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Found 66 results

  1. Welcome, my ponies. Three years it's been, and yet, here you post before me, as though it were only yesterday. We are all of us going through a turbulent time, these days. The current pandemic is of a scale not seen since the times of WWI, one hundred years ago, and it continues to sweep the planet. The stress it has brought all of humanity has acted as a catalyst for civil and political unrest across all spectrums and definitions, all of which we, simple pony-loving lasses and lads, are subjected to by the media ad nauseum. For most folks who at all keep up with social media on the regular, it can feel very inescapable at times, bringing about drama and stress in places they'd rather be free of such things. Get on with it, ya daft chimera! ~ @Dark Horse, probably It's been brought to the staff's attention that pockets of politics and alike topics have been cropping up in blogs, status updates and other locations around the forums as of late. Repetition of this has lead to complaints, even the unfortunate leave of members over a lack of interest in dealing with said politics and drama. And so, here we are. I'd like to make two points very clear. Though not toxic in all forms of discussion, topics like politics, religion, etc are well-known for their uncanny ability to spark drama, arguments and stress. Even more so, given the current global climate. It is understandable that some folks seek to alleviate their own stress over said topics by publicly venting about it on their local pony forum, but not doing so with tact will do more harm than good, because I'd wager an even larger amount of people are browsing a pony forum to get away from the trials and tribulations that come with everyday life. And so, I'd like to bring attention to the Debate Symposium. Long ago this unsightly little place was torn from the earth and molded into being for the express purpose of housing such topics. This is where these topics need to stay, for the sake of everyone's mental health. The human mind can only put up with so many existential crises per day. Ask someone who has an anxiety disorder, like yours truly. But Discord, reading is hard! Fret not, little peach. *ahem*. Please refrain from talking about politics, religion and other highly sensitive topics in blogs, status updates or topics that are not located inside the Debate Symposium. Doing so defeats the entire purpose of the subforum, and tends to needlessly agitate ponies all around the site. This will be added to the Global Rules henceforth, so that there shall be no confusion or overlooking, in the future. We are human beings. It is sometimes inevitable to bring some human drama with us wherever we go, even to such a pure thing as a pony site. But please, for everyone's sake, let's keep MLPF a friendly getaway for those who are here to unwind and relax. Keep Calm and Pony On, Everypony~
  2. Where do you stand in life? Personally, this is my score: I think it's a little far on the left, but otherwise pretty accurate. I'm a Christian fundamentalist but I am economically closer to a neoliberal like Barack Obama. I don't think this belongs in the political section because this is it identification and not discussion. I could be wrong though :/
  3. It seems North Korea keeps moving towards an all out war; with all the attention the media in the United States is giving North Korea, what are your thoughts on the current global situation?
  4. With election day in America almost upon us, I'm curious as to how many people are actually going to be casting votes this year. Are you a registered voter? Are you too young to vote? Are you disillusioned about American politics in general and couldn't care less about who wins? Let us know in the comments below.
  5. The user base on this forum seems to be further right than I originally expected, but I was curious how representative of the general base the comments I've seen are. Personally, I consider myself to be slightly left of the Democrats.
  6. As a democrat, how do you feel about republicans and vice versa? that is, what is your general impression of the other parties goals and character? Some people plead for unity, insisting that we shouldn't be "divided"- Lincoln did say "A house divided against itself cannot stand" but is there any basis in reality for thinking that we could ever truly work and function together?
  7. Based on politics as a brony do you lean more left or right?
  8. What is your political stance? XD Right-leaning, or left-leaning?
  9. I no longer like to identify as any part of the political spectrum, mostly because I believe that identity politics is utterly toxic tribalism that prevents us from talking honestly about issues, but also because I'm finding it increasingly difficult to see anywhere on the spectrum that's a comfortable fit. My views haven't changed much in the last decade, but the political sides sure have. For my whole life, I have considered myself left/liberal, and I still have what I would describe as "classically liberal" views. For my whole life, I have also been under a grave misapprehension, which is why I wanted to write this post. I want to speak directly to all conservatives/anyone who considers themselves right of center. For most of my life, I have been under the impression that conservatives are, for the most part, all backwards, bigoted, racist, sexist, gay-hating religious maniacs, and that this is more or less the definition of conservatism. This is obviously false. It's only in the last year or so that I started to look, listen, escape my echo chamber, and realize my mistake. I've read and listened to the opinions of many conservatives whom I was pleasantly surprised to find are very open-minded, rational, compassionate people. Some even share many of my views, and it surprised me when they said they identify as conservative. It made me stop and say, "Wait a minute....but those views you have sound like classically liberal views!" Most conservatives are just normal, nice, decent people who don't want to stomp on other's rights. Likewise, most liberals can be described exactly the same way. I have always considered myself a liberal, but I am absolutely not one of these trigger-warning, free speech stifling, offensive word banning, college speaker de-platforming, SJW snowflakes. Don't make the mistake of thinking that that's how all liberals are. Both sides seem to see only the worst of the other. In one corner the liberals say, "Yer all a bunch of bigots," and in the other corner, the conservatives say, "Yer all a bunch of delusional nutjobs." Neither is true. These extremes are just fringe minorities that are not representative of most people. I believe that the percentage of leftists that are extreme, free speech stifling SJWs is about the same percentage of rightists that are truly racist, sexist, hateful bigots. Please remember that these are just tiny, yet disproportionately noisy, minorities. Conservatives are not all my enemies, and liberals are not all your enemies. If we drop the labels and listen to each other, we might find allies in unexpected places. Of course, I feel like I'm probably preaching to the choir in here, as I've always been extremely impressed with the maturity and decency of this community (at least what I've seen of it.) My words probably aren't needed in here. They're needed out there. Like....y'know....on the Twitters or the Youtubes....but I don't feel like being chased down the street by a mod with torches and I hide in here. :/ It's better than nothing. Better than not speaking up at all, I guess. Thanks for reading. Have a ponirific day.
  10. Trump recently attended some type of voter summit where he belted out to a crowd of adoring fans about how he would restore Christian values to a nation that had lost its religious roots. Allowing companies to deny women birth control on the basis of religion was just the beginning. Every day that I wake up, it's some new unspeakable horror. Most days, I wish I didn't wake up. Yes, this blog entry will be provocative and probably offensive to some, if you haven't figured that out. I can't pull any punches today. The fact is that losing our religious roots is the only way that we have made any progress. Outgrowing our attachment to divisive, irrational, superstitious dogma is how we move forward, improve our world, grow out of the infancy of our species, and become adults. And yet, fans cheered with joy as Trump touted about rolling America back to a more traditional and religious time. He said, (paraphrasing) "My, how the times have changed, but mark my words, they are changing back." The actual quote was something extremely close to that. Trivially different. That's the sentiment he conveyed. Trump's vision is bad enough, but the cheers from his fans is what upsets me the most. It fills me with a horror so dark, black, and unspeakable that I sometimes I feel like my heart is literally going to cave in from despair. Knowing that, most likely, the next ~7 years will spent watching my culture crumble and eat itself makes me wish I was dead. Yes indeed, our country has drifted too far from its religious roots. We have drifted too far from burning witches and heretics. We have drifted too far into the realms of reason, rationality, sanity, compassion, knowledge, science, truth, fact, tolerance, and equal protection under the law. No sir, we cannot have any of that. We must return to a dark age when god's law was THE law, and if your beliefs differed from those in power, then it's a fiery death for you. We must return to a time when the Earth was flat and the sun revolved around us, as it should. Letting companies discriminate on the basis of religion is a good start, but certainly not enough to meet our goal of returning us to circa 1314. We must outlaw gay marriage, and interracial marriage to boot. We must then teach pseudo-science in school. All public schools must have a creation class, followed by bible studies, prayer, and alchemy. We'll want to destroy most modern medicine, as god never intended for us to play him with our bodies in this way. We must get rid our doctors, surgeons, and therapists and bring in priests to perform exorcisms on children with schizophrenia. We must roll back women's suffrage--after all, what good has a woman ever done in this world? Oh, but that's still not enough, is it? No. We'll need to reinstate slavery as well in our quest to make a world worth living in. Above all, we must roll back our world to a time when gods came down out of the sky and flooded the earth and performed miracles, because that time was far more interesting, romantic, and exciting than the boring world of today when all we can do is make self-driving cars, look at the microwave background radiation of the big bang, and move silly carbon monoxide molecules around to make a stop-motion movie with atoms that can only be seen under an electron microscope. I apologize profusely for the exaggerated sarcasm. I realize that that last paragraph probably went too far, and was offensive, but my gut-wrenching despair is often too much to bear, and it helps to vent honestly. I'm sorry. Please understand a couple of things: first, I am in favor of reason, rationality, secularism, and equal protection under the law. That last paragraph was sarcasm intended to paint a vision of the most horrific world possible. Secondly, I am not in any way saying that every religious person, or every conservative, or every republican wants the dark world I just described. Of course not. That's crazy. And I'm not in the habit of painting entire groups of people as my enemy. But what terrifies me day and night is that a sizable number of people really do want to roll back time, not to the middle ages perhaps, but to the 1950's, absolutely. Many people desperately want the bible to be a part of our constitution. They want god's law to be federal law. They want homosexuality to be a capital crime. They want segregation. They want pseudo-science taught in schools. They want birth control banned. They want to take away all rights that a woman might have over her reproductive cycle. I must take a quick tangent to say that while the abortion debate is at least a valid debate, with valid opinions to be heard on both sides, the idea of contraception, of preventing unwanted pregnancy to begin with, being immoral, is purely medieval. Believing contraception to be immoral is perhaps the darkest, most backwards and disgusting stupidity that our pathetic species is capable of. Many people want to undo a century of fantastic progress, and I do not doubt for a second that Trump is one of them. I genuinely believe that if Trump were made lord emperor of earth, with absolute power and no checks of balances, he would roll back our civilization to the dark ages. I desperately wish to be told that I am GREATLY exaggerating, but I fear am I not. I fear that we are on a knife's edge, and with the slightest nudge, the enemies of basic human sanity could win. I fear that forces of superstition, lunacy, and religious fanaticism may be gaining an unstoppable amount of momentum. It doesn't help that people are losing trust in liberalism due to the outrage culture, what with free speech being hindered due to political correctness and such. I fear that the agents of ignorance will never stop trying to eat this world, and if we relax and grow complacent, they might yet win. We need to keep speaking out against dangerous ideas with every fiber of our beings.
  11. Trump's inauguration was stomach churning enough already, but in my view, what was far more horrifying was the fact that the presidential inauguration is, in 2017, still chocked full of religious benedictions and prayers. Thomas Jefferson must be spinning in his grave. There is supposed to be a figurative wall of separation between church and state. As I often point out, it is only by this wall that we are guaranteed freedom of religion in the United States. And yet, this wall has never been more than a weak, crumbling fence. Regardless of anyone's religion or spiritual views, religion must have no place in our government, laws, and public policies. "One nation under god" in the pledge is not a separation of church and state. "In god we trust" on the money is not a separation of church and state. Prayers and benedictions at the presidential inauguration is not a separation of church and state. Requiring legals oaths in government institutions to be taken while placing one's hand on a bible is an embarrassing and archaic tradition that should have died out when our country was founded. The horrific truth is that, beyond the invention of some pretty nifty gadgets, little has changed since the time of ancient Greece. Compare the following two clips; the first, a scene from a movie depicting ancient Greece, and second, the benediction from Trump's inauguration: (The first 30 seconds or so of this one will suffice.) There is little difference between these two scenes. Imagine the change in tone, the change in reaction, the change in the world, if Reverend Graham had substituted the word "Apollo" for "god". Imagine if the reverend stated that Poseidon had blessed Trump's family, administration, and presidency. Think for a second about what that would have done to the good Mr. Graham's reputation, as well as Mr. Trump himself, and most of the people involved with the inauguration. I don't think I need to elaborate or extend this analogy any further. It should be quite clear how such a statement would be received at a presidential inauguration. And yet, what was said is absolutely no different. The names have been changed. That's it. There's no more evidence for the existence of the biblical god than there is for gods of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, or anywhere else. It's not like at some point along the way, humanity disproved Zeus but not the god of Abraham. This was not a discovery made in the third century. The fact that a moment from the presidential inauguration of 2017 can sound essentially exactly like a scene from Troy should terrify every one of us. It certainly terrifies me. Go watch Troy. Right now. That's basically our world. Give everyone in Troy a smart phone, and that's the world we're living in. There's really no fundamental difference. Anyone who believes that this is a great exaggeration is either delusional, grossly ignorant, or willfully blind.
  12. Since I saw another user do this, I figure I'll do it as well. Abortion: I am 100% pro choice. Mainly because I'm my life philosophy, and scientifically, at least in my opinion, a fertilized egg cell isn't a person. Not to mention I support the right to choose in general. Death Penalty: I'm not against it, but I'm not for it, either. Although I do consider it cruel and unusual punishment for crimes that aren't murder, I can sympathize with people who support in cases of murder, because if some bastard murdered my wife, I'd make them pay. Economy: I'm less familiar with economics than I am with social issues, but I support Democratic Socialism. (I know, I'm a friggin' communist. ) Freedom of Speech: I fully support it, as most people should. People should be allowed to make certain speeches even if it upsets people. And if those upset people try to use violence against people who are expressing their freedom of speech, put them in jail. (I'm talking to you, anti-flag burners.) Guns: I love guns. A lot. Though I am very supportive of gun control. (There's a difference between gun control and gun bans.) I think there should be some form of background check, because I think it's a REALLY bad idea to just let any butt-wipe with money have a gun. Gay marriage: I 100% support gay rights. Immigration: I might get a lot of flak for this, but I think that we should allow Mexicans who cross the border illegally to stay in America, because I'm sure they wouldn't do it illegally unless they had a good reason. Mexico is a dangerous place, and when the pressure's on, the luxury of choice tends to disappear. As for banning Muslims, I am highly against that. Even though I despise Islam, I think it's unfair to condemn an entire group of people just because there are some radicals and extremists. I will admit that if you look at opinion polls about the Muslim world, there are a concerning number of Muslims who are a BIT more comfortable with violence than they should be. But that doesn't mean that they themselves are terrorists, and there are millions of Muslims who COMPLETELY condemn terrorism and violence. Religious Liberty: I fully support religious liberty, even though I'm very anti-religion. But if you start imposing your religious beliefs on other people, I'm gonna have a problem with you. (That's not religious liberty, by the way.) Transgenderism: I think that people who get sex-change surgery deserve rights just as much as anyone else. I personally don't believe in that "unlimited genders" Tumblr nonsense. But if other people do, who cares? They aren't hurting anyone! I might edit this in the future to include some other political beliefs I have but forgot about. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
  13. I have always been fascinated with how history has often repeated it's mistakes over and over. If every grand mind in the forum got together, maybe we can change this, do something good for the world as a whole. This could all start with a few simple questions. What in your eyes is a perfect world, a utopia? Brought to you by Equestria's newest philosopher, Tranquil Claw I'm thinking of starting a daily question for the forum to answer and discuss. Should I do this? I'll let you decide.
  14. This blog post contains spoilers for "School Daze" (Season 8, Episode 1-2). I am not sure if the intended lesson from "School Daze" is "ethno-nationalism is bad; do away with national barriers and unite!" on the one hoof, or "a monarchy has the right to bypass any bureaucracies it pleases" on the other. Then again, they are not mutually exclusive. I originally intended to post this as a status update (hence the initial zinger-y phrasing), then realized that it is probably a major spoiler. So I thought, "Why not do a full blog post?" As in my teleology post, I assume that if the protagonists of a show explicitly believe in an ethical idea, their antagonists explicitly believe the opposite, and the protagonists win in the conflict between them, then the show is teaching that those ideas are correct. I begin by discussing Chancellor Neighsay's ideology, and then Twilight's, concluding with implications. Disclaimer: I am not intending to cast any value judgments in this post about the episode, its themes, or their implications. School Daze used the character of Chancellor Neighsay to represent a whole bundle of -isms: traditionalism, nationalism, racism, and bureaucratism (if that is a word). Regarding traditionalism, he considers it crucial that ponies are "prepared to defend our way of life" [pt. 1], and traditionalism attempts to preserve a cultural group's way of life. For nationalism, he shows outrage at Twilight because he thought she was "opening this school to protect Equestria!" [pt. 2] from other nations -- and other races. MLP:FiM has used species as an analogy for a racial or ethnic group to teach lessons about race and ethnicity in the past, e.g. in Over a Barrel and Bridle Gossip. Note that the first thing Neighsay says in his outrage is call the incident an "act of aggression against ponies" [pt. 2], showing that he sees "ponies" and "Equestria" as interchangeable. He also wanted Twilight "[t]o protect ponies from... dangerous creatures who don't have our best interests at heart!" [pt. 2]. His view of the other species as "dangerous creatures" is speciesest (read: racist) and recognized as such by the adult characters representing the other nations/species (let's call them "diplomats") when they become angry at him. When Neighsay yells at the diplomats to "return to your kind" in pt. 1, Ember is immediately offended by the term your kind because she recognizes that it was intended as a speciesist slur. Regarding bureaucratism, he leads an institutional review board that makes the rules which Twilight has to follow and is introduced while at the head of what looks at first like a trial. He also is insistent about following "the rules," which causes the main conflict of the episode. Why call him an ethno-nationalist specifically, though? Wikipedia identifies the "central theme of ethnic nationalists" as the belief that "nations are defined by a shared heritage, which usually includes a common language, a common faith, and a common ethnic ancestry." Since MLP:FiM is already a world where nations are defined by species, it is difficult to distinguish a nationalist in MLP from an ethno-nationalist. But when Twilight says, "Friendship isn't just for ponies!," Neighsay replies, "It should be." Neighsay's logic begins with species identity, which then proceeds to nationalism and traditionalism. His value of traditionalism causes his bureaucratism, since he is averse to "changing the rules" [pt. 2]. School Daze pt. 1 began with an expanding map, and with Twilight proclaiming that the Mane 6 need to spread friendship "beyond Equestria" by bringing new friends from distant lands into Equestria. This need stems from her realization that "the world is full of so many different creatures who know nothing about friendship" [pt. 1]. Twilight's line that "different creatures" from beyond Equestria "know nothing about friendship" is strange in an episode where the antagonist represents racism, since it implies that the ponies as a species have a very basic socio-moral cultural element that others lack. Still, her solution is to bring in foreigners that the bureaucrats deem dangerous, ultimately using her royal authority to circumvent the bureaucrats' opinions. The clearest ideological statement Twilight gives is in her hearing in pt. 1: "If we want to keep our land safe, and create a friendlier tomorrow, we need to teach the Magic of Friendship far and wide." She agrees with Neighsay in holding national safety as a goal, but wants to achieve it through international cooperation. At first I was very confused how to reconcile the vilification of nationalism with Twilight's use of royal authority to bypass a bureaucratic process, since valuing monarchy often implies valuing nationalism. However, I think some of that can be explained by saying that the episode supports globalism. I should define this ideological term, since it is often thrown around as an angry buzzword. By globalism here I mean support for globalization, the process of politically, economically, culturally, etc. integrating nations and cultures around the globe. Traditionalism, nationalism, and racism are each opposed to at least some form of such integration. If Neighsay as a character is taken as a Strawman Political symbolizing nationalists, the episode is making the controversial (but not uncommon) claim that nationalism stems from racism and should therefore be condemned because it stands in the way of international cooperation. I found it so interesting that the villain represented bureaucratism because I have seen certain conspiracy theorists lump bureaucratism and globalism together as one big enemy. However, I found an ideology that approves of globalism even though it is averse to bureaucracy: neoliberalism. While it has been thrown around as a vague and vitriolic buzzword as well, neoliberalism generally implies support for free-market capitalism and a government with only the functions needed to ensure that the market runs effectively. It favors unrestricted movement of goods and people across borders in a global capitalist system. A common complaint among free-market capitalism supporters is that government bureaucracies impose too much regulation, which was reflected in this episode. My only reservations calling the episode "neoliberal" are that Twilight's bypassing bureaucratic authority with royal authority is still government action, and that there is no kind of capitalist free market prominent in this particular episode. To the extent that globalism implies centralization of power, there is a possible but weak explanation that the episode's globalism makes it support that the chief executive of a government use executive orders to overcome bureaucratic opposition. However, it is clearer that the episode's characterization of nationalism and racism in the villain, the implicit condemnation of nationalism through association with racism, and the explicit support for diversity and multiculturalism (e.g. the "overcoming differences" mentioned at the trial) as well as for the immigration of "dangerous creatures" show support for globalism. I considered naming this post "Does School Daze Promote Neoliberal Globalism?," but then overcame my temptation to commit the sin of egregious clickbait.
  15. Normally i refrain myself from saying anything bad about this forum, because i love this place and alot of people here have always been good to me. But the debate pit is the most toxic place on this whole forum and it has been especially bad in the last few months. It seems like 80% of the time anything political comes up (especially when it comes to our current US President) it turns into a bickering and fingerpointing war on both sides and the people who try to reason for a bit are just left in the dust. In the worst case, threads are locked and users are banned from the topic, making them feel unwelcome because they might see this as an attack on their political believes. I know that this is quite an extreme request, but how much does it actually benefit our community? I feel like it only damages this place more then it actually helps and i would love it if we all could get along together, instead of feeling distant from another.
  16. So I was thinking about the Stop the Bats song and you wanna know what Applejack and Fluttershy's debate in that song reminded me of? A political debate. So which side of the debate do you think each of the mane six would support? Fluttershy: Democrat Applejack: Republican Rainbow Dash: Democrat Pinkie: Democrat Rarity: Republican Twilight "Why can't any pony be rational and reasonable?" So discuss away!
  17. (Before i start, i will say that i am not a racist in anyway and that i only try to bring people together and not try to devide them. I love you all guys. ) I would like to start this blog, by showing a clip from Morgan Freeman, saying what he thinks of Black history month: Mr.Freeman obviously dosen't like the idea of a black history month and i must agree with him. Infact, i don't think Black history month dosen't unite the people but rather divides us actually more as humans. I am a german of polish descent, because my great great grandfather came over here from poland, because he was searching for a job. In a certain way, i am also a bit polish, but i don't ask for a german-polish history month, because polish that live here (and there are alot) are also part of german history. There have been alot of black people in the past that have fought for people of every race to come together, like Muhammed Ali, Bob Marley, Martin Luther King, etc. But these days, i don't see any sort of progression in it and i instead see hatred on both sides, just because of different opinions. Like Mr.Freeman said, racism will only end when we stop talking about it, not by building special places ethnic minorities. Things like that only divide us more and kills a peaceful society. I remember a long time ago when i went to highschool. I was sitting besides a black kid, which in Germany there are not alot of. He was one of the few good friends i had in that school and we really barely talked about our race, because we couldn't give less of a shit about it. Minorities don't really need any special privileges and we can only achieve peace, when we just start to not give a shit about our backgrounds.
  18. There was time when i would browse the twitter pages of everyone involved with this show when I'm feeling down or just feeling bored. These days however, all I see is Anti- Trump rhetoric and tweets about how are country is doomed. Now, before i get a bunch of replies telling me that they're entitled to their views, let me say that I don't mind that they don't have a same political views as me. What I don't like is when they are extremely volatile about it and they tweet and retweet things about how Trump and his supporters are all racist Nazis or say other terrible things. This breaks my heart because these are people that I respect and look up to more than anything and they say they're kind, loving people, but their tweets make me feel otherwise. MLP is one of the main things I turn to when I'm depressed, so when I see the voices of my favorite characters like compare all gun rights supporters to the Orlando shooter or basically call all supporters of a political party evil, it partially makes me feel like they've gone from Love, Tolerance and Acceptance to Divisiveness. Sometimes I worry that all of this will prevent me from seeing some of the show staff the same way anymore.
  19. It is getting harder and harder to fully understand where I fall categorically in regards to politics, and other aspects as well. After watching this video I'm really at a loss for words, and at a loss for thoughts. Even bearing in mind no human is infallible beforehand, I've almost come to believe every human is bound to succumb to hypocrisy because there is no foreseeable way to exit the system, and no way to get along with others who won't allow themselves to fall farther from the apple tree than they need to.
  20. ...Whom I bet you don't know about because the corrupt Democrats that are falling to corporate fascism don't like progressives, as we've seen. They ride on their coattails and then trash-talk them until there's no tomorrow because endorsing their beliefs would harm Wall Street... Oh poor Wall Street... How many wall street bankers have you seen in homeless shelters? Pretty sure the answer is zero. On Main Street? It's at least in the hundreds of thousands. Anyways. This man is a German immigrant that spent his childhood in Lancaster, Ohio. He is a veteran of the US Air Force. The average citizen other than the fact he's running to be the chair of the DNC. This helps my image of him, as he isn't like Hillary Clinton or Cory Booker (Barack Obama 2.0), who weren't humble to start with even. Just average Mc-Liberals (also known as Neo-Con Lite) who wouldn't know the people's interests if they heard the people yelling them in their ears to the point that they would go deaf. Or at least they've acted like it. If they know what REAL PEOPLE are interested in, it'd make me like them even less than I do... So yes, by appearance alone, he seems a man that is representative of the people. His platform is progressive, and all about the middle class. He's for Single Payer healthcare (as over half of the US is according to surveys conducted by Gallup), Regulating Wall Street (including POLITICAL powers that they have), Ending tax dodging, and opposing any (real, Hillary...) bigotry. As well, he's all for making the minimum wage actually tolerable (If you didn't know, it's $7.25 an hour. I must say, that's pretty freaking meager if you expect to be able to afford even a small apartment with the fact most have price tags around the range of $700 or so a month WITHOUT utilities...) which I can absolutely stand behind. Oh and he will STAUNCHLY OPPOSE TRUMP, instead of LETTING HIM DO WHATEVER HE WANTS, even voting FOR his nominees... Though he did at one time support a flat tax rate, but he's said too many times to count that he isn't for that anymore. We all develop politically over time, after all. Fun fact: I supported Mitt Romney in 2012 semi-vocally because I used to be conservative until I realized that conservatism is absolutely backwards soon after I said that. He also takes NO CORPORATE DONATIONS (if he did, I'd slam him as a hypocrite... What he'd be...). He only takes money from the people, the ones who SHOULD have the right to vote and decide elections. No donations by Goldman-Sachs (Steve Mnuchin would absolutely hate the platform anyways...). No funded speeches to assure Wall Street crooks that they're still above the law. Not today. As I said, he fights for the people. So, what do I think overall? Time will tell if he's an Elizabeth Warren (a little iffy, not really fighting too much. Though part of that is that she got censored by ) or a Bernie Sanders (An old man who's tired of the trashiness of our country and absolutely rips on Neo-Cons and Fake Liberals when he gets the chance). Though he seems the latter, I can't be sure yet. I don't know of him as well as I do those two, so...
  21. I always get the question by other big disney fans, who always ask me "what is the better motto for life: Bear Necessities or Hakuna Matata?" I think people go at it the wrong way, because here is what i always answer: "it depends on what economic system your are living under. With communism, all you need is the bare necessities, because that's what you are getting from the goverment. But Hakuna Matata, you will always run into alot of hardship under capitalism, because you might not make alot of money, so it's like whatever, no worries." So yeah, that is that. Just looking too much into the messages of movies from my childhood again.
  22. Okay. The time has finally come to conclude my political opinion on Hillary Rodham Clinton. It's no surprise to see me go against Hillary and have my vote to Donald Trump. I myself am a standard Republican. Though that doesn't mean I will vote for a Republican candidate for anything every time. We all have our personal views on our Nation and can vote for whoever we want. AND THATS HOW I ALWAYS WANT POLITICS TO BE! It should always be policies vs policies and for me I believe Donald Trump has better policies than Hillary Clinton. But I have NO PROBLEM with anybody voting for Hillary because she has better policies. I mean I can't control your opinion. But the outcome of the DNC and Hillary Clinton at this stage is just wrong. It's a complete disgrace to our country. And WikiLeaks was right saying she has one face in public and another face in private. She cannot be trusted. She's insulted the Catholics calling their religion Bastartdized, insulted Trump supporters calling them deplorable, calling Bernie Sanders supporters "Basement Dwellers". I am completely surprised that nobody has asked this women who has commited crimes, corrupted our FBI, corrupted our Justice department, why hasn't anybody tell her to step down. It is unbelivable that this is happening with our country and makes me cry that the mainstream media is so evil to cover this up and not think it's a big deal. I love seeing our nation safe but I truly think our nation is at full risk of danger and corruption if Hillary is elected in office. But again your vote matters. Whoever you vote for regarding policies is important to see that America has a political view. I don't care who you vote for. But let me be honest here......If you vote for Hillary Clinton just because she is a women, you're dead to me.
  23. My cousin suggested that I post this poll somewhere for fun, so here it is.
  24. Since everyone's been freaked out with the whole political debates, Trump, and basically everything else, why not lighten things up with a collection of political memes and jokes and such? There's no reason for politics to be serious (except there is), right?
  25. "Dr. Carson, how do you respond to the simple mathematics that prove that your tax plan was developed by marmosets?" "Liberal media!" "Senator Rubio, exactly how many loan sharks are looking for you down in Florida at the moment?" "Liberal media!" "Senator Cruz, where in the Constitution does it say we should have an air force?" "Liberal media!" "Ms. Fiorina, what's the capital of South Dakota?" "Liberal media!" "Governor Bush…ah, Jesus, man, can you wake the Buck up?" "Hmph, snort, ghack…liberal media!" You get the picture.