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Found 395 results

  1. If so, what is it you write? Do you write Fan Fiction, Poetry, Memoirs...? If not, what's your favorite story? It can be can be Cupcakes for all I care. I'm not a writer, but seeing that a lot of people seem to put so much effort into their writing on this site.
  2. DuskSong

    [Poem] Wandering

    The moon rises, I'm growing to fear it Darkness serving as a reminder that I haven't escaped this pit Wondering how the flame that once burned bright is now barely lit Silence fills the empty space around me, I grow tired and my mind wanders Wandering... full of questions and regret and pain Didn't even notice my tears that began to rain down Can't even fake a smile, at this point- it's a permanent frown How did this happen? I used to be a king with a crown Now I've fallen and the world's laughing like I'm a clown How did I get here? I was happy and hopeful But now I break down at the thought of being social I fucking had it all It hurts to watch myself fall The world surely does bring you to your knees You feel immobile when pushed, like you didn't even feel a breeze Wasn't always like this, but now I'm grown In a world where you're expected to work through it all alone Falling behind, I think my gas tank needs a refill Just like my bottle of pills to satiate the mind of another who's mentally ill Sometimes it's the only saving grace when everything seems to be going downhill I wish I was normal, to lead a stable life Because my own mind is backstabbing me, and I'm the one holding the knife So I could leave my house without feeling like the world is crumbling down on me And stop feeling isolated as if I'm lost at sea A prisoner of my own mind and I want to be free It comes back to the question, how did I become this? I miss being younger, before I fell into this abyss Suddenly, ringing fills my head, the thoughts turn to static and I'm pulled out of my mind as the worries become erratic The night is growing darker and my head is left pondering I can't sleep with all these thoughts in my mind, wandering.
  3. Share some poetry. Pretty simple. This can be a quote, a link to a poem, or even something entirely original ¦D ________ "Deep into that darkness I stood peering — Long I stood there Wondering, fearing, doubting, Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before" ~ Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven ________ Best. Line. Ever. ¦)
  4. Hello fellow poetry writers and lovers! Tonight I have a challenge/game for you! Can you write a really bad poem? Whether is be crude, grammatically incorrect or just plain stupid, it counts! So, let me start. A Duse's Destiny! - PuddingPonyPal I love to poo It's a great thing to do Let it be shared Between me and you Hard Mountain - PuddingPonyPal To you I'd love to sock Directly in the c*ock You say it's like a rock But it's size I love to mock ... It's snowing on Mt. Fuji
  5. This is just a place to show some of my poetry I have been working on. Some have been modified from their original state to fit mlp, but I hope you can enjoy anyways! Also, if any poets or English majors out there see any errors in the form of my poem let me know! I can only produce better poetry if I know that something is out of place. Pindaric Ode (heptameter, end rhyme) Luna's Light (lunar light) Paint the forest of the night, Brush each leaf with Luna's light. Use each stroke to paint the rays, So you may light the pathways. Beyond the trunk of each tree, Look back a far to the sea. Imagine now a fair sight, The moons dance with glory bright. But alas she cannot stay, Dawn is nigh she must away. As she hides beyond the sea, Look look to the sun, look to she. Palindrome Through Time So through the waves of time I fly. It's a lonely roller coaster ride, By traveling alone. But let it be known, You are a joy to me! Through the signal I laugh. When I find myself, I get lost in your vortex, When I find myself. Through the signal I laugh. You are a joy to me! But let it be known, By traveling alone, It's a lonely roller roller coaster ride. So through the waves of time I fly. That's all I have for now. Hope you enjoyed!
  6. Mind giving me some feedback on this? I've been thinking about putting it to music. [PLEASE DO NOT COPY] The Girl 1. Once was a girl 2. With a bright personality. 3. She never meant to hurt 4. And despised brutality. 5. She was eager to help 6. And would ask to play with one other. 7. But when she fell, 8. The girl wasn't held by another. 9. Though her intention was good, 10. She came off as clumsy. 11. She never understood 12. What the problem might be. 13. As the girl got older, 14. Her conflict only grew. 15. "You're broken." They told her. 16. "The world's better off without you." 17. At the age of twelve, 18. Her communications were limited. 19. She'd talk to herself 20. And her nature grew timid. 21. All through middle school, 22. She was taught by a screen. 23. She was seen as a fool 24. The few times she had company. 25. When spending was at minimum 26. And her situation became fruitless, 27. She was thrown to the system 28. In hopes of cleaning her mess. 29. So now at age fourteen, 30. She was expected of more. 31. She knew nothing of scene 32. Or about this 'common core'. 33. No one would talk to her 34. Or stand within half a mile. 35. Though treated like an intruder, 36. She still wore her usual smile. 37. Like a broken record, 38. She'd sing without anyone to admire. 39. "I don't know where to go 40. Or who to be. 41. I wish someone 42. Or anyone would help me. 43. I feel empty inside.” 44. She would plea. 45. “No place to go hide. 46. This world has grown cold. 47. It's suffocating me." 48. She longed to break the mold 49. And needed to break free. 50. Day in and day out, 51. Her fate seemed evident. 52. She was cursed to roam about 53. Without anyone to her feeling significant. 54. She began to build a fortress 55. Out of fear for the demons she faced. 56. Depression became her mistress. 57. She pondered as she across the floor paced, 58. “This is all?” 59. Surely her life weighed more than this. 60. But the truth finally answered her call 61. When another girl offered a hand when she tripped. 62. Along with it, 63. This girl beamed a bright smile. 64. Taken back a bit, 65. She returned the grin with a hint of denial. 66. Little did they know, 67. These two would be inseparable. 68. Some say their friendship is just for show 69. It seems strange for a friendship to be so immeasurable. 70. The girl made more friends 71. Along the way. 72. Not to belittle those relations, 73. But the smiley girl mattered more than she could say. 74. She had replaced her prior feelings 75. She thought she so well knew 76. With a newfound joy. 77. She felt so at ease around these few. 78. Her previous darkness was but her demon’s lost ploy. 79. Instead of murmuring 80. With words of depression, 81. Her voice is now elevating 82. And singing proudly her tale of revelation. 83. “No longer, 84. I won't be held down. 85. Or defined by another.” 86. She sang whether it rained or wind blew. 87. “I'm tired of crying 88. In a corner somewhere. 89. I'd rather be out smiling 90. With people who care. 91. These hard hearted people 92. Can yell all they want. 93. That doesn't mean it gives me a cripple 94. Or I care about their thought.” 95. This whole life of her’s, 96. She didn’t know why she had so much trouble. 97. But after telling her of these disorders, 98. At least she could to lessen the struggle. 99. “Yeah I'm broken. 100. So what? 101. It's my problem. 102. Your point was? 103. If my flaws annoy you that much, 104. Why don't you go look in the mirror for once. 105. There's not one definition of perfect. 106. There's not one word for me. 107. I'd rather be a clipped bird 108. And continue to sing. 109. Than be a beautiful butterfly 110. That'll be forgotten in a week. 111. It won't matter what I wore 112. 10 years from now. 113. But I'll stay torn 114. If I blindly wander around. 115. With no opinion of myself 116. Besides the lies you've told my head? 117. As if I'd leave my feelings on a shelf 118. And take your word instead. 119. Sorry little miss. 120. Guess I'm not as weak as you thought. 121. You've shown me my feelings don’t deserve a dismiss 122. And why you shouldn't tease and cause distraught.” 123. These lessons she’s learned 124. Will give her strength every day. 125. She’s met people who’ll be concerned 126. And pick her up when she feels dismay. 127. It’s now been a year 128. Since the girl was brought into this environment. 129. She’s matured greatly here 130. Despite her rough settlement. 131. Without these few youth 132. She’s met in this place, 133. She may have stayed aloof 134. With a fake smile upon her face. 135. As time has passed, 136. The world continues to spin. 137. Just as hurtful comments do not last 138. Against a sincere and joyful grin. 139. Though the girl still faces daily problems, 140. It’s much easier to deal. 141. She will achieve excellence 142. If these people continue to help in ordeal. 143. The story doesn’t end right away 144. For it has only just begun. 145. Even to this day, 146. This girl still sings of past transgression. 147. She’s helped many without personally knowing them 148. With her tale of victory. 149. But she cannot irradiate the problem. 150. Her actions will not be enough only. 151. It will take the everyday person 152. To change this society. 153. Not with large scale projects to immerse in. 154. But with average people like you and me.
  7. This is another of my attempts at poetry. It went with a digital painting which I can share if you're interested. But here goes. This one is about how we change in our lives, grow apart from close friends, sometimes becoming less close. The unpredictable tides of life, and our struggle to fight for positivity in the face of negative odds over the brink of every wave on this voyage. ------------------------------------------------- Welcome, my friend, to the ocean of chaos. Where dreams shatter and are born Where visions are vivid and fleeting. It is a scary place indeed And yet so empowering. I'd never intended for you to find me here Here in this state of being And I won't blame you for turning away, old friend For I am not who you once knew I cannot blame you for your changing view Things seldom stay the same out here In the bitter rain, and howling winds Upon the seas of chaos And once again, I bid thee fair well Though the skies are always changing Through thunder crack and lightning strike I send my warmest regards.
  8. I was sitting one night, and found myself in a writing mood. Haven't done much in a long time, but here's one about light. Ageless it stirs, timeless it moves, lifeless it thrives. Within the emptiness between all things. Without form or face, mind or body. It sees all things. In absence we are blind, in abundance we are blind. Without it we are lost Within it we are found. Let there be light, let the shadows dance.
  9. I did a search and can't believe we have no threads on general poetry here (unless the search function totally hates me and actually has it buried somewhere else, if so I am quite embarrassed and humbly apologize. I also saw there is a written works section but it seems to mostly be only for MLP stuff alone so I left it be). I love general poetry threads and reading through them and contemplating their meanings. As creative as our member base is, I find that rather shocking and somewhat depressing to be honest. I find poetry fascinating (even the bad ones) and love to rattle them off for my own delight and to others annoyance. As much as I love good stories and reading.. I find poetry to be a simple, expressive and very often inspiring alternative to them. Honestly i don't think i am any good at it... but I enjoy it all the same and hope you will as well. I really hope others will share their works and ideas as well. They do not even have to be pony related. So without further adieu... something basic to start it all off. I consider all poetry a form of storytelling or perhaps story conceptualizing at least... ~Storyteller~ Everyone needs a storyteller, to tell them of faraway lands, about monsters hiding in the attic, or wizards with wondrous hands Of adventures in old Camelot where Kings and Queens did roam and ladies lurked in regal lakes and swords were pulled from stone And yarns with witches stirring brews or nights of vampires free to dwell or even places best left untold like Dante's basket trip to Hell Or trips below our Mother Earth to it's rocky hollow core where reptile men and giant bugs prepare for all out war Or tales told of the raging sea where Poseidon claims his crown and pirates plunder passing ships sending scallywags off to drown Or maybe you prefer fairy-tales where everyone seems to smile turn the pages further back and you'll find the tales quite vile For every tale there is to tell no matter the subject's age all will gather around quite close As I turn the page.
  10. lost in space and time black abyss, darkness abound is this place called my mind i will now tell you what ive found here and there, apear to be diffent aspects of people near i cannot choose who i see or listen to who i want to hear collected and twisted people within me become all together, if you missed it mergeing into one would this make me not me? would i be legion? should i speak as "we"? or am i just a peon never the less i have to say that i am me forever more even if sanity is the price to pay i have lost the key to that door but where the box is gone everything is endless hope and love go on evil can not end this and now i must say before ending this riddle of fun spread your wings and soar untill you are finaly done
  11. In "Too Many Pinkie Pies," Pinkie feels there are not enough Pinkie Pies to go around, and so she clones herself. In order to do so, she visits a mystical pond known as the Mirror Pool, and recites a poem that ends in something along the lines of "I won't be scared at the idea of being doubly mared." A mare is a female horse, a male is a stallion. Pinkie Pie is a mare, but what if a stallion wanted to clone himself. Would he have to say "doubly stallioned."? This may not work very well, because "stallioned" doesn't scan in terms of poetry, and it doesn't, by any stretch of the imagination, rhyme with "scared". Is it possible the Mirror Pool only works on mares, and if so, why? What do you guys think?
  12. Hello everybody! I've decided to share with you my poetry written by me some time ago. I am still not a pro when it comes to English, but I enjoy writing in this language. I come from Poland, so there are some errors that I don't know about. But I hope you will enjoy this anyway. WARNING: The first poem contains strong language. Just wanna say it before you read it as these 2 word or 3 I don't remember might actually make somebody uncomfortable. CHECK IT OUT YO!
  13. I'm not very big on poetry, but I have to do some for school, so I figured I'd stick a poem I wrote here. If you guys want more, I'll throw out more. Weight There's a weight on my back. Not the burden of sins, Or some great responsibility. Just a large black bag Filled with books and paper.
  14. Hello Everyone, I was hoping that some of you guys can come and check out my channel. Even so I feel like everything looks bad, it's a start. Here I have an intro to my channel for you guys to check out So if you want to subscribe do so. I promise to not let you guys down.
  15. So I wrote this short little poem here back in 2014 and I was curious what people here would think. Rain I watch her fall, Fall from the heavens to the earth below. wielding the sort of grace and beauty only nature seems to have. I can't help but smile, smile as her many fingers strike the earth In an almost endless downpour. While others may flee into their homes when she is near, or else seek cover, I let her cold embrace wash over me, and pull me into the sort of peace that only the dead may know. She is as old as the earth, and as beautiful as a child, Her name is rain. Not the greatest poem ever of course, but still something that I almost vaguely feel kind of proud of. In any case, please critique to your heart's desire and have a wonderful day/night. Peace and cupcakes, Pyrin
  16. Love is a burning flame Which keeps us safe To bring in the warmth There are hardships to face When the flame is small It is easy to cease But as the flame grows It's strength will increase If you keep the flame burning It will continue to grow strong The flame will keep you warm And your love will last long I don't write poems.
  17. Put your poems below for critiquing/feedback/advice etc.
  18. Ponies and haikus can be quite fun, don't you know? Please post yours below
  19. So i know there is a few great writers here on the forums and i think if your willing to then show me what you got. I am putting together a project for school and i need a few examples of poetry and im looking fospr stuff thats really deep and has a good message appropriate for kids. If you are not ok with me using your poem please say so. Ill ask you anyways but just to be sure tell me if you dont want your ideas stolen. Thanks brohhoof /) (\
  20. The Dragon Queen And so I stand here, now I stare At the beauty before me, the dragon queen fair Her scales shine iridescent, with the smallest of light Eyes swirl with emotion, and shine so bright. She spreads out her wings, blots out the sun Her majesty revealed, me it does stun She takes to the air, as I feel worthless But I am filled with a brand new purpose. I shall search the land, I now declare Until I find my queen's own lair And I shall enter, my life on the edge To serve my queen, my life to pledge.
  21. This thread is about poetry and free verse so that others may enjoy or give tips on how to make it better. I like free verse poetry the most, and i would like to think i am pretty good at it soo here is one of mine. Mirriors- As i look into the mirrior, the pain becomes clearer as the days come to pass , but as my thoughts and dreams fade away, a voice calls out from the fray, all i can hear is that fear of being forgotten call out of my head, but i soon start to question the manner of direction of that path i decided to walk, i look at my follies, the pain and the worries that i've wrought, the reflection in the mirror which holds a face that is no longer that of my own, it stares back at me looking quite hungry for the blood that has begun to stain my hands, for no other would have chosen this path with all the crimes i've commited, the guilt i aquitted follows me wherever i go, until one day the weight that is my blame becomes to much to bear, i look into the mirror, the beast is ever more clearer than the day before,but what was once evil now looks like a man much to tired to fight, i looked up to god and asked his forgiveness, but there was none to be had, i lay there weeping until the day that death knocked upon my door, and with one last look into that mirror i knew the time of judgment had come at last.
  22. So hey. I wrote a poem. Thoughts? I look down at him He stares back up at me Silent Still Blank Empty I wait for him to make a move I wait Wait He waits for me, too Waves pass between us Rise and fall Ebb and flow The murky water hiding what lies below We hold each others gaze Watching Waiting As the flowing water Carries us away As I stare He stares back Just outside my reach A breath beyond my grasp My oldest friend We're never apart Yet never quite together I reach for him He reaches back But never can we touch, The rippling waves Our soft but rigid veil I turn He turns too As I walk away He's gone Until next I pay a visit To my shadow on the pond
  23. Hi my name is Dark Fang I enjoy writing stories and poetry I mainly like to write dark or sad stories this is a short sad one called "Memories..." I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it let me know what you thought of it your feedback is very important to me and if you haven't already be sure to check out my other story "Mirror..." ok enough talking lets get into the story enjoy Memories... His beard grows bushy and face gone pale, he looks outside all he sees is the hail. It rains heavy both day and night, his body grows weary unable to fight. He wishes it was him that was taken that day, with life comes death a price we must pay. He looks at the picture of the one that he loves, so soft, gentle and as delicate as a dove. So he cries and cries he hurts so bad, the picture is of a girl who once called him dad...
  24. "Ghost of Gallifrey" By Daniel Jones Two people that coexist A man who is fiction and a boy who is real But peel away the boy's introverted exterior And a similar story is revealed A story of losing those who are close Coincidentally identical ways Though the Time Lord can travel to distant worlds The Human is trapped on the earth each day Regeneration, with a different meaning A change of body versus a change of channel Each one ends with a loss of confidence and hope Often too much for either to handle What can be done to change their fate? Can any solution be stumbled upon? There's no way to tell if or when it will come For now both the Human and the Time Lord must try to move on ----- A little poem I decided to randomly write. I don't often use this form of writing to vent, but I like how it turned out. Don't know if it's good, the rhymes are kind of "near rhymes", but there it is. Either way I'm pretty happy with it
  25. So, recently, I have been enrolled in a creative writing class. Its been a dream come true for me, I've always wanted to take one but never been able to until now. In class, we have gotten to the poetry section. We've gone through certain poemn types like villanelle and others, which I had a difficult time with. But now, we've gotten to the ballad poem, which I'm enjoying immensely. I've written one, which I'm to turn in, and I would like opinions on it. It is due tomorrow evenine, so I may not be able to make too many changes based on observations here before then, but I would love your feedback. Now, as a warning, there are a couple words here that people might not like, so I'll just throw that out there now and get it out of the way. And I know the third stanza doesn't exactly rhyme, but I couldn't think of anything better to put there. So, without further ado, here we go. So, id love to hear what you guys think, and I apologize about the word choice in the sixth stanza there, I just wanted to get a point across.