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Found 6 results

  1. I'm looking for 4/5 guys for the band And you can sing or rap and must have a mlp oc (doesn't have to be a pony)
  2. Hello everypony!!! I decided to try drawing a full body pony on paint I went with my OC Shimmering Starlight hope you like it !!
  3. Two new OC pones XD First one, Little Raindrop Second one, Sneezy Firefly
  4. This is my Ponysona GagiePie! I made my own base for him so it would look more show like. This is GagiePie; he is an optimistic, creative, and energetic child who loves to help ponies in town but also create. His love for creating started whenever he was three; as a young colt. It carried on with him for awhile until his mothers side of the family discouraged his art... and he stopped. Of course, he still drew every once in awhile because all artist know... "Once you start art you can't leave art." He tries to keep a smile on his face everywhere he goes and helps who ever may need it. Of course, he has his own flaws just like every pony else. He often "hates" himself and never fully accepts compliments as truth because he thinks they are all lies. When he makes something, he may think it looks good; but whenever someone compliments it he takes it as some pony putting pity on him so he won't feel bad. He also tends to speak out of turn and often miscommunicates when he doesn't mean to. He often goes into depression but keeps a smile around every pony who doesn't know him and even more around the ones that do. He likes video games, and would love to make one one day that would actually entertain ponies. He wants to see smiles on peoples faces, and he wants to entertain them. He makes a lot of the things he has by doing favors in exchange for money around town. He has a chip tooth he got one day when he was running and tripped over a rock. He doesn't want it fixed because he thinks it looks cool. His design is heavily based on Button Mash but I'd say his hair is a mix between Big Macs bangs and Scootaloos... Hair that's below the ears...?? When he is nervous or scared he chews on the candy necklace around his neck and scratches his hair with his front hoof. His father is very supportive when it comes to things his son wants to do; his mother supports him by keeping a roof over his head and giving him food and a warm bed to sleep in. His father lives in Cloudsdale and works as a snowflake maker while his mom works in the local Ponyville hospital as a secretary. His dad is a bright white Pegasus that earned his cutiemark in music but it didn't work out so he had to get a job else where so he could support his son. His mother is a Grey earth pony with brown strait hair. She isn't always around so he just walks around town looking for task and crusading for his mark. He'll get it one day, he just knows it! That is about all with this little guy. Full Character Sheet: Gender: Male (But why does it even matter?) Sexuality: Pansexual Cutie Mark: He's still crusading for it! ^-^ Age: 14 (Hear me out! The CMC are foals in the show and they were in the High School! That would make them freshman! So..... they'd be 14 or 15) Bio: He's 14.. hasn't had much happen to him... But the short is his parents divorced when he was young and they separated. His dad got weekend custody and his mother has him during the week. While his mom is at work he goes around helping other poines and when he is not doing that he is drawing; it's difficult because he has to do it with his mouth or hoof. He usually tapes a pencil to his hoof. Extra: He is not actually part of the show; but he does live in Ponyville. And of course Pinkie knows him cause she knows everyone. Favorite Color: HE LOVES ALL THE COLORSSSS PLEASE TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE CHARACTER; PWEEEEEEEEEZ! Thank you so much~<--- Original Picture
  5. So google recently had a contest for people to do a google drawing fitting the theme what makes and this is my entry. Voting will be in february, so you should all vote for me.
  6. Look like it's that time of week again its THROW BACK THURSDAY Okay any way here is my oc pony (skylar ) tbt verison Do you have a tbt Post a comment down below with the picture SHARE the tbt Trend!