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Found 96 results

  1. Apple Bloom

    Post Your Collection

    Post pictures of your pony merch. It doesn't matter if it's official or fan-made, clothing or toys. Show us what you've got! Here's my current collection.
  2. I don't know if there's a thread on this already but I'm starting to rack up a bit of a plushy collection and most of 'em are of good quality. The Funrise plushies seem to be the most basic. I bought a Rarity only to have her eyes scrape off in the wash (it was creepy). I have two 4th Dimension plushies (Dr. Whooves and Trixie) and they're practically top notch custom quality. I also have a bootleg Chrysalis from the infamous Only Factory who apparently steals custom designs. So any thoughts on who makes the best/worst plush toys?
  3. I do! I'm 24 and I can't imagine sleeping without my build-a-bear! She's adorable and I named her Starfire. :3 Her ears and nose light up.
  4. Hiddles Girl

    Your favorite plushies!

    Mine is my my Espeon plush. Her name is Mina. I love dressing her up in little dog shirts because she looks so cute! I just got her one yesterday for Halloween at Petsmart and ahhhhh she's just so cuuuuuute. <3 That's the most recent one I got her! I'll post a better pic of her later when I'm not so lazy. :3
  5. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Do you sleep with mlp Plush?

    Go ahead and post if you sleep with your plush or not, and of course who, and why? yes/no. I thought it was odd thing to do cuz im a conservitive, manly guy that grew up on a farm , but their super soft and just help me sleep better, so i occasionally do if i cant fall asleep. i have a hard time falling asleep cus my mind wanders a lot in the realm of physics and fluid dymanics ( im a collage student ). but during the winter when there's a blizzard outside ands its cold, snuggling up with one of my favorite mlp characters is the best way to stay warm, literally. rainbowdash keeps the draft off my neck. lol
  6. DivineBlood1000

    Do you have any MLP plushies

    I have four: Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis and Starlight! The princesses are obviously my favorite to have next to me!
  7. I found this website where they apparently sell a lot of plushies: They actually don't look all that bad. However, some of these look slightly different than some of the branded ones I have seen, and they are based out of China, so I was wondering if they are just one of those cheap rip-off companies. For example, this Soarin plush's cutie mark is normally just the wonderbolt sign in the branded ones I have seen. But here on this website it appears that he has his actual cutie mark. So are these an actual brand or are they just copies? I can't find them anywhere else on the internet. If they aren't and are just copies and custom made or manufactured, do they look like they are of a good quality, or cheap? It seems like if they are just unofficial plushies, there are still a lot that you couldn't find anywhere else. Well, what do you think?
  8. ShadOBabe

    Pony Restoration pt. 2

    Hey guys! Back with more pony plushie touching up. Today is easy. We got Pinkie and RD here... First off, Pinkie Pie has a little rip in her seam. And no, it’s not just her belly button, I checked. We’ll fix that with some transparent thread. Now it’s time for a bath! RD especially seems to have had one too many crash landings. But we have something to fix that!! Okay, girls!! You ready to ride the Gravatron? : Let’s do this!! : START IT!! START IT NOW!! Okay, okay. So the girls rode the Gravatron for a bit, and it worked wonders. Nice and clean now!! And now it’s time for another ride!! : I see you Pinkie!! : Heehee, you’re silly Dashie!! ALL DONE!! Now Pinkie just needs to let her curls set in... And that’s all for today! I’m gonna try and find out exactly what fabric their manes are made of. If I can I’d like to add some red and green to RD’s mane. Always bugged me that they don’t add all her colors to her plushies. Anyway, I’ll see you guys in the next one.
  9. ShadOBabe

    Pony Restoration Pt. 1

    Was going to post this as a status, but I think it works better as a blog topic. Okay, so I started my little restoration project on those ponies I got from a Goodwill auction, starting with the Build-a-Bear Twilight. Here’s her mane at the moment... If I gave her an eyepatch and headband, I could make her into Future!Twi from It’s About Time! XD But yeah, that’s what her tail looked like too, but with a comb and a bowl of water and fabric softener, her tail currently looks like this... Still frizzy, but absolutely better. And some of y’all might remember that I said I got a surprise Gen 3.5 pony from that auction... *shivers* It’s not something I’d have ever knowingly purchased, but now that I’ve got her, I thought it might be fun to try making a custom out of her. I’m thinking a Celestia figure. Because I can never have enough of those. XD I think this’ll be a fun little thing to pass the time with. Hopefully I can get all these cuddly little ponies looking new again!
  10. PuddingPonyPal

    Show me your plush children!

    I'm very picky when it comes to plushies. However, I found one today that really changed my thought pattern on how I buy them. Meet Donatsu!!! He's a donut kitty! He's from a company called TokiDoki which makes really good plush characters. I named him after the Japanese word for donut. What about you guys? Show and tell about your plushies!
  12. Foxy Socks

    Things you look for in plushies

    What are things you look for on plushies? What don't like in them? As on, what designs, materials, quality, etc. I like the more accurate ones, without any weird spaghetti mane, like some of the official ones have. I also like having two cutie marks, but again, many official ones only have one. I have the 4DE and 12 inch plushies (3). They are Shining Armor (12 inch, whomever made it), Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy (both 4DE).
  13. I would like to buy some plushies and start a collection! Sadly all the Hasbro plushies are poorly made except the TY beanie babies, but I would rather have a 4D Plushie without brush-able hair. I have found a few online that I have liked, but they are normally about $150. I am a poor college student and I can't afford that right now. So I was wondering if any of you lovely people knew of a good place/store/online shop that I could buy plushies from!
  14. Sporemane

    Why do Bronies like Plushies?

    I don't know why Bronies like Plushies. I don't see the appeal for a stuffed toy. Why are they popular in the fandom.
  15. CT-1138

    What's Your Focus?

    A collection focus is when you decide to mostly collect a certain character or type of toy, like a plushie. So, does anybody else here have a focus? If so, what do you have? I've got a Rainbow Dash focus, and have 4 figures and 5 plushies!
  16. Rocket Punk

    Rocket Punk's Workshop (PREOPENING)

    Logo by ® Trees Rocket Punk's Workshop Looking for something sweet and soft to hug or pet whenever you want? Failing ideas for presents to give to your brony/pegasister friend? Looking for more pony merchandise? Upset by the quality of the plushies you find in store? (Cause we're OK about that: official plushies look bad. Like, really bad) Do you like handmade stuff? Want your best pony at home? Wanting to make your bed 20% cooler? Want to eat chimichangas? Then you've find the right place. Welcome to my shop here, where I make plushies for fun, following the rules of Rarity. Cause yeah, I put time, love and (quite a lot of) couture in them. Like this one: Show accurate, 8.5" tall plushie (pony/zebra): 55$ (+shipping*) Show accurate, 7.4" tall plushie (filly size): 45$ (+shipping*) Picture actually unavailable Show accurate, 10" tall plushie (Alicorn/Big Mac/Sassy Saddles size): 65$ (+shipping*) Picture actually unavailable Show accurate, 17" tall plushie: 100$ (+shipping*) Show accurate, 15" tall plushie (filly size): 90$ (+shipping*) Show accurate, 20" tall plushie (you know the rest of the song): 110$ (+shipping*) Non-pony plushies Show-accurate (well, kinda), 8.5" tall Deer plushie: 65$ (+shipping*) Horns in wireframe/pipecleaners in beige, brown or white canvas included in the price Show-accurate, 17" tall Deer plushie: 110$ (+shipping*) Show-accurate, 9" tall Griffon plushie: 80$ (+shipping) Including 3 colors for the minky (2 for the eagle head and the decorations, 1 for the lion body and tail), 1 color for jersey/cotton fabric for the beak and the claws, and faux-fur for the topknot of the tail. Add 10$ extra for opened wings Show-accurate, 18" tall Griffon plushie: 125$ (+shipping) Add 20$ extra for opened wings Everything is handmade, which means that's all hand sewn and hand embroidered, except for a very little exceptions. Eyes, Cutie Marks, mane, even the smallest details are hand embroidered, cause I find that fun and I can't afford an embroidery machine. All the plushies are stuffed with anti-ignition fiberfill for safety. But there are more to say, cause as you've seen on the picture above, I'm also making accessories for the plushies! Tiny extra (additional horn/pair of wings, pearls in the mane and tail, etc.): add 5$ to the price Small accessory (glasses, shades, mittens, bow-tie, etc.): 15$ for the 8.5" tall base, 30$ for the 17" tall base, shipping included Medium accessory (uniform, hoodie, headphones, etc.): 20$ for the 8.5" tall base, 40$ for the 17" tall base Big/Complex accessory (Power Pony costume, Gala dress, or everything that requires really small details or appliqués): 30$ for the 8.5" tall base, 60$ for the 17" tall base, shipping included If the character has one medium or multiple accessories making him/her recognizable (like Scratch's shades and headphone, Octavia's bow-tie, and etc.), the accessory would be free if commissioned at the same time with the plushie. Oh, and I can take up to 3 commissions from a single person at the same time, so if you want bundle packs, don't be afraid to ask. I'm going to make canon characters as well as OCs, cause heck yeah! But since I live in France, shipping is a pain to sort out, cause it all depends on the weight (so on the size) and the delivery address, so here's a little explanation about how to calculate shipping wherever I have to send the plushie. Delivery region 8.5" base 17" base France 7$ 7.5$ European Union + Switzerland 13$ 15.5$ Rest of the world, duh 25$ 27.5$ Buuuut, there will be sometimes limited edition plushies, which will be edited as 5 pieces of the same plushie I'll be making. Limited edition plushies won't be necessarily MLP-related (I'm planning on making plushies for several different other franchises) The price will depend on the fabrics I'll be using (faux fur is waaaay more expensive than minky) and on the time I'll spend making the plushie (cause jersey takes more time sewing than minky, for example). Usually, I'll be making 2 limited editions at the same time, and that's going to be "First arrived, first served". I'll be advertising for the limited editions a small period of time before the official reveal. Limited edition #1: 3/5 available - 65$ for an 8.5" tall base (shipping not included) Made out of faux fur, Minky Cuddle 3 from Shannon Fabrics and DMC embroidery thread, stuffed with anti-ignition fiberfill. Picture unavailable. Limited edition #2: 5/5 available - 65$ (shipping not included) Made out of jersey and jersey appliqué, stuffed with anti-ignition fiberfill. Picture unavailable. Oh, and I don't plan on making just ponies. I'm going to make several other species too. Next pattern to be made will be Flutter Ponies from G1 (but in G4 style), and then more to come: Griffins, Dragons, Yaks, Buffaloes, Parasprites, a certain Draconequus we all know, Deers (from the comic book series), and even non-existing species especially created for the shop here (like Antelopes). And I'm taking special orders too, but on only 2 conditions: if I have enough spare time to do that, and if I find the project fun. By special orders, I mean that could be life size ponies, or unique pieces from another franchise, I dunno. The price will be set case by case. Commissions list: #1 - Schatten Gift, OC (taken from a French RPG forum called Friendship of Equestria) #2 - Nurhadfina, non-MLP plushie (special commission, taken from Facebook) #3 - DAWNCHASER, 8.5" Applejack (taken from PM here) #4 - Fëanor, non-MLP plushie (special commission, taken IRL) #5 - #6 - #7 - #8 - #9 - #10 - How do I work? Well, it's pretty easy. First, set your commission here in a new answer with a vector or a good picture of the character you want and his/her Cutie Mark in the case of an OC plushie, or just the name of the pony (plus the generation in case of a pony from another generation) in case of canon characters. Then, it'll be "first arrived, first served", you'll have to wait if the 10 places in my commission list are full. Then, you pay the whole to via PayPal and you say the commission is from me. You'll receive some WIP pictures during the process. More to know... You can follow me on deviantArt ( to have all the pictures of the finished plushies, and I also have a Facebook page ( where you can find a few finished pictures too, plus some WIP pictures of the upcoming plushies and have some random news too. DISCLAIMER: The first thing I could ask is "Be patient". I'm always trying to do as fast as I can, but the fact is doing quality plushies takes time, and rushing things isn't the solution to have the best possible quality. Also, since everything is handmade, it's pretty fragile compared to the plushies you can find in stores or from other plushie-makers. Why do I hand make them, then? It's kinda therapeutic for me, since it helps me calm down and be more patient, despite the fact I love sitting down and sew. So the plushies aren't recommended for the kids under 10. You can give them the plushies, though, but tell them to handle the plushie with care. In case of a problem, like something ripped or unsewn, the plushies have a lifetime guaranty, so you just have to return me the plushie and I'll fix/repair that in no time. And finally, be assured I'll try my best to send you the exact same plushie you commissioned me for. That means I'll do my best to do everything ordered for the plushie (like all the tiny details and etc.) Thank you for the trust you put in me and taking orders here, it's such a pleasure to make you happy.
  17. OG CHUCK

    how do you clean mlp plush ?

    i have the mane six mlp plush from build bear work shop i dont know how to clean them without dameging the wing and the hairl or anything ?
  18. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    Guy with a plushie - reactions/thoughts?

    This guy has some guts to stick out. What's your take on this image? Bear in mind that a motherload of hate has been spewed all over this image on Buzzfeed, Cheezburger, Reddit, and multiple cringe websites (stay away from 'em )
  19. Batbrony

    Fandom Q+A Peruserofpieces Q&A

    Good evening everypony, and welcome to another Poniverse Fandom Q&A!!! This week our guest is Peruserofpieces, one of the fandom's most prolific plushie makers! This is our first time having a plushie maker as a guest, and if you're a plushie maker yourself or looking to get into it as either a hobby or business, this Q&A is most definitely for you. He's been to three BronyCons with his wares, and many other cons as well, so believe me when I say he's been around in the plushie-making biz for quite some time. The floor is open for the next three hours, so ask away everypony, our latest guest is ready to answer all your questions, so let's give Peruserofpieces a big, warm welcome and have a fun time one and all! Also, as a quick aside, don't forget to visit Peruserofpiece's DeviantArt profile here, where you can peruse his work as well as find out more about setting up commissions with him if you desire to do so. To start, I'll ask a simple and probably obvious question: When did you first start making plushies and what in particular made you want to pursue plushie-making?
  20. Good morning everypony! It's time to announce yet another exciting MLP Forums Fandom Q&A!!! Next week, on Saturday, September 24 at 7 PM EST, join us for a Q&A with Peruserofpieces, one of the fandom's most prolific plushie makers! This will be our first time having a plushie maker as a guest, and if you're a plushie maker yourself or looking to get into it as either a hobby or business, you should most definitely stop by to ask Peruserofpieces your questions. He's been to three BronyCons with his wares, and many other cons as well, so believe me when I say he's been around in the plushie-making biz for quite some time. Like I said, join us next week in the Official Poniverse Events section on Saturday at 7 PM EST for an exciting chat, and if you'd like to learn more about Peruserofpieces beforehand, click here!
  21. I was wondering what everypony thinks is too expensive for a custom plushie? I make plushies and I think the look pretty good but sometimes they just don't sell. Now I don't think I price mine too expensive (foals start at $30)especially considering some go for $100's or more. And if you were going to buy a plushie what would you want it made from fleece or minky?
  22. After lots of research and debate on what is "life-sized" I settled on a ballpark 36-42" hoof-to-top-of-head. After prototyping at that size, I was happy with the end 39". That's not to say other sizes are invalid, but that's my personal preference for "life-size." Anyways, here's my first plush: Twilight Sparkle. I'll be doing more in the future. Fluttershy is next on my list but, as you might imagine, it takes a while to save up enough for the materials. Doing a plush at this size with good minky is pricey. I'll update when I make the next one. For now, here's Twilight. Deviantart pages (with full-size photos): Twilight Sparkle (first one) Twilight Sparkle - Version 2 (Current)
  23. Hullo, plush artists, veteran and novice alike! For the record, I'm not a plushie maker, but I had an idea that was born from a friend's discussion in material engineering. We all know that plushies are soft, fluffy, fuzzy, and just plain hug-able. However, because of this, they only have a vague rigidness, making it harder for them to be displayed anywhere else but a shelf. Remember my friend in material engineering? Here's where that comes in. I had an idea: what if plushies had a kind of "skeleton"? Now, when I say this, I mean a skeleton in the loosest terms, being a frame that has give to allow for flexibility. Needless to say, the first idea I had was "laminated wire" for the material. However, most metals for wire then to succumb easily to material fatigue, thus making the plushie fall back to the original problem it had in the first place. As for the application of such a skeleton, this would make the legs pose-able, such as folding the legs to make a "ponyloaf" position, I was wondering- how practical, if at all, is making such a skeleton when it comes to making plushies? Thanks, -Wane
  24. Ruby Dusk

    Rubys Plushie (accidents)

    Uhm... okay... so I'm REALLY new in here, but might as well post my ... "things" right away, I guess. xD I sew a lot (when I've got enough money to order fabric, that is). However, at least in my opinion, I'm not that good at it yet. There's always room to improve tho and experience grows with each try. And, of course, critique also helps a bunch (as long as it's constructive). But, yeh, talking is boring, have some pictures (ordered by fabrication date): Apple Bloom Radiant Hope (Or something? xD) Greyworthy Sunshine Smiles They are all completely handmade. Fabric used is (oh surprise) shannon minky. Apple Bloom was... my very first sewed thing ever (except a pillow in middle-school). Radiant failed completely (d'oh). Greyworthy was actually a commission, and the person who ordered it was satisfied, so it's okay. And Sunshine Smiles went pretty well, except for her hair which needs improvements. But overall it's okay and I know where my errors are now. So... I... hope you like them at least a bit. And as I said, critique is welcome as long as it's productive. PS: I hope I'm in the correct section, I read through the rules and stuff but... welp. xD PPS: Please don't hit me... at least not too hard. PPPS: Excuse the photo quality, I started editing the pictures with Sunshine Smiles.
  25. Nervous Stitch

    Buffy is Now a Plushie!

    If you all recall, we had a contest to win a custom Buffy plushie featuring the winners design. @Spirit Rush was the lucky prize winner, and Miss Buffy will be sent out to be immortalized on a shelf. Congrats, Spirit! Shrunk her image. Huge images are great for dA...not so much here, haha. Now I begin the process of scanning and digitizing Buffy's patterns so there can be many twins of our little mascot.