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Found 21 results

  1. So I have had some times on my hands and thought to make some random ocs and let you lovely people adopted them. You can change the name if you want and they come with no real background so you can make them more your own. Design wise, you can change a little but I did put some work into them so just as a remember! These bases are from selenaede on DA. So lets get to the adopting! Just post the number of the one you want. First come, first serve! 1 2 3
  2. Post any stories, pis or comics you have that will induce diabetes or bring a tear to somepony's eye... Here are just a few of my favourites... Yes, there are a few links, but the more the merrier! (links will be used to avoid too much space being filled up with D'aww)
  3. so i had this idea what if ponys had some sport not running or horseshoes what would it be called what would the rules be and how would they play with magic or would it ba an all ponys play sport would it be a ball or what and would it invole wearing any equipment.where would the stadium be and what would the proffesionals cutie marks look like also i am starting a daily post called (What if...) i will be posting daily questions that will usually be random hope to see you reply regularly
  4. Hey are anyponys boyfriend/girlfriend into ponies? Mine is and i wuv him so much we are both pegasus and we send eachother muffins! And a while ago today he said "Your the love if my life" then *hugs* *kisses* D'aww
  5. So who will win? You post your opinion and ill tally em up
  6. Put down one of your favorite music Artists... The one that hits my favorite music artist gets a drawing of their pony OC's head! Only One Winner! Only one artist at a time! btw, people can try again after 10 mins Hint: the name has the letter S in it My pony OC boulder
  7. any one from chicago IL little village cook
  8. Hello everypony, I have a friend who is Brony but he doesn't want really anyone to know but he really wants a pony wallpaper. so I need a few My little Pony wallpapers that are not really My little pony, if that makes sense. I mean to say that you couldn't tell that they are from My Little pony unless you have watched the show. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. So I wake up in the morning go down stairs an check my mail an let's see what we got here. bills bills bills bills 50% on pizza an wings hmmm oh my an a MSG from a church near me0___0... So at first I'm thinking oh it must be some kinda invite to come to church but then I look at it more an more an its a private letter from them. So I open it an what I see you will never believe. Dear blank blank blank (not going to tell my name) we have gotten notice from one of our sources that you have signed a form on a site to legalize gay marriage -____- an it may of just been that I sighened that form but they also inclouded that I am apart of the brony community an that I should come to on of there private sessions of cleansing. At first I was like wtf?!?!? An then I started thinking I wonder if my pony friends in my area got this to (we all sighed that form) so I MSG them on Skype hey anyone els get that weird church letter all them go u to? So that leads me to now I'm kinda scared to be a brony an a supporter of stuff. I'm not scared easily but it got worse then that so my thing to you is have you ever been scared to be a brony this also relates to school kids that said they where bronys got beat the hell up an teachers well we all know how that goes.... But getting back to the point are you scared or does this show that the brony community is growing an ppl should be happy over being scared? UPDATE POST So I was browsing through my old topics and I saw this one so I'm thinking hey why don't I update that one since stuff has gotten fixed and what not so here we go. I think this went on for 5 days straight at one point i Basicly grew a pair and opened the door. not five seconds into opening the door did I get I nice yelling of not one not two not even three but 4 poeple yelling at me (1 women 2 men and a preacher)not even the fun part the two men where keeping my door open so I was Basicly screwed on walking away now so my choices A. call the cops(I did not pick this one:|) b. yell at them till they walked away( I picked this one ) so the screaming began for 4 straight hours. by the time I was done my voice was gone and but so where they. this seemed to be pretty much it for the last times I saw or had this happen. I got the looks ever time I went out for a wile but that's kinda normal but Basicly I did it without violence and that's what counts. so ya that's pretty much the end of this topic glad I can finaly sit in peace and such.
  10. Can anypony please draw my Ponysona and her boyfriend in Equestria Girls form? I would greatly appreciate it. The girl pony has gray wings and wears clothing like the girl in the picture i posted below, except that her belt buckle is her cutie mark and her shirt says forbidden. I would like her to be wearing the Wonder Colts ears and tail from the movie. And her eyes are vivid green. Crimson Fame wears the same jacket as below but open, and with a black tshirt underneath with his cutie mark on it. The jacket should have a blue body with yellow sleeves and accents and the Wonder Colts emblem on it.Otherwise Crimsons clothing is dark jeans with a black belt and silver horse shoe belt buckle, and like below his jacket shows his wrists, which his left should be wrapped in a bandage. Also Night Shades skin tone should match the girls in the picture below and Crimsons should match Flash Sentrys human skin tone.
  11. signatures are an artistic advert that a brony made under that bronys post to advertise them selfs but some are just copied of some other broinies signature, thats ok but why not change it a little to make it your own. another issue about signatures is when bronys get other bronys to make it for them which is great but if you want them to change something stand up to them and tell them im sure they'll want to know because there making it for u just like the episode of mlp where rarity makes the gang dresses for the galloping gala but when she saw the reaction on there face when they saw the dress she wanted to know what was wrong with them and after that she changed them she was not hardhearted. REMEMBER: your signature makes you inderpendent so put your hoof mark on it brony on !!!!
  12. Silver Herald Dsanders
  13. I need someone that could make me a youtube one channel banner and I know that people here are really good at art so if you can contact me on skype> cookies.hacking.owner. or reply to this post and we can talk
  14. Hello everypony!! Its Zygen back here finally after a bit of a large delay between the last time I posted any pony art. I've been working on a little project, which I've been doing some work on the side, but decided to dedicated the past like 3-4 days to working hard on finishing it, and I'm FINALLY DONE . So anyways I drew the Mane 6 altogether plus my OC, nothing special really. I just felt like after I drew each of them separate I thought it would be cool to try and draw them all together and then I can compare my original drawings to the ones in this picture. This probably took me a combination of about 20 hours at a random guess.. I'm very perfectionist, so even though my art skills aren't perfect I still have made plenty attempts to try to make it perfect . Therefore I spent a pretty large chunk of time. All I know is I've been spending most of my free time working on this the past 3 days. I think the most noticeable improvement that I have between the pictures here and my older ones is that the heads are shaped better. You may also notice that each picture is kinda of a different quality as I draw each one.(I started on the middle and went left right left right left right as it goes out. I.E I drew my OC then Twilight then Fluttershy, ect.) Anyways, I still think that my raw circle drawing skills are pretty sucky . I have to change many things about most of the circles after I actually try to make one, but i think I'm starting to get a better hold of it. Things we're much easier this second time since I had a better idea of how to try what I was drawing. Anyways I'll stop rambling and give you the picture(Then ramble some more .) As always this is drawn in GIMP using my mouse(I don't think anybody cares what mouse I use.. But its a logictech m705.) And yeah. I used references, but I'm not going to list them out here because well one I'm lazy and two I don't find it overly necessary, they're all pretty easy to find in Google images. So as always I'm open to any and all critique, critique will only improve me and give me more to work on And getting better is good... Right? ? So tell me what ya think! Which one do you think is your favorite? Or maybe which ones have which aspects done best? Feel free to leave any comments,Reactions, Tips, Opinions, Muffins or what have you! I'll be sticking around the forums maybe watching Youtube or something or posting elsewhere for a bit, although I might be hitting the hay soon, Having to concentrate on this stuff is kinda hard on my eyes . As for my next project, well I'm not really sure, I'm probably gonna draw some random art of my OC or whatever comes to mind, if you want you can leave ideas to. I do know that I plan to work on doing different poses a bit, I experimented a little with that here. I also wanna work on drawing some suitable cartoon backgrounds to go with the pictures.. And well lets just say I have alot to work on . Anyways I'll stop rambling before I spend all night typing, enjoy!(If somehow you enjoy looking at the monstrosities I create, and then having to scoop your eyeballs out with a spoon.. I don't know about you but I don't like scraping my eyes out with a spoon.. But whatever butters your bread. ) Have a wonderful week Bronies! Love y'all!
  15. *~WELCOME~* Now look at my art. .....please....? oAo; Yeah, I'm not so good at introductions so I'll just go ahead and post a bunch of the art that I've made. There's a lot, since I've been a fan for a while and made a lot of things. When I make more, I'll post them on this thread too, so you can watch it and stuff. That'll be fun. ^^ To start off, here is my first ever MLP fanmade thing ever. Yeah... Not very impressive. But I had to start somewhere. This was the first idea I had for my ponysona, Sweet Tea. But she went through a few revisions. Later I got better at drawing poses for ponies, and this picture happened. They are Sweet Tea, and two of the ponysonas of my friends, named Muse and Spangle. As you can see, Sweet Tea's cutiemark changed, and I expiramented with a different mane-style. But then later I found myself volunteering to draw the cover page to someone else's fan fiction. That fan fiction was called "Shipping and Handleing" by PegasusRescueBrigade. I volunteered, feeling that I had little chance to be chosen, since I had so few fan art drawings made at the time, but somehow I ended up chosen. Then this picture happened. I highly reccomend that you go look up his fan fictions. They are quite entertaining. Especially if you're a fan of Derpy and pony-shipping. ^^ ....But do not think that I only draw ponies. I am also pretty good at humans. I drew this specifically so that they'd look like somewhat-cartoony "real" people. No funny hair colors... except Rainbow Dash, but hers is dyed so it doesn't count. And Twilight has a science book because I figure that if she was in our world, she'd be a big science geek. ..."Friendship is Science" doesn't really have the same ring though. So then later I started a Tumblr Blog about Sweet Tea, who had then become less of a ponysona and more of her own character seprate from me. She now has a backstory, her own hopes and dreams, her own friends. ...But she still likes tea just as much as I do. XD From left to right, they are Jazz Hooves the blind saxophone player, Number the math whiz kid who is also Jazz' little brother, Sweet Tea wearing some horribly frilly things, and my friend's OC Phenomena the cave-pony who was frozen in a block of ice and awoken in modern times. ...I don't know how ponies can hold tea cups with their hooves either. ....And that's all for now! 8D Might add in more from my dA account if I realize I forgot things.
  16. Okay, so i was walking into a meeting, when i hear a little voice saying "pinky pie pinky pie, rainbow dash rainbow dash" I went over to see what was happaning, There was a 6-7 year old playing with some ponys, I was like "those are rainbow dash or pinkypie! Oh wait....G1 O.O any buddy know that feel?
  17. So i was messing around with and made some cool pics of are god So here they are!
  18. Here is my attempt to draw Twilight Sparkle took me a long time to finish and all but let me know what you guys think of my drawing of Twilight Sparkle I kinda mess up her cutie mark tho.
  19. Guest


    Anypony here hot instagram? if you do, follow me and i follow you. my name on instagram is simonandreasson.
  20. What will you guys do if they add sea ponies in friendship is magic later on in the show do you think it will be a good idea or a bad idea ?.
  21. Hey everypony I'll get right to it! I'm a beginner writer and would love if some ponys out there would help me get started . I think what would reaaaly help me out would just be simple things like pre reading some of my stuff and telling me what you think. If your interested though maybe you could help me edit my stories? Thanks for taking the time to read this . Edit: Ah I see theres a fan fiction sub forum if this needs to be moved there I understand.