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Found 85 results

  1. Sometimes, I like to imagine Twilight Sparkle (especially her EqG form) as a villain, because since she is like the "leader" of the main characters, it would also be fun to imagine her as something like an "evil empress who brings death". One idea I had about her involves a fictional country treating her as if she were like the Grim Reaper (as she resembles a tyrannical death goddess in their mythology): either they freak out and run from her very appearance, pretend to be her to scare their friends, or cosplay as her because they just like folk dances or her beautiful dress. So this idea leads to this question: "What if each member of the Mane Six became a Grim Reaper, appearing to those who are about to die?" How would each of them behave, and what would they appear as (if anything other than wearing black robes)? And how would they greet the dying soul? (Bonus: Try guessing also for Sunset, Trixie, and Starlight if you can! :D) (Art by thattagen)
  2. Darkmoon Glimmer (David Glimour) Notation Masher (Nick Manson) Song Bringer (Syd Barrett) Rhythm Weaver (Richard Wright) River Waters (Roger Waters) Made with genrealzoi's Pony Creator and edited with
  3. A parody I did originally for a now cancelled sequel to Memefields, it's a ponified version of Toto's On The Run as a tribute to Rainbow Dash (I highly recommend listening to the original by Toto... even though it only exists has a live recording it has the quality of a studio recording)
  4. Something I've noticed to be true is that from Ironman... the Beatles... one is ever safe from ponification. That being said there are still many characters that have yet to be given the pony treatment. I started trying to think of some that I'd like to see. A few that came to mind: Pony Montana (Tony Montana-Scarface) - Partially cause the name fits so well with anyone named Tony, partially cause he's such a cool character that I think deserves to explore his pony side, and partially cause there's a little ghost town called Pony, Montana. More Lord of the Rings ponies. Especially Gandalf and Aragorn. - I've seen a couple, not many though. Maybe because it's so hard to turn their names into horse puns . However, LOTR is all about magic, mystical creatures, and adventure. So is My Little Pony, so it seems to fit. Also there's not many ponies out there with epic beards, there needs to be more! Mare E. Garcia (Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead) The Rarity micro comic has really sparked an interest in me for the characters Flax Seed and Wheat Grass (especially Wheat Grass) and I feel they should have some hippy pony musicians to listen to. Anyway, which of your favorite characters would you like to see ponified? Any particular ones that have been ponified, but you feel deserve a more thorough ponification? Any particularly well made ponifications you've seen that you'd like to share?
  5. This is something I did in dedication to the 100th Birthday of the late King of Comics: Jack Kirby. Using both the original Darkseid drawings from Mr Kirby, plus his variation from Superman: The Animated Series and King Sombra of My Little Pony, I created this sketch of the famous DC Comics villain One thing that's gonna be a real pain is translating this into Digital Ink, primarily because of the Kirby Krackle effect. But then again, it was worth drawing for the late king.
  6. ​ I am looking for name for teams in a equestria football league here are some of the cities that I selected for the teams vanhouver fillydelhia manehattan baltimare las pegasus winnyapolis edmaneton trotonto I am also looking for other real cities that names can be easily ponified .
  7. As night fell over Equestria, the flaming heart of love continued to burn brightly above the cold and dark cave where the six ponies who founded Equestria were sheltered. Luna could sense the restoration of love throughout the land, which made her tear up. "Indeed this is...a holy night..." She said to herself. The love emitted from the flaming heart brought forth a sweet angelic Melody. Then...Luna...the Princess of the night...felt it deep within her heart...a glorious song rising from the depths...filled with joy, love and peace... Oh Holy Night The stars are brightly shining It is the night that love hath conquered all Long lay the land In hate and disharmony Til they the three Found it all in their hearts A force burst forth in glory and power The magic rose from hearts of unity Sing! Sing it loud! Love has conquered all! Oh night, divine Oh night, when love burst forth Oh night divine! Oh night divine. Change shall it bring To bring the world together In harmony, every kind, form and beast Oh love come forth Teach us to drop all boundaries With open arms accept Others for who they are Hate will not win! With hearts full of purity For where there's friends Love lives abundantly! Hate has no place The heart cannot be quenched! The power of love! Oh the power, it conquers all The power, of love! It conquers all, it conquers all! Sing! Sing it loud! Love has conquered all! Oh night, divine Oh night, when love burst forth Oh night divine! Oh night divine. And it was that night...that holy night...when Luna stated, no matter the aches, no matter the matter how dark a heart greatest...will...conquer all. Song used: Oh Holy Night
  8. Principal Cinch is the head of Crystal Prep in the human world, but who is she in Equestria? Who is pony cinch? I have some ideas as to who she might be. Principal of Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns: Maybe pony Cinch's job is the same as that of her human counterpart. Given her obsession with reputation, it would only make sense that she would be in charge of the most prestigious school in all of Equestria or perhaps another prestigious school in Canterlot, the latter of which could justify a rivalry with Celestia. Alicorn Princess: Characters who were alicorns in the show tend to be the highest authority figures in their schools in the human world. Celestia and Luna are the principal and vice principal of Canterlot High and Cadance is the dean of Crystal Prep, so it would only make sense that Principal Cinch would be Princess Cinch in Equestria. Given how much she is seen to hate Canterlot High, Princess Cinch is likely not on good terms with Celestia, which could also explain her absence in the show. Does not exist in Equestria: Cinch has not appeared in the show, nor does she have any link to Equestria, like Sunset or the Sirens. Therefore, it can be concluded that there is no pony Cinch. Other: Do you have a theory that I have not covered? Please post a reply containing your theory if you choose this option so that we know what it is.
  9. what cities do you think would be in a equestria baseball league . here is what I am looking for Real city name - ponified city name -team name inspired by my little pony
  10. I noticed that CGP grey doesn't get much pony related fan art and decided to create this. critique is appreciated.
  11. I ponify things sometimes. Even rarer, I may draw that ponified whatever-it-is. On those rare occasions, I'll post the finished pony things here. Yes, I'm horrible. No, you may not throw tomatoes. Anyway, here's the only one so far. Tailor from The Property of Hate. I like it too much, but I'm fine with that.
  12. Hello everypony! I live in a country that has like maybe one or two stores dedicated to cartoon merchandises, especially pony plushes, and it is very hard to find them. So I was thinking is there any website from Europe that is selling MLP shirts or plushies (I don't like ebay)? One more question: If someone here is Croatian, if you know some stores for merches around here, i'd be very happy to know. I want a plush. edit: not sure, but if this isn't a section for such questions, I will delete it immediately.
  13. UGH. I love both them so much. If I have a daughter I'm naming her Lucy ;3; and Serena is just overall best character on Pokemon
  14. Well, I hadn't seen somebody actually turn Kylo Ren into a pony, but I had seen people put other ponies (i.e. Princess Luna) in the outfit he wears. So, I figured why not be the first to actually turn Kylo Ren into a pony and welcome him to the land of Equestria, no matter how bad the idea sounded. I feel like tons of people are going to bash me for doing this, but here goes. Hope y'all like it.
  15. Sense I got a lot of good feed back from my Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Ponies. I completed the Rat Pack with little Sammy
  16. My two favorite Singers as ponies because why not
  17. Malcolm Reynolds: Kayleigh: More to come, so check back later! All of my art is also posted on my deviantart.
  18. I ponified Lemon Zest. I know I'm not the first one to do it and there are probably better ones but oh well.
  19. On the left is a drawing I did a while ago that took me quite some time. On the right is a quick pen doodle that took a few minutes. enjoy!
  20. So, I was telling my dad about "pony rule 34"--if it exists, then there's a ponified version of it. Jokingly, he said, "Ok, how about Stephen Hawking?" He figured that he had disproven the rule. Later that day I emailed him this and simply wrote, "You asked for it." So here's the game: Google "mlp" followed by whatever thing the user above you says, and see if there's a ponified version of it. The rule is you cannot make it yourself--it has to already exist. Post the pic, then say something for the next user to Google. Let's see if we can disprove the rule, or find out that everything in the world is ponified! I call it the Pony Rule 34 game, but I didn't want to title the topic that, cuz, you know. So, forum rules still apply, obviously. I'll get it started with a pretty easy one, just to get things moving. Batman. Go.
  21. Okay so this took about an hour and a half not including the delays (headache, somehow splashing hot soup into my eye, the extreme craving to watch "Person of Interest", helping my brother clean and fix his car, you get the point today has been rough.) No worries though, here it is Patrick Stump the lead singer of Fall Out Boy ponified! I know he doesn't have his hat on but I couldn't figure out how to get it to look good on him so I removed it. And I know this is completely off-topic but I made this drawing of Michael De Santa from Grand Theft Auto V yesterday. It's bad I know. He looks like an old lady but giving him his double triple chin made it look better. XD Any requests I'll Probably do it, just tell me.
  22. Are you a fan of 40k? I know I am. This little hidden gem of a chapter was only recently brought to my attention. More pics are available here. I've got such admiration for all the dedication and work that went into this.
  23. Hey there guys. It's been a while since I posted pony fanart on the mlp forums. The green pony you're seeing is a Youtube ranter known as Someguy827, and he also goes by Stevie. Of course, the pale pony below him is me. The top pic is the color-over layer from a Sketchbook app I use. The bottom pic is the linework on my sketchpad. Both pics came from my Tumblr account. Enjoy!
  24. I have an idea for a Silent Ponyville game, and I need help from people with more experience if it is to become a reality. So far, I have most of the story done, eight monsters designed, half of them colored and ready to be judge, an idea of the appearance of what the game should look like (similar to the sadly canceled Silent Ponyville game), and experience of the first Silent Hill game (as in I played it), as well as reading/listening to the first Silent Ponyville fanfic. What I lack is experience with making games, people to judge my work and give feedback, programing, voice acting, the 2nd and 3rd Silent Hill games/Silent Ponyville fanfics (will be able to soon, though), and, the biggest hurdle, money. If you are interested in helping/seeing how far this will go, please let me know. I would like to see this idea find fertile ground. Forgot to mention that the main protagonist I have in mind is Rarity. Just thought that that may be important. P.S. Here is a design that I made:
  25. Poni-fication is when someone is drawn as an MLP:FiM pony. This art style has angered many people throughout the Internet, for they would have a flood of artworks in which their favourite characters are drawn as cutesy ponies -- that would seem demeaning to them. Do you like this art style, in which your favourite characters are re-drawn as ponies, or your favourite ponies re-enacting moments from your favourite works? Or do you find poni-fication as annoying as it really is?