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Found 10 results

  1. I just saw a post relating to dogs and this popped up in my mind So what do you like better, cats or dogs? Personally, I like Cats better but I like both of them alot
  2. Hey hey everypony, just asking what's your favourite type of My Little Pony character E.G. Earth pony My favourite type is probably Tree
  3. So are you an introvert or an extrovert? I'm extremely introverted but on occasions I can enjoy a party, I mostly hate parties though. I'm usually sitting in my room on my laptop, watching T.V on my own. And my friends are sitting texting me asking me to come outside but I just say to them the next day "my phone was charging" xD
  4. So I was listening to this really sad song called "I Am Octavia", in the comment section there was a comment suggesting that lots of bronies could build a ponyville on earth. I thought this was an amazing idea, I don't know if it's possible; but it's a really great idea. Hopefully someday that will happen Alot of builders and all the super talented architect bronies could come together and build something like this... Here's the video that the comment was on:
  5. I saw a thread named "Octavia vs Octavia" so I thought I'd do one for twilight (I think I know what the majority of votes will be) Twilight (pony)
  6. OK, I just drew a new OC. Removing this post
  7. OK, when twilight and flash start dating (It's obvious they will) we have to come up with a name for them so I recently saw this on a youtube video top comment. The top comment calls Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle: Flashlight. It's so perfect
  8. Ponies have taken over my life; all day I'm doing pony stuff. On my computer: I'm on mlp forums, youtubing pony stuff, even on facebook I have a chrome addon that says "ponyhoof". I'm thinking about ponies all day. Ponies have taken over my day-day life... Are you the same? Worse than me?
  9. When I say one thing, I mean one sentence. Like "You're the best pony ever" or something. Also, what would you say to your least favourite pony?
  10. No longer sharing askfm account