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Found 3 results

  1. Once there was a pony... continue the story! Rules : Only comment one event per comment You may comment again only if the previous comment is not yours, in other words don't comment twice in a row keep the story consistent if someone else adds to the story it is now part of the story HAVE FUN!!!
  2. Bas

    Ponyvania Disclaimer: Game is not by me and I only found it by another forums member, but I wanted to share it. Obviously, a castlevania fangame with ponies. Plattform: Windows Started to play it, roughly 25% played through. Great stuff. Gilda was the hardest boss for me so far, just have beaten Gilda took me roughly 10-20 times, then it went easier for, maybe because I jsut got so much exp and bits. I am prob pretty horrible at this game, albeit I didn't do that bad in my "recent" Castlevania runs. For my defense though, I have to play with Keyboard. (For now) What does Special (Earth Pony) do? Says something about stonewall in info, but my pony just doesn't do anything. How do I do backwards dash (Earth Pony)? PS: Not sure if this is the right section or media discussion ( I am feeling it would get lost there, though. PPS: Not sure if it might make sense to re-structure for games & pony games, maybe also in finished/cancelled/unfinished or amking a sticky with info abotu a lot of pony games. @SolarFlare13@Rikifive@Merry Brony 2A @Catpone Cerberus@Tacodidra@Deae Rising Shine~@Kevin Tang@Widdershins@PathfinderCS
  3. I just started playing MLP RIM on Does anyone else on here play the game, too? I am looking for someone to rp with. My username is jasuminchan and my pony's name is Sad_Hearts. Please PM me soon.