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Found 48 results

  1. I recently hooked back up my ps1 and popped in Spyro the Dragon, I forgot how much I loved it! What games do you miss playing, or what was your favorite?
  2. In honor of the 25th anniversary, let’s see what everyone’s favorite PlayStation system is! Mine is the PS2!
  3. I'm just curious, how many of yall would rather explore the entire map than play the story By that I mean Discovering easter eggs References And other hidden goodies
  4. Hopefully this is the right section for it but Playstation Network has FINALLY added My Little Pony avatars! They are $1.99 each which is a bit steep but I for sure am gonna buy all of them. Twilight Sparkle!/en-us/games/avatars/twilight-sparkle/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000016 Applejack!/en-us/games/avatars/applejack/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000009 Fluttershy!/en-us/games/avatars/fluttershy/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000010 Muffins!/en-us/games/avatars/muffins/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000011 Pinkie Pie!/en-us/games/avatars/pinkie-pie/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000012 Rainbow Dash!/en-us/games/avatars/rainbow-dash/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000013 Rarity!/en-us/games/avatars/rarity/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000014 Spike!/en-us/games/avatars/spike/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000015 Now when you shrek some scrubs or go on jolly co-op adventures with your fellow ponyfriends and strangers alike, you can do it while showcasing your pony pride! I was so excited when I found out cause I wanted this for a loong time and thought i'd share with everypony.
  5. When this game came out in late 2012 on the PS3, peoples opinions where mixed, but most people said that it was a decent effort. So with the Remastered version being released now at the end of November for the PS4, i kinda though "Why not make a sequel with more characters that are actually known for their Playstation titles?" I mean i never played this game and will certainly pick up the remastered version, but the fact that characters like Big Daddy from Bioshock and Isaac Clarke from Dead Space are in this game, eventhough their games are multiplatform dosen't make sense for me. So i decided to pick my top 10 characters that should be in the next All-Stars game (if there will be one of course) I will only pick Playstation exclusive characters, or that are atleast synonymous with the Playstation brand. Heihachi for example is for me, because eventhough Tekken is Multiplatform now, Tekken got his Fame during the PS1 and PS2 days. So let's begin. Abe (Oddworld Series) Considering that he was one of the earliest Mascots for the Playstation brand, i was shocked that Abe was not considered a playable character in this game. He could slap others in Exodus and he could use a chanting ability, that could maybe be used in this game, like Kirbys copy ability in smash bros. Since Oddworld has made a comeback recently, it would be a good promotion too to include him. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) Considering that our hero Cloud is having fun with the smash bros crew, i thought Sephiroth would be great for this game. He is one of the most iconic bad guys in video games and Final Fantasy VII was pretty much the reason for alot of people to get a PS1 and pushing JRPGs into the mainstream. He could maybe be a bit OP, considering his sword has such a long range, but maybe there is a way to nerf that. Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot series) This is probably the most obvious choice for me in the whole list. While Abe was some sort of a mascot, Crash Bandicoot really was THE mascot for the Playstation brand from the Playstation 1 days and for some even till this day. Not to mention, Crash is able to tornado punch, has a bazooka, can belly splash, etc. So saying that he would be a bad fighter is not an excuse. With the remasters coming this summer, this would give Crash even more boost. Ellie (The last of Us) Since Nathan Drake is already in the game, and Crash Bandicoot is also a request from me, why not finish the triangle of Naughty Dog games? I think Ellie would be the best choice from the last of us, which for some people is one of the best games ever made. She has a knife, molotovs, nail bombs and all those other handy gadgets. She is also immune to spores, so maybe her special could be something like a spore bomb that drains the opponents life away. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Series) Another obvious choice. Lara Croft made it cool to play video games back on the early days of the PS1. She was the first known women in video games who had sexappeal, could kick butt and was incredibly charismatic. Lara could control very agile and of course she has guns and alot of melee attacks. She deserves to be in the sequel. The Prince (Katamari Series) Okay, i must admit. This is not a 100% serious suggestion. But still, Katamari is still a great series and i love the PS2 and PSP titles, which are addictive as hell. I think he could be a joke character, where he uses his Katamari and roles characters up. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2) Considering we're talking about an iconic character from one of the most Iconic Survival horror games ever, needs to get him on the next game. I think Pyramid Head could be like a slow character, but at the same time very powerful and creepy. I think they could also distort the screen like in Silent Hill to confuse the opponent. Sora (Kingdom Hearts series) Kingdom Hearts proved to be Squares biggest franchises on the PS2 (Behind Final Fantasy of course) So Sora has to be in it, since alot of Kingdom Hearts would probably buy the game. He would probably be a generic sword fighter with the keyblade, but maybe you can also use Soras summoning skills to summon some disney characters like Dschinni or SImba, it would be cool. Spyro (Spyro the Dragon Series) While not as obvious as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro was also a famous Platformer on the PS1 and certainly still has a large following of fans (hey @Dark Horse ) With a four legged creature breathing fire, it's a bit hard to figure how he fights. I guess he would move faster thanks to his wings and he would probably have better health by shielding himself with them. I never played the games, but i know they mean alot to certain people. Wander (Shadow of the Colossus) Yeah, i know Wander is another generic Sword fighter, but we need Wander in here, because SotC is a PS2 classic. I mean, Wander killed a bunch of colossy with his sword so wander would be perfect. He could also bring his Horse and charge at his opponents and maybe even summon the colossy on the stage which would be total chaos. This is my list. Have more suggestions? Don't agree with mine? Comment below, let me know.
  6. Yep. Seems what most of us feared right from the moment Bethesda announced issues with bringing mods to PS4 has come to pass. Bethesda have recently released a statement saying that, as a result of Sony "Not approving user mods the way they should work", that mod support will no longer be coming to either Fallout 4 or Skyrim Remastered for the foreseeable future, at least until they can come to some kind of agreement. At this point though, that doesn't seem likely. If you ask me, Sony have really dropped the ball with this one. I know they're not particularly fond of users installing third party files to their system (just look at the great Linux debacle for the PS3), but could they seriously not find a way to make these simple things work if Microsoft could? Way to hand the momentum over to your competitors. Source link:
  7. So recently, I decided to give the Playstation Now a try through the 7 day free period. I had a great online provider(Cox), and I had a Logitech F310 controller. They both worked well and I was able to enjoy playing one game: Katamari Forever. Damn, that game is addictive. But I dunno if I want to put down the $20 a month for the service, mainly because I'll end up forgetting about it. What PS3 exclusive on the PSNow would you recommend that I try out?
  8. Before I start, no, this doesn't have to do with my XBOX. I just named it "XBOX FEET GRINDER" because "meat" rhymes with "feet". A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... I broke my feet. Well, not exactly "broke", but pretty close. So a while back, just about half a month, I had to get some ID Card things done so I could go traveling for the summer. Now, the office was a good half mile or so and even though the weather was scorching hot, I figured I'd be able to slip by without a problem. No, that wasn't the case. The real issue was that I was wearing flip-flops, and by experience, you can't run with flip-flops. That was out of the question. Being the gullible pony-loving kid I was, I took off my shoes and decided to run as fast as I possibly could on the burning hot pavement. The first few hundred meters were fine, slapping my feet against the hot concrete so I could get a good running speed while maintaining a decent temperature at the bottom of my heels. How's my running? It's fine, really, it is. At least, it was until a sharp pain burst from below. I toppled over, rolling down a hill at the same speed I ran. Finally returning home, I sought to see the damage done. Upon my feet were the largest blisters I'd ever encountered. Three pockets of air, about the size of a half-dollar, sat swimmingly upon both feet (six in total). I squinched, being locked outside my own door and suffering with fried feet while having to perform, what I called, surgery on the blisters that haunted me. I had no knives or scissors at my disposal, so I used my recently clipped nails to cut a hole in the skin, washing it down with a garden hose afterward. But the burning pain still wouldn't be comparable to when I applied the alcohol. Eesh. I got over it in a few weeks, which; by that time, I was in the states, hobbling around my vacation like some kind of zombie who got ripped out of Konami's Metal Gear Survive (What a fresh meme). Lesson of today is to not drink and drive while cutting holes in your heels. Seriously, don't do it. -RealityPublishing
  9. Put your Usernames and the Platforms or Games you play on here! PSN: DatSlyWolf Runescape: DatSlyWolf Steam: Rapid Miles
  10. I don't normally post video game articles on this forum. But I wanted to bring this up concerning Playstation Neo and X-Box Scorpio. Both systems are just minor upgrades to the PS4 and XBone. And yet, I feel as if they aren't even necessary. Source:,news-22823.html I'm basically all-but-done with Consoles. The only thing I have to look forward to is the Nintendo NX. But other than that, the idea of turning video game consoles into a Smartphone-like upgrade model may have been the last straw, and I dunno if I want to buy another gaming console after the NX, Nintendo or no Nintendo.
  11. Hey I just started a community on PlayStation for LGBT+ people who like Overwatch. I was wondering if anypony had a cool community that they would like to share.
  12. It seems PS Vita's future in my country is almost coming to an end. Most retailers didn't brought in new ones and even on the Dutch webstores they're almost gone. The only version they have is the first edition with a 400 euro price tag.
  13. Have any cool Black Ops 3 Paintshops or emblems? Post them here! ​Ask for critiquing, advice, etc.
  14. Some people at school won’t believe me that I got a playstation (that was 1995), why? cos of the price, impossible most afford to buy something like that. It maybe about five years before we able to get one. Since then Play many games, most games I played are football (Soccer), do play some action adventure games. Spyro the dragon series are like my life. My brother good at playing games more than me. Then there Playstation 2 thought we never going to get it but we did and many great games. Been faithful to Playstation ever since, even hardly play games, cos getting bad at it but will return to it and why not play it again. I did bought Xbox cos of Dead of Alive series and bought my brother Halo but then end up not playing any Xbox, Xbox 360 games, stay faithful with Playstation, get angry best Xbox games are Xbox only but best PS game end up on Xbox also, really b******. Of course got Playstation 3 & 4. My brother play both and also become big Halo person. Spyro the Dragon: He was my first and all-time favorite video game character, enjoy playing his games that played it again, Spyro 3: Year of the dragon was first Spyro game and buy perious 2 Spyro games. There was Enter the dragonfly and Hero’s Tail, which both these were terrible to me, Hero’s Tail are fun but dislike how different characters are. Then on PS 2 there Legend of Spyro, it alot different and even character change but I like it and Spyro voiced by Lord of the Ring star, Elijah Wood. Then Sudedenly Skylanders come out, played first but unable to complete and never play any Skylanders again and start hating Skylanders series but still like Spyro. Sparx the dragon was Spyro’s friend and sidekick, also like him. Year of the dragon and Legend of Spyro series are my favorite. Hope Spyro will return but not with Skylanders. FIFA: I like football games, adduited to it. Being Manchester United and England fan, I always play my team. Also Able create a player, so created Myslef. Like putting myself in games. Suddenly I try out PES and got addcuited to play a legend mode, since then keep getting PES game every year then stop playing & buying FIFA, even it been improving. Other games: Other games I mostly played are wrestling games, do play alot of WWE smackdown games then over years it was Raw vs Smackdown then just WWE. Even I’m no longer into wrestling, do sometime watching TNA wrestling still enjoyed WWE games. Other games I enjoy playing are Metal Solid Gear 2 & 3 and did pplay some Imfamous and do play some fighting games like Tekken, used to play alot of Tekken. Final Fantasy: Do play some Final Fantasy X-2 and Xlll series. Just into FF ladies, was a Rikku guy, now I’m a Obera Dia Vanille guy. And Still I’m. They used to b PS faithful but guess company want money so they also do games for Xbox (*******). Solid Snake and Cole McGath and Lara Croft: Enjoyed playing some Metal Gear Solid and most watch my brother play it, so MGS is a great game, so like the character, Solid Snake he’s great character. Also into Cole McGath, i like the character, did play bit of Imfamous games, maybe cos he’s like a superhero and I’m a Superheroes geek. When first Tomb Raider out, wasn’t interested and the Lara herself, then when I got Tomb Raider game for PS2, start liking Lara Croft and enjoying the game. Worst game ever: Worst game that p*** me off was Chase the Express, wanted to play some action game so, start playing Chase the Express. Then suddeney at the end, had a bad ending. The game about changing story and stuff. Play the game and try to something right but bad ending. Anytime I think about this game it anger me.
  15. As you might have noticed, there's a certain niche crowd out there for retro gaming. A lot of recent games have been made in a 32-bit style with chip tunes to call back to the older days of gaming, to the SNES and Genesis. These games have shown themselves to be... very well done, in a lot of cases. After all, they are utilizing tech that is well known and probably helped along by newer processors that can more than handle the payload. But I pose a question to you? Would you be interested in a game inspired by those made around the late 90s? To clarify, I'm talking about the games that came out for the original PlayStation and the Nintendo 64. Games with an excessively low polygon count, synthy music, and when 3D games were becoming a reality. Could this be an unexplored avenue developers could explore? Or is it too much of a downgrade with not enough reward or nostalgia to entice you to play it again?
  16. Hi I haven't posted for a long time here, but I was wondering if anyone had a PS4. Mainly. I mean, PS3 too but I have PS4 and could use a lot more Brony friends on Playstation. My name is AdmiralCrunch222. Send me a PM or post in this topic if you guys don't mind. Please include that you are from the forums if you send me a friend request on PSN ALL HAIL FRIENDSHIP!
  17. Game Website: Hello, everyone! In this thread, we'll discuss the popular loot-focused Action RPG, Diablo 3. I'd also encourage forming clans, or we could all form one gigantic clan! Currently, I'm leveling my crusader in Season 4, but I'm willing to start from scratch to play co-op with a beginner or someone starting over. All players are welcome, and I'm looking forward to chatting with you all about adventures and loot! Edit: I forgot to mention that I play the PC version.
  18. It's no secret that Persona 4 Golden is my all-time favorite RPG, however I haven't really explained why. I think that Persona 4 Golden's Social Links are a fantastic way to combine a strong sense of story and gameplay progression. Join me as I take a look at a large part what makes this game appeal to me. P4G starts off slow, it means to construct a framework for the story (such as introducing important characters, concepts, the setting, and the tone), however this also acts as an introduction to the idea of choice. No choices in the first section really impact any stats you have. The changes are purely cosmetic. This isn't the case at all later on, where everything you do or say requires a good amount of thought. P4G's intro lays the foundation for the admittedly complex game mechanics, before giving them the reigns. The first time you actually battle is when you get sucked into the TV by yourself. You feel powerless, but you can't fail here even if you tried. This battle serves the purpose of motivating the player. "I want to know what that is," they think. Back in the real world you go to class, and have a fairly standard day...Until a murder occurs involving a woman hanging from an antenna. Skipping forward a bit we go into the TV world where the biggest theme of the game becomes obvious, acceptance of one's self. There's an unfavorable side in all of us. If we ignore that, we aren't trying to better ourselves, we're running from reality. Since these unfavorable sides are directly tied to the games bosses (which are generally a character's unfavorable side manifested into a bizarre, creepy-looking, shadow creatures filled to the brim with obvious symbolism), you end up personally dealing with the situation alongside. You beat them, and generally a party member joins you due to that creature becoming a Persona when subdued, and accepted. Now, after all this we're finally getying to where Social Links come in. Social Links are events in which either a party member deals with the aftermath of their respective boss, or a side character's own personal story. Each of these characters represent different Arcana. Your character has the unique ability to wield multiple personas, and gets large experience boost when summoning one of which you have the Arcana for. You power these up by hanging out with characters outside of battle, usually helping them through their problems. If that character is a party member they also can learn moves via Social Link leveling. Confused yet? Well, let me explain with an in-game example: Rise is an idol you meet later in the story. She has an identity crisis, and is unable to tell whether her idol, or casual personas are the "real" her. She accepts this is an issue in her shadow's boss fight, and you can choose to hang out with her afterward. As you level up the Social Link Rise's journey of self-discovery progresses. The reasons for why she is who she is revealed, along with the answer she's been looking for the whole time. It's a satisfying experience in itself due to the great writing, yet on top of that gameplay perks are tossed at the player like crazy. Unique moves, abilities, and experience boosts constantly tie the narrative directly to the gameplay. It doesn't feel disconnected like most experiences are. You're there to support your friends, in battle or in life. Hell, quite a few funny scenes are interspersed throughout the story to give the player a break from the brutal difficulty, and meticulous planning necessary to advance. The characters carry these scenes in the best possible way. Anyway, I've rambled long enough. It's just that with Persona 5, as well my departure from the forums on its way I wanted to talk about this. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Leave a comment down below if you want any clarification on this subject, or just wanna leave feedback. I don't bite. Until next time!
  19. We need to help crysis 2 for the play station 3 get new life! We need to assemble a group of players that own both a PS3 and crysis 2! Post your gamer tag here if you have the game and I'll add you to a game! #CRYSIS2FOREVER
  20. Let's all face it video games are just games. They are entertainment and are meant to be fun. Lately I've been getting frustrated with platform wars and all. It shouldn't be a crime to play games on multiple different platforms. You can still play games on PC and also game on consoles and handhelds too. Because I think it's fun to have a lot of different platforms. Though I don't consider myself a huge gamer, I have multiple game platforms because there are certain games I like to play on them. I play Rollercoaster Tycoon, Pokémon TCG Online, and Humongous Entertainment games on PC. I play Kingdom Hearts and some platformers on PS2, I play Sega arcade games on Sega Systems, and I play on Nintendo Systems for Pokémon, Smash Bros, Mario, Animal Crossing and more. And I even plan to get a PS4 to play Kingdom Hearts. Rather than get a ton of games for just one platform, why not get a few for several platforms? Each platform I have offers unique exclusives that I want to play which is why I have a lot of them. So please post if you like to play games on multiple platforms like PC, consoles, or handhelds!
  21. Ever get the feeling that you want to change something but you can't, then say hello to psn, where you can't change your name if you've made a mistake or had that name for a long period of time, the only way you can change your name is by making a new account ¬_¬
  22. Me? I prefer Xbox 360 for my gaming. But that's probably because I don't have a computer yet. XD So what about you guys? What platform do you like to game on?
  23. In case if an one miss it, the PlayStation Experience is happening right now happened (on twitch).
  24. What are your thoughts on having to pay for PS plus? (I just recently found out LOL) If there's already an active thread about this, please link me to it.
  25. Who is your favourite PLAYSTATION character. Cast your votes.