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Found 365 results

  1. Simple as the title says. What Pokemon is the user above you? Base it on personality, looks, how they present themselves, etc. Example: Hey, MLPForums, I think you're most like Arceus because you're godly and all knowing and are the reason we're all here.
  2. Welcome, Everypony, to the Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza! September 7th - September 30th Artwork by fuutachimaru Hello, everypony, Discord here with further shenanigans for the masses to enjoy~ How is everypony enjoying @Rarity's little fashion week thus far? If you haven't seen it yet, check behind the curtain to find out all about it, as well as other official forum events. There's trivia, polls, dresses to create and gems nearly as beautiful as my face for you all to collect. Fashion Week got me thinking - and I mean some truly, truly deep thinking - the kind of thinking I only get done in my Thinking Tree kind of thinking. I was thinking and I said to myself, I said - 'Discord, there are many other ways to express your interests besides the clothes you wear, yes? Yes, most definitely, Discord, you're such a genius. Oh why thank you, how kind of you to notice! What were you thinking of, Discord, you sly old fox? Well I'm so glad you asked. Why not have the users of our forum wear something else to express a common interest? Why not avatars? And why not...Pokemon?' You see in my expert opinion, Pokemon, like ponies, is a wide and common fandom on the grand old internet. And so, for the entire month of September, this topic will remain pinned in our Forum Lounge, encouraging any and all users to pick a favorite Pokemon of theirs and use it as their avatar! There is, however, a catch. No duplicates! The Rundown: * Make a comment with the name and picture of the Pokemon you wish to use as your avatar. Your posted image does not have to be the avatar you end up using, it's a visual reference for those scrolling through the thread, in case the OP hasn't been updated yet. Your name will be added to the list along with the name of your chosen Pokemon. * Once you've claimed a Pokemon, no one else may officially submit their participation as that same Pokemon. However, there can be one shiny and one non-shiny variant for each Pokemon, as long as the color palette is an obvious difference. If TwibobSparkpants123 wished to be Charizard, then AwesomeBoi42 would be allowed to be Shiny Charizard, for example. Alolan variants of Kanto Pokemon also count as separate entries. * You can move on from the event at any time. When you are done with the event and wish to move on, make another comment saying so, and you shall be removed from the list. Keep in mind that once you bow out of the event, the Pokemon you claimed will be open again for other people to take. * Try not to switch Pokemon after having claimed one, unless it's to grab something that just opened up, that you really want. If everyone changes thier entry constantly this thread will descend into chaos! As fun as that'd be, the boys in blue tell me unfiltered chaos is a no-go. At the bottom of this nonsensical rant is a list of all users officially submitted to this thread's reservoir of participating members. My dear friend @~C. Discord~ will be assisting me in running this thread, and should any other wayward staff find themselves up in the clouds with us, then they too are welcome to help out~ Some Pokemon Threads for your Influenced Suggestion: Official List of Participating Users *Most Definetly Not @Passion*: Poke'on, everypony~ Art by MistyEDash
  3. So since Pokemon Black2 & White2 are coming out very soon in North America. I'm curious to ask which Pokemon game is your favorite, also to add which Pokemon is your favorite. I'v played every game at some point or another, but for me i'd say Diamond & Pearl were my personal favorite, the storyline and game was just so different it was awesome. I also always have a hard time choosing my favorite Pokemon.. it's always between Chansey, Scizor, and Darkrai! What say you everypony?
  4. Ex. I say Talonflame Next poster says Swampert Next poster says Ivysaur Etc. Doesn't matter if it's the Pokémon's primary or secondary typing, as long as one type is super effective against the previous Pokémon's type(s). Ready? I'll start. Chatot
  5. Which legendary Pokemon are your favorite? My favorites: - Articuno - Lugia - Entei - Latios - Groudon - Rayquaza - Dialga - Zekrom - Xerneas New legendary for Pokemon Sun:
  6. As I'm going through my new version of Moon, I started wondering if anyone else got as heavily emotionally invested in Pokemon as I have & do. Heh, gotten to a point where each of them have their own personalities and minor backstories to them. Do any of you have Pokemon teams you still fondly remember? From several different games, here are the teams of one Glitch Ohms, A.K.A "Widdershins": From Black version we have Team Oblivious: Schmo & Slomo, the Slo silbings. A male Slowbro & a female Slowking. One being the dim-witted but laid back surfer dude type, and his sister a hyper intelligent, but adorably shy worrywart. Misery, a brawler, a female Zweillious, and an all-out abusive Tsundere Pain, a male Hydreigon and, unusual for his species, the calmest & most level-headed of the group (and also the reluctant love interest between Slomo & Misery) Hunter, the shiny male Dodrio. Athletic but a massive troll & jerk. And Hodgepodge the nerdy & paranoid Girafarig From the Kalos region we had Team Hope: Lead by Spark the Delphox, self-appointed leader and obscenely vain and the clear spoiled favorite of his trainer. Speaks fluent english due to his psychic typing and likes to sip tea as posh as possible. Bastet the female pyroar. Blatant carnivore, keeps mistaking opponents & even her trainer as meat. Tantrum the Tyrantum. A big softy & a gentle giant, but never grew into his evolved size. Which makes feeding time a frightening prospect as his mouth is bigger than his trainer's body & he's never been that good at aiming. Gyro the Heliolisk, spastic, twitchy, and greatly impatient. Yami the Mawile. Knows she's cute, but keeps a flat affect and emotions. Is the "straight man" of the team. Though she has caught on to more then half the teams hobbies of using their trainer as a chew toy, but don't worry, he's quickly learned to have tougher skin and a faster sprinting speed. And finally, last and smallest! Squee the Pumpkaboo! Small & impish for her size and an excellent pickpocket! And now, he's come to the Alolalalugh Region!(I'll never be able to pronounce that...)Team Triangle: Popi the Brionne! Reserved but energetic & loves to put on a show. Can often be found hanging off the back of her trainers neck like a frilly & wiggly little backpack. Eclipse the Rockruff. She's competitive & defensive and tends to get jealous easily of the other teammates. Clod Hopper the Mudbray. Largest of the team & laid back, and a stoic colt to the point of being an impenetrable blockhead. Bouncee the Bounsweet (or whatever their line is called) Friendly and as showy as Popi, but can be a snotty little diva should the others tease her too much. Bweh the Salazz* Antagonistic, venomous & an absolute maneater. (Metaphorically of course) And Du'wah Da Beah* Spine-snappingly friendly, but a big, pink, outgoing oaf of a lunk of a goon. May eventually make a B team too, because I'm just enjoying this generation far too much! *Have not actually caught yet. Just so excited I already have them planned out!
  7. So, with Pokemon Sun & Moon heading towards us, I'm personally looking forward to another wonderful soundtrack from the games. I don't think there's ever been a Pokemon entry where I have felt dissatisfied with the musical score, Junichi Masuda does an amazing job and I have little reason to fear that won't be the case here. So with that said, what are some of your favorite music tracks from the games? Doesn't necessarily have to be from the main series either, the spin-offs have their share of it too. One I've been listening to recently is the Cipher Peon Battle from Colosseum. Might be a synthesizer, but I still love that guitar riff.
  8. I'm talking metagaming. Do you do it? I don't particularly like the idea of metagaming, since I feel like its taking advantage of out-of-character knowledge--namely EVs, IVs, and breeding. I feel like it kind of takes the fun out of the game, too, if everyone has the same, perfect team. I've never played against anyone online for this reason, and because I'm afraid it'd just be a waste of time. I have a style of playing, and I don't think I'd stand a chance against graduates from Smogon academy. I'd like to know what you guys think, though. Am I in the minority here? Or do you agree with me? What's your opinion on meta-gaming in general?
  9. Odd title ahoy, BUT, this is something I have been wondering lately. I was playing Pokemon Yellow recently and I was going through the different Mons of the Poke in my Pokedex, listening to the various cries. It is rather cool hearing that strange, electronic sound and the different variations that they made. Yeah, I am talking about the actual in-game cries. Makes me wonder, what are YOUR favorite cries out of all of them in the Pokemon games? There are hundreds to choose from, so this will be neat to see. I can't exactly pick a favorite right now, but I have always been particularly fond of the cry from Steelix.
  10. ThatOneComrade

    Comrade's Commissions [CLOSED]

    Welcome, friends! Here in my shop I strive to provide each and every customer with art compatible to the best of my abilities. Please consider providing a reference so I may do so. Should it be requested, I can also provide Pokemon art. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or specific requests. As prices are listed in accordance to USD, use convert them to your national currency if need be. I look forward to working with you! My shop: I also provide bonus offers for those who purchase any of the above!
  11. Not much was done in terms of progress this week since I took about 5 days off to basically see all my friends one last time at the local convention MegaCon before swearing to lock myself away until BGP's completion. In place of that there is tons of Pokemon news. A fan game was released and a bunch of new spinoffs were announced so there's lots of interesting things to reflect on and talk about on this week's blog.Read up on it here!
  12. This Thread is for all my non-MLP art work! Mostly furry art, personal work, fanart, and commissions! I won't upload EVERYTHING but I'll update this on occasion! you can view my full Gallery here: (commission for Bugscrap) ( Commission for infernalpume )
  13. Here are a few of my pieces as I have had more practice and everything gets better over time! Ninetales Wile E Coyote My OC Kitsune, first real anthro sketch of her. I do not like the hair. Please just pretend you don't see the hair. My OC Kitsune, a MUCH better sketch with MUCH better hair.
  14. yes this is the Oshawott that i did in 2012. and if you do not like then i understand is bad and i feel bad about it. but if you like it.then that make me feel a little better.
  15. Menus, menus, menus... Looking fresh though. Still going through the process of making sure all the interfaces work and feel better than ever before. Cleaner sprites, dynamic sizing and positioning for every possible device, and helpful new tools like scrollviews and shaders to add some extra polish. Plus, it all runs 40 times smoother now since it gets compressed to one draw call at runtime, meaning no more horrendous lag just from opening a menu! Read More:
  16. Release feels so close. It's like the pieces are all in my lap and I just have to follow the instructions to put them together. The final version of Battle Gem Ponies is so clear in my head now that I'm fanboying over it sometimes. In the last 7 days I charted out exactly how all 360 battle moves will look, I recreated every menu, rebalanced the battle system, came up with catchier names for things, sorted out details for a DLC & multiplatform launch plan, and closely studied just about everything that makes the games that inspired this one so great. To keep track of things I made a week-by-week breakdown of the rest of BGP's development. Counting down what's left to do to get the game to a launchable state. If you wanna find out what the Yotes Games Wednesday Milestones are, look at the list on this week's new devblog!
  17. I was inspired by the What Pokemon is the User Above You to make this game. Choose any character you like, Equestrian, fictional or real and turn them into a Pokemon. Give them a type(s), abilities and a description and whatever else you like. Bonus if you submit a drawing. I’ll start off. Fluttershy for me would be a Fairy/Flying type since she’s a pegasus and she is very kind, caring, and has shown an ability to pacify Dragons. She would also have a Serene Grace ability. I’d probably give her a high HP and Special Defense too.
  18. It's been forever since I posted again and I want a different title to my thread than "Art Dump".
  19. Randomly decided to make the mashup for this. Enjoy! Sheet Music: MIDI File:
  20. The title says it all, out of all of the 700+ pokemon we have, which is your absolute favorite? Mine's extremely obvious!
  21. If you could choose any non legendary pokemon for a starter, what would you pick? I recommend keeping your pick to ones that evolve and could realistically be starters (Ralts, Eevee), so that you can start with a weaker one and have it grow with you while you travel. However, that isn't necessary if you really like Mawile and Basculin.For me, I'd pick Tynamo. Yes, it looks freaking tiny but Eelektross has an amazing movepool with no weaknesses with Levitate.
  22. That's waaaaaay too much free time on my hands, I'll tell you that. --- Hi. So yeah, I finally did it... I caught 'em all... And when I say "all", I mean just the original 150 ones. Honest to God, I wouldn't even dare to try and catch all of the recent Pokémon (what are they, like, 800+ now? I don't even know, dude). Basically, I've taken upon myself the "challenge", as one could say, of playing through the first Generation of the Pokémon games and actually capturing every single pocket monster possible. I used an emulator on the computer to do that: the Visual Boy Advanced, I think it's one of the most famous GBA emulators out there. And, I played through the FireRed & LeafGreen games. Which are technically Generation III, but more into that later. Here's what a month's worth of progress resulted in: Aside from the obvious fact that I was using an emulator to do that as previously stated, I actually didn't make use of any sort of hack, GameShark codes, or anything of the sorts. Each of the Pokémon, I manually searched for and caught in a legal manner, per say. I used the two games - FireRed and LeafGreen - to trade with myself some of the trade-only evolutions and exclusive version Pokémon as well. But that was pretty much it. This is technically Gen III, so all of the Pokémon from the Gold & Silver and Ruby & Sapphire games are there, but I didn't bother with them. I just aimed at the original 150 ones. Yes, the original 150 ones. There were only a hundred and fifty original Pokémon. I don't know any "Mew", do you know any "Mew"? Never heard of it. Yup. Only 150. Yessir. And at the end of the day, I gained absolutely nothing from performing this tiresome task. Except for some sweet, sweet bragging rights, which is really all I aimed for. --- All jokes aside, though, this was only a nifty way I found to kill the time. It's also been one of my childhood dreams, and I never actually got around to do it. I know it won't amount to anything in my life except for a ton of precious time wasted, but it's one of those "useless life achievements" that sound pretty cool to me. I also streamed a portion of this journey of mine to some of my close friends and we had some fun together. So yeah... Cool beans.
  23. You can't make this up. South Korean Police uncovered $6.27 billion worth of counterfeit Pokemon merch that was set to be distributed to claw grab machines across the country. Don't believe me?
  24. Pewter Gym Leader: Cerulean Gym Leader: Vermilion Gym Leader: Celadon Gym Leader: Fuchsia Gym Leader: Saffron Gym Leader: Cinnabar Gym Leader: Viridian Gym Leader: Elite Four: Elite Four: Elite Four: Elite Four: Champion: If you want to include more users, feel free to also make Johto/Sinnoh/Hoenn/Unova I'm going by senority/position/post count Pewter Gym Leader: Tom the Diamond (fitting since he's actually a boulder and would be the easiest to beat) Cerulean Gym Leader: Jokuc Vermilion Gym Leader: Nico Celadon Gym Leader: Ezynell Fuchsia Gym Leader: Shankveld Saffron Gym Leader: Lady Rarity Pony Cinnabar Gym Leader: Doctor XFizzle Viridian Gym Leader: Finest Elite Four: Apple Bloom Elite Four: Arylett Elite Four: Swoop Elite Four: Zoop Champion: Feld0