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Found 1 result

  1. I thought of making this a big triple-decker poll, but there are so many chains I always forget, especially those places out west that are just, *tch*, WEIRD. So this is how the burger wars shall proceed. I'll just ask you which fast food place has the best so-and-so, you answer each one, and we'll all have some greasy fun. Which place has the best..... 1. Burgers? 2. Fries? 3. Chicken? 4. Salad? 5. Other side items? 6. Service? 7. Overall? 1. On the burgers, gotta go with Wendy's. McD's are okay too. BK's burgers, not so much. They taste low-quality and thrown together. 2. McDonald's. I've never had better from a big chain. Five Guys are good too. Wendy's fries get soggy too fast and BK just can't get them right no matter how many times they try. 3. Hard to say, I don't seek out chicken very much. I like Wendy's nuggets the best out of the main 3. KFC is okay too. 4. I don't eat salad. I just put it in there for folks who do. ^^ 5. Far and away, Wendy's. Chili, baked potatoes, wraps and so much more. 6. See above. I have never been to a bad Wendy's. The employees are genuinely friendly 99% of the time, the drive-thru is the fastest (despite the food all being made fresh, allegedly) and they don't mess up my order. 7. See above once again. When I'm really in the mood for some heart attack food, Wendy's is my favorite overall. Good burgers and everything else, decent fries if you get them home fast enough, good service and superior quality control over the other big 2. Second place is a tie between McDonald's and Sonic.