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Found 39 results

  1. The URL for the latest song on my profile ("HOW DO I VAPE?") doesn't work. You can access the song by clicking on it, but if you copy and paste the URL, it doesn't work. The shortlink doesn't work either. I think it has something to do with the "slug" being empty (the title doesn't contain any ASCII characters).
  2. Some of the music on seems to literally take forever to download as Ogg Vorbis. This is a particular pity in the case of music that was obviously uploaded as Ogg Vorbis and re-encoded (= compressed lossily once more) by For example, when I tried to download "Don't Forget" by Donn DeVore, I got the usual message "We're getting your download ready! This'll take a few seconds." What should happen is the download actually starting after a few seconds. What actually happens is nothing more. The message remains (and I've left it running for at least 10 or 15 minutes sometimes, if not even longer), but no download starts. I've only tried material from times when lossy uploads were still possible and from imported archives. I haven't tested it with lossless updates because why download Ogg Vorbis if you can get the good stuff (FLAC), so I can't say whether these are affected, too.
  3. Hi everyone! So, there's only two days left in Poniverse's'sput together something for the contest! I can't wait to see the end result. Thanks guys for working to make Christmas merrier, and in this contest, make Hearth's Warming the Hearth's Warmingest!
  4. The Poniverse Newsletter As some of you might now, we started a project some time ago; a newsletter with information about Poniverse and its sister sites, as well as some other enjoyable things for you to read and look at. The newsletter was created to give you information about recent and future changes that you might have missed reading about here on MLP Forums or which you maybe not even knew about. With sections about Poniverse, MLP Forums,,, The Last Stand of Harmony, PoniArcade, featured content and more, we try to make the newsletter as interesting as possible for you. This little project fell by the wayside, however the team has been rebuilt and the Newsletter has been resurrected. We are back! We just released the 5th issue for the newsletter via email. Hopefully you will like it, however there is always room for improvements and new ideas. Therefore, we would like to hear your opinions on this. If you have any suggestions on how the newsletter can be improved, please tell us below in a post. The Poniverse Newsletter team consists of: @Jeric - Project Leader, Writer @Rainbow Skywalker - Editor, Writer @Lightwing - Writer of the Giggles - Interviewer - Community Writer - Poniverse Public Relations Head If you find any errors or incorrect information in the newsletter, please Find the newsletter here: Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 Issue #5Issue #6 Issue #7 Issue #8
  5. There are two versions of glide by dongle, but only the first version is on, s-should we upload it? first ver last ver I kinda love the last version. So it's a shame it's not on
  6. My latest song, a remix of "Make a Wish," is not showing up on my profile. You can confirm this by following the link and clicking on my name. What's interesting is that my name is listed as Jack Fox Grayson (without quotation marks) on this track, while the name on my profile and the rest of my music is Jack "Fox" Grayson (with quotation marks, which is what I prefer). (You can compare this on the "Hardcore" genre listing.) And, in the artist list (currently between pages 22 and 23), there are two different artists, Jack "Fox" Grayson and Jack Fox Grayson. I assume that this latest song was put under the latter artist, but I can't seem to access that profile from anywhere. Update: My account page (as opposed to my profile) lists only my newest song. And, in my settings, the option to sync my display name with MLP Forums is enabled. (And you can see what my display name is here.) So I suppose that's an immediate cause of the problem. However, I remember disabling this (back when it was "sync with Poniverse" or something like that) because Poniverse didn't let me put the quotation marks in. Well, I just (re-)disabled that, and it seems Poniverse lets me put the quotes in now. Oddly enough, MLP Forums still doesn't.
  7. Anyone else getting the upload error below when they upload a song to Every time I upload a .wav file, which is under 200MB, it goes through the entire upload before giving this error. I tried to upload on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but to no avail.
  8. Well, I decided to add some lines in the description of my previous tracks, but I couldn't find any edit button. Also, when I click "Account —> Setting" the Bio field is empty somehow while it's not emty in "Your Profile" page. I'm confused and don't know what's happening.
  9. Hi. I uploaded new music today and noticed that I can't see it in "Your Profile" page with previous ones. But I have found it in Account —> Tracks instead. So my question is: should it be like that? I thought this is the same list and the new music would go to "Your Profile —> Recent Tracks", but it is not apparently.
  10. As EqBeats' days are counted, the next best place to publish pony music seems to be However, I do have a couple of questions about it: So music has to be uploaded in a lossless format. I'm perfectly okay with this, but I have yet to find a song that can be downloaded in a lossless format, preferably FLAC. I know that that used to be possible. Has this feature been removed, and does only offer lossy downloads, or is there simply a setting on the musician's side whether or not to offer lossless downloads? Because that'd be pretty critical for me. Also, it seems like has moved away from the pre-defined genres (the main reason why I originally didn't want to publish there) and adds anything that's in the tags of the uploaded audio files to the list. Am I right? Is this feature here to stay? And what happens if there are multiple genres in the Genre tag which is perfectly standard for Vorbis comments, for example Synthpop; Italo Disco? Does alter tags, and if yes, in which ways? Is it okay with all standard Vorbis comments, maybe even the proposed additional tags (such as Lyricist, Arranger or Original Artist), or does it delete anything it doesn't know (and be it month and day in Time which are standard for Vorbis comments, too)? I mean, I could go look for myself since I should technically have a account now, but I'd like to hear some answers from those who know for sure.
  11. Electron

    API for

    Hello good ponies. I have a couple of questions concerning brony music site. Will there be a documented public API for that's also accessible with clientside JS (cross origin requests)? Also, will become open source (github/other vcs)? Thank you in advance.
  12. I wasn't able to find one, maybe I didn't search for it well enough, but is there a search function in place to find artists or songs? All that I've seen thats close to that is the long lists to search through, and I'd rather not do that just to search for one song. Is there a search function that I missed? Or if not, would it be possible to put one in? It would make it much easier to find things.
  13. I really like this site and I want to know where are those good ponies who responsible for it? I would like to know what will happen to the site and the latest news as well.
  14. Hello. So I'll try to be brief since there's December 24th and I do not want to bother the staff. First, I'm FINALLY able to upload music thumbnails (after 6months+ waining for this fix, and truth to be told, I kinda gave up about uploading music to because of glitch). But now, there's another problem... :okiedokielokie: And the problem is actually this topic's tittle. I'll try to explain what happened: So, to be able to upload a different picture, other than my default picture (my lovebird parrot flying), I had to go to the setting of the music to change the cover art (because I had that freaking "The show song ids field is required" error message) because It wont change to "remix of official song" Now I've upload the picture with the song as "original song", I'm trying to save the settings again as "remix of official song", but still, It's showing that "The show song ids field is required". I have hopes to re-use as a song cloud on the Internet for pony music stuff... But seriously, it's starting to be frustrating that kind of errors... I'm going try other ways without deleting the song (HELL NO), but yet, hope you guys can help me. My desktop: Windows 7 Ultimate Mozilla Firefox 35
  15. If there is this thread is kind of useless but i was wondering if there is or will be some sort of radio. If there isn't i think it might be a nice idea to have some sort of radio show which can be run by a number of bronies that have time available and are willing to run it. It could feature songs from popular artists, newer artists and many more things. Possible question time to the people running it and events and such could be mentioned over it to the listeners. I just thought it would be cool to just tune in and let the radio run as it would be something i am interested in.
  16. This is my first ever song I've ever uploaded to the internet XD I wanted to know what everypony thinks. I wanted to pay tribute to some of my favorites from the U.K. like Dillinja and Lemon D and DJ Hype with an old school DnB, Jungle sort of feel. I sampled a youtube video of Pinkie Pie quotes and used them to ride along with the drums. I made it Raw by design meaning it sounds like a bit of just raw Drums coming in and out. I confess that I am not very good at making buildups to Drops and the like so I just played it to my strengths of mixing sounds and beats. Inspired by Rainbow Rocks Pinkie Pie since she is a drummer. Hope you enjoy and if you download it you can do whatever you want with it lol
  17. So I've been thinking...since we've got not a radio that plays random songs from random artists who are part of This way, people wouldn't have to have multiple tabs or windows open. make it more customizable...why not have a tiny search function on it. That way, if you want to change the song at anytime, you could just search for artist or keywords. What could also be that the radio could also play some popular mlp radio plays made by fans themselves. The design of the radio box would be set at default on the top left of the window and it could be free-moving, meaning the user can move it anywhere on the window. It should be fairly compact with no waveform or rewind function. Hope this could be seen in the future.
  18. Hello again! I've composed and wrote a new song about Cadence, Sombra, and Shining Armor. I feel like this part of canon is underappreciated. After all, I personally think Cadence is the best singer of the princesses. Golden Age (feat. Haylizbeth): Instrumental: Source: Carbon Maestro - Golden Age (feat. Haylizbeth)
  19. MLP Forums is one site within Poniverse, a supercommunity designed to provide services to various aspects of the brony fandom. Another such site is, a place where you can upload your MLP fan music. To quote its about page: Unlike Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and other popular music hosting services, is designed to be specifically a one-stop location for all things pony music. Just as with MLP Forums, you can login to using your Poniverse account, so you do not need to create and memorize a new set of login to instructions to use it. Once you're logged in, feel free to upload your music on the Uploader page. Prefer to listen to music other people uploaded? Check out the Discover page. You can discuss over in the forum section. Have fun!
  20. Ok if I posted this in the wrong area sorry . But anyway I listen to allot and I am still new, even though I catch up on stuff very fast I can't seem to find out how to change my user pic. If anyone can help me to figure this out?!?! it would be awesome!
  21. This probably isn't necessary yet since the latest remixes are mostly of "Hearts Strong as Horses" (which was added).
  22. A feature that will be published in the future (not in Beta 2) will be the Pony.FM "Hall of Fame," a showcase of the most high-quality music in this fandom, from people who are well-known to the unknowns. It's based off the panel system from OverClocked Remix, which uses a selections of judges who receive a song for review. Those songs that qualify are elected to the Hall of Fame, but those that don't don't get voted in. While the intent for good quality is there, this is an idea that can literally open up Pandora's Box and cause people not to join. How? You can really inflate egos for people whose songs do get elected in the Hall of Fame. While having a song get elected into a Hall of Fame can be an honor, there's also a huge adverse effect that it can make the musician too overconfident. What if the musician decides to, instead of producing great music and songs, stagnates instead? You run the risk of stagnating creativity altogether. One of the most important elements in this fandom is, no matter who you are, where you come from, and what you do, you can always produce high-quality art. Anyone and everyone gets a fair chance to produce high-quality art. It may not make Equestria Daily's top art (but who knows? It might if cleaned up), but producing the art itself is still something to be proud of. This is a big risk Pony.FM's Hall of Fame has conceptually. Equestria Daily and EverFree Radio get a lot of content, both great and bad, but neither have a full list of song and then, by panels, imply that the songs who don't make the Hall of Fame are worthless to listen by showing off a Hall of Fame alongside. (EQD has Spotlight music, which makes the front page, followed by the Music of the Day, which is a selected honor. Those that don't make it altogether make neither and aren't published on the blog.) EQD and EFR only show content that make it and, contrary to what some think, factually show good quality control. Pony.FM will show songs that do and don't make it. With the Hall of Fame and non-HoF publicized, you may send a message to those who don't have a song in the Hall that he or she want to do better. Adversely, you risk discouraging those upcoming musicians from publishing more (or any) content out of fear of constant failure. To quote what I wrote in my Pro-Brony essay, Bronies and the Explosion of Great Art, "failing is one of our greatest fears." With the other music published, the Hall of Fame implies that their songs don't deserve to make it and, God forbid, their talent doesn't belong in this fandom. If this consequence happens, it hampers the reputation of Pony.FM as for the elite only. Any brony can make great music, lyrics, and song lyrics, but the Hall of Fame is not the way to go, especially if the other music will be publicized with it, for this reason alone. When you have the HoF and non-HoF music published publicly, that's bad quality control. Sometimes a poor song will make it, and sometimes an objectively good song won't. It's a system that has a tendency to work, but will risk slipping, sometimes rather badly. And I say this as someone with experience. I participated in a Senior Project class in Fall 2011. At the end of the year, there was plenty of great work, but also a lot of mediocre and crappy executions. However, and this is by talking to people who worked during the Senior Project then and now personally, often the professors review the process on a bias and choose which ideas they like most instead of the ones that work best. With permission, I review their sketchbooks and found concepts (hand-drawn and computerized) that objectively work far better than the ideas the professors sought. (For my Senior Project, I actually went against my professor's advice, chose a concept drawing he passed over, and ran with it because I saw something in it and thought it would work. I don't regret my decision, and it's one of my proudest projects [and not just because it's one of four Senior Projects to receive an A grade */patting my ego*].) I guarantee you, at some point, the judges can and WILL review the music under a bias, including those who claim to be objective and truly aren't. I worry that it'll spill over very badly, especially when — more likely if — bigger brony musicians join and the biases some people have for or against them. My suggestions: If you're going to continue with the Hall of Fame, figure out a way to treat songs that do make the Hall of Fame and songs that don't with as much equal respect as possible. The Hall of Fame isn't like the professional sports Halls of Fame (which, unfortunately, is tampered by half-witted professional voters who let their tempers get in the way). You've got bronies here (most of whom are amateurs [a.k.a., don't get paid for their music]) who desire to work on music and do their darnedest to perform at their best. Don't disrespect the musician fanbase and overall concepts of talent and creativity by casting an annoying beacon over the Hall of Fame and imply that the songs that don't aren't worth our time. You'll only make people NOT use Pony.FM at all and discourage upcoming musicians from ever using the site. Only forecast the high-quality music. Any song that doesn't qualify doesn't get published. But Pony.FM, however, is about being the hub of all brony music, not "the hub of great brony music and the hell with the rest." So this is scrapped. Can the Hall of Fame concept altogether. The HoF runs the risk of opening Pandora's Box with the system it has and how new Pony.FM is. Choose the wrong people, and you can really kill the idea and overall reputation of the entire Website. Canceling the Hall of Fame's a safer route, but with the Hall of Fame risking people three options, a. "Pony.FM desires high-quality talent. Maybe I could meet their demands." b. "Pony.FM is full of snobby judges and are full of show-offs. Screw them! I'll go elsewhere!" c. "I keep trying, but can never make it. Maybe music is not the way to go." If I were a Webmaster, the concept wouldn't even enter the table. It's the latter paraphrasing sentence that I, who loves creativity (upcoming, popular, good, bad) and the idea that talent can grow if given the confidence and practice, worry most. In what way? Compare the Hall of Fame concept to MLP:FIM's Magical Mystery Cure. If Magical Mystery Cure and the Twilicorn execution were going to be good, it had to be done right and perfectly. If not perfect, then it will be dissected. Magical Mystery Cure wasn't don't right and is a topic that people in the fandom fervently debate over. The Hall of Fame applies here. If it's going to work, it must be done perfectly. It must treat the good songs with equal respect as the other songs who don't make it. Shine the beacon on the Hall of Fame by as much as a percent, then Pony.FM could risk losing a big userbase. The last thing Pony.FM needs is to have a concept and execution of such be equivalent to the crappy work from Magical Mystery Cure. Pony.FM is not like OverClocked Remix, and OverClocked Remix is not like Pony.FM. For one, OCR has been a staple in the music community for over a decade and has a good reputation. OCR can get away with the panel system, and people know the panel system's judgment can be trusted most of the time. It's not the case with Pony.FM, which is a completely brand new system who's trying to break through into the brony music community. The "Hall of Fame," just by the way is planned currently, is telling people that they're putting everything from Pony.FM on the line with a make-or-break system that people may not fully trust. If done right, you'll have a memorable brony music Website. However, if the Hall of Fame screws up, you may have people pass over or abandon the system for competitors (i.e., EQDMusic) that are more user-friendly and embracing for budding brony music stars. As a softer alternative, create Pony.FM groups/communities. This is a practice similar to what you see on and FIMFiction Groups are gatherings where people talk, recommend, and share various fanfic, whether it's their own or others. FFnet Communities (known as C2s when they first appeared in 2004) operate nearly identically, but in much more simpler system. Pony.FM's communities can operate the same way, with various people operating and uploading songs that they either like or know is of high quality is congregate them under one umbrella. In a FFnet community, there is one person who operates it all. Staff is invited by the community administrator, and the invited staff accepts (or declines) the invitation. Admin and staff can upload the songs into one community. To go to a community, click on "Community" in the navigation with a constant list for communities, the communities' missions, how many people are on the staff, how many people subscribe to the communities, and how many songs are uploaded into the communities. A user can be staff for many communities, but they can only operate one of their own. FIMFiction groups are a bit broader. While they run similar to a FFnet community, they also have profile pages where people can join and converse. They also operate tiny subforums and have folders to organize fanfiction (their own or others). The reason I feel this works best is you have the ability to promote good quality music, but you also show songs who aren't in the communities respect. Communities aren't stuck with one central goal for an entire Website. You'll have a variety of communities for users to choose and follow. What song may not make one community can make it in another depending on a community's mission, purpose, and taste. Pony.FM groups/communities must follow the global rules and privacy policy of Poniverse with one extra applied to this one only. Groups/Communities are only there to promote songs. If a community abuses the privilege and puts songs they hate, find bad, and/or want to mock into a community: a. The community gets cancelled. b. The people working under the community (administrator and staff) are disciplined, from account suspensions to temporarily or permanently losing their ability to create — or be a staff on — a community to being banned from Pony.FM outright. Pony.FM is a site where music in the brony community can be congregated into one unique, whole hub. Search for the song, you'll find it. There's a variety for songs, both good and bad. However, the Hall of Fame is a big gamble and may open up a can of worms that may harm Pony.FM's reputation, especially if it doesn't do everything right. That's why I propose alternatives instead of the Hall of Fame. The community concept — my most favorite — is not as bold as the Hall of Fame, but it offers both a compromise and reward for musicians famous, upcoming, and budding alike.
  23. So in an earlier thread I asked about including "Equestria Girls" songs in the list of show song tags, and they were added. They seem to be removed in the new beta, though. :okiedokielokie:
  24. Example: The results look okay, but when I try to play them, they don't match. When I try to click to the song page, it leads to a different song. Example: "Rihanna + Twilight Sparkle - We Found Love in Bloom." Strangely, though, the URL seems fine (, but that is the wrong ID. ( leads to the song "Epic Wub Test 2", This problem does not occur on any other filters.
  25. Minor bug: Sometimes the artists entries on the artist page all say they "joined a few seconds ago". When you click to another page and then back they show the proper times.