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Found 244 results

  1. Lucky Bolt

    Show us your MLP Movie pony!

    Show us the pony you created on the MLP Movie pony OC creator! You can find it here: Here's my pony, tried to get her to look as close to Lucky Bolt as possible
  2. Pucksterv

    Slumber (Ponysona)

    This is my new ponysona, the cutest sleepiest bat. She is female but prefer they/them pronouns Bisexual bat <3
  3. Pucksterv

    Eleos O'Marey

    This is Eleos, she is my old ponysona I still love her to bits <3 but batpone is better She is just a smol ball of floof. Link to refs:
  4. Coming over from MLPArena, which is a lot more focused on collecting and real ponies from what I've seen, I've so far only tended to see ponysona OCs, not vast amounts of OCs in general. I even made my own ponysona, Sabina! But thats it. So if you are either an avid OC maker, or just happy with your own little ponysona (or both!) what are you reasons behind it either way? Why do you create characters, and what do you use them for? Art, stories? And who is your ponysona, if you have one? Do they reflect you as a person, or just a bunch of things you like! I'll add my ponysona, Sabina! She's a Sparkle Pony from the G1 line (and Ive decided a G4 Crystal Pony).
  5. This is my ponysona! Its my first art piece of her that I made myself. It didn't take very long to make (her back legs took the longest) and I know I can improve so any criticism is welcomed! I hope you all enjoy!!
  6. Script Chime

    Mrs. Cake Rip off

    So I recently made a ponysona out of a human character I play in a role-play named Claire. She is short, chubby, and as a pink and blue color scheme like Mrs. Cake. And to add to it I've made her good at making sweets. (More than just cupcakes and cakes). I never had the intention of making her like Mrs. Cake and this was actually a character I made a few months before I got back into mlp and remembered Mrs. Cake existed. Is there any edits anyone could suggest to make this a bit less like a rip off. The things that I will keep for sure is her name: Delightful Sweets. Her cutie mark and parts of her design mainly height and weight Please tell me if I'm excluding too much I don't want to seem entitled or just want someone to say my character is perfect
  7. Pixie Doodle

    Pixie Doodle's Art Thread

    I thought I should make a little thread where I can post sketches and finished doodles of my MLP fanart that I wouldn't normally post else where! I'll start this with one of my favourite minor characters, Trouble Shoes! I am open to critique! So feel free to leave some constructive criticism. Other Pieces
  8. At first i thought that the transformation wouldn't be that big of a deal. But their seems to be two problems with my transformations. 1. People seem to not notice that it's me (which is the bigger problem) 2. People seem to not like it. Now this blog is more a message to the guys, who don't like my new me, or just don't like my new Avatar. The reason why i changed my name and avatar, is because i have really grown close to my OC Mesme Rize in the last few months. Even going so far as to call it my ponysona. Hypnosparkle has become very stale for me and although is my favorite pony, she dosen't really represent who i am. Mesme Rize does that. I love hypnosis, Lamias/snakes and ponies and Mesme Rize has a very playful attitude like me. He pretty much represents who i am on this forum and i like to use him has my ponysona. So everyone that dosen't like him, please give him a chance. He is a very nice Lamia. <3
  9. Lucky Bolt

    Lucky's Ponysona Art

    Just thought I'd drop all my art of my ponysona/me as a pony (named Lucky Bolt) here for yall to look at. I draw both digitally and tradtionally so expect a mix of different art styles. You can follow my DA here: To start off, here's a vector of typical fangirl me:
  10. iceestarz

    Ponysona and me! :p

    Small doodle of my ponysona and me! I hope y’all like it may color at some point
  11. Hey everypony! I'll just be using this thread to update the progress of Cinnamon Rose's first piece Critique is always appreciated!~ First: sketch numuro un! Wanted to show her cutie mark so I put her body in the profile/side view position, and gave her my favourite classic pose: one hoof slightly raised. Made her turn her head to that nice 3/4 view to best show her mane style.
  12. So here's an older picture of mine. It's my ponysona BlueBook and her little brother Blue Phoenix. Yes, it's base art, deal with it Base by: Amelia-Bases on DA BlueBook and Blue Phoenix are mine. Do not use my characters without permission.
  13. Hi! I've recently rejoined the mlp world as a veteran G1 collector and enthusiast! G4 finally started growing on me and I eventually succumbed. Now my G1 styled ponysona, Sabina, needs a G4 rendition. Anyone interested? My art style is definitely not G4 sorry! I've been influenced by G1 animation styles like the traditional cartoons as well as the G1 Tales series. I'll post my examples, who also happen to be my ponysona. Any takers?
  14. So there's a "What's Your Sexuality" topic, why not make one for your OC/Ponysona? My Ponysona, Lucky Bolt, is a heterosexual female, like me. But one of my other OC ponies, named Thunder Bird, is asexual. I don't have a pic of her, but here's a picture of Lucky Bolt:
  15. Is there anyone else who has a cat ponysona like mine?
  16. iceestarz

    Ponysona's :p

    I drew me and my boyfriend's ponies for fun.
  17. PleasantPetrichor

    Post your ponysona!

    So one of the most inspiring things to me in this fandom was seeing all kinds of ponysonas from all kinds of people. They've all inspired me so much, even the ones with over the top designs. I just loved the creativity. So the point of this thread is to show of your own ponysona! Any kind of creative works! digital art, pencil sketches, even screenshots from pony maker sites! I'll start with mine... She's still new and currently doesn't have a name but I'm still very proud of her
  18. I've seen many bronies and pegasisters ship their OC/Ponysona with either another one of their own OC/Ponysonas, or someone else's. What about you? Do you ship your OC with another one of your own, or someone else's? Or do you not ship your OC at all? As for me, I now ship my Ponysona, Lucky Bolt, with @ScruffyTheStallion's oc pony :3 What about you guys?
  19. What do you guys think of it? <3
  20. fuwafuwakitty

    Digital Designs And Ice cream

    My bf's ponysona, Digital Designs with rainbow ice cream XD
  21. Hey everybuggy, Lately i've been finding myself drawing ponies with my sister, though most of the times we do show characters, sometimes we like to do ponysona's or create OC's, in these cases coming up with mane/tail styles and colors is kind of hard, for picking color you can just use your favorite one, and for mane style we can derive from show characters, ad the ever-popular Rainbow Dash manecut. With that in mind, I ask, how you come up with mane/tail styles for your OC's? Sometimes you canderive from your own haircut but it's not that simple for males. Here is a pic of an unfinished drawing where i went with Doctor Whooves style and found myself in creative block to come up with something new, please ignore the wing, as i said it's a Work-in-progress.
  22. sin kai

    my oc character

    i did this ponysona a while back the sketch is rough but the design is ok i guess hope every pony like it
  23. gamecubeguy214

    GameDash snuggle

    WARNING: The "Game" in GameDash means Gamecube. This means it's a cancerous ship of my own ponysona with a canon character. This is cancer and cringe material in the spoiler below.
  24. Hello everypony I have decided to read a fanfic that I wrote called The Chaotic Puppeteer its about my ponysona Chaos and so I am looking to have some voice actors in it due to I don't sound like some of the characters in my fanfic especially the stallions here is a link to the auditions if your interested and this will be posted on my youtube channel and you will be credited at the end, but if at any time you post this video anywhere credit me as the one who wrote the story alright so here it is And I would prefer if you auditioned on the casting call club, but if your unable to you can just pm me on here with the lines. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask good luck everypony and I look forward to hearing the auditions. And if the link to the project that I posted on here does not work please do let me know and I will fix it.
  25. fuwafuwakitty

    HI! I'M NEW~

    Hello~ I am fuwafuwakitty, but you can just call me Kittie. I am a 19 year old illustrator from Australia. I draw ponies and anime styled characters, mostly original stuff, but I do some fanarts too. Feel free to comment however you like, I don't mind criticism on my art, as long as it is constructive and I can learn from it. I hope you enjoy seeing my art on here Here is my Ponysona illustration. <3