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Found 47 results

  1. Introducing, The Organ Mavericks Podcast. Hosted by yours truly and Rob Hlebinsky (a.k.a. Yensid Organist). More info in video below.
  2. Welcome to New Harmony, the trees are whispering, reality is braking. Hello, This is a new project I am starting, Based on the ever popular, Welcome to Night vale podcast on the interwebs, more info on it found HERE This is like the top of the hour news reports on the radio, it covers the small city of New Harmony, Equestria, a Perfectly normal town, each podcast is around 3 to 5 minutes handling a number of quirky stories about things around the town. but I can't do this alone....well....I can, But your help will loved, Below it a link to a story submission, you can live a story idea, and ads. Also, looking for a co-writer,if your interested hit me up
  3. You know osmething I have been really into lately? PODCASTS! :3 Thanks to the new Cast! app for the Xbox One, I am starting to listen to different podcasts for different subjects that I like while I am gaming. It is really relaxing. It is really nice to listen to something that you connect so well with for a long period of time. Do any of you listen to podcasts? If so, what do you listen to? What are your favorites? Perhaps we all can find new podcasts for ourselves too. Currently, I have these in my library: GooseBuds - A podcast where 3 guys over analyze the Goosebumps novels. SuperBestFriendsCast - A Podcast hosted by the Super Best Friends from YouTube. They discuss random stuff and media things. Podcast Unlocked - IGN's Xbox podcast. Signed In - An Xbox podcast. Science Friday - A weekly podcast discussing all things science related and science news.
  4. The cast returns, with a lot to say about their favorite parts of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (and their least favorite parts about each other).
  5. Hey eveypony! me and my friends started a show called BronyTrioRadio. we review each new ep as it comes out, talk to a guest and a hole bunch of other craziness!
  6. Hey guys. So if you clicked on this you're probably wondering what this new podcast could be? Well wonder no more! It is at the core going to be dedicated to various topics such as Brony/Pegasister news, talking about new episodes, gaming, tech and world news. Now of course we can't do this on our own and we would love to try and get a new person on every other week. That my dear reader is where you come in. We would like you to post a link in this thread to either a demo reel or previous content you have either worked on or created yourself. If you have any questions that you would like an answer too as soon as possible please PM either myself or Jonny Music. Please note however that Jonny Music may not be able to reply as soon as myself. Jonny Music MLP Forums: YouTube: Th3 Arb1tur MLP Forums: YouTube:
  7. Episode one of brony survival guide is up, if you are interested in joining or asking questions/being a guest contact me. VIDEO:
  8. Howdy! My group of friends and I had started a small podcast group a while back but our specialists eventually had their hands full with real life things. Now I'm looking to get something back together and the only thing I'm missing at the moment is someone who can: Show up to a live podcast via Skype every 2 weeks or so. Find MLP:FIM fanfics worth reviewing Find MLP:FIM fanfic authors for interviewing Days and times for the episodes will be negotiable and, more importantly, we'll be broadcasting on Sonic Radioboom! Thanks for reading, and reply to this thread if you think you can help! Side Note: If anyone can think of a name for an MLP reviews show... that would also be appreciated. Last one was stolen by someone more popular
  9. Cox n' Crendor Show The Patch Rooster Teeth Podcast Podcast Beyond (before Colin and Greg left) The GameOverGreggy show
  10. So I'd like to start running a new new brony music DJ Mix. Or is it a new brony new music DJ mix? A DJ mix for new music made by/for bronies? Whatever. The goal is to play about an hour's worth of new tunes every week (maybe two if things are slow enough) in a format you can download and play in your car on the way to work. The technology aspects of this are well under control. I have DJ software and am at least passably competent with it. I have microphones, controllers, and audio interfaces. So from the standpoint of making the recordings I'm good to go. But that's all I've got so far. I know I need a podcast host, graphical resources, and help with getting together music and deciding what's awesome and should be played. I come to you, the amazing patrons of the Music Resources thread to ask your assistance in getting this project up and running! Any guidance you guys would have to offer, or even just a favorite artist or genera you'd like me to play, would be appreciated! EDIT: I'm an old fogy and the word podcast has changed in meaning over the years since I first learned it. I've swapped the titles and intro here to make it clearer as to what I'm trying to accomplish. Rest assured though, my goal is to make sure you can use your favorite podcast tools like Podcast Addict to enjoy the show.
  11. So I'm looking for a good brony music podcast to listen to on my drive to work; basically like a radio station with various songs mixed together into a set. So far I haven't had any luck searching around; most of the podcasts seem to have died out after the initial surge in the fandom. Moreover, I know beggars can't be choosers, but if there are several out there, I'm especially interested in electronic, dance, and chiptune music. Any thoughts, or is this something that if I wanted I'd have to make myself?
  12. Hello Everyone, I'm sure every is looking for something to do during the mid-season hiatus. I have decided I want to start a podcast, and I'm posting this here as an invitation to the forum to anyone who wants to partake in this with me. This won't be a strictly MLP podcast, as we can talk about other shows, movies, music, etc.. I want this to be more like a casual conversation between friends. I am aware that other MLP podcasts exist, but this podcast will have a wide variety of topics. With that being said, almost anything is free range to talk about, so this will be an uncensored podcast. We can discuss anything (and I mean anything) about the show as long as it isn't racist, sexist, or too offensive. There isn't necessarily an age restriction, but just know we will be using adult language and discussing adult topics. This will be recorded through Skype, so if you want to take part, be sure to have the proper recording materials. If you are interested, send me a PM and say a little about yourself and so I can get to know you more, and your dates and times available. Many Thanks, GuyNamedEarl
  13. Hey all! Chrome here. I've got a new sort of project I've been working on called "Channel MonoChrome" It's a new youtube channel I created solely for pony content. I only have one show being produced at the moment called "MonoChrome's Chatter box" which is to be the main podcast. If you guys could take a look that'd be great. If you like it enough to subscribe that'd be better! If you'd like to be on the podcast, I'm always looking for guests. Thanks
  14. Hey everyone (or...well, you know), I know I haven't been posting here in a long while so I feel slightly gross about this but...I'm also an editor at a small, game and media focused website called Pixel Response. It largely focuses on podcasting, with three different core podcasts, Retro Killscreen (classic games), Indie Talk! (interviews with indie game developers) and the main Pixel Response podcast where a friend and I discuss the games, films and whatever else we've been enjoying lately. We also post written articles on occasion, largely our movie guy Matt who reviews things and there is the odd special episode of the podcast that focuses on other stuff (interviewing Lauren Wainwright, a pretty active UK video-game blogger, a gent behind the film Thankskilling, Feminism in games, and other diverse topics). Anyway, sorry if this seems a bit like a shill, but I'm pretty proud of the work we're doing over there and any and all feedback would be appreciated on any of those. We DO record primarily over Skype, so any audiophiles out there, sorry about that, but we're constantly examining options on improving our stuff. Enjoy and thanks for your time.
  15. Hey guys, we all hope you enjoy our latest podcast! (She does her Fluttershy voice at 41:02 )
  16. Hey guys, we recorded a Podcast with the lovely Ingrid Nilson (Maud Pie). Please Enjoy!
  17. Using stock images from the podcast I"m part of to make a few cool logo things
  18. I am a geek girl blogger and podcaster it is what I do now professionally even though I don't get paid for it in the typical ways. I was curious if there are any other geek girl bloggers or podcasters out there? You don't have to do it professionally but if you have a blog or a podcast I would love to know so we can share stories. I love being involved in geek culture fandom it is one of my favorite things. Being able to write about it is awesome but so is being able to talk about it on my podcasts. I hope there are some more geeky ponies out there that do this stuff. Even if you don't and it interests you at all comment back I would love to chat ~Lavender Rhyme
  19. This is my podcast. I post every so often about all sorts of things. I'm not just here to promote my podcast (which is okay) but I'm also looking for interesting bronies to put on the show. If you are interested in being on the show (after it's short hiatus) email me at and if you just want to listen to the show click the link above for the YouTube page. Follow on Twitter as well: Enjoy!
  20. For anyone who saw my other post on my podcast: I forgot to note one last thing. This is a school project. Instead of doing a video package every three weeks, I decided to do a podcast every two weeks. Also, my teacher wholeheartedly supports my efforts to build a viewing. Also, he is a brony as well. And he wants me to succeed! If you missed my first post, I run a brony podcast called All Around Equestria. The podcast can be seen here: If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, email me at: Follow the podcast on twitter: Thanks for your support and comments!
  21. I hope this is OK to do - if not, mods please remove the post! I interviewed Gail Tilden, the VP of Marketing at Enterplay, for the latest episode of my podcast. Enterplay, of course, have just launched the MLP Collectible Card Game in North America and have plans to unleash it worldwide throughout 2014. We talk about how Enterplay work with Hasbro, how the game came about and a lot more besides. The interview with Gail takes up the first twenty or so minutes of the show, so don't feel like you have to listen to the rest of it (though it's good, I promise ) You can search for Episode 72 of The Little Metal Dog Show on iTunes or download it directly from the site. Here's the link: Thanks for listening! And I'm trying to co-ordinate an interview with Darrell Hardy, one of the lead developers of the game, for the next episode of the show. If that comes off, I'll post it up here too.
  22. Hello there MrGamerPony Again, Any pony could answerer these question for me needing feed back. I do not plan on advertising away from the MLP forums just needing to know some opinions. 1. What do you like on YouTube for gaming Videos like (Just a match, Series, A group of friends playing, Story telling using the game)? 2.Would a Pod Cast for MLP or Gaming on Twitch TV be worth watching? 3. Having a gaming group that's mainly MLP and games be fun? 4. If yes to number 3 would twitter and Facebook page for that group be worth liking if you were interested? 5. What other suggestions do you guys like me to know i am looking for what people really like? Thanks for those you comment. Please Pvt message me if this stuff matches your eyes a lot and think some of this could happen.
  23. Hi guys its Stormrider from the ITunes podcasts Equestrian Music and The Bronyville Lineup Hour. If any of you have requests just post ot this feed!