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Found 36 results

  1. Sometimes, I like to imagine Twilight Sparkle (especially her EqG form) as a villain, because since she is like the "leader" of the main characters, it would also be fun to imagine her as something like an "evil empress who brings death". One idea I had about her involves a fictional country treating her as if she were like the Grim Reaper (as she resembles a tyrannical death goddess in their mythology): either they freak out and run from her very appearance, pretend to be her to scare their friends, or cosplay as her because they just like folk dances or her beautiful dress. So this idea leads to this question: "What if each member of the Mane Six became a Grim Reaper, appearing to those who are about to die?" How would each of them behave, and what would they appear as (if anything other than wearing black robes)? And how would they greet the dying soul? (Bonus: Try guessing also for Sunset, Trixie, and Starlight if you can! :D) (Art by thattagen)
  2. When you come to Equestria, ponification happens and you are turned into a pony? But this also means you lose your hands. I would be pretty angry losing my hands.The first thing I would probably do is march up to Twilight's home to see if she can magically can give me hands or turn me back into a human. I don't care if I look like a freaky pony with hands, hooves suck. If that fails, shout at Pinkie Pie and demand her to craft me some cybernetic hands.
  3. Welcome to a new installment of "Makes Sense and Doesn't" On this picture we have a ponified Starfire, and I am having a polarized opinion on her ponification. Why it makes sense for Star to be an alicorn? Well, because she is a princess of Tamaran, that's why Why it doesn't? My logic dictates: "In Equestria, if you are a pony with a functioning horn, you can do all kinds of magic with it." When it comes to Star, it only makes sense for her to sport a horn to ...and that's pretty much it. In her world she can only do that (apart from any other physical stuff). In Equestria she would have to be able to do more as an alicorn: move objects, cast spells, etc. That isn't really her thing now, is it? I believe there's somepony else whose schtick that would be: a certain friend of Star's. Which is why I personally see her more like a pegasus. She would still be able to throw starbolts with her hooves. It would just be an unusual (for Equestrian standards) magic, but much more plausible. Disclaimer: alicorn Star still looks cute :3
  4. Ciao a tutti! Oh, wait, sorry, I've been on that Italian forum too much... Anyway, this is my latest pony drawing! And, just for the heck of it, TRADUZIONE: (Gran Bretagna) "!.? Oh, ciao, Volare Mint Bunny me e questo umani erano solo avere un po 'di tè Volete unirvi a noi" (America) "Weirdo". The grammar on that is atrocious, but what can you expect from Google Translate?
  5. Something I've noticed to be true is that from Ironman... the Beatles... one is ever safe from ponification. That being said there are still many characters that have yet to be given the pony treatment. I started trying to think of some that I'd like to see. A few that came to mind: Pony Montana (Tony Montana-Scarface) - Partially cause the name fits so well with anyone named Tony, partially cause he's such a cool character that I think deserves to explore his pony side, and partially cause there's a little ghost town called Pony, Montana. More Lord of the Rings ponies. Especially Gandalf and Aragorn. - I've seen a couple, not many though. Maybe because it's so hard to turn their names into horse puns . However, LOTR is all about magic, mystical creatures, and adventure. So is My Little Pony, so it seems to fit. Also there's not many ponies out there with epic beards, there needs to be more! Mare E. Garcia (Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead) The Rarity micro comic has really sparked an interest in me for the characters Flax Seed and Wheat Grass (especially Wheat Grass) and I feel they should have some hippy pony musicians to listen to. Anyway, which of your favorite characters would you like to see ponified? Any particular ones that have been ponified, but you feel deserve a more thorough ponification? Any particularly well made ponifications you've seen that you'd like to share?
  6. Do you have favorite ponifications - canon or fan-made? We can find so many ponifications in the show, comics and especially in fan works. Some are very well-done, some are unexpected and some are just clever. So do you have any favorites? For example, I really like how they ponified Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song for Season 7 promo: As for the fan works, I'm always glad to see ponifications of Heroes of Might and Magic, as I'm a fan of this game series:
  7. Hey folks! It's been a while that I post a art, so I decided to start this new year with a ponification of (probably) your best diamond, Blue Diamond! Ain't the best, but was what I could do so far. I hope you guys enjoy it.
  8. What do you think of human turned pony stories? (Human in Equestria.... former human in Human) A human becomes a pony in a fan fiction by just being in Equestria or something. Personally, I heavily dislike such stories. I just strongly dislike ponification of a human. I much prefer the human remain human in Equestria.
  9. Here's the collection of ponified artworks I had completed: Atticus TheDeathmetaller Someguy827 Chad Gray of Hellyeah/Mudvayne Enjoy!
  10. Imagine this. You've made it to Equestria through some portal that leaves you human. You find Discord and ask him to turn you into a pony. He folds his "arms", turns his head away, and asks, "Why should I?" What do you say in response? Personally, I'd let him transform me into whatever he wanted for a set period of time, after which he'd have to turn me into a pony. I think he'd go for that.
  11. We all know Hearths Warming Eve is the Ponified answer to Christmas, Nightmare Night on Halloween and Hearts and Hooves Day aka the Ponified answer to Valentine's Day, but...can anypony come up with an Ponified name for an Holiday, maybe like St. Patrick's Day or April Fools perchance?
  12. If you wish to ponify the characters of a newly-introduced franchise, how would you do so? What factors will determine on whether a character will become a: Earth pony Unicorn Pegasus Alicorn Zebra Changeling Griffon Siren Minotaur, Centaur/Tirektaur Breezie Diamond dog Dracoequus (like Discord) Windigo And how would you determine the character's cutie mark?
  13. I Ponified SkyDoesMinecraft and two of his friends. I based them off of their skins, not actually the person, obviously, or Sky would have a beard. Tell me whatcha think! :3
  14. So Have a Theory,thou the evidence is weak so the theory is Unicorn can use magic to levitate stuff, maybe they use the magic to play instrument but what about the other races like earth pony [like octavia] play instruments? i want you brony/pegasister to share your theories taanks
  15. Okay so this took about an hour and a half not including the delays (headache, somehow splashing hot soup into my eye, the extreme craving to watch "Person of Interest", helping my brother clean and fix his car, you get the point today has been rough.) No worries though, here it is Patrick Stump the lead singer of Fall Out Boy ponified! I know he doesn't have his hat on but I couldn't figure out how to get it to look good on him so I removed it. And I know this is completely off-topic but I made this drawing of Michael De Santa from Grand Theft Auto V yesterday. It's bad I know. He looks like an old lady but giving him his double triple chin made it look better. XD Any requests I'll Probably do it, just tell me.
  16. His is a world alone no world is his own, He whom life can no longer surprise, Raising his eyes beholds a planet unknown. (Okay, no more Genesis stuff for awhile. )
  17. Poni-fication is when someone is drawn as an MLP:FiM pony. This art style has angered many people throughout the Internet, for they would have a flood of artworks in which their favourite characters are drawn as cutesy ponies -- that would seem demeaning to them. Do you like this art style, in which your favourite characters are re-drawn as ponies, or your favourite ponies re-enacting moments from your favourite works? Or do you find poni-fication as annoying as it really is?
  18. Note: If you're not a fan of Human in Equestria stories... then this thread may not be the one you're looking for. But by all means reply if you wish. What's your view on a human suddenly turned into a pony during a fan fiction say on fimfiction? Let's say for example the story is very long and the human is suddenly turned into a pony after about 40k words or more. As in a fan fiction where the story is quite good...(a long story for bonus points) but then suddenly the human is turned into a pony. The only time I can tolerate this sudden twist of events if his or her transformation was only temporary, otherwise I might just un-favorite it, hit the dislike button or not read past that part where he or she becomes a pony. I really hate it when a human is turned into a pony. It kind of ruins the story for me.
  19. I love how they ponify words on the show. I've always found that very cute. But I also find it kind of funny that they ponify things that don't really make sense. For instance, they say, "scaredypony". We don't say "scaredyperson". It's "scaredycat". It would still be scaredycat, wouldn't it? They have cats. And they play pin the tail on the pony at parties. Even if humans had tails, I don't think it would be pin the tail on the human. It's pin the tail on a lower lifeform. So, I guess it should be pin the tail on the squirrel. And they say "for pony's sake". We don't say, "for human's sake". It's for God's sake, or for f*ck's sake, something like that. Now, it makes sense when they say "for Celestia's sake", which they have done on occasion. How about when Twi asked, about Mi Amore Cadenza, "Who in the hoof is that?" It sounds like, "who in the heck/hell is that", I get it, but again, we don't say "Who in the hand/fist is that". And I guess the most glaring example of all is that humans don't live in Humanville, or Personville. (But Who's do live in Whoville...) I'm not saying they should change any of it. I love these ponifications because they're cute. It's just funny when you think about it. Any other example you can think of?
  20. These guys were originally supposed to be based off of the Ritz Brothers (ask your parents or maybe even your grandparents)
  21. So, Great Britain in our world is made of England, Scotland, Welsh, Ireland and Northern Ireland. And here's what I came up with; Great Britain - Great Bridle(word bridle sounds and looks like Britain) England - Engband Scotland - Scotband Ireland - Ireband(because actual bridle is made up of many bands, so switched up 'land' with 'band') Wales - Reins (rein is a part of bridle) What do you guys think? Yay or neigh?
  22. So I have a few little drawings I've had on my 3DS for a while now and since they're not good enough for my online gallery and nobody there would give a flying buck about them, why not post them here? It may come to no surprise that I like the TV show Frasier, and I've been drawing a lot of MLP fanart recently and this just kind of happened.... Yeah, behold the Internet's first Frasier ponification, people. And Day of the Doctor ponification thrown in for good measure. If Frasier and Niles were ponies, I think they'd look something like this.
  23. Hello guys, this is also a rendition artwork. This is the ponified version of Corey Taylor (Stone Sour/Slipknot) climbing upstairs just to solve the whole cupcake problem. Without realizing that the cause was in the basement the entire time. Enjoy!
  24. Sometimes I imagine the Ponies as if they are creatures whose main goal is to ponify as many people (and horses) as possible. If they did ponify you, how is the ponification process like? It is enjoyment? Comfortable? A "burning sensation", as fur takes place of clothes, hair, and skin? A horrific mutation that really hurts?
  25. Crossover fan art ponification I don't mind. It's just art. However, a fan fiction which involves a human or other non pony being was turned into a pony it makes my blood boil. Well, it depends how it was written, like he became a pony from entering Equestria like Twilight became a human when she entered Earth in Equestria Girls. Then I wouldn't mind it very much. But in general I strongly dislike ponification or changing of the body. Even if your mind is intact, changing the human body reminds of forcing cybernetics into a Human in the disturbing look of future like in Deus Ex.