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Found 41 results

  1. A thread where weird rumors go to be discussed and dissected. There was once a rumor that Into The Void by Nine Inch Nails was going to be in Zootopia. This would have been amazing considering how good the song is: BUT, the only evidence that has been seen was on imdb and Wikipedia, both being uncredible sources. I have no idea why this was, but as aforementioned, if I had heard this in the movie out of nowhere, I would have shit myself in the theater. Very uncomfortable. What weird things have you heard on the internet (or in real life) that are weird/fake/hilarious
  2. Since i started this Review Thing, i guess i just finish my Review of the early Dc Comics Video Games. Here is a quick overview of the first Games in order : Superman - Atari 2600 Superman 3 - Atari 800 ( unreleased ) Superman : The Game - Various Home Computer Formats Batman - Various Home Computer Formats Batman : The Caped Crusader - Various Home Computer Formats Superman - Nes Sunman - Nes ( originally planned as a Superman Game, but they couldnt get the license for the Character, so the game was changed, but never released regardless, planned release date was around 1992, so this Game is not in order in this List, but it was never released and its the last Superman game for Nes, so i just played it after the first one, before moving on to the Batman Games for Nes ) ( alright, my Blog is glitched again and i cant change Color anymore...FIX YOUR FORUMS!! Uhhhh...i mean....if you want to... ) Superman - Arcade Superman : The Man Of Steel - Various Home Computer Formats Batman : The Movie - Various Home Computer Formats So, my last Review was about Batman - The Caped Crusader, so lets move on to Superman for the Nes. Okay, i finally got out of the Glitch... So, Superman on the Nes is a Chibi Style Superman Game, in which a lot of the Characters are potrayed in cute Chibi Forms. ( probably because this is a Japanese Game....okay sorry, that was kinda racist... ) Its a cute Game sure, but confusing. At the Start you can go to pretty much all the Levels at once, even though you arent supposed to, since you have to do some Missions in order. So, i was running around, dying, because i couldnt figure out what to do. You can talk to People though, so thats nice. But in the End, i just died a lot, because sometimes you have to talk to certain People, or else some Events dont take Place. So, i was running around aimlessly and died. Also this game has a lot of backtracking. And a lot of Super Powers you can use, by collecting Items to get Energy for the Super Powers. There are even Zombies in the Game and apparently this game is based on the Christopher Reeves Movies, since the Japanese Version, has the Theme Song of the Movies. It was an interesting Game but in the end, i just watched a Playtrough. Also this Game was not released in the Pal Region, so without the Internet, i wouldnt even be able to play it. And i cant play really well with a Keyboard. So, next one, Sunman ! It looks like a fun beat um up, with superior Graphics to the first Nes Game, it seems to have better Controls, better Character Designs and cooler looking Enemys. I wish i could have played it...but it was never released. And as i said earlier, i cant play with Keyboard Controls. Superman for the Arcade is great ! Even better Graphics, another fun beat em up, with a lot of Action ! But again, only released on Arcades and on the Internet....and only Keyboard Controls. I mean, i could buy me a Pc Controller...but i wont. ( yeah, i know, i dont make any sense ) Superman - The Man of Steel...well, first off, its great that this Game has real Cut Scenes which look like Comic Books and also good Graphics. The Levels have a lot of Variety and i liked what i saw. And last, Batman - The Movie. Good Graphics, better Gameplay than the first two Batman Games and i actually know, what i had to do. ( not like in Batman - The Caped Crusader, where the Puzzles are a little cryptic. ) So, thats it. Now comes the Nes Generation of Dc Comics Games. I think we are done, with the Home Computer Ones. YAY ! If i forgot a Game, please tell me. I hope you enjoyed this useless Review. By-bye!
  3. I'm basically on a uploading streak today... Morning: 1 vid Afternoon: 1 vid (updated intro.) Evening: 1 vid So I got 2 speedpaints on my channel now, can you awesome ponies/ people please give me some advise? I think I'm lacking something, but I dunno what... Charizard Y: Eevee: Guys please help! >.<
  4. I have recently ended the development of PonyDows as it was not getting enough attention and I couldn't make it as good as it could be,so I need somepony to take over development for me and bring it up as good as it should be, do whatever you want with it, build it back up from the ground or base it of a previous release, no special requirements you just need to know what your doing Here's a link to a helpful playlist:
  5. I want to create a portal to Equestria but i don't know how to, anypony got any ideas? Any kind of portal will do as long as it gets me to equestria (the show version of Equestria) if it is like a portal that would make me go to Rainbow Factory alternate universe or Cupcakes i would be mad because if it is Rainbow Factory i may die from failing. Or in Cupcakes universe i would get murdered by Pinkie Pie, my favorite pony.
  6. Can somepony help me with art of my OC Shutterbug? Either by doing some art of her or telling me about some one who does requests. Thanks Some pictures of her (I didn't draw the last one):
  7. I've noticed a lot of posts about anti-bronies on this forum and I find they are all about the same thing (why are anti-bronies so stupid etc) and get the same replies. This is exactly what they want us to do. I suggest we just accept them and ignore them. For me they are just like school bullies: I don't find them insulting and offensive at all. They are human too, guys. I hope you see anti-bronies like this too. This way we can keep our reputation up and love and tolerate for real Edit: I'm kinda contradicting myself here but I can't make my point any other way
  8. I need serious help here. So, I make fanfics, but they just aren't grasping the audiences attention. If anybody is willing to help me go to this link... Please help, because I know that somebody out there has a caring heart. Thank you
  9. A long time ago when I was just a little filly, I took a trip to my auntie and uncle’s place in Manehattan to try and find out who I was. And I did, or at least I thought I did. Few weeks past I got in touch with another side o’ me and I don’t know if I’ve ever been happier. The gals seem to have mixed opinions about the deal, sadly. Rarity looked mighty upset and kept mutterin’ things like “Where did it all go wrong? “, RD just chortled about it, and Pinkie Pie wouldn’t stop followin’ me and prodding my mane and tail. I’m still not sure why a silly manecut and my new lease on life are such a big deal to everypony, but I figured it’d be best for y’all to spit out any questions you have now so we can just move on with our lives.
  10. Hi there everypony (and faithful fanfic readers). I apologize for the delay in updating my fanfic, but I'm either cursed with writer's block, or I'm suddenly stuck for ideas. Seeing as I'm basing this thread on the latter, I came here to ask for ideas. What I need is a name for the sixth and next chapter of my fanfic, plus an opening to said chapter. Here is the story so far. (Don't worry, it's quite brief) Canterlot has fallen to Chrysalis and her Changeling Army. Despite a firm, steadfast defense, Shining Armor and his Royal Guards have failed to defend the castle and are now being led away to the throne room, which will soon contain the entire populace of Canterlot. At present, Princess Celestia and Luna have been imprisoned in the wedding hall, trapped in two cocoons, which are slowly but surely feeding on their love, and turning them into Changelings. Having just witnessed her sister experience a bout of regret from a flashback of what she said to Twilight at the rehearsal, Luna has become suspicious, and also a little bitter towards Celestia, which will lead to a demand for answers. Meanwhile, the Mane 5 and Spike are infiltrating the city and are making their way to the castle, intent on stopping Chrysalis once and for all. And lastly, Twilight will soon receive a visual from Princess Celestia showing Canterlot under attack, which will prompt her to take action. Having read all of that, I'd very much like if you guys could give me ideas. Once I have received a good number of valid titles, I will put it to a vote, which you guys can decide on. So please, ladies and gents, I need some bones to chew on.
  11. So... my sister ParaPerception started a thing for her Youtube/Instagram. Some of you may have contributed to it, and some of you probably haven't. Let's cut to the chase. If you want to draw fanart of my ponysona, whether it be with a potato or a spaceship, I will gladly put it on my Instagram, Tumblr, or Youtube as long as you give me the name of the account you want me to credit you with. You can also specify which social media you would like it to be shown on: My Youtube, Instagram, or Tumblr. :3 I'll put up links to all 3 of these if one of each is requested. Remember: There is no deadline for this, so take as much time as you need to make improvements. My ponysona: I look forward to your contributions. Draw whatever you like (as long as it isn't inappropriate) (THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION: Grimdark fan art will be put on a Nightmare Night themed video/post , so it's OK as long as you keep it safe for the social media listed above) Up close look at my cutie mark:
  12. Brothers and sisters of MLP Forums, I beckon you all, come forward and hear my words! Listen to what I have to say, and maybe, just maybe, you will be there for a certain grey mare in her hour of need. I can only hope. Note: If you're not in the mood for reading this bit, I've gone and actually recorded myself reading it as well, if you're in the mood for a more audio experienced. Be warned, however, for I've been known to make those with weaker constitutions swoon in the past with my melodious tones. Listen at your own risk. For amplified epicness, listen to this number while reading or listening to speech. And yes, I did all this for ponies, why wouldn't I? Now, seeing as I, of course, am throwing all my weight and support behind Derpy, as usual, I just wanna talk to ya'll a bit, about Derpy, about voting for her, you know, the usual. Now this isn't just for the Derp Brigade, nor those going for Pinkie, this is for everyone, lovers of AJ, Rarity, Twilight, RD, Flutters, whoever. This here's for each and every one of you. Overrated. That's a word I keep seeing people going for Pinkie Pie throwing out there when they talk about why they're not voting for Derpy. Overrated. That's a word I really don't like seeing used to describe Ms. Hooves, of course. In fact, I wanna instinctively do this to anyone who describes her that way : Sorry, can't help it. But I think that word can get overused sometimes, no matter the circumstances. And I really think we throw the word around liberally when we just don't understand why so many people might love something. That doesn't mean that something or someone can't be overrated, but still, I myself am guilty of this. I think that Maud Pie's overrated, but that's because I don't understand what people see in her. So, without judging anyone who thinks that Derpy's overrated, and without retreading all of her history, let me just try to explain from where I'm coming why I think she deserves every bit of love she gets, going back to her origins. On paper, yeah, it doesn't look like Derpy should get as much love as she does. She's a background pony, there's dozens of those. She's only talked once, generally only utilized for comedic relief. So why the love? Basically, Derpy's first and, to date, most important contribution has a lot to do with it, at least, that's where the foundation begins. She was, in my opinion, the first element of the show that the makers and creators utilized to communicate with bronies. To let us know that they knew we watched this show, that we liked it, and that they were happy we liked it and took seriously things we liked. All by simply retaining an animation error that a whole bunch of adult viewers had caught and adored. Well you all know what's happened since then. The animation error grew into the most beloved background character in the show, the face of the fandom, but possibly even more importantly, one of the strongest links between bronies and MLP's creators, to this day. As long as she keeps appearing, we know our bond is strong with them. Yes, these days DHX shows us that they're listening in so many other ways to what we have to say about the show, but it all started with her. All with her. Think about that. Derpy is a bond between bronies and DHX, a bond unlike any other. She's not a bread and butter element of the show, something utterly necessary to the dish. But she's a spice, an extra bit of flavor that gives the show a kick which, without, it would feel somewhat wanting in flavor, to the point that, while she may not be the most important ingredient, she's still a vital ingredient. And suddenly, she's not looking so overrated, is she? Suddenly it makes perfect sense that she should be here. Now, what I'm about to ask is, really, pretty darn illogical in every sense of the word, but hey, love's not always logical, is it? I mean heck, we all have our best ponies, and can we really say that any one of them, even Mane 6 best ponies, are THE best pony? No, we can't. The love we have for these ponies is completely personal preference. Oh yeah, there's plenty of good reasons to love them, but still, could any one of these characters carry the show alone? Heck no. That's why I don't even have a favorite among the Mane 6; I can't single out one of them when each one is so vital to the group. But as for Derpy, I guess I don't find it so hard to call her my best pony because, well, loving her, in so many ways, is illogical. On paper, she doesn't deserve that much passion. But it's what she represents and what she can be that really draws me to her. Derpy doesn't need to grow as a character in the show, because she can be anything as is; she can be whatever the writers need her to be, she can be whatever us bronies want her to be. I love well written characters, but the fact that so little is set in stone for Derpy is kind of awesome, really. The bond between DHX and bronies continues because all of us can make of this character what we want, not just DHX, not just bronies, all of us. I don't know about you, but I for one want an element like that in the Final Four. Pinkie's won this tournament before, she's probably won tons of other best pony tournaments before, and she'll probably go far in or win tons of other best pony tournaments in the future. That's inevitable, because she's a main character and a great character. But we've already got water, bread, and butter in 3 slots in the Final Four. How about we mix things up a bit, huh, just a touch. Let's get a little spice into the Final Four and bring little ol' Derpy to a slot she'll rarely reach in any tournament, and we all know it. What's the fun in always being logical, in always going with the choice that makes perfect sense. Wouldn't life just be so boring if we did that all the time? So come on, one and all. Lovers of Rarity, let's get another pony voiced by your beloved Tabitha St. Germain in the Final Four. Applejackers, I know we've had some rough patches in the past, but if you'll recall, Derpy was cheering on your very own AJ when she first spoke in "The Last Roundup", just happy that somepony was willing to raise some money to fix her mistake. Flutter Corps, the Derp Brigade has stood by you through thick and thin this tournament, and now your butter pony is on her way to the Final Four for the very first time. Twily and RD fans, I know you're still sore from your best ponies losing, but why don't you do something just crazy and buck the trend for once. And to the followers of Pinkamena Diane Pie herself; ya know, I doubt I'll change any of your minds, but if you're feeling as crazy and random as Pinkie Pie, there's few things crazier or more random than voting for the pony competing against your best pony, that's for sure. And finally, to my brothers and sisters in the Derp Brigade. Whether we achieve victory or suffer defeat, know this; we will not, WE WILL NOT go down without a fight! Let's raise all sorts of hell right here, right now, and give Pinkie Pie and her fans the match they deserve, a truly epic competition the likes of which this tourney's rarely seen. We're still hanging in there, and we can become a problem for Ms. Pie just like that. You know it, I know it, they know it. So arm yourselves and let slip the dogs of war, because Derpy Hooves is not going down with a whimper. If she's going out or going on, it's going to be with a bang. I'll leave you all with this, some words from another one of my favorite underdogs currently on television: We are lovers of Derpy, and we will not go quietly into the night. ONWARD!!! To vote for Derpy, follow this link:
  13. Hi i made a MLP OC and somebody gave me an idea for the cutie mark for the oc, So, its gonna be the cutie mark, but i don't draw good! D: So i need somebody to draw it for me. i just can't draw it good. design: A battery with a thundercloud behind it and a thunderbolt coming out of the battery. Like a lightning cloud. the battery would be sideways facing left. Thank you!
  14. Hello my forum friends! So, a while back, I made my first OC which was exclusive to one RP in particular - but alas the RP didn't last and my and all the other OC's were left to rot in the 'Roleplay Characters' section.. Anywho, I'd like to use my OC again, but her cutie mark and talent is what is giving me trouble. The roleplay was based on astrology, so my ponie's cutie mark is a star sign. My particular OC is Taurus, so her cutie mark is a sign for the bull. I have no idea what her talent can be that is something related with Taurus, and frankly, I don't really want to change it. If y'all would help me, I'd greatly appreciate it
  15. Hello there, as you can guess by the title it would be a real swell thing to have my ocs Frost And Mellow Melody drawn (Preferably Digital) Please, Frost is on my Profile pic and Mellow is on my signature and there is a link for her for preference
  16. I made a RE-RE-RE-REMIXXXXX! ... Of a song by JayB (feat. Giggly Maria) called Rain. I don't really like it that much, but it's actually listen-able I think. So I would love to hear any feedback. :3 Clicky:
  17. Oooohmygosh! This is so cool, I'm on the ponynet! Uh, hi everypony! My name is Bubble Berry, what are your names? Oh, heh, silly me, you can't answer me while I'm typing! Duh! I'm kinda like Pinkie Pie, buuuuut I'm a colt instead of a mare! I saw my bestest, bestest friend Rainbow Blitz had a thread where ponies come and ask him all sorts of questions, so I figured I should make one too! I can't wait to talk to everyone! Blitz says this site is really cool, and full of active ponies who are super friendly! Eeeeeh, I can't wait!
  18. I have a suggestion for the benefit of everypony on here, and its something that been buggijg me since day one. I never log off. I am very loyal to the forums and always have the site open on my phone 24/7 to watch my threads. Anyways. What has come to my attention is the lack of respect original posters have to their request threads. Whether its drawing or music, people seem to be posting ALOT of request threads, promising to complete these requests, and then just vanishing when one two many ponies asks for a request. I propose perhaps some sort of modding system for ALL of the threads that runs through say once a week, maybe twice, or even more frequently depending on the section, that checks to see if the OP has beeen responding to his or her thread. Nothing is more hurtful than a broken promise, especially when you need the requests for imspiratiom for a project foe your college grades. People on here are just neglectful of their threads and I teuly think it needs to be fixed.
  19. Im not exacty sure how to blog i followed the help guide but it doesnt seem to help, would anypony be able to be able to answer this
  20. Hey everypony! Im auditioning for the voice acting part of Shining Armor in My Little Pony: Origins. Its a really neat parody in the making. Now i know im a girl and all so i know my voice impression is definately NOT perfect, but im still bearing my guts and trying out. Id love love love it if all of you beonies out there could rate my audition for me! and please please please be nice! I want positive thoughts on it not negative critisiscm. thanks everypony.
  21. So, I made a new Snowdrop page recently. I was hoping I could get a few more likes from this site, since it's gotten way overcrowded. I will be posting lots of pics, updates, and random stuff. Here is the link: I hope to get more likes soon! I'd appreciate it if you could share my page as well. Total Likes So Far: 61
  22. Hey, could any of you guys critique the first chapter of this Fanfic for me? Would be much appreciated. And please, don't hold back. If it's Stephanie Meyer-esque I'll just burn it right her on the spot.
  23. I just got a Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet and I want to ask you do you guys draw with tablets? I am so LOST! I can draw like it's nothing with paper and pencil but with the tablet I have no idea. Tips? Halp.
  24. Now then, I need a universal symbol I can use to reprosent OCs (of all species) as a whole. This is to benefit my DeviantART group, Truly-Origional. Designer will get FULL credit.