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Found 22 results

  1. Hello fellow poetry writers and lovers! Tonight I have a challenge/game for you! Can you write a really bad poem? Whether is be crude, grammatically incorrect or just plain stupid, it counts! So, let me start. A Duse's Destiny! - PuddingPonyPal I love to poo It's a great thing to do Let it be shared Between me and you Hard Mountain - PuddingPonyPal To you I'd love to sock Directly in the c*ock You say it's like a rock But it's size I love to mock ... It's snowing on Mt. Fuji
  2. My poem to No Second Prances is here go check it out and subscribe if you want
  3. So I wrote this short little poem here back in 2014 and I was curious what people here would think. Rain I watch her fall, Fall from the heavens to the earth below. wielding the sort of grace and beauty only nature seems to have. I can't help but smile, smile as her many fingers strike the earth In an almost endless downpour. While others may flee into their homes when she is near, or else seek cover, I let her cold embrace wash over me, and pull me into the sort of peace that only the dead may know. She is as old as the earth, and as beautiful as a child, Her name is rain. Not the greatest poem ever of course, but still something that I almost vaguely feel kind of proud of. In any case, please critique to your heart's desire and have a wonderful day/night. Peace and cupcakes, Pyrin
  4. So here's some Doctor Who Poems that I just started working on not too long ago. Each day will be a new topic on our Whovian Universe. I will also be setting up a request shop for Whovian ponies, though it will take some time on requests... considering I don't know everything about The Doctor. So if you will, here's one I just finished called The Eye of Annihilation. Through the one eye of such destructive creatures, they see death. With no emotion, they are feared. With no mercy, they kill without the shedding of the opponent's tear. As they never stop to see their prey, As they take their last breath, For they have no soul, they kill as they may. Their favorite word is a word that in the eye of such creatures who will annihilate, No soul will ever forget the word of such evil murder..."Exterminate!"
  5. Put your poems below for critiquing/feedback/advice etc.
  6. Continued from my previous blog entry: More pieces of mine (and sometimes ours) that were inspired by and written for Rainbow Angelbabe. <3 Wingbeat by Siegfried Danzinger Waltz in Blue Love is Blue Giving Drift Away My Spring - Babe directly helped me work out some of the lines in this one Still Falling Music You are My Melody (song) Where We Meet Never Enough Answered Will Make Reply No Distance Like a Breeze by Siegfried Danzinger and Rainbow Angelbaby Don't You Ever (song) In the Sky A Lady Made of Color (song) Among So Many Other Things There are more. There will always be more. But that's enough for now.
  7. My feelings can’t be explained They won’t change, still remain the same In the past I would not accept that if people would ever see me this way that would also be ok Feelings so intense Darkness filled up my life Almost ready to say goodbye But I kept my head high Black holes in my soul swallow up the energy Emptiness deep down inside Fill these gaps with something kind The key of acceptance Don’t ignore the signs Here’s the facility to change something from inside Unlock your soul from darkness Disengage your claws Embrace my flaws I embrace my flaws
  8. (So I am here to present some poems to you all. I do not often write poems, but sometimes I get some inspiration and just write it down. First, my first-ever poem written in Englisch 3 years ago, nice and short: Listen, and go, turn, and hush! Fight once ago through the crush. Hear the call, come, and cry! Fear the holy Dragonfly! This one I wrote when I was in Wales a year ago: A Tale of the King Once, there was a boy, on a craggy horse, doubtfull, but chosen by the magic hint to rule over the land of mint. Adviced by Druid, compaigned by Knights, beloved by Princess, uplooked by Folks. Arthur ruled on the Isle. The King is searching, restless, after many famous things. the Holy Grail, the Questing Beast, Dragon´s Treasure, his own head. King Arthur on his mighty throne fought many battles which he won, yet defeated by his sisters son, in the Dartmoor or on Mount Snowdon, he sleeps in the shades of Avalon. But will he sleep there for all eternity? No, he will not! According to the prophecy. At one time, maybe in future, maybe today, he will rise, to rule again, and good, and wise. Now you could think that would be good. But many kings feared to be dethroned by the master of the Welsh or a Cornish majesty. So many bards tried this story to rewrite. Windsor Lords and London Ladies ordered the Old King to sleep forever or be dead. Absent and oblivious to this worlds crazy nonsense King Arthur is sleeping and the Raven... is watching. This one is the first I wrote since I became a Brony. But it isn´t inspired so much by Discord as by... Saint Dane. See for yourself: The Dance of Chaos and Order The world is in Harmony, balance brought upon by Chaos and by Order. Chaos brings change, Order brings rules, Chaos brings random patterns, Order brings predictability. This balance to achieve, This balance to achieve, is the goal of everything. But this Harmony is not easy to be held. Soon it starts to crack. Soon it starts to topple. In the peace of Harmony, the limits set by Order are softened, bringing Chaos to its chance. As the laws start melting, bonds start to get loose. Balance topples, Balance falls, falls into Anarchy. It starts unnoticed, almost peaceful, but everything starts to change. The laws, the limits, the chains are molten. Chaos rules, Chaos rules. Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy! Pandemonium! Pandemonium! Everything changes without any limits. Who is king today? Who is slave today? The king will be slave, and the slave will be king by tomorrow. Who is friend today? Who is foe today? The friend will be foe, and the foe will be friend. Everything is turning upside down, clockwise and diagonally. Nothing is for sure, it changes all the time. What today is like this will tomorrow be like that. Anarchy! Anarchy! Pandemonium! Whole empires rise and fall in less than an hour. No one can live properly in this never-ending change. The people have enough of Chaos, rules are starting to re-form. Order rises out of Chaos, stabilizing law and life. Order leads to Harmony, slowly, but surely. Rest and peace are coming to the people. But this period of Harmony is, sadly, just a brief moment, as Order chrystallizes even more. Order chrystallizing into adamant, the world turns into clockwork, a clockwork of minds, running smoothly, bringing peace. The rules are intact, strong as diamond, and everything is under total control. Everything is under total control. Everything is under total control. Everything is under total control. Between these wheels of law and order, there is no space for nonsense like happiness or friendship. No fun. No love. No freedom of will. Because everything is under total control, under total control. Nothing changes, nothing evolves, because everything is under total control, under total control. The people have enough of being tiny wheels in a mindless, emotionless machine. Order starts to crack, subtle first and slow. Then, like a breaking dam, the adamant bonds of law and order are smashed apart by revolution. The shattered pieces of the Order´s bonds dissolve into a sea of Chaos, and one word roars around the world: Revolution! Revolution! Revolution! Revolution! Revolution! Revolution! The Revolution takes the world back to Anarchy. Just a few tiny shards of Order, floating in the sea of Chaos, remain. As the Anarchy calms down, law is resurrected, from these tiny shards of Order, bringing back the Harmony. The people learned their lesson: No Harmony without them both. Order to limit the Chaos. Chaos to soften the Order. The people learned their lesson, and look forward to joyful peace. But over generations of prolonged Harmony, the lesson is forgotten, the circle starts anew. Will it topple down to Chaos? Or get frozen by the Order? Whatever brings the future, Chaos and Order will dance. Dance for Eternity. And another Chaos-Order-Poem. This time not the Chaos and the Order of Civilisation, but the primordeal forces. The long line is to be spoken in one breath. The Universe Nothing. Here is nothing. Nothing at all. No light, no darkness, no coldness, no heat, no fluid, no gas, no solid. Nothing. No space, no time. No Sideways, no Forward, no Up, no future, past, or present. Nothing. Pure nothing. And then, not suddenly, not finally, something happens: Something blinks. Is it light? Maybe darkness? Is it time that blinks, or space? In just a fraction of a second, and the whole eternity, the Void is filled. Filled... with Chaos. Burning cold and freezing hot, changing rapidly and slow. Strange patterns stretch infinity, splitting strings of space and time. Broken angles, rectangular circles, changing constants, roundish squares. A spicy look, a glowing sound, a booming taste. Always changing, always moving, nothing being what it was. Chaos, flowing solid, always changing, never resting. Things emerge, and creatures, too, emerge, and live, and be, just to be dissolved again, in the ever-changing sea of Chaos. Ice is boiling, Fire is freezing. Shards of things flow back together, and then, they shatter, and the circle starts anew. In the middle of the Chaos, something solidifies: A seed of Order, an island of stability. This tiny shard of adamant sets up a rule, and then another, and another. Tames the Chaos, primordeal force. Order, born from Chaos to be its master, spreads outwards into the universe. Chrystalline tentacles, gravitational wires, chain-links of stability. Rips apart the sea of Chaos, gives matter a place, time a direction, and energy purpose. Chaos is brought down to mere unpredactibility, randomness, and sudden change. The universe is inconsistent, much is empty, but stuffed with activity, compared to the Void before. Galaxies formed, and solar systems. Some chaotic, always changing. When a planet forms in here, it does not live long. Others are full of Order: Giant rocks, moving in circles, around a star, until it dies. But it some solar systems, one here, one there, others far away, the two forces are in balance, forming a planet, wonderful, brilliant isle of Harmony. Life emerges, and Evolution follows. The planet soon is full of crawling, rooting,floating, flying, running, swimming, growing, ageing, dying, eating, hunting, sleeping, surviving, spreading, evolving, hearing, smelling, creeping, tasting, feeling, seeing, sensing, digesting, breathing, reproducing, simulating, ever-changing creatures. After some time, a creature starts to think. A sentient being, a piece of matter that can ask itself: "Why?" Suddenly, universe gets a meaning, things get names, like "Rock","Water", or "Sun". As life evolved before it, the being evolves, in culture and technology. They think they can tame the planet as Order did with Chaos. They do not realize they are toppling the balance, destroying Harmony, spoiling the paradise, killing the planet they were born from. A barren rock circles the star, only petrified rocks and bones reminding of its former glory. The structures of the Thinkers rendered unrecognisable by the Chaos they unleashed. As the universe grows older, Chaos gets weak and weaker. Movement stops, and time, and space, everything freezes in the grasp of Order. This is the end. The end of everything. And nothing remains. Pure nothing. Not forever. There is not time. Just... Nothing. Nothing at all. And last but not least, a battle anthem I wrote a few years ago: We´re marchin´ for the war... We´re marchin´ for the war... We´re marchin´ for the war.. Full! of! Bra! ve! ry!!! See the wavin´ o´ the flags, Hear the thousend feet and hooves. Feel the peace before the storm! Feel the peace before the storm... We´re marchin´ for the war... We´re marchin´ for the war... We´re marchin´ for the war.. Pray! ing! to! the! gods!!! See the blood upon the blades, Hear the crushin´ o´ the bones, Taste this monstrous, gruesome wrath! Taste this monstrous wrath... We´re marchin´ for the war... We´re marchin´ for the war... We´re marchin´ for the war.. To! wards! vic! to! ry!!! See the reddin´ o´ the mud! Hear the screams o´ agony! Smell the odor o´ the death! Smell the odor o´ the death... We´re marchin´ for the war... We´re marchin´ for the war... We´re marchin´ for the war... Till! the! end!!! What do you think about these poems?
  9. Ha, trying to be creative with my title(s). Anyway, hi and welcome to my thread that I plan to fill with all my lunatic ravings all the random stuff I want to write about — mostly stories based on my past experiences wrapped in ambiguities and hoopla (and maybe some pony themes, like flight, magic, apple bucking — you know, the good stuff). And in true FiM fashion, the first story'll be a fuzzy* one — the story of how I met my best friend (my brother by bond). *not really, this one's kind of a downer ... but it's truly how I met my best friend, and Friendship is Magic ---------------------- {Disclaimer: colorful language herein} "Lift Up" (WIP — needs more details) *RIIIIING* The bell for class sounded and my freshman science class was standing outside the classroom, waiting for the teacher who was running late. Nothing unusual, it happens from time to time. Friends chit-chatted in little circles discussing how their weekends were, spreading the latest gossip or just giggling randomly at a joke someone said. As typical as a Monday gets around here. The September morning was cool and comfortable so no one complained about missing a couple minutes of class. I leaned my back against the wall of the school building, flipping through my Furuba manga that I'd already read 10 times. My "signature" scowl was drawn sloppily on my face: it was too early to be alert to the rest of the world and my desire to interact with my peers has been dead since the eighth grade. To quote my inner self-depreciative-ness: "Seraph, there are two types of people out there — the people who don't like you and the people who don't know you." My internal melancholia was interrupted as the teacher walked up from the parking lot, clutching his bag and trying to gain everyone's attention, jingling his keys and talking over the voices. "Sorry I'm late, class but now we have to get started. Let's go, inside." I heaved a silent sigh and moved from the wall into the classroom, finding my seat in the very back. Clichéd? Maybe. I'm too tired to pay attention. Not just because I'm still sleepy but because I'm... just tired. The other students found their seats as well, still chattering and snickering; the teacher fumbled through his bag trying to find today's lesson plan; I laid my head down, resting upon my forearms while hoping that the day would go quickly. I heard the teacher speaking from his desk, so I lifted my eyes to concentrate on what he was saying. "... don't have today's lesson plan or worksheets, so just read your books in chapter 2, section 3 and do the assignment at the end." Everybody moved their desks closer to their friends' and the conversations began again. I took my textbook out and found the appropriate page, "Chapter 2: Volcanoes and Tectonic Activity". Yay, I thought flatly, searching through my backpack for a sheet of looseleaf. I started reading, while wondering if our teacher would be fired at the end of the year for failing so much¹. And barely two paragraphs into the chapter, I felt a wadded ball of paper hit my cheek, rousing me from my studiousness. I looked up, unsurprised to see Gary, Kim² and their mindless drones laughing at my expense. Kim, being more outspoken about her dislike for me was the first to come down from her elation and address me directly. "What?!" she barked, trying to sound intimidating, smirking while her peanut gallery snickered uncontrollably. I just glared back at her, not wanting to get into a cursing match in the middle of class. My mind was fuming, screaming every expletive I knew, repeating a few and inventing a couple and well. Gary was next to chime in, bringing his own brand of douche-iness. "Ha, careful Kim, Seraph might eat you! Hippos can kill." Yeah. Blunt assholery at its finest. Their circle erupted in laughter, snorts and guffaws. The teacher just remind people to stay on task from behind his newspaper. Even people who weren't paying attention to the ordeal were beginning to take notice, whispering, pointing and smirking. I retreated into my shell, just wishing they'd shut up already... but there didn't seem to be an end in sight. They hissed taunts and snickered some more. "Are you gonna cry?" "I think so." "Loser." "Ha ha ha." "HEY! What the hell's your problem?"³ The laughing stopped. I looked up, unsure of what was happening. The voice was unfamiliar to me. I looked back and saw one of my classmates standing at my back, looking over my head to the group who were staring, equally unsure of what to expect. "What?" Gary asked, trying to sound assertive yet cautious at the same time. "So this is cool? Talking crap about someone who hasn't done anything to you?" He spoke calmly and powerfully, almost daring for Gary to say something stupid. He didn't. He grumbled and muttered a low "Whatever," shifting his attention back to his textbook. Kim, glowered at me, hissing as she too turned away. Onlookers returned to their own circle of friends, some nodding their heads appreciatively, others talking quietly, whispering "Daaamn," in awe over the situation's climax. I sat baffled, wide eyed and uncertain over what exactly occurred in those few seconds. I felt a hand on my shoulder, catching my attention. "You alright?" He asked tentatively "Yeah... thanks man." I managed to say, shock still evident on my face. He smiled and pivoted to the left, starting back to his desk. "No problem." He said, finding his seat and turning back to his group of peers to finish the assignment. I regained my composure and started back to the assignment, reading lazily for the rest of the period. The bell rang and everyone started filing out of the building, into the warming daylight. ~~~ Notes 1) I think he was fired, or he left: I didn't see him around the year after 2) not real names 3) I got the feels when remembering this part the FEELS
  10. Here is a poem I wrote (you can write one too if you want :3) As i stare into my own eyes, as i see the lake flowing by, I've mad a legend I shouldn't have, But it makes me happy in the end, I just gave myself a grinning friend
  11. Lets try and see how many poems we can make up about rocks. Rocks are cool, they do not float when you throw them in a pool,rocks make nice tools,rocks
  12. why do I exist? i am much different from my fellow human, so i must be here for some reason, right? my eyes bear hatred, but my heart shows love. my voice is deep and threatening, but i wish to have good intentions. This world rots one day at a time, And I am not talking about global warming. I am talking about the woman who killed three people for an Xbox One, and had no regrets. I am talking about the people who kill because of one's beliefs "But why should I care? It's not my problem" That is probably the biggest sign that our world is rotten already "Can I make a difference?" "What can one man do?" That is probably what you are thinking. One man can do allot. Some good, some bad Adolf Hitler, killed millions of Jews, gays, and anyone else who wasn't German. Martin Luther King Jr, freed African Americans and started a revolution. These are two of the many I can list who did great and terrible things in their lives. So next time you think, "What can I do?", think back to these two men. (I know, I know, it's bad and it probably sucks, but work with me, I'm only fourteen)
  13. A romantic poem i wrote after my boyfriend purposed to me at my first year of prom hope you guys like it I look into your eyes, as we sway from side to side. I don't recognize this feeling i'm feeling Is This love? You stare into my eyes You read me like an open book Is it true? Do I love you? You talk so sweetly, as my heart races. I lean in to kiss your soft, sweet lips. You smile and kiss me as if i was yours to start with. You smile once again. You stop swaying in front of me. I stare at you in amazement as you get down on your knee. You bring out a box, everyone around us stare as you open it. Everyone stares in Awe, A Diamond ring appears in front of my eyes I watch your lips "Will you marry me?" Tears in my eyes, i don't know what to do! Should i say yes? Should i say no? What should i say? I nod my head slowly, you get up and kiss me must i be this happy? yes! yes i must! "I Love You my darling" i hear you say Love in the air It overwhelms me My first year at prom and he Surprises me Love... A magical thing it is it is love that i am feeling now --EmmaForever--
  14. "The Charge of the Light Brigade" is a poem about the charge of British Calvalry during the Crimean War. The poem itself was written by Lord Alfred Tennyson (Who also wrote the poem 'Ullysses' also one you should look at). For English we had to pick a poem and describe it. I chose to poemception it (that is write a poem about a poem), here is what I wrote: "There is a battle afoot The horsemen rode forward The brigade is ordered out The 600 rode out Obeying foolish orders Their moment of triumph Their moment of death They obeyed their master's whim The Russians shot their guns The Calvalry charged faster as they rode across the open plain The horsemen fought sword to sword, sabre to sabre Brave men died as death overcame them The horsemen not knowing immortalized their name with a foolhardy charge." It's not very good, but I didn't tthink it was too bad for someone who doesn't write much poetry.
  15. A child's heart Again reborn going back to the start In the dark, Again alone Never to feel a spark A father's tounge I used to craddle Back when I was sane A sweet bond, A parents love Ruined by the stain "Nevermore" Said the Raven "Nevermore" Said the mind "Nevermore" Cried the heart As a child knocked on the door of an old friend Who opened their gate And greeted with love The child now broken
  16. These are all short poems, so I thought I'd post them together. also, most of my poetry that I've posted here has had similar structure, so I wanted to add a little variety. Learn about cinquain's here. Learn about haiku's here. Cinquains: "Winter" Silent I gaze out at The falling snow and rain Beyond the frosty windowpane. Winter. "Spring" Serene, The earth is green As plants begin to sprout While small creatures scurry about. Springtime. "Summer" (Yes, the last line is a reference to Phineas and Ferb) "School's out!" The children shout And run around and play It's time for us to seize the day. Summer. "Autumn" Now all Leaves gently fall, The air fills with a chill And all the schools begin to fill. Autumn. "Love" Love burns Like a wildfire Consuming lovers' hearts. Know beauty as great as the finest art And love. "A Crash" A crash Scent of sulfur The smell of gasoline The sight of glass mixed with my red blood I scream "Love II" Your breathe, Your soft heartbeat, Your skin's sweet, gentle warmth, Your lips, which taste of cinnamon, Are love. "Night II" The dark, Enchanting world; Then soft whispering grass, The crisp Autumn night air, surrounds My soul. "Luna II" Eerie White glow above, Sphere of the dark divine, Fills my cold heart with chilly joy. Luna. Haikus: "Feline Unfriendliness" A silly creature Hiss one moment, purr the next My cat confounds me "At Least it's not a Trochee" (I wrote this after writing a couple Shakespearean sonnets ) Kudos to Shakespeare. Iambic Pentameter Is quite difficult. "Meowsomnia" My cat meows loudly Now, that's a catastrophe! He keeps me awake. Comments are appreciated. I may add more of these shorter poems to this thread in the future, rather than making an entirely new one.
  17. I don't usually write poetry, I stick to lyrics most of the time, but last night I was walking home around 2 in the morning and there was almost no sound. It inspired me to write this on the way. Tell me what you guys think of it. It is a comforting night. Dark and comforting. The silence is neither brooding, nor eerie. Instead, it is a warm shroud around me. The deep, fleeting humming from distant cars looms in a far off place, seemingly miles from mine. If it were not for my footsteps, the silence would be nearly deafening. The whole city sleeps comfortably, and I feel isolated. Time seems to go by tenfold, for each time I consciously observe my whereabouts, I am a mile further down the path. My body is warmed by this comforting isolation, which makes the cold air sting that much more. The night is a warm cover with a subtle chill, reminding me of my susceptibility to the weather and conscious life. My fatigue is not met with drowsiness, rather, it is met with what seems to be a detachment from the sensory world. As I progress, the characteristics of the night consciously change, and I feel time start to slow to its normal speed as my inspiration to write this dwindles, and the final words are written. This feels like contentedness.
  18. Anybody who knows anything about me knows that i am obsessed with love poetry. I am creating this thread to discuss all poetic matters and to create a "hub" where some of the poets here on the forum can come and share ideas... or maybe ask for critiques of their poetry. Anything along those lines. lets get creative...
  19. We made this topic as a single Repository for all you poets out there and for all of you who are, like me, trying to better your art form. Please try to post what your inspirations or concerns are or where for your poem. We'll go first... _____________________________________________________________ We came up with this poem as a youtube post for this video While we listened to this song, we were inspired to write this poem and here it is... Whether Derpy Hooves or Ditzy Doo, every step brings something new... You bubbly mare of the pegasi, how we love to see you fly... Flying, flying ever so high, letting your wing tips graze the sky... And from the ground, we watch you soar, our hearts yearning to join you, evermore... But from the kindness, of your heart, from the sky, you then part... And as your hooves touch the ground, our hearts, once again, feel safe and sound. _____________________________________________________________ This poem was also a Youtube post, but for this video It wasn't as much the video that brought along this poem, as it was the bronies who calmly repelled all the hate posts that surfaced until all the haters had left. They were the ones who inspired this poem. Haters will hate, Lovers will love... Bronies united, fit like a glove... For the Knight of good, to fight his fight... To make the haters, all take flight... On their wings of rage, away they flee... Never looking, at you or me... On our wings of love, so high we'll fly... We'll look down at them, from the sky... And as they hang their heads, ever so low... We'll show them the love, that all bronies know... We'll show them the path, to find their mark... And watch as their friendship, makes "The Spark"... ============================================================================ Constructive criticism is always welcome If we don't know what we did wrong, we can't fix it So please help us out but letting us know what you think of our poetry
  20. Here are some funny pony poems I created Pinkie Pie Swear (The Extended Version Cross my heart and hope to fly Stick a cupcake in my eye Awesome swear by Pinkie Pie Almost broke by Fluttershy! Big Mac There's a pony named Big Mac With a workload on his back And if you ask to pet his little pup He always will say "Yup" Will update
  21. Okay, it really is no secret that I love poetry and love writing it even more. I have written several poems during my stay here on the forums and have heard several people say that they like / love my work. Now, I am offering a chance to any of you who do like my work. I ask that you take any poem of mine (found in octavia's hall under non pony art) and ask of me to explainits meaning. You see, some of the poems I have written have a very controversal apearance of meaning, or some have a meaning that is just hard to comprehend. So, if there is a poem that you would like for me to explain, then I will... perhaps I may even give backstory on it as well.
  22. It's poetry time muthabucka! I've lost touch with poetry, and this is the first time I ever put them on the internet...I'm kinda nervous... Freezer Burn By Me Loving you turned my heart cold. Ice water is running through my veins. It only warms with anger, And only softens with pain. Loving you turned my soul brittle That I turn my back on everyone. You caused nothing but anguish In this foolish love. Loving you turned my mind bitter, Cruel, heartless, and foul. In you presence I seem fine, But my mind howls At you, at me, At the mess I created How could someone I love Be someone I’m hating Loving you darkened my spirit. I am such a fool. To waste several months of my life Getting freezer burned by you.