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Found 6 results

  1. i have set up a league in the nhl bracket challenge if any one wants to enter it
  2. So this is a thread concerning the 2014-15 NHL Playoffs. Here you can discuss about them as the Playoffs take it's course during the following weeks. This thread will be updated whenever there's a new matchup I know there is gonna happen. and remember: go habs go!! But seriously, remember that the forums rules still applies here, so respect everyone's team. So whitout further ado, have some nice NHL Playoffs! BRACKET (updated for Round 2):
  3. I've probably said this before but I'll say it again: I'm not too big on sports. I don't completely ignore sports but the only sport I find interesting to watch is hockey and maybe basketball. I'll tune into the Super Bowl, but that's it and it's mainly for commercials. The others I don't give a crap about. However, if there's one thing I know about sports it's one thing: Chicago is not known for its sports teams. I'm not saying Chicago sports teams are bad, but there's just not a lot of them that are really good. I mean, I'll just say that our best team is our hockey team, the Blackhawks. They usually make it to playoffs every year, and can either get very far or win. They won twice in recent years, and have gotten close in the others. Now since I talked about the best Chicago team, I might as well talk about the others in order of how I'd rank them. Next, we've got the Bulls. They are the Basketball team who at one point in life were really good. More specifically, when they had Micheal Jordan. I mean, he was such a big icon at the time that he even got his own movie with the Looney Tunes. But after he retired, they went downhill. They basically turned into an average at best team who can make playoffs but not get as far. Then, there's the White Sox, one of the two baseball teams. They haven't really done too much impressive in recent besides one World Series win 10 years ago. They're basically a middle of the road team who can play, but don't expect anything impressive out of them. But hey, at least they're better than Chicago's other baseball team. The football team, the Bears is next. Uh, they exist. Their last Super Bowl win was 1985, and they only qualified for it once in 2006 and they lost. I remember people at school the next day being very disappointed at that game. I go to school with Bears fans and trust me, they act kind of bitter when the Packers are mentioned since they tend to do better than them. Finally, the bottom of the barrel: The Cubs. Most baseball fans know them for being infamous for not winning a World Series in literally over 100 years. People make jokes about all the big events that have happened sine the Cubs last won. There are constant memes about how much they suck. Heck, I recently joked that Charlie Brown's baseball team could beat them. If there is one good thing I can say about them, it's that I heard they're actually doing decent this season. If they somehow win this year, then I can already see the Back to the Future jokes being made on how that movie predicted it correctly. So, theses are Chicago sports teams in a nutshell. You might wonder one thing. "If you say you don't care about sports, how do you have all this knowledge on these teams?" Well, when you have to go to school around sports fans, and live with sports fans, it's kind of hard not to know this stuff. And this blog will be ironic if any of the teams I mention with this year.
  4. So I don't know how many of you follow the NBA around here, but what better time than the playoffs to find out? The first round parings are: 1. Golden State Warriors vs. 8. New Orleans Pelicans (Golden State leads 1-0) 1. Atlanta Hawks vs. 8. Brooklyn Nets 2. Houston Rockets vs. 7. Dallas Mavericks (Houston leads 1-0) 2. Cleveland Cavaliers vs. 7. Boston Celtics (Cleveland leads 1-0) 3. Los Angeles Clippers vs. 6. San Antonio Spurs 3. Chicago Bulls vs. 6. Milwaukee Bucks (Chicago leads 1-0) 4. Portland Trail Blazers vs. 5. Memphis Grizzlies 4. Toronto Raptors vs. 5. Washington Wizards (Washington leads 1-0) So, let's discuss the games and try to predict who will win it all at the end of the year!
  5. The tournament has come to a conclusion -- Lyra Heartstrings is the most attractive pony of 2013! Thanks to everybody who participated by casting their votes as the tourney went on. Congrats to the Lyra fans who fought well and fought hard, and Fluttershy was a worthy adversary. Lyra Heartstrings is the Magic Bowl I champion! She wins it 108 to 83. Until next season, see you all then.
  6. Hey guys! Anyone else a big hockey fan? I am a huge Boston Bruins fan. I go to multiple games every season and I love the atmosphere of going to a game and unlike other sports hockey is exciting to watch. I'm really glad they were able to resolve the lockout situation (better late than never) and we should have NHL hockey for another 10 years. I know this is a bit late but the NHL playoffs are going into the Conference Finals. Who do you think is going to the Cup Finals? Who do you think is going to win Lord Stanley's Cup? Anyone disappointed in there team's performance this year? Do you have high hopes for next year? I think the Bruins will beat the Penguins in 6 games (complete homer pick). And the Blackhawks should beat the Kings in 6 games as well. The Blackhawks should win the cup in 6 or 7 games regardless of who they play. I think that there offense is too potent to not carry them to a Cup victory. Any other Hockey comments in general are always welcome as I'm always willing to talk hockey.