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Found 10 results

  1. Most of us are probably playing the waiting game right now, whether it's for feedback on your art or fanfiction, your food order to be filled, or bedtime. What are YOU waiting for? Me? I'm waiting for the iPad Mini I ordered from Best Buy to get here. I'm pretty sure it will come either today or tomorrow. I spent all day yesterday waiting before I remembered that UPS doesn't ship on Presidents' Day. XD
  2. There shouldn't be a thread like this already. I checked on Google. This is pretty much a spin off of my previous post but with games. It pretty much says it in the title. What over hyped games do you never plan on/never had an interest in playing? (if Undertale is one of 'em, that's fine. We all have our favorites. ) For me, it's whatever future games by "That Pachinko Company" will dish out after Kojima's departure.
  3. I dont know if playing with ponies fits in other forum sections but there is a section for roleplay , i would suggest a section where you can set up a play and ponies join in this play then we play together with our ponies and pony toys i think it would be a good idea i dont know this kind of activity has a place in the forums already though
  4. Screw the lyre amirite guys? The piano's way easier. So here's my latest wallpaper, I hope you guys like it. Time taken to make is an estimate of 30 minutes~ Resolution is 1920 x 1080 Vector of Lyra by ArtPwny Download it here. (The download button is to the right of the page).
  5. Pretty much what the title says. Would you want MLP: FiM to keep turning out new episodes forever, or not? I understand that (usually) when a show plays for too long, the quality tends to take a long, hard dive. However, on the other hand, I've only been a brony for about a month now, and I already can't envision my life without ponies! Its such a good show, and I'd be sad to see it go. I'm really torn on this, so I want to know what you think below too!
  6. Let us take the time to share our favorite moments of actors playing against type. It could be comedic actors playing dramatic roles, or the other way around. It could also be live action, animated, TV, film, or whatever. As of late, my favorite would have to be Liam Neeson as Bad Cop and Good Cop in "The Lego Movie". The idea of him playing what is essentially the cop equivalent of Fluttershy is hilarious on its own, but it's also a riot to see him act so dead-serious as a Lego minifig. And that poor chair...
  7. From your experiences, what is the hardest sport you've ever had to suit up for and play? I've made a poll of all the well-known sports here so give it a go. Anyways... For me, football is the hardest and most mentally-demanding sport I've ever had to play. I've played all the sports here -- hockey, some golfing, basketball, baseball, even some cricket... and all are tough, believe me. They're all fun to pick up and give it a go and they're enjoyable with friends. Now obviously, you can pick up a football and throw it around. That's not the entire game. You know how people say football players are [insert slang word used to describe female genitalia] because they wear pads?.. That couldn't be more irrelevant. It is true that all you do is just find the guy with the ball and hit them. Except they could be 225 pound running backs with shifty moves coming right at you. How do you stop that? The worst part about it is that that's not even one tenth of the whole game. There's so much mental preparation needed when you suit up for a football game. From understanding hundreds of your own plays to knowing all of the plays the other team might run. It's so demanding that there's two separate squads for offense and defense, respectively -- not like basketball where you're graded on both of them at the same time. When the ball is about to be snapped, you have to stay perfectly still. Any movement prior to that will screw you and your team over. And that little lapse in time will throw you off rhythm which is NOT something that you want. And all those hits you keep dishing out/receiving isn't just a one-time thing... that goes on for dozens of times. You keep getting hit and hit until you get sore. Sometimes... you get hit really hard which knocks you out (concussions) or gives you a major injury like an ACL tear. Knowing what the other team might do is a huge component in football. The game is more about field position than anything, and one mistake could cause you to lose your man and thus letting him score. But it's easy, right? All you do is find him and stick to him... except you're not really allowed to touch them until after they catch the ball. And how about those big offensive linemen? As a defender, can you get by their massive 6'4, 300+ pound frames, skillfully crafting your own moves to get past their awesome footwork? How about timing yourself just right so that you can knock the quarterback's pass down, at the same time disallowing your wide receiver to make that catch? And how about trying to take down that speedy and shifty receiver as he's running at full speed? How about it? How about being able to diagnose the defense and being able to execute all of your scoring plays? Getting past the defense to get even a few yards? Or pushing that defensive line back to get some tough running yards? How about when you're sacked or brought down behind the line of scrimmage, you shrug it off and continue to have faith in your ability to get something out of it? Taking all those hits and being pounded and being able to move on? Knowing that one play -- just one play -- can turn the fortunes of an entire team around? And how about doing all of this for not sixty minutes (the game-clock, don't be fooled)... but for three whole hours? Can you do that? Are you up for it? Oh... how about being able to run down the entire length of the football field for one play where the design is to "go long" and catch the ball? Can you defend that, or if you're the on supposed to catch the ball, can you make it? If you drop it, you'll have to do it AGAIN. Try doing this exact thing at least five times. You'll run out of energy quickly. Not even 2 minutes into the game and you're already tuckered out. That's how freaking brutal the game is. What's even worse is that if you go to any professional player and ask them about it, they'll speak a lot more on how tough it is than I can. So to say it's hard is an understatement. So let's hear it from you -- if you can manage to top this, I'll applaud you.
  8. Ok, I know a lot of people on these forums play an instrument (I say this because people have their own style on instruments other then the guitar), so I just want to know what are your guys' style. Mine is a combination of Country and Metal and some funk and jazz and a little thrash metal... With fast chord changes and a lot of really fast strumming... So basically say your playing style.
  9. Ever Since I Got Team Fortress 2, I Been Really Busy, By Playing... And The Cause Of That Made My Hobby Into A Rare Activity, Well To Be Honest I Haven't Thought Of Anything Good To Draw, The Last Thing I've Drawn Is A Crossover With MLP And TF2 Like This... (Honestly I Just Want To Post Something)
  10. So I just had the idea (I'm not sure if it exists so please forgive me if it does) but we could create a facebook page called Equestria or something and we could create knew facebook accounts with canon pony's names and post situations and we could respond in the tone as the pony you rp as Idk just an idea again if this idea is out there already please excuse this Edit: I was thinking something like this