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Found 31 results

  1. This is a game I'd like to call it: The Ponified City Name game! Try to come up with a Ponified city name, think you can handle this? Mine examples are: Toronto: Trotonto Vancouver: Vanhoover Hollywood: Applewood Ottawa: Clopawa Japan: Neighpon France: Prance Tokyo: Yokeo Paris: Mareis Canada: Caneighda Mexico: Marexico
  2. I would say thats good question to ask, like why do like to ponyify things? Franchises, games, and people and characters from moives, books and real life? And also why do so enjoy it. Like for exmple i play my TF2 moded with Pony Mods. And I am having bit more fun cause of it. Is strangs how multi colored horses can spice up thing a notch. And i even going out my away. Doing crossover ones in while and even edit some, easy to edit 2D games with putting in custom art assets. What do you think?
  3. Ponify anything! Take a book, place, famous person, game, song, band, movie, TV show, etc. and turn it into a pony pun or a reference to MLP: FiM. For ideas, I suggest looking at some episode titles; there are some great ones like "Castle Mane-ia," "The Fault in Our Cutie Marks," and "Crusaders of the Lost Mark." I'll start... Tom Petty & the Hearthbreakers
  4. I've just found this ZOMGmazing video on YouTube: Someone has made a ponified version of this great classic game "The Sims"! Unfortunately, this video is not an actual game :-/ They just put those animations there, mixed with the images captured from "The Sims", to make it look like an actual game. How sad, I was so happy to see it and I just wanted to play it right away! ;-) It would be my two favorite things mixed together in one place: "The Sims" and ponies. BUT! I couldn't get rid of this idea off of my mind, it returned to me over and over, and then I realized that making such a ponified version of "The Sims" is actually possible! :-D Once in the past I used my hacking skills to figure out where "The Sims" keeps the skin textures in its game data directory and analyzed these files with my hex editor, and then I figured out that those textures are being kept in some .iff files, as just plain BMP bitmaps. So I could swap them with my custom bitmaps to make them appear in the game. I could make tattoos, different clothing mods, and even a R34 mod by swapping the swim suit textures into some naked bodies ;-J But time went on, and several software tools appeared for modding "The Sims". There are programs like Transmogrifier, which allow to export data from .iff files or swap them with some other textures, for example. For the pony mod I'm talking about, something more would be needed though: it requires swapping the 3D meshes, bone systems and animation tracks with pony versions. This is a bit harder, but still not impossible! I've found a website which documents all "The Sims"'s game data file formats and structures. Any skilled hacker/programmer can possibly make use of this info; especially that there's a programming library created to manipulate those files too! :-> I've also found this exhaustive list of software tools created to make modifications to "The Sims". They allow to modify data structures, objects' properties, string descriptions, icons, pie menus, game objects, textures etc. I've seen there some items about editing the animation data too. So I think the whole toolbox is already there, and making such a mod for "The Sims" is possible. But of course this would need people (or ponies). I'm a skilled programmer, but not-so-skilled 3D modeller (well, I can model simple stuff, but ponies are not so simple for me) nor texture maker (I can do 2D graphics & draw ponies though, so it's not so bad). But my worst nightmare is the constant lack of time. So any help will be very welcome. Anyone interested in trying to make this "The Sims" pony mod a real thing? I saw in some threads on this forum some interest in "The Sims"-"MLP:FiM" cross-over. So I think it would definitely be worth doing. Whadd'ya think? ;-) Any volunteers? :->
  5. Something I've noticed to be true is that from Ironman... the Beatles... one is ever safe from ponification. That being said there are still many characters that have yet to be given the pony treatment. I started trying to think of some that I'd like to see. A few that came to mind: Pony Montana (Tony Montana-Scarface) - Partially cause the name fits so well with anyone named Tony, partially cause he's such a cool character that I think deserves to explore his pony side, and partially cause there's a little ghost town called Pony, Montana. More Lord of the Rings ponies. Especially Gandalf and Aragorn. - I've seen a couple, not many though. Maybe because it's so hard to turn their names into horse puns . However, LOTR is all about magic, mystical creatures, and adventure. So is My Little Pony, so it seems to fit. Also there's not many ponies out there with epic beards, there needs to be more! Mare E. Garcia (Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead) The Rarity micro comic has really sparked an interest in me for the characters Flax Seed and Wheat Grass (especially Wheat Grass) and I feel they should have some hippy pony musicians to listen to. Anyway, which of your favorite characters would you like to see ponified? Any particular ones that have been ponified, but you feel deserve a more thorough ponification? Any particularly well made ponifications you've seen that you'd like to share?
  6. Here's the collection of ponified artworks I had completed: Atticus TheDeathmetaller Someguy827 Chad Gray of Hellyeah/Mudvayne Enjoy!
  7. (song starts at 0:22) It's funky and cool and 80's as heck and I love it. I feel like we need to make a cover of this. Whether it's just of brony celebs singing it with an animation, or a full-blown ponified remake, somebody needs to do something with this song. XD You guys think so too? :3
  8. Hello there! Just think of a location, whether it be the name of a country, continent, or a small city, and try and ponify it as best as you can. This should be fun. :har: Oh and what I mean by "ponifying location names" is making the name of any location appear more canon and relevant to the show's universe. So if you can imagine it being used in the show, awesome! So you can incorporate pony terms, names of fruits and vegetables, names of other species that have appeared in the show, or species that you can see appearing on the show (like deer, bears, etc.). Examples: Africa = 'Zebrica' London = 'Colton' Canada = 'Canida' Germany = 'Germaney' Be creative :twilight:
  9. If you wish to ponify the characters of a newly-introduced franchise, how would you do so? What factors will determine on whether a character will become a: Earth pony Unicorn Pegasus Alicorn Zebra Changeling Griffon Siren Minotaur, Centaur/Tirektaur Breezie Diamond dog Dracoequus (like Discord) Windigo And how would you determine the character's cutie mark?
  10. For some reason I feel like it would be a good idea to take the original Rock Band into and turn it into a brony animation. For those who don't know... Who wants to do it? It might be a stupid idea, but who knows?
  11. So, I was telling my dad about "pony rule 34"--if it exists, then there's a ponified version of it. Jokingly, he said, "Ok, how about Stephen Hawking?" He figured that he had disproven the rule. Later that day I emailed him this and simply wrote, "You asked for it." So here's the game: Google "mlp" followed by whatever thing the user above you says, and see if there's a ponified version of it. The rule is you cannot make it yourself--it has to already exist. Post the pic, then say something for the next user to Google. Let's see if we can disprove the rule, or find out that everything in the world is ponified! I call it the Pony Rule 34 game, but I didn't want to title the topic that, cuz, you know. So, forum rules still apply, obviously. I'll get it started with a pretty easy one, just to get things moving. Batman. Go.
  12. Hey there guys. It's been a while since I posted pony fanart on the mlp forums. The green pony you're seeing is a Youtube ranter known as Someguy827, and he also goes by Stevie. Of course, the pale pony below him is me. The top pic is the color-over layer from a Sketchbook app I use. The bottom pic is the linework on my sketchpad. Both pics came from my Tumblr account. Enjoy!
  13. I'll start: Batmare Begins, The Dark Niegh, and Edward Scissorhooves.
  14. Alright so as a brony gamer, I love to imagine crossovers between Mlp and different videogames, there is a ton of games that would be bat-sh*t insane if you added some pony to the recipe! Haha! So I just wanted to know what would be the games you would love to see ponyfied, just give the name of the game, its "ponyfied name" and a few features of the game you would change to make it, uh... * blows dust off old joke* about 20% cooler... Haha Alright, personally I would love to see a ponyfied GTA game, its one of my favourite video games series and ponies would make it even more Badass! It could be called something really original such as Grand Theft Carriage : Equestria... And well, it would be like GTA with ponies, xD what more can I say?! Haha, anyway, I hope to see a lot of your ideas guys!
  15. I love how they ponify words on the show. I've always found that very cute. But I also find it kind of funny that they ponify things that don't really make sense. For instance, they say, "scaredypony". We don't say "scaredyperson". It's "scaredycat". It would still be scaredycat, wouldn't it? They have cats. And they play pin the tail on the pony at parties. Even if humans had tails, I don't think it would be pin the tail on the human. It's pin the tail on a lower lifeform. So, I guess it should be pin the tail on the squirrel. And they say "for pony's sake". We don't say, "for human's sake". It's for God's sake, or for f*ck's sake, something like that. Now, it makes sense when they say "for Celestia's sake", which they have done on occasion. How about when Twi asked, about Mi Amore Cadenza, "Who in the hoof is that?" It sounds like, "who in the heck/hell is that", I get it, but again, we don't say "Who in the hand/fist is that". And I guess the most glaring example of all is that humans don't live in Humanville, or Personville. (But Who's do live in Whoville...) I'm not saying they should change any of it. I love these ponifications because they're cute. It's just funny when you think about it. Any other example you can think of?
  16. Fleur-De-Lis

    Thinking back

    Ever have those moments when you just think back on old TV shows and memories? I just spontaniously thought about the good o'l Ed, Edd 'n Eddy. Love that show, the nonsensical humor, the wacky antics, and the lovable characters such as Rolf, Jimmy, Sarah, and Kevin. But you know ... I thought ... why dont we have a pony version of Rolf and the ed boys? now theres something i'd like to see ponified! Heres a good example of some moments with Rolf Another character i'd love to see ponified, and particularly loved from old cartoons, would be Foghorn Leghorn. How can you not love his rambling and ranting? Most may simply know him as the rooster from Loony Toons. Honestly i'd say classic cartoons such as those were the real peak of cartoons. Honestly most modern day cartoons such as Johnny Test or whatever else they got going on just seem to promote bad morals and just dont have that same kind of slapstick comedy. Heres a good video showcasing his wacky antics. Last on the classic beloved characters (excluding the icons such as Bugs Bunny) would of course be Yosemite Sam, remember him? Oh man I can just picture the shenanagins he would get into all ponified like. I think i'll leave this last video to showcase some of his funny moments, though alot also seem intertwined with good o'l Bugs Bunny.
  17. How do you imagine these famous figures as looking like if they were ponies (cutiemarks included). Marylin Monroe Kim Kardashian Britney Spears Katy Perry Beyonce Rihanna Lady GaGa Nancy Sinatra Selena Gomez Madonna Angelina Jolie Kristen Stewart Natalie Portman Amy Winehouse Oprah Winifrey
  18. hi everypony,as the title says ponify the name of your favorite video games well lets start mega man x = mega mare x half life = hoof life skies of arcadia = skies of equestria portal 2 = pinkie 2 mario and sonic at the london 2012 olympic games = pinkie and rainbow at the trottingham 2012 equestria games sonic heroes = rainbow heroes
  19. Not sure if this already exists or if its even gonna get any replies, but its worth a try. In this thread, you ponify the movie poster above you and then post a movie poster for the next user to ponify.
  20. I've had Perfect Day For Fun on replay for the whole day lol. I can't wait for Rainbow Rocks. So I ponified one of the pictures they took in the booth during the song.
  21. Well I was bored and I found this cool pony generator and I started making a bunch of ponies until I got crazy XD and for curiosity I was wondering which one would you guys pick (Most of them have cutie marks but some have them hidden under their clothes :/ others I didn't know what to put for cutie mark and there's one that I forgot to put him one which it's FTH but I would guess it would be a sword XD) Note: what I mean by 'pick' could be to pick it wishing it was on the show, or pick to have as a friend, or pick to have as a pet, or pick to have as a ship, or pick to have as a knight, and/or as a villain, etc. ps. Some of these are real people, and some are celebrities, but a lot of them are characters as well (I only put their initials)
  22. Sometimes I imagine the Ponies as if they are creatures whose main goal is to ponify as many people (and horses) as possible. If they did ponify you, how is the ponification process like? It is enjoyment? Comfortable? A "burning sensation", as fur takes place of clothes, hair, and skin? A horrific mutation that really hurts?
  23. Cursing is something that we tend to do under certain circumstances. I know that kids shows should not promote cursing, but sometimes it's the only option in order to drive a point across. Aside from the usual somepony/anypony puns that we get in every single episode, on the rare occasion we'll get the ponies to replace strong language with horse puns ala: What the hell = what the hay Nobody gives a flying (*squee) = nopony gives a flying feather Congratu(f-ing)lations = Congratu-Pony-lations! So my question to all of you: What are your thoughts on the show staff getting away with using strong language by inserting pony words instead of the actual curse word? Also, what curse word would you like to see ponified? I'm curious as to see what some of you will come up with (just try not to go too overboard with it, since I don't like promoting the idea of cursing in this kind of show .
  24. So usually I am not a very artistic person, but today I felt inspired to draw a pony that represented myself. so without further ado here it is. (Criticism is welcome, but keep in mind this is my first attempt ever at drawing a pony, and I'm not even that great at drawing to begin with)
  25. I've seen tons and TONS of ponified memes, viral videos, even clips of TV shows/movies, which got me thinking... If you could choose one movie/show/video game, etc. to ponify (and it would actually be released as a product), what would it be?