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Found 261 results

  1. On this day in 2010, the first ever PMV was posted to YouTube. The video used clips from the tv promos for the series before the first two episodes of the show premiered a few days later. Incredible how time flies.
  2. I've started making a PMV for the first time ever! I'm super excited about it, even though I've only put together about 10 seconds of it, so I wanted to share my progress so far! The song is Trouble is a Friend by Lenka, a song that been a favorite of mine for a long time. The first several seconds of my PMV is below! I'm really trying to nail the timing of the clips, but it's my first time, so! I'd love to add cool effects and stuff sometime like the really awesome PMV makers, but I have a feeling that this kind of straight from the show thing is all me and my free video editor are gonna be able to handle lol
  3. Hey guys, I hope all of you're fine. So, this is an art for story trade. You make a picture for me, and in return I'll try my best to provide you with a 1000 words story of your request. I can sometimes write poems as well, so I will do that too. I am going to work on a PMV project, that will be something entirely new for me, and I am hoping to get some help from you artist bronies and pegasisters out there. I need at least 30 art pieces for this project. No need to be done by a single artist. I won't mind them if they're different. You can pick any image you like to do, and in return I'll make a 1000 word story for you. Though I'll prefer if images in sequence are done by same artist. I'll give credits to respective artists, so no worries about that. This PMV is about my three+1 OCs. The details is as follows. 1) Earth Pony/Pegasus/ Unicorn mare (she's able to switch between any of three races), white coat, green mane&tail, deep blue eyes, name: Eden 2)a thestral (bat pony) mare, fangs, white coat, red mane&tail, light green (cat-like) eyes, and black bat wings, name: Rose 3) a human, with almost fair skin, black hairs, nearly trimmered facial hairs, a green hoody and a blue jeans/a gray sweater and black jeans/a blue t-shirt with gray trousers, name: Johnny (you can show him in whatever clothes you like, but when in bedroom he'll be wearing his t-shirt and trousers) 4) a thestral filly, cute small fangs, gray coat with a few occasional silvery stripes on her back, dark slivery gray mane, voilet eyes, name: Dream (daughter of Rose) So here are the images I needed. 1- Eden (as an Earth Pony), and Rose are standing in front of John while both of them are smiling and John is looking towards them and is confused, background: a room without much details 2- Rose's looking sad, and shedding tears while John has kept her in a hug, while Eden (as an Earth Pony) looks at them and pass them a sad expression, background: a room without much details. 3- John's sitting on the couch while both of them (sitting on their haunches) are hugging him from either side and also wrapping their wings around him, while nuzzling his cheeks, (Eden's in her pegasus form.) background: same 4- John's lying on the bed, giving a confused smile, while Rose is about to bite his neck with her fangs, background: slightly darkened room. 5- John's entering the house while Dream grab him in a hug, and other two mares watches with greeting expression, background: room without much details. Next four pictures are in a sequence. 6- Rose with sad expression while sitting on the couch with a thought cloud in which glowing red eyes could be seen in darkness. 7- Dream came towards her with a gleeful expression, with a thought cloud be seen in which "Daddy loves you" is written. 8- the thought cloud on Rose's head from before puffed and disappeares. 9- Rose hugging Dream. Next three pictures are also in sequence 10- Edlen looking into the mirror and instead of herself she sees a digital grid in her shape. 11- then she imagine the John standing beside hler. 12- then she saw her true self in the mirror once more. 13- Dream hugging a gameboy like device (only this device looks far far futuristic), with a speech bubble which is saying thanks. 14- Eden reading a story to Dream from a tablet-like device. 15- Rose lying on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on but still smiling, while Eden, John, and Dream are standing beside bed smiling at her with a get well soon card on the other side of the bed. That'll be all for now. I'll update this time to time to add details for remaining 15 pictures. Thanks in advance, and I will be waiting for your response. Please don't leave me hanging, I have a lots of expectations for this project.
  4. Hi Everypony!! I'm looking for free or affordable music software to muck around with and perhaps make my first FM do you have any recommendations? Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated (Brohoofed)
  5. Hi everyone, I took a stab at video editing (my first) and did it by doing my own tribute to the awesome PMV that introduced me to all PMVs: "Kickstart my Pony" (posted by YouTube user Billy Deerhead back in 2012). I couldn't replicate his nifty character narrative - done with far less seasons of content, no less - but it's still ponies & rock, so I'm happy. This song has been done a lot, but man, does it fit the series. Hope you like it! PMV: Kickstart All the Ponies (Edit: Thanks for posting my video, Equestria Daily!)
  6. This is my first PMV, and of course it centers around Rarity x Spike (Sparity) of My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic. Song used is "Hello" by Lionel Richie Comments are Welcomed
  7. Surprised this song wasn't done before... as alot as been made for REO Speedwagon's "Can't Fight This Feeling" but none of "Keep On Loving You" Until now, in HD! Description from my YTP channel "Grapefruit Face's second PMV , this times it's a Starburst video with the song Keep On Loving you which i thought was quite fitting for this episode. Song is Keep On Loving You REO Speedwagon" Have fun
  8. The results are finally out and the best thing is that I won the Best Technical for the Expo and I am quite happy with it! <3 You can watch the full result on this periscope replay if you want to~ Click here! Also, this is the PMV that I managed to win a category! For those who haven't seen it, feel free to watch it! <3
  9. If it's not too much trouble, could someone please PMV this?
  10. Hey guys! I just released my new PMV called Be An Echo! I took a year of break from it, and I decided to start this project 4 days ago and here's the result! For those who can't watch it on mobile. You can click here for an access to Google Drive!
  11. Hello. There is a Youtube user called Songdrops who writes amazing songs and I’d really like to see PMV’s of them but can’t find any. If anyone is in the mood, knows how, and has the time, could you please either make a PMV of a Songdrops song or link me to a PMV of a songdrops song. I’d make them myself but I don’t know how to make PMVs. I’m linking you to Songdrops now.
  12. The object of the game is to rate a MLP related youtube video, beit a song, pmv, animation, or completely random, and then you post one yourself. Let's see what we can come up with for this.
  13. So one of the admins contacted me on here about my link to advertise my youtube channel in my last thread and said i should update it to show when new videos come out. Well i dont know how to edit it so. Instead i have the next best thing. Here is a link that will send you to a playlist of all the pmv shorts i did so it takes you straight to the videos. I have a whole bunch. Inculdeing pmvs to dead mouse songs and more. Here is the link The link will go straight to my first pmv short but if you click the button with 3 lines at the top of the video on here you can see all my videos. Please enjoy. :3
  14. This is my first PMV! I grabbed a bunch of Rainbow Dash vocals and mixed it together with Casin from glue70. I think it turned out pretty good. But let me know what you guys think.
  15. I watched the MLP S6 finale one day. I got bored the next day and made something. Is this an epic coincidence or what?
  16. Some of my favorite MLP fan-made videos, like the one below, were made some time ago. (And they're still great.) Having said that, the artists were using footage they had available back then. Now that many more seasons have gone by - and lots more animation is available - would you now add scenes to, or redo, previous MLP videos, if you'd created one earlier? Example: there were only so many battle scenes you had access to in 2013; if your original video required action scenes, would you now try to do a "re-vamped" version?
  17. Hey guys, I should've posted this weeks ago, but better late than never! We've successfully released our new PMV Collab called Our Lighthouse. It has been in 6 months of work (actually, 70% of the process ware left abandoned, unmotivated, depression) These things got in the way, but we made it through <3 Here it is
  18. Hi! I've been trying out some new plugins and effects, and I thought I would share this with you. It's not the best of the best, but I think it turned out decent, even though I really have to work on my skills. Feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks
  19. Hi! I've been working on my new PMV for longer than expected, and I'm satisfied with the outcome, so I would love to share it with you guys for tips and feedback., because I'm still a beginner with video editing. Thanks!
  20. Hi! I've now decided to try to improve my skills in making PMVs, and I think it's a major improvement since my last PMV. I used way more effects and *tried out* some motion graphics. I'd appreciate some criticism and helpful tips, since it's only my 2nd PMV and definitely not close to being perfect. The PMV is mainly about rainbow dash. I hope you enjoy!
  21. Hi! I'd like to share this PMV I've been working on since quite some time. I'm very new to video editing, thus it will not look as professional, or as good as most others. I would still love some criticism and tips in terms of editing, because making PMVs is actually very fun. I hope you enjoy!
  22. This is a video and stuff so there's that
  23. Feels free to support the video anyway possible!!!!
  24. Hey guys make sure you support the video anyway is fine.
  25. Sooo uh... I don't know if this is the right place to be asking, but I've been looking all over the everywhere but I can't find a solution sooo I uploaded a PMV a few days ago, it got blocked worldwide, I disputed the claim, it was unblocked for about a day and now it's blocked again. I don't know what to do and this seems like the only place I can go to for help sooo yeah. Halp. The link if needed - Another important thing that I should probably bring up is that I used the acoustic version of the song instead of the electric version. Don't know if that would have changed anything, but there's the info if needed.