. It even says, that the file is dangerous right after I create it, which is ridiculous. Nevertheless, I don't take any responsibility for potential harm. I'm just letting you know how things look like, but it's worth to be careful anyway.
  9. A couple of the lovely ex-Rareware employees are working to bring us a new title, or "spiritual successor" to the classic game Banjo-Kazooie that they were previously responsible for. Not everyone who worked on the beloved Nintendo 64 classic is back for this game, but the key people involved in its making are supposedly behind this brand-new game entitled Yooka-Laylee. Read more on the official site: As someone who just recently discovered the greatness of this Nintendo classic, I'm in full favor of this game happening. However, there's a small detail that's bugging me based off of a gut feeling I have, but I won't share it because I know I'll get called dumb more times than I can count. Now, what I want to know do you feel about it? What are your concerns? General thoughts? Do you think it'll be a worthy successor? Personally, I think Banjo and Kazooie will make a cameo... *Cue someone telling me it's unlikely because they need to buy the rights to our old pals and they probably won't have money or Nintendo won't agree or whatever.*
  10. Ever seen a 3D platformer with RPG elements? What would be good combinations for it? I forgot to add some examples for it. A Hat in Time uses the combo by letting the protagonist search for expert points and invest in new stuff. Also games like Kingdoms Hearts (Thanks @Dapper Charmer for mentioning).
  11. Normally, there's a rule against posting a work that isn't your own, but I asked for and got special permission to post this: FIends from Dream Valley: Fiends from Dream Valley is an unfinished fan-project that was abandoned a year or two ago; it was a platformer that was going to repurpose some Generation-1 villains like Crunch the Rock Dog and Lavan in a G-4 setting, and it allowed the player to play as any one of the main six (except Rarity; she wasn't added to the game before the project was abandoned). Those who worked on FFDV have since gone on to other things; I know all this because I emailed the team who made it several months ago. Since it had so many similarities to my own fangame (there are links to mine in my signature), and since the original team's website no longer exists and it can't be downloaded anywhere else, I'm posting a copy of it here so anyone who's interested can download it from my Google Drive to have a look. The controls are the w/a/s/d keys to move and jump, spacebar to kick, the control key lets you switch between playable ponies, and the mouse is part of the game, too: clicking on doors in the background lets you go through them, clicking on some objects while playing as Twilight lets you use her magic to move them around, and clicking on some NPCs lets you speak with them (though not every NPC in the game can be spoken with; the little "hand" cursor lets you know which ones can and which ones can't be talked to).
  12. If you've ever wondered, "In a world where weather is manufactured by magical ponies, what happens if the union goes on strike?"...wonder no longer! (The way-back machine only knows of an older version of the game; I'll update this link as soon as I find a new site to host my game.) Battle your way through six floors of a factory infested with storm elementals and evil rainbows to reach the emergency shutdown, so that you can prevent a flood from getting any worse! This game is the result of over two years of my hard work---a labor or love. I could throw a wall of text at you about how I got the idea for this game and how the concepts evolved, but...well, why put you through that when I have a perfectly good set of videos explaining it? Also, I would love to turn this project into a collaboration! The game, while fun as-is, could be so much more than it is now. Imagine if it had a dialog system, an inventory system, support for minigames, equippable clothing, and other features! Even now, the game has a level editor that allows anyone to create and share custom levels! I made tutorial videos for how to use the editor if you're interested in trying that out: Please, let me know what you think of the game, the editor, and the idea of making this into something more interesting, more epic, more efficient, and more fun! EDIT: here's a thread in the Creative Resources section where I'm trying to find people to help me make this a collab: EDIT: I've updated it to version 0.3.3; support for parallax-scrolling backgrounds, customizable NPCs that are affected by conveyors and moving platforms, dialog trees, and some scripting are in the game engine, now!
  13. QUAD KNIGHT "Once in a world like ours....There lived a Dreamer... A Dreamer whom dreams of Knighthood, to show that he had loyalty, valor, and most of all; purpose. "But that Dreamer was a horse named Domino. He was the smallest horse in the land, too small to even reach the apples on the shortest of trees, let alone become a Knight. "So the Dreamer...remained a Dreamer. But one Moonlit night, an old and wicked entity awoke on the Moon. Slowly, it plunged the Lunar Kingdom into darkness. The Lunar Princess sent her best to combat the Evil, but all was lost... "The Moon became cursed, and things turned for the worst; the Stars in the heavens, all fell to Earth. If nothing was done soon, the Sun would also fall, dooming all into eternal darkness... "But before the Princess fell, she sent her Spirit Animal, a Lunar Moth named Crescent, down to Earth with her families heirloom; the Heroes Helm! With it, one whom is fated to wear it can control the power of the Stars... "...But heroes...can come in any shape or size..." Thanks for taking a read! This is my upcoming game that I've been working on since mid April this year. I made everything but the music all myself, so it's been a tough road. I'll try updating this Topic every once in the blue, so keep an eye out if you're interested in this game! Need all the supporters I can get! Q: What is this game about? Glad ya asked. It's a Platformer based off the Kirby and Yoshi's Island games. It's simple and easy with a colorful sort of art style, which is similar to that of crayons as you'll note. Though the main 'gimmick' behind this game is STAR POWER. When you control Domino, you'll collect different types of Stars that you can use. There are 25 different Stars that have unique abilities that can help fight enemies, solve puzzles, or help you with platforming. The game works a little like the classic Castlevania's in that you'll find different Items on the go and have to make the best of the situation at hand. You'll also control Crescent and use her to aim at targets when you shoot Powers or the such. She also does a few other neat tricks, making her very useful! Q: How long or tough is the game? Currently, the game is not Greenlit on Steam Greenlight nor is it completed. Right now, I'm in need of a few Beta Testers before I try the Greenlight scene again and release this Demo. If we're talking about the Demo, the Demo has 3 Main Levels, a Shop, and a Boss you can unlock if you collect enough "Fallen Stars". The first level is straight-forward and teaches you the mechanics. The Second one is more exploration and doesn't hold your hand. The Third Level is the toughest and longest, but if you have good platforming skills you'll do okay. If we're talking about the Full Game when completed, there will be over 50 Main Levels + Bonus Levels, 6 Worlds, 256 total Stars to collect and LOTS of secret stuff. The game will take a good 12 hours not including 100% completion or Hard Mode. Q: What's the goal in the game? In the story, Domino is chosen by the Heroes Helm and becomes the new Hero to save the Moon. This was completely unexpected to Crescent, whom is royalty, and she sees it as a joke and isn't very kind to Domino through the beginning of the adventure. So they have a complex relationship. In order to get to the Moon from Earth, they need to use the Star Bridge. Problem is, all the Stars have fallen, so they now have to collect as many Stars as possible to rebuild it. Interesting note; The Worlds in the game are based on them Ascending towards the Moon. They get higher and higher into the Sky before finally reaching the Moon. Q: Interesting Features? This game has Costumes! LOTS of Costumes! This Demo only has nine at the moment, but there will more than likely be a hundred if this game releases! There's also Hard Mode and a few other secret things I'm working on. Q: Images? Videos? Some of this stuff is a little old, but the game has remained relatively the same: Video of gameplay: Here's my Twitter if you want updates on occasion: And here's the latest Demo! It's in a Zip Folder, containing the game and a document which lists some info on where to send feedback(Or you can post feedback here! I'll listen!) It's 49 Megabytes: The game has Controller Support, but I personally like using the Keyboard+Mouse the best. Try both! And you can change the controls however ya like! Thanks & Support "Quad Knight"!
  14. By the way notice these are all 2D Mario titles, just in case you didn't read the topic name carefully. (I bet this will end up becoming Super Mario Bros. 3 versus Super Mario World...) Honestly, my favorite is Super Mario Bros. 2. I liked the... Crop harvesting? Mechanic. I also liked the four choices for characters. Really, this game was fantastic in every sort of the word and deserves more attention.
  15. EDIT ...Maybe I should've made this a blog entry... X( EDIT2 Thank you for your time to look and reply, apparently I was being kinda immature posting this, because I might get mad easily at times. All of you have great valid points, and kinda help me see what's right and what's wrong about my statement! I am not that great with arguments and conversations, so this kinda helps me think a bit. Thank you! ORIGINAL I kinda had an argument with my big bro. He called my Wii U "garbage". I try to say it is still good. He asks me to name three games. I say, "Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo Land, and New Super Mario Bros. U". He exclaims that those are platformers, and then states that platformers are boring. I like all these things. He also thinks Nintendo will die out in 10 years. I think they will live on forever. What would you say? Am I wrong for liking what became popular in the past that is still going on today? Or should I just keep playing the same repetitive FPS games? I still like all other game consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3 (I own both, plus the Wii U), but I will still defend Nintendo.
  16. I say, we need a pony games subforum! Anyway, hello there, guys! I'm Night Breeze from Silly Mare Games, creator of a few previous games like Stroll, My Little Rhythm and Harmony PCG, and I'm glad to share with y'all a new project I've been working in for some time now: SMG's Nightfall. Nightfall is a 2D platforming game, but it's not the usual idea of a platformer. You can think about it as a mix of Terraria or Minecraft and a tower defense game, if you may, but it's still not quite like that either. I'll give you a quick description (and I excuse myself beforehand, as english isn't my main language). In this game, the main objective so far is to survive. You play as any of the mane six in a huge randomly generated world, and along the day you may explore, collect items and build yourself a fortress with many different type of blocks, being dirt, stone, different kinds of turrets, trees, and the like. After 5 real-life minutes, the night comes, and the peaceful ambience of the game goes away. A swarm of enemies will try to get you, destroying everything along the way. You'll have to survive until the sun rises again, by killing the enemies, strategically building your fortress and using the different blocks, collecting money to upgrade your stats, and more. Each night that comes, the enemies will be harder and more frequent, featuring even bosses along the way, and you'll have to strategically develop your character and building stats along it to survive. Anyway, that's mainly it! The game is still under development, everything is subject to change, and I'd love to know what you think. Here are a couple teaser videos I've uploaded about the project for you to check out (they look really little in here for some reason!): And an updated post I wrote a few minutes ago if you'd like to read further: Thanks a lot for your time, and I hope you have a great day!
  17. -PLEASE NOTE: THIS ENGINE IS COMPILED IN AN EXE. AND THUS, THIS MAY SET OFF YOUR ANTIVIRUS, BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU, THIS DOES NOT HAVE A VIRUS- Hay Guise! VioletLinked here again bringing you a build of an engine I'm working on for a game I'm thinking about making. The game currently has no name (yet). The character's new name is Flik! VERSION 12 IS OUT! GET IT AT THE BOTTOM! You now press and HOLD X to grapple! On release of X, your grapple is reset. This feature will be present in this update! Game is being built right now! I have tons of ideas including... A Death Animation (DONE!) Water you can swim in (Wondering about this... There are no NES games that used a swimming mechanic (In the way that I want to). Don't tell me 'Oh, Super Mario bros, the water levels' because all Nintendo did was allow infinite jumping and lower gravity.) Collectible coins for shops to buy stat ups! Keys and Locked doors (DONE!) Ungrapple-able Block (DONE! Will be added next update) Crumble Blocks! (DONE! Will be added next update) Updated / Fixed Springs (DONE! Will be added next update) Breakable Glass (DONE!) Spikes! (DONE! 4 ways!) Turrets that shoot missles like super meat boy (8 directional shooters) (maybe 4?) Moving traps Springs (DONE!) Sparks and Fire effects? Amazing new music made by KKSlider60! see attached! The engine is a 2d, one player, platforming, grapple engine. Controls: Left and Right Arrows: Move Z: Jump X: Grapple C: Reset Grapple (CUT OUT, UNNEEDED!) R: Reset Player Num pad 1: previous room Num pad 2: next room I'd very much appreciate it if you would try out my engine that I built. I really would like some feed back. I'm trying to make an NES style game, but make the mechanics a little better than normal. (Hopefully you get what I mean. I'm wanting to use NES pallets, 8-bit music, but some mechanics from today. Get it?) How to play it: Face the way you want to grapple, then press (and hold) X. Now, use your grapple cam (Upper left) to see when your grapple will hit a wall. Walk back, then when your grapple hits a wall, run with it to scale large gaps and make it over challenges. Release X to reset the grapple if you set stuck. You can get it here: VERSION 12! http://www.mediafire...1dqvo7ppuab46ma Amazing new music made by KKSlider60! see attached! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTACHED: pixel_remix_v2.mp3 playing with fire_FINAL.mp3
  18. Hello and welcome to what might become a 2D Platformer game set in a world that is a mix between mainly MLP FiM and WH40K .... although some other influences may show up too, if i manage to get far enough with the game I sadly have a history of procrastinating and not finishing projects i start ... so i share my results, when i have something to show, here. Here is a first glimpse: I welcome comments ... and might perhaps even manage a few requests on what to put into it. EDIT: Demo of the first, very short, mission is done. The download is here: http://www.mediafire.../?18giju82xi5j3 EDIT: 12 - 15/3 Demo improved, the enemies now cause damage, but they still stand still .... and the unwanted backslide is still not fixed. EDIT: 12 - 5/5 My first Youtube - upload: EDIT: Demo is now updated.