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Found 75 results

  1. Hi everyone, My build a bear collection of my little ponies has been growing with the release of Luna, Celestia, etc. How do you all store/display any larger ponies you have? and smaller beanie baby size? (are these beanie babies? I am older than many of you, I think ) Also, I am a big fan of the small blind bag pvc figures. Do any of you find these totally cute? And if so, how do you store these? I do have one old "Pinkie pie's nursery" or something toy that one series lives in (from an earlier generation of mlp, off ebay) but definitely open to ideas for these little ponies. Thank you!
  2. He's here. I ordered a custom pony plush months ago. Of one of my favorite guys. And now he's here. Stygian! This is made by little-broy-peep on deviantart, And oh my god guys... He's so well made! I'm in sheer adoration. He has such heft to him. It makes it slightly harder to cuddle with than I was picturing, but it means he feels more "real" than you would think too! His cloak can come off too. He has a clasp on his front where you can undo it. Months ago I was looking around plush maker pages on deviantart, and on one waiting list, I saw Stygian's name on it! No way! Someone is making him! This would be the first time he would be made in plush form! I decided I had to get on that train. The images came out of that first plush and I was in utter love. So when the opportunity came, I signed on to the list for my own. And now I have possibly the second Stygian plush ever. You've probably picked up on it if you look at my posts, but he is one of my favorite characters on the show. He is the one I have fixated on the most. Something drew me to him. Maybe it's because I first learned of his name and wondered what he had to do with the Pony of Shadows, and maybe it's because I felt for him on another level after hearing his story and jealous spiteful situation. I'm sure that it's a mix of both. And since reading the Legends of Magic comics, which showwcase the Pillars, and Stygian's journey to find them, and hints of his eventual falling out, and the Nightmare Knights comics, where he is one of a team of five former villains teaming up to recover Luna's magic, I've come to love him even more. I sometimes wonder why he doesn't get as much love as others, at least from the fanart side. Lots of people have customs of their favorite ponies or OCs. There's lots of photos of people's work, I never jumped on that wagon... until now. And now I got a shipment that may as well be somepony who sent himself direct from Equestria itself, and I'm so happy. I feel this serves as a pretty wonderful personal coda to the show being over. I've never gotten a custom plush of anyone, pony or not. But the level of which I'm fixated on him was enough to get me to take the step. One day I might do the custom thing again, but I don't want to spend too much money at once. But if I do, I'm sure it will be either Sandbar or Sunburst. Both are serious cuties. What do you think?
  3. Hi there! I decided to open commissions here on mlpforums. Below are my latest works, I hope you'll like it! *** COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED *** Prices here: IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE ACCESSORIES, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST - I WILL TELL YOU HOW MANY ITEMS YOU SHOULD ADD TO CART! I ship worldwide!
  4. I don't know if there's a thread on this already but I'm starting to rack up a bit of a plushy collection and most of 'em are of good quality. The Funrise plushies seem to be the most basic. I bought a Rarity only to have her eyes scrape off in the wash (it was creepy). I have two 4th Dimension plushies (Dr. Whooves and Trixie) and they're practically top notch custom quality. I also have a bootleg Chrysalis from the infamous Only Factory who apparently steals custom designs. So any thoughts on who makes the best/worst plush toys?
  5. I just want a Fluttershy plush but I don’t know where to go to get one. I can’t get it online because I don’t have a credit card but I don’t know where to go. Please I need my Fluttershy.
  6. Hey there! I've had the Build-a-Bear princess luna plush for some time, and I love almost everything about her. The problem is that she just has so much of that shiny hair! With tiny brushable toys, it is easier to handle (curl it up, put a rubber band around the end, etc.) but with a toy that has so much hair, it is hard for me to keep it under control. I've kept both her mane and tail in a fishtail braid since that seems to keep things the neatest, but does anyone have any other tips on how to keep it untangled?
  7. I've gotta say, went to my first convention at EQLA and it was amazing! Tons of memorable events but vendor hall was probably one of my favorite things about the convention, probably bought more than I should have. Anyway, I got my hands one the 4DE twilight sparkle and she's super cute, actually the first mlp merchandise I've ever gotten. After finally buying something mlp related after being a brony for a few years, I suddenly have this feeling of "I want more!" Anyone else felt the same way? And does anyone know any good plushie sellers? I would love to get a Princess Luna one.
  8. Have you ever purchased the magical,timey wimey Dr whooves plushie? If so,tell me your review. Available on Amazon.
  9. First I chalk on the pattern and cut out the pieces. it's a modified version of one I found on dA. Sew the pieces together and Huzzah I pin on parts (ears, wings, tail) to position them, you can attach them with bot glue or stitching, I prefer doing both Well here's the tricky bit, the mane. There's no pattern for manessince they're all different. This pony has Celestia type flowy mane, which doesn't not translate well into 3 Dimension. You'd end up with a large sort of chunk ^Bad attempt ^decreased the mane volume and made a small collar necklace ^Added eyes on, sharpie the mane since I didn't have the right colour material As a bonus @Techno Universal
  10. I know there is another thread on this, but it seems better to make this one. I have had my wonderful 4DE Fluttershy plush for more than a year now, though I have not ever thoroughly washed her or my other plushies. I know that there are ways to clean them, but I worry I may damage them in the process. For example I don't want to get the stuffing inside wet, or be too rough on it and undo stitching or similar. Here are pictures of her: A few stitches on her right side mane connecting it to her head came loose, but that's not major. I am a bit attached to them and hope that I don't cause damage as I don't want to have to buy a new one, which may be hard now that 4DE stopped making them. Any ideas?
  11. Meet Pinkie Pie's new friend, lil fluffball Trokona (Mokona) from Tsubasa Chronicles. Feel free to comment if you think these two would become good friends
  12. Since I now have a sewing machine again (goodbye overly long hems) I decided to get crafty with it Step 1) pattern Here's parts of the pattern I'm using made by BeeZeeArt Step 2) cut out the pattern Here's part of it cut out onto some white fleece from Ikea Polisomething blankets, they're relatively cheap and inexpensive for crafts. Steps 3) Pin it, coming soon Step 3) pin it So basically just pin the sew lines together. I suck at seam allowances and stuff like that but if you can do it consistently, you probably won't even need sew lines Then you wanna stick needles in perpendicularly
  13. I have a 5ft rainbow dash plush and the eye is pilling off I don't no how to fix it
  14. What are things you look for on plushies? What don't like in them? As on, what designs, materials, quality, etc. I like the more accurate ones, without any weird spaghetti mane, like some of the official ones have. I also like having two cutie marks, but again, many official ones only have one. I have the 4DE and 12 inch plushies (3). They are Shining Armor (12 inch, whomever made it), Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy (both 4DE).
  15. Hello everypony! I am a relatively new fan and i want to start collecting plush/figures but i have no idea where to start ! and was just wondering what places you all like to get you're pony's from? and how to you keep the brush-able mains nice or how do you style them ? there is so much I don't know! thanks for everyponys time ! oh and nice to meet you all BTW. Have a fantastic day/afternoon/night !
  16. I just found it on EQD and haven't actually come across any, but what do you think? Personally I think they look weird. They still seem a bit cute, despite having flaws. They do leave much to be desired though.
  17. How many different character plushies do you Own only one. Per character .If you own more than one of a character. It only counts one
  18. I bought one of the Funrise brand Rarity plush toys with shoestring hair a week ago and today the paint/vinyl had scraped off the eyes, leaving them blank white. I bought a Funrise Vinyl Scratch three years ago and still have it and so far none of the paint has scrapped off the glasses. Anyone else have any issues?
  19. Oh, man. This one brings me back. I like to consider this story as my "true" brony origin story as it was the first time I "crossed the line" and wasn't planning on going back. Certainly, I have another story where I "officially" discovered MLP, but I like to call this one the superior. The day was October 11th, 2015 and I had finally finished watching Season 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In all honesty, I thought it was a bit bland and I was eagerly waiting for the suspense of Season 2 after hearing all the talk about Discord and other events that took place. Now, I wanted to really, truly enjoy MLP for what it was and without criticism or spoilers from anyone. I knew Twilight grew wings at one point, and I knew about Discord. But that was it. I went so far as to avoid clop that had Twilight's wings so I could avoid a spoiler. Looking back, I'm glad I did. I later found that second season to be tremendous; it was something I hadn't seen in a long time. Unfortunatly, by the time I'd finished Season 1, a little ticking clock slowly grew in my head; and, just as Hasbro intended, I suddenly wanted merch. Now, I was always a fan of plushies. In fact, when I was 10, I used to make movies with them! So me buying a few horses from the local walmart would create no suspicion whatsoever... well... at least that's how I think now. Those early months of a Brony's life are mostly about tip-toeing and sneaking around corners like some kind of spy, and this was especially true with me. I felt I'd be disowned if my parents ever found out. Of course, I had my arguments to defend myself all lined up like some kind of defence force, but I really didn't want it to come to that. I rationalized for about an hour, constantly telling myself that if I did buy this plush, there would be no going back. There'd be no returning to a state of loneliness. I'd be stuck in the Brony Fandom until the end of its days. I shrugged it off and went to buy it anyway. It was 12.95, and I was returned, what I call, "Hasbro's Mighty Nickel". Seriously, am I the only one who is always returned a nickel? Anyway, the time was about 3:20 and I needed the extra time to... scale my building. Yeah, I scaled my building for the means of a 13 dollar plush. Maybe not the best rationality, but at the time, I can see why it was the only available option. I think the worst thing about this story, was that I had to do everything all over again because I found a Rarity Plush hiding behind the nightmare-fuel Rainbow Rocks dolls. It was another 13 bucks, but it was totally worth it. About a week later, my mom was digging through my room and found my Rarity sitting on the bed. She came downstairs and asked me about it, but I just shrugged and told her I picked it up a month ago. She believed me, but my Brony secret didn't last very long. I had to tell her because I was aiming on getting the Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle plushies and I needed the "waterways" unlocked so I could order online. I told both my parents months later; after I'd collected four of the seven. Wow, that's my longest blog! Congrats, me! Lesson of today is to swim. Yes, swim gud. -RealityPublishing
  20. Hello everypony! I hope i'm not annoying anyone with this handmade staff, but today i have something REALLY interesting and mind-blowing.. Who in earth will decline GLOWING PONY PLUSH? Yeah, it's not like LED glowing in the dark, but her hair was so bright.. If only you could see it in real life.. But don't worry! I brought some pics with me as a proof, and here it is: WOW, am i right? No filters, onlyy good moment, good moment and good camera. Honestly i was so bloody amazed with that staff so.. She is pretty big, just because it's no "stop" with magic glowing. This cutie's height is 50 santimetres, She is VERY cool, believe me! Even if her eyes look angry - don't worry, she'll never punch no one, even a fly! Heh, if you're okay - i'll show you more photoes, here we go: As to me - i like her legs, they are so squishy and soft! Not as soft as her hair is, but however. Every single detail is handmade, that's why i am proud with this beatufil and craxy eyes and her cutiemark. That's all was made with tonns of love and patience please leave your comments below, i'd love to know what's good and what's not! Thanks for listening, everypony!
  21. Post a photo of a random plush that you own.
  22. After lots of research and debate on what is "life-sized" I settled on a ballpark 36-42" hoof-to-top-of-head. After prototyping at that size, I was happy with the end 39". That's not to say other sizes are invalid, but that's my personal preference for "life-size." Anyways, here's my first plush: Twilight Sparkle. I'll be doing more in the future. Fluttershy is next on my list but, as you might imagine, it takes a while to save up enough for the materials. Doing a plush at this size with good minky is pricey. I'll update when I make the next one. For now, here's Twilight. Deviantart pages (with full-size photos): Twilight Sparkle (first one) Twilight Sparkle - Version 2 (Current)
  23. If you all recall, we had a contest to win a custom Buffy plushie featuring the winners design. @Spirit Rush was the lucky prize winner, and Miss Buffy will be sent out to be immortalized on a shelf. Congrats, Spirit! Shrunk her image. Huge images are great for dA...not so much here, haha. Now I begin the process of scanning and digitizing Buffy's patterns so there can be many twins of our little mascot.
  24. Hi y'all! So I have no idea where to post these so I guess I'll try here XD. I've recently gotten in to plushie making and I feel like if I go around asking people who sell their art for hundreds of dollars for tips that they would either feel insulted or be like ummmm figure it I figured I would see if anyone has any advice here! I have a little baby sewing machine and an embroidery machine in my "craft cave" and I'm trying to read all I can to learn to best utilize them. But no matter how much I read I feel like I keep making rookie mistakes ^^; I have a few completed little plushies I've made by working and reworking some original patterns I've made and I'll share them below! I have a few purchased patterns which work great, but I want to make plushies that are more cuddly and snuggly and I feel most patterns out there are for display plushies...which are wonderful, but I just wanna love and squeeze and snuggle a fluffy soft cutie pie! And I at least imagine I'm not alone XD Now I have seen and purchased little beanies and they are wonderful but as an adult sized humanoid person they are seriously lacking in the huggable I'm talking squishables peeps. So now that I've gone and made a mess, here's the gist XD I would like to have my work critiqued and I would also like to know if anyone has any huggable sized plushies and patterns! Here's my little foray into the plush making world: Here is the first one I ever tried to make XD it In addition to some of my own designs and patterns a few embroidery files above are from the incredibly talented Bakufoon! Also I have no idea why the pictures turned upside down....they're not on my tablet XD