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Found 39 results

  1. I ADORE a good lets play! I recently discovered a very funny, and really entertaining one names phycadellicsnake I was just wondering if anypony else watches let's plays, and if so, what are their names and what have they played?
  2. Does anyone here have any games that they replay every year or so? These are mine: -LA Noire -Red Dead Redemption -Metal Gear Solid 1-4 -Super Mario Bros. 3 -Sonic 1-3&K -Mafia II -SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom -Ed, Edd N Eddy: The Mis-Edventures -Uncharted 1-3 -The Batman Arkham series -Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) -Donkey Kong Country 1-3
  3. If you can play the piano (or want to learn how), "raise your hand".
  4. Hamilton is a musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda about Alexander Hamilton (a.k.a the greatest person that ever lived, dammit!) I'm creating this topic so others who have an obsession with it can discuss it/just gush about it if you'd like. Have fun! (If you haven't listened to Hamilton, first of all, what the heck have you been doing? Second, a full playlist is available on SoundCloud and YouTube, it's pretty easy to find) I haven't seen the show but I've listened to it all, and it's damn amazing.
  5. Hello everybody. A quick thought ran through my mind...if we as bronies/pegasisters enjoy buying and collecting MLP toys, how do we use them? So, this is more of an ask topic (Don't be embarrassed by the questions I'm still keen to know more about the merch sector because I'm still a bit of a closet brony) How do you use your MLP toys? Do you play with them like a little girl would, with voice impersonations, toy castles on the floor/table, and everything? Do you just let them sit on your shelves and gaze at them every day, feeling proud to own them but never played with them? Do you sleep and/or play with your MLP plushies? Do you talk to your toys or plushies to make yourself feel better in "down" times (like after a bad day at work)? Do you take a MLP plushie/toy with you when you go outside? If so, any public reactions? Do you ever feel emotionally attached to your toys/plushies (meaning, getting that same loving bond feeling you would get from having a human friend or a pet) Share your thoughts! I look forward to hearing from you all.
  6. I hope that day I can finish some drawings that I was not finished, but hopefully also some new friends. And i ask : What do you plan for this day? ^^
  7. Hi =)=)=)=)=)=) do you play with your pony toys =)=)=)=)=)=)=)? or pony merchandise =)=)=)=)=)=)=) If you play what kind of play you do =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=) I play that Rarity was with the ponies =)=)=)=)=) then she found these jewels =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=) but the big dragon was there =)=)=)=) protecting the jewels =)=)? Then the mane 6 ponies fight the evil dragon and get the jewel so Rarity can make the beautiful dresses for all ponies =)=)=)=) YAY
  8. I am really looking forward to it, I just dont know what it is yet. I never get to go there either. I want to see a hockey game too!
  9. One of the toughest songs to play without looking at a tab sheet. For a beginner, it is a bit intimidating due to being fast pace. But, with much practice and fun, I learned it and now it is one of a few songs that I can play without looking at a tab sheet. It's fun!!! Except I'm still trying to get my fingers to work at the very end of the song, gotta do it fast and gotta know which tabs to play next.
  10. 2 Pokemon alike new games - indie - browser based - totally free to play - multiplayer Ok first one is called as Monster MMORPG it has more than 1900 monsters : yes you heard it right - 1900 monsters to play capture battle etc the game url is : check out its credits to see huge list also if you have concerns about validity of these games here 2 links for you - 207k Likes facebook verified game application in order to register monstermmorpg game : And the second game is called as Pokemon Pets this game is totally based on official pokemon shinies etc Pokemonpets uses awesome fan made pokemon artworks the game has all pokemon including gen 6 only few forms are missing the pokemon pets game does not even have donation feature so it is 100% free and equal for every player in order to register PokemonPets game : anyway check out both games and see yourself whether you like them or not
  11. I was thinking of my pink-haired character's folk plays when I thought of this. Seeing that most people don't like high school dramas (and their clichés), why not turn "Equestria Girls" into a Japanese Kabuki setting? Here are some questions: * What events will happen, based on usual Kabuki plays? Swordfights and pitch-ridden monologues, after Twily crosses the gate to the Human-Land? * What will the characters be? E.g. Twily might be a warrior, Sunset her rival, and Celestia can be am empress/noblewoman.
  12. Would anypony be interested in plying a game of mlp ccg with me over skype? Well if anypony does you can add me my skype is eric.moorer
  13. im up for any free to play game if i own it i also have these games i would play at the moment if you want supreme commander 2 supreme commander: forged alliance warhammer dark crusade warhammer 2 retribution rust planetary annihilation dragons prophet garry's mod chivalry: medieval warfare league of legends anyy of those game if you own i will play right now if you want
  14. There once was an actress, born with lovely, natural pink hair, who was (un)fortunate enough to be chosen to play as Pinkie Pie/"The Rebel Queen" * (a. k. a. "Rebbie" or "Pauline") in a school play. Here's the myth behind this mindlessly dumb spectacle: "An alien girl gets selected by the gods to kill the god-like Painis Cupcake. Armed with only a divine sword, a bow-and-quiver-full-of-arrows, and a pink pony to ride on into battle, she must kill Lord Painis. Without the sword, she and her pony will definitely become Lord Painis-chow, his next kills and meals. The ending varies: you choose your own: 1. Lord Painis Cupcake still manages to kill and eat the girl and the pony. He proceeds to destroy the world, and become king of his new, monstrous pantheon. 2. Rebbie, with the help of the divine, kills Lord Painis, only because the gods aided her, and destroy his body in such that he will never reassemble. She and her pony were forced by the gods to join them. They vehemently reject, but they are now weeping in the heavens as stars." This same actress ("Minnie" or "Minerva") hates this play, and especially her own character. Yet, this play is considered a patriotic play in her country (Nation Y), as it is facing a war against the most powerful dictatorship in her world. "Rebbie" and her pony are even considered national symbols there, despite some opposition, because "Rebbie's Story" is a satrical inversion of the enemy's propaganda, in which Painis (Nation X) is a supreme god who slays the demon Pinkamena (Nation Y, and all other enemies, in general.). So, you encounter Minerva in a park, on a sunny day, pouting and cursing secretly against her character and society. She also hates it that her pink-haired family is seen as "human P*nkies/Bubble Berries" with a high chance of being psychopaths. Here are some questions: 1. What ending would you choose for this retarded play? 2. What advice would you give to her? * Hint: "Rebbie" looks like a rip-off of the EqG Pinkie wearing a blue Mongolian dress.
  15. There is this indie game that is currently free to play and features the ability to create your own vehicles and fight each other, the game fea- ahh, fuck it, i can't make any thing seem goo- in fact, just look at your game yourself People these days...Geez
  16. Hello people! I was really thinking about games I'd really like to play but which I don't have consoles to play it So I wanted to have a Vita and 3DS and the games I want to play is Pokemon X Bravely Default Gravity Rush LittleBigPlanet Vita So tell me. What games you want but in the consoles you don't have?
  17. I know most people just collect their pony toys, but do you ever get them out and play with them, even a little bit? And by playing with them I mean: - Talking to them - Making up random adventures - Bringing them to public places - Doing everyday things with them - Etc I'll be interested to hear your answers. I don't actually have any merchandise, so I'm quite interested.
  18. Okay so I was surfing the web and found this article. That is just ridiculous. They are pretty much limiting the fun kids could have at recess. That's not the only thing, I have heard from multiple sources telling stories about about how kids aren't allowed to run on the playground, schools not allowing coloring, or shortening recess. That is just stupid. I mean yeah they do it to raise test scores but kids still need that time to have fun and have a childhood. Also these types of people wonder why obesity is a problem. Well this is probably one of the reasons why. They also do this to make sure the kids are safe. I can see where they are coming from but unless it's a serious injury, then the kid would probably just cry or shake it off. Sorry for the rant, but what do you think of stuff like this?
  19. in this topic i want to talk about the community of fps type games and how it affects gaming. for the most part i will be using call of duty finest hour, call of duty modern warfare 2 The community of first person shooters has changed in the past few years due to the release of the ps3 and xbox 360 this introduced online play on consoles something "children" had. call of duty was mostly known for being on pc but now children started getting their hands on these call of duty games. here is an image representation on what the community used to be and what it is now call of duty finest hour call of duty modern warfare 2 and onwards i will admit to being one of those kids back in the days of cod 4 but i atleast had the mental maturity to play the game and not threaten people for playing well. call of duty is still an amazing game franchise and always will be and i cant wait till i can afford ghosts but the community has turned into mature adults but 8-12 year olds and that ruins the game and it really ruins how people see the game because people don't judge games by the game now they judge a game by its community. it also runs into other games the other day i went to play Gotham city impostors and there was a kid yelling down the microphone at how i was hacking for playing too well and its just ruining the fps community all together. i wanna see you guys giving your opinion on this
  20. So I just discovered tat there is a nerf gnu society at my university where you can have capture the flag ect with nerf guns ! Does anyone else own a gun or modified one? I'm going to buy a new one and hopefully put some decals on it so any ideas on which gun would be great !
  21. Here's some vectors I've done over the past month, of my OC, Play. Also, before anyone mentions "the lines aren't consistent in width", yes, I noticed. And I actually quite like it the way it is. lol And lastly, the third image's cutie mark is missing because I'm going to do that later in Photoshop. (All of these were created in Inkscape). Oops, almost forgot. If you notice that the eye colours has changed, it's because I'm constantly changing them looking for the perfect gradient.
  22. Equestria: Hidden History episode 03 Casting Call! [NO NEW CHARACTERS INTRODUCED IN EPISODE 03] Join us as we continue this epic journey into a forgotten history of our beloved Equestria! ------------------------------------- After hammering-away at the script to get the best, most powerful telling of the arc that spans the next three episodes of EQUESTRIA: HIDDEN HISTORY, I'm afraid that I've got to announce that there will not be any new characters introduced in episode 03. Thank you, everypony for your interest in the show! It means so much to us that you wish to be a part of this wonderful, epic journey! Keep your eyes peeled for casting for episode 04 in early December! Thank you again! -Amadhia "Dreamsong" writer/director/producer - Equestria: Hidden History (#EqHH) ------------------------------------- Air-date for episode 03 currently slated for Saturday, December 14th. ------------------------------------- Episode one: "A Thousand Years Ago" Episode two: "Alliances" Watch all the episodes at:
  23. In the past, I had started doing some LPs of some games, but I didn't really finish most of these because I didn't know if anybody would actually watch them. Would anybody be interested in my LP/commentary of games? I might also branch off and do some reviews as well if that's something you would be interested in. Tell me in the comments below, you can also recommend some games for me if I do end up doing this (Although I already have a few in mind that I know I'll be doing if I end up going through with this)
  24. I just don't really get it. Obviously, some people record their reactions for people to watch while others just play it 'to play it' if you know what I mean. I just can't see why people do it often. Now, I have played a couple of indie horror games and they scared the pants off of me. I suppose this topic could also be called 'Do people enjoy being scared?' but I'm trying to talk about gaming. So, do you play scary games? Do you enjoy them? If so, why?
  25. Anyone want to play Zombies? I will probably been on, so send me a friend request and we can start a game. PSN: HeLlZrEtRiVeR