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Found 64 results

  1. Does your OC have a pet? My OC owns a griffin blue jay hybrid.
  2. A commission done just recently I think he looks rather cute in the whale onesie dont you? This was for Demonic Hooves on CA, I dont know if he has an account on here o3o Commissions are open, send PM for inquiries.
  3. Hi! I've recently rejoined the mlp world as a veteran G1 collector and enthusiast! G4 finally started growing on me and I eventually succumbed. Now my G1 styled ponysona, Sabina, needs a G4 rendition. Anyone interested? My art style is definitely not G4 sorry! I've been influenced by G1 animation styles like the traditional cartoons as well as the G1 Tales series. I'll post my examples, who also happen to be my ponysona. Any takers?
  4. This was hard, but I made a lot of improvements to my OC, Neon Tetherlight, and I'm pretty proud of 'em, BUT, I have no idea for a cutie mark. I mean, I do have some ideas but... I'll need help. I'm just not that good at getting that 'perfect design' I was thinking of... I would be grateful if you could gather up some ideas for a cutie mark. Anything would be fine. I'll also give a small description about him- He is an ambiverted unicorn that works for a prestigious software and hardware company called ManeFrame. (Pun intended, and you could also help me with that. :P) His dream is to spread the knowledge of technology to each and every corner of Equestria. He mainly works in the secret wing of his company that is developing a machine that uses magic to power an A.I called . And, there has been some amount of progress, the only problem is that the magic that they are currently using isn't strong enough to keep the A.I conscious for long. Enough about his job. Let's get into his head. Neo is a Stallion of few words, and only speaks when beneficiary, but when he is around his friends, he is like a high school Filly, talking about other pony's secrets that he has no business knowing. He likes being around his friends, but doesn't make it obvious. His relationship with his sister though, is a whole other story. He and she used to get along well, but their different views on the world separated them and made them go their own ways, But that doesn't mean he doesn't like spending some sibling time together. He also has a tendency to get into fighs even if they could be easily avoided. No one knows how he does that though.. Now fears... He is scared of the ocean. Like the deep blue part of it, and he's afraid that the waves will drag him into it. (Even though it's not exactly possible with him.) He is vulnerable to jump scares and anything that looks a bit too scary. He has stage freight but if he's performing something in front of his friends, he's fine with it. And now for talents! Uhh... He is exceptionally good at programming and can work with any kind of basic motor. He is pretty good at gaming and had won in a lot of competitions as a colt. He is kinda like a 'Jack of all spades' with sports. Not excellent in anything, or too bad at something. And cooking is out of his league keep that in mind. (*cough*) I will add a bit more of his bio after I've gotten an idea of his cutie mark. Remember, whatever I've written here is rough and I will make improvements. And thanks in advance! Image014.tif
  5. Now, you might be thinkin'-"Another mary sue!? What in the hell is wrong with people?!?" but hohoho there is more... Is this pony an Alicorn? mabe, mabe not.Anyway, he never wanted to, never tried to, was never SUPPOSED to become one, and is NOT EVEN an anlicorn. but then WHY is WHAT he is? He was forced to. He was kidnapped from Ponyvile by a duo of mad wizards, trying to combine All species into one pony. But they needed a live test subject.(which ended up being this unlucky stallion.) The project ended up as a failure as he was not strong enough to withstand the magic earned by other species, but was enough to give him god like powers for a short time. In his fit of rage, he destroyed everything he could see in his path but the scientists made it out of there in time, jut see their secret hideout crumble in front of them. The duo, terrified of what they had done, fled and wenever to be seen again. Name: Neo Tetherlight was originally a: Unicorn can he use his wings?:no. (the wings a not even physically, actually there and one of them is not even formed properly) streangth of magic?: strong, a little better than rarities, but is getting stronger.... PS: English is not my native language so forgive me if I make a few mistakes ^~^' (edit: this is a really old drawing and thought of mine, and I don't think I want him to have the potential to become an actual Alicorn. I still need to work on his character and plot, to make sure he isn't too powerful... maybe you guys can help me with that, if you like :D)
  6. I decided to make a mermaid pony oc! Meet Gilded Waters!
  7. Decided to redraw an old OC from my old DeviantART. Old design: New Design:
  8. What would be good names for a pony whose special talent lies in making statues and other stone-related art?
  9. Well very first art, my very first topic. Little nervous here I spent all night making my OC and how all of you can see, her name is Wonder Pie. (*sorry for my english, not really a english speaker but believe, I m not using google tradutor) (** kinda new in drawing ponies, so sorry again! ) anything to help me improve, I will be very thanks! Here we are.
  10. Name: Dusk "Nomad" Spellbound Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Cutie Mark: 6-pointed star with 2 art brushes. Species: Unicorn Likes: Writing, Music Traveling, Magic, Art, and a good Cider Born into a class of nobles, Dusk grew up as a member of Canterlot's upper class. He recieved an education at Celestia's School for gifted unicorns. But above all, he was an exceptional artist whether is was painting, drawing, clay modeling, or wood carving. Dispite this, his overbearing father demanded that he put aside his love for the arts and to become a civil servant. In defiance to his father's wishes, he left behind his lavish life to pursue his love for the arts. He choose Nomad as his pen-name because of his lifestyle as a wandering artist, in order to be less conspicuous. And since then, he's been makes a living the life of an artist who travels across Equestria, doing commissions to those who would pay. This is the 4th Version that I have done of him, and hopefully will be the last that I do.
  11. Name: Red Lilly Gender: Female Species: Earth Pony/ Red Panda Hybrid Place of Residence: The Everfree Forest Although she has the body of the pony, Lily is not quite a pony as she can't get a Cutie Mark and she has an unusual ability to climb up trees with ease. Raised in the wilderness by a pack of timber wolves, she became something of a wild child and a stranger to civilized life. Whenever she wants something other than whats offered on the Everfree forest's menu, or if she's just bored, she sneaks into ponyvile at night to steal food from homes and sugarcube corner, or steals jewlery or valuable items such as jewlery or the most expensive items from Rarity's boutique. Whenever she does pay an unwelcomed visit, she leaves the place in such a damaged and messy state. DA link:
  12. Greetings This is some art of my friends and I Original Characters, they are all part of a fanfic I have been writing. Each of these ponies were created by a different friend of mine and well I thought this piece turned out so well I just needed to share it. I would love to hear what every pony thinks Who do you like best? The Ponies belong to as followed: Blue Pegasus belongs to PonyOfDespair White Pegasus belongs to AkumaHunter Black Unicorn belongs to Famine Red Pegasus belongs to ME! Purple Unicorn belongs to PonyofMadness Grey Earth Pony and Art by Yukace Brown Earth Pony belongs to LeagueOfDisaster. Yes, these are my real life friends and some of our usernames are the same or friends are copy cats. Oh and yes I know about the mistake on War's wing lol no need to point it out >_<
  13. LordBaleful

    My Oc

    Greetings mates! I decided to stop being lazy and try to make a pencil drawing of my oc. I am still a scrub here so tell me if I did something wrong. I may do more in the future if I can get motivated. I may color him, I was just lazy. (He's a unicorn I just forgot the horn.)
  14. Species: Earth Pony Gender: Female Cutie Mark: Beer Mug with 3 hop leaves. Crystal Runs a brewery outside of ponyville and sometimes helps the Apple Family out during cider season. Aside from cider, she also brews root beer, vanilla cream soda, black cherry pop, and sarsaparilla, All of which are acclaimed by the locals as some of the best drinks they've ever tasted.
  15. How do you people decide on pony colors because i am stilling having some trouble picking mine. [ Base Copyright: ] This is the last test i did with colors but the pony oc itself is still a Work In Progress.
  16. Hello! I see that you have stumbled upon my very own Trade Ya! thread. (That, or you saw the tirtle and you were like "Ah! I want my pony OC drawn in chibi form!") Either works! What i'm looking for: I would really appreciate it if you could draw a photo of my pony OC doing something cute with one of her husbandos. However, her husbandos are anime characters and I would like them drawn in pony form. That way, the picture all comes together nicely. For example: If you look up a photo of Kakashi Hatake, you'll see that he's, well, a human. I would like him drawn as a pony to go along with my pony OC. What can I give to you in return?: I can draw up a chibi form of your pony OC! By "chibi", I mean the style that was introduced in the season two finale of MLP; A Canterlot Wedding. Rules/restrictions: - NOTHING NSFW - Pictures you offer can be drawn digitally or on paper. - Please do not pester me about your photo, and I promise I won't pester you about yours! - Cutie marks are not my strong point; so they may not come out perfect on my end. Should you decide to take part in this anime mancandy-obsessed girl's art trade, just tell me that you accept and I will provide you a photo of the anime character to be ponified. (I can also provide their cutie marks) At the same time, you provide a reference of your pony OC for me to hang onto. My pony OC: What do you think? Can you handle the hottness?
  17. If a earth pony got a magic amulet, could they use the magic with there hoofs ?
  18. What are your pony OC's flaws? My OC's Flaws: 1. Wolf can have a sassy attitude that can drive others away. 2. Though quite physically strong, she is mentally weak. She suffers from depression and anxiety. 3. She can be impulsive at times. 4. She is afraid of the dark and deep water.
  19. I would like to create three new pony OCs, all earth ponies. However, I need help thinking of color schemes, cutie marks, names, and other design aspects for them. If anyone would be willing to provide some ideas, I would really apprciate it! Pony OC #1 I would like this OC to be female and her special talent having something to do with chilli peppers. I was thinking of making her some greens, reds, oranges, or perhaps some brown? Pony OC #2 I would like this OC to be male and his special talent having to do with cheating in poker. As for colors, I have no idea! All I know is that I want him wearin sunglasses and giving off a real cool, yet jerk vibe. Pony OC #3 I would like this OC to be male or female (Either could work). His or her special talent will have to do with oceans; perhaps being an excellent swimmer. I would like him or her to have colors of white, blue, and black. Other than that, i'm lost!
  20. I never thought that I would make one of these threads, but i'm genuinely curious as to what other people think of my pony OC's deisgn after all this time i've had her. Please let me know what your initial thoughts on her design are! Note: Wolf Tracks also has a werewolf form, so I will post both her normal form and her werewolf form. Normal: Werewolf:
  21. I have finally decided what type of pony I like the best​. The type of pony I like the best is unicorn because I definitely relate to this one more because I am smart but I am a visual learner so it is hard for me at school because everything is hands on examples of this are pencils, pens and keyboards, but I would ace everything if everything was visual. unicorns are usually smarter so that is me.
  22. I need some help I can't think of a name for my pony oc as well as what type of pony I should be. please ask questions if they will help you think of a name or what type of pony I should be
  23. yeahhhhhhhhh i caved in and made a design I had in my head for awhile into a OC ;3;
  24. Hello, people! It is I, the Pontato. I'm here to tell you that I have finally made a character to use to represent myself! In other words, I have made a ponysona. I don't have a particular talent that I'm good at, so I decided to give her the refined and majestic talent of making toast, which I am an expert at in real life. The tips of her hooves are a darker brown and are meant to be crust. The camera cut them out. I apologize for still not having the oc requests done, but I barely have any paper and I can't get on the site as much as I'd like to.
  25. I have been wondering on how i should make my main 6 into power ponies but needed some help on how i should make them. I haven't been able to make any HD pictures of them yet but i'll try to explain what they look like & i wanted their powers to be sorta similar to their talents so if it wouldn't be too much trouble, tell me how you think of them & give me any helpful ideas you think i should use, thanks! Starlight Shimmer is my main pony with a white coat & a rainbow mane, all spiky looking & layered with a side fringe. She has 3 shooting stars with smaller stars around them as her cutie mark which represents her talent of star gazing. She also has green eyes & her magic colour is yellow, she's a little shy but i was going to make her power pony name Light Year & her power is that she can travel ponies to other time zones. She wears a long light green cape & golden shoes, neck piece & horn piece so please tell me if you like her & tell me if you would change her in any way. Marguerita is a kind & caring earth pony & a substitute teacher but more of a gardener pony with a cream coloured coat & a short yellow mane that ends in a curl & her fringe is on the side like Rarity's & Fluttershy's but shorter. She loves all plant life & her cutie mark is like Daisy's but the flowers are 2 marguerite's that represents her talent of gardening & her power pony name is Meadow Mare because she can control all plant life & she wears a green body suit with a leafy neck piece & mask. I'm pretty happy with her but tell me what you think of her anyway. Quaver is my unicorn Dj pony that has a lavender coat & darker purple mane that flows on the side of her head, she also has purple eyes & purple magic colour. She's a cool pony that loves anything thats musical & her cutie mark is a pair of headphones with music notes coming out of it which represents her talent of music & her power pony name is Pitch Black because of the dark black suit she wears with a belt & purple cape, also a big collar with a big golden necklace with a diamond in the centre & when she activates the diamond it will allow her to set off a high pitch frequency in her voice so can deafen her enemies. She also has a set of mini disks that enlarge when she throws them towards the opponent but i don't think i will be needing any help for her but you can tell me what you think anyway. Citrus Blast is a pegasus & a tomboyish athlete that loves flying & she has an orange coat with freckles & a short black mane with a spiky fringe & has purple eyes. She has an orange that represents her as her cutie mark but with wings which is her love for flying & when she's a power pony she wears a dark grey suit with shoes that have wings on them & has purple eye shadow just like what Gilda has, her power is that she has super flying speed & her speed can cause her to teleport but i haven't been able to find a name that i like for her so if you could help me with her name that would be great thanks! Morganite is a glamourise unicorn with blue eyes & a light pink coat with a purple mane that ends in a big curl with a pink streak. She has a shining diamond as her cutie mark which represents her talent of interior decorating. Her power pony name is going to be Invisi-belle because she can camouflage into anything she touches with her magic but i haven't come up with her suit yet so if you have any ideas that would be great. Cupcake is an earth pony & a baker with blue eyes, a yellow coat & a pink mane with an orange streak that looks like Diamond Tiaras mane but with a curl at the end of her fringe. She's very cheerful & talkative & has a cupcake that represents her talent of baking as her cutie mark but i haven't been able to find out what power pony name & power she should have but i thought of her suit which will look like the suit Fluttershy wears in s03e05 but i will be making a couple colour changes but i basically need help with only Citrus, Morganite & cupcake so if you could help me with them i would really appreciate it! EDIT: Sorry that I made this topic too much to answer