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Found 4 results

  1. For the second time ever, Milwaukee's own Ponyville Ciderfest has been featured on the news. (fun fact: that's me at the start, walking into the hotel) And now for this year, our record breaking attended 5th con.
  2. Ponyville Ciderfest is a convention here in Milwaukee that's been going strong since 2014. Key staples of our event were our gala, bar trot, VIP dinner with the guests of honor, script readings with the guests, charity bake off and auction, and of course our open cider bar. But with Bronycon announcing it's farewell event next year, the con scene has been shaken up, and it appears Ciderfest might be switching tactics to fill the niche Bronycon, specifically Bronypalooza, is leaving behind. You see Bronypalooza is the biggest gathering of FiM centric musicians in the world. Fandom songs spanning all sorts of genre's played over Bronycon's three nights. However, it looks as though Ciderfest might be making a preemptive move to fill the void from the loss of Bronypalooza, by establishing itself as the new annual event for the fandom's artists to congregate and show their craft. And not just to give the musicians an avenue, but to make them the focus. While Bronypalooza is big, it's not the mane attraction of Bronycon. Here though, this is the first time that I can recall where Brony music is the selling point of a convention. Fandom tunes will be played in some capacity for the entirety of the convention, night and day. Safe to say, this is the first ever Brony music festival. So what do you think about this idea of an MLP focused music festival? Will it do well? Will this make you want to take the trip and attend?
  3. Well, my first ever panel has come and gone and apart from a few hiccups early on, I feel it was a success. The hiccups came when I wasn't given a laptop to operate my game board. I ultimately had to go back to my room to get my Mac and run the game from that. Since this is on PowerPoint, I prefer to use it on PCs since the board runs quicker. As it was, the board ran fine on Friday night. There was also a hiccup during play when I found out I hyperlinked to the wrong slide on one question. Fortunately, it didn't ruin the game and I continued on. Friday night was mostly about persistence as panels do have their problems from time to time. Still, people did give the game and panel positive reviews and for that I'm thankful. I'm also thankful to the crew at MLP-MSP for giving me the opportunity to run this panel (my 1st in the 15 cons I've been to). I hope to do this again at BronyCAN and/or Ponyville Ciderfest later this year. With that in mind, I have created a new survey with new questions: This one will run until Saturday, August 13th. Again, I'm hoping for at least 100 respondents for these surveys. It's challenging, but then that's the point for these "Pointless Surveys". Enjoy, StatManDan
  4. I'm planning on going to Ponyville Ciderfest 2015 and am wondering what to expect. I only became a brony this March, but can't wait to go to cons and was wondering what people thought of last year's ciderfest. I've already bought my badge and was also wondering if anyone else is planning to go. This will be my first con and I am so excited!