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Found 29 results

  1. Just humbly posting my work for pony fandom. From Russia with magic of love and sorry for my English Music writed in Instrumental\Score genre with elements of epic. All tracks available for free dowload. Becouse of postings after feedback, i've added the playlist with MLP tributes here (check the link under first playlist track "when friendship goes tragic"): === 1. Power of Harmony First track on CuBase after moving from GP5. Instrumental, experimental. 2. Defenders of the Better World Logical continuation and completion of the previous track. Instrumental, epic 3. Hearts Strong as Horses At the request of students, I've expanded the latter part of the previous track to a full melody. Today - the freshest. Surprisingly, active listening For a cover version for voice (without the lead guitar as a substitute vocals) look in my profile on Soundcloud. For more track see my stream on Soundcloud Thanks for listening P.S. Somehow, the last track does not want to be shown as an insert media. Sorry Last track test as a other post. Strage... now working. Sorry again.
  2. A new electronic music composition, inspired by the episode To Where and Back Again and created as a tribute for Chrysalis. Hope you enjoy, feel free to leave feedback etc. Thanks
  3. Hey there! Thought you would like my version of one of the most epic songs in Game of Thrones, the Rains of Castamere, featuring Maria Jongeneel on vocals. Enjoy!
  4. The Poniverse Newsletter As some of you might now, we started a project some time ago; a newsletter with information about Poniverse and its sister sites, as well as some other enjoyable things for you to read and look at. The newsletter was created to give you information about recent and future changes that you might have missed reading about here on MLP Forums or which you maybe not even knew about. With sections about Poniverse, MLP Forums,,, The Last Stand of Harmony, PoniArcade, featured content and more, we try to make the newsletter as interesting as possible for you. This little project fell by the wayside, however the team has been rebuilt and the Newsletter has been resurrected. We are back! We just released the 5th issue for the newsletter via email. Hopefully you will like it, however there is always room for improvements and new ideas. Therefore, we would like to hear your opinions on this. If you have any suggestions on how the newsletter can be improved, please tell us below in a post. The Poniverse Newsletter team consists of: @Jeric - Project Leader, Writer @Rainbow Skywalker - Editor, Writer @Lightwing - Writer of the Giggles - Interviewer - Community Writer - Poniverse Public Relations Head If you find any errors or incorrect information in the newsletter, please Find the newsletter here: Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 Issue #5Issue #6 Issue #7 Issue #8
  5. ... "As his own OC"? Is that the right grammar? Whatever; I don't need any pony in particular, in fact I would prefer that you perform as your own. The goal is to get 3-6 folks to act out lines to dub over music [that I'm rendering right now] that's made specifically for this. I didn't explain that well at all; okay, it's like a read through of an episode script, but instead of putting the audio with visual, there's going to be music that matches the situation. It'll be neat, I'm sure. If you're interested send me an email at with as much information on whichever OC you would want a part of this. The "script" isn't taking on the burden of telling most of the story (it's not a movie), so don't worry about the same worries if it were. You should have a good mic, but if your ACTING is better than your microphone quality, don't worry about it, it's all going over music anyway.
  6. Nymira

    My Pony Song

    I produced this song today. I hope you all like it. I don't really get many views so I hope this helps. Maybe one day I get featured on EQD. Thank you all! /) Both links lead to the same song but the bandcamp is higher quality. /) :D
  7. So Have a Theory,thou the evidence is weak so the theory is Unicorn can use magic to levitate stuff, maybe they use the magic to play instrument but what about the other races like earth pony [like octavia] play instruments? i want you brony/pegasister to share your theories taanks
  8. Sorry if this is the wrong section for this topic And I couldn't find any other topic like this through searching, so apologies if this is a duplicate Let's say you had to pick a piece of music that would play throughout your time on the forums- a MLPForums theme, let's say- which is fitting (not necessarily one you like a lot), though it doesn't need to be pony music. What would you pick? At the moment, this is the main theme that comes to my mind (though my mind may change ): How about for you?
  9. Well I have the first of 3 albums out now that I've planned to collect the brony music I've worked on for a little over a year. It's called U+I and it's out now for free on bandcamp. This album focuses on remixes of some amazing talent (hence the U+I title), some of the more positive themes, and variety of styles and genres of dance music I've made. I hope you check out and enjoy this free album as it has some newer versions of older tracks and is a retrospective of the joy, themes, and inspiration i've tried to channel from the show. It features remixes of And The Rainfall (my pal through thick and thin), Evdog, FraGMenTd, Stars in Autumn, Sub.Sound, Psychedelic Brony, Aviators, SoGreatAndPowerful, Jackleapp, Copycat, PinkiePieSwear, and EverfreeLuna. Second album will be Chaos Squared and focus on villains, discorded ponies, and darker music. Third album will be Bootleg and will feature plunderphonics and sampled medleys, covers, and mash-ups. But those are a ways off so I hope that you check out U+I as it's a labor of love and an album I've been working on for a month or two to just get in shape for you to enjoy. **Hugs**
  10. So recently, I've been itching to work with someone else on music, whether it's only with one other person or many other people. I enjoy doing electronic music and such, and if someone else would like to write a song or remix a song with another person, I'd love to volunteer. Here is a remix to show what I can do. It's a remix of Oath to Order from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: Oath to Order Remix.mp3 If you could, please leave a demo of your work here. I hope to get some responses ^^
  11. I'm looking for people to help me make a cover of happy by Pharrell Williams happen. I would do it myself but I'm limited by my music software. I can get the drum beat but when I get further then that all the instruments I try never make it sound right. Besides the instrumentation, the song also has background singers. So as you can guess, I need some help with that too. So here's what I need: One producer to help fill in the rest of the instrumentation, One male background singer, and preferably two female background singers. Here is my only two requirement, Have a basic understanding of music theory for the producer, Have some tonal control for the singers, and I would prefer if all parties would have it done within a month and a half of me giving you the material you applied for. I will be willing to give you more time if needed (Life and all that) but if you think your life my prevent it from being done within about 3 months (That is as much extra time as my patients can give after all the times people who said they would help me up and disappeared) Then please don't apply. If your still interested, then E-mail me at It's a first come first serve basses so hurry before someone get's it.
  12. More of the same story is covered on EQD, but as a musician myself, let me tell you what you be aware of when you're posting a youtube video on music. Bascially, youtube's automated program detects visual and audio content automatically for content ID. In this case, only vectors similar to the style of MLP:FiM's vectors or pony music will raise the flag of content ID. It's honestly been going on for some of the pony animations, it's just that it hasn't been reported by the animators themselves. But let me make it clear: Hasbro isn't trying to shut down the fandom with copyright claims. First of all, if you want to make a youtube video, you'll want to make sure the audio and visual part of your video has the following: Permission from the artist or musician OR you own these parts. Must not resemble the show to the point where it could be mistaken for the show Disclaimers aren't enough. You need permission. Permission, permission, permission! It seems to be the case that anything that is mistaken for the show will be C&D'd, so the Discord remix by the Living Tombstone is pretty much safe because the artwork and audio is so different from the show's, no one is going to mistake it as such. Second, this is more of a Youtube content ID issue rather than a Hasbro issue. This has been going on for months in the gaming community on Let's Play gamers, so it is only a matter of time before it gets to the audio as well. It's rather annoying that this fandom has decided that any time something bad happens, it must be Hasbro, when Youtube and by extension Google has been screwing around with this issue in a far more malicious manner. Lastly, I'll share with you an animation that used to be on my channel (Now taken down for reasons below). Apparently Youtube's content ID system "matched" Tavilicious with Hasbro Studio's vectoring style that the ponies have in the show. The visuals are usually what causes the content ID match. As for audio remixes, if you're using stems that were said in the show, chances are good that Content ID will eventually find a match and they'll flag it. This doesn't mean a takedown, but rather a disabling of youtube money to the owner of the channel. Too many monetization claims will result in Youtube "delaying" the monetization process for new videos, meaning that it may take a few days for Youtube to verify your account that you aren't cheating with copyrighted content. This does suck for those who rely on Youtube for a living because the owner loses the first 2-3 days of Youtube views, which in turn is a loss of money for the owner. In order to get monetization to NOT be delayed, I deleted the animation videos. Youtube resumed monetization for me, and the copyright claims went away. Don't blame Hasbro. But don't worry about it as well, plenty of music will still be on. Just be sure to change the art to not include copy-paste cutouts of the ponies from the show and don't take clips from the show, which should be common sense stuff. If you have anymore to add, please share your experiences.
  13. First I'd like to say thank you for looking at my topic! Well i have been playing around FL Studio for a while now and i still dont know anything, I really want to make pony music mainly dubstep. I've seen people post music of what they made as a tribute to MLP and i would really appropriate a tutorial on how to make dubstep on FL Studio. I've looked at Tuts on youtube and i find them quite hard to follow so i would love for a person to make a tut for me. Thanks - Gabby_Gumz
  14. Hey guys! So, pretty much the only main thing I haven't tried my hand at in the brony fandom is music. So, I said to myself, why not? Here's what resulted: I wish I could say it was made in some fancy $600 program, but it wasn't I made it on a website called Although very limiting, it's actually a pretty cool website if you're just stepping into the music-making world. Like me. Anywayyyyy, hope (Ha! HOPE, get it? Cause, the song... oh nevermind.) you enjoy and feel free to like & subscribe. You know, if you want to. ~SparkBrony
  15. Check it out! The song of course is a remix of the Great and powerful Aviators. But I like it. So I'll support my brother! (Characters) Click Here
  16. So I made this a while ago, but I thought I should share it here as I'm pretty proud of it considering it's the first original piece of music I've done independently. It's an Andrew W.K. inspired piece of music I made about Pinkie Pie called 'Life Is A Party' Thanks
  17. Hey guys! I just wanted to share with you my first ever Pony music DJ mix! I'm going to use the "Ponyda" nickname from now on for my dj mixes . By the way, I know that Octavia's Hall seems to be the best place for this, but from what I've seen it is just for original music/remixes and not dj mixes. If I'm wrong my dear mods, please move this! Please, tell me if you love it, hate it and some recommendation (: I'll write the tracklist below and some funny facts, but if you just want to enjoy the mix, here it is to listen to and download if you love it! Tracklist: 01-Alex S. - Party With Pinkie (VIP) 02-Archie & The Living Tombstone - Hush (Club Mix) 03-Matthew N. Featuring Rosemary - Luna's Reversion (Original Mix) 04-Sim Gretina - Small Wings (Original Mix) 05-PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder (HMage's Dancefloor Club Remix) 06-Thorinair - Blackened Empire (Original Mix) 07-Sim Gretina Featuring Memj - To The Mooooon (Original Mix) 08-Silva Hound with Omnypony Featuring Princess Ril - Bass Rocket (Original Mix) 09-Assertive Fluttershy - Boo Hoo (Silva Hound Remix) 10-Aftermath - Go To Sleep (Original Mix) 11-Daniel Ingram - Babs Seed (Silva Hound Trap Remix) 12-Underp?ny - She am Sky (Neu KatalYst Dark Sky Remix) 13-Reagan Murdock and PonyVisation - The First Snowflake (Original Mix) Now some facts... Q: "Why "Ponyda" as your nickname?" A: Well, it is a combination between my real artistic DJ name (Armida) and the word "Pony" . Q: "Why did you use so many Silva Hound tracks?" A: I LOVE SILVA HOUND and also... I need to know about more artists! If you can, please tell me about some other pony musicians. I'd love to know more and more! Q: "Your favorite track of the mix?" A: Mmm... Hard one, actually. But I'd have to choose between "Bass Rocket" and "Blackened Empire". Q: "What is your setup?" A: Win7 laptop, Traktor Pro 2.6, Traktor Kontrol X1 (MIDI mapped as a standalone mixer ), Audio 2 DJ and HDJ-1500 headphones. And... That's it (: hope that I'm not breaking the rules and... Enjoy the mix !
  18. I don't want to post these videos on separate threads, so I'll just pile them up here. These videos are piano covers of many different brony songs that I've listened to, and I think you'd maybe want to hear some of them! The first one I did was Nightmare Night with 15,000 views, but my account just got hacked and the video got deleted. (Yeah, it really sucks) Well anyway, here's a link to the playlist with all (7) of my covers. Enjoy, and tell me what you think!
  19. Well, I've been thinking about this idea since I made a little DJ mix with pony music from all over YouTube. But let me give you a little context about this... I love the DJ Kicks series. In case you don't know, DJ Kicks is a legendary series of mixed compilations made by several DJs/Producers, and it exists since 1995. The series has an amazing idea: it features one or more exclusive tracks made by the DJ that mixes the compilation (and sometimes even exclusive tracks by friends of that DJ in particular). The exclusive track is most of the times an original, but it also features exclusive remixes and stuff. The lastest mixed compilation of that series features several remixes and three original tracks by the DJ in charge, Maceo Plex. Now that is a serious thing (not that it wasn't before, but now IT REALLY IS) and it's improving a lot, why not making a series of mixed compilations with music that's uploaded to the site? It'll be cool to do it. That way you could showcase artists and great music in an interesting format. Of course it'd be an open genre thing, with multiple DJs doing mixes with their favorite music styles/genres. It could also feature exclusive tracks by the DJ him/herself and other artists that are interested in making exclusive tracks for it. The rules would have to be there, of course. Only music that has been uploaded to the site. Only lossless format. Only music that is allowed to be downloaded. The DJ MUST create an original track specially for the compilation, either by himself or in collaboration with other artist. Several exclusive tracks/remixes are welcome. The DJ would apply for the chance to make a compilation, but the staff makes the decision of letting him. The mixed compilation should have a time lenght between 65 and 79 minutes (the lenght of a CD). Perhaps one compilation every three or four months would be cool, that'd give every DJ time to plan and carefully craft the mix and also to finish the track(s). What do you say?
  20. Hey guys... I'm Ponyda, an EDM DJ. I love music and parties, but without any kind of excess. I also love Iced Coffee (Specially Mocha) and Ice Cream. You can ask anything you want .
  21. This is my first attempt at a PMV. I worked a while on it, but I know it isn't that good. I still felt like sharing it though. Hope you guys like it
  22. Here goes, my first attempt. My friend likes Fluttershy (hurr durr Fluttershy is best pony hurr) and he gave me the inspiration to make this. I tried to match her quiet style the best I could, and as far as I'm concerned, I think it's good. Judge it yourself, I love ALL feedback, good or bad. Brohoof, tdtuesday1
  23. This is a collab I did with the incredibly talented Colortwelve. Sampled audio taken from my favorite episode: Hurricane Fluttershy. Let me know what you think!
  24. Hello, everypony! This is both my first post in this forum (besides my introduction post) and my first completed pony remix! Be warned though, it's kinda weird-sounding. Hope you like it!