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Found 6 results

  1. I made a Youtube Poop-styled parody of Naruto, but I tried to put in a MLP reference whenever I could. This vid is only the first part of episode one, I'm probably going to make the episodes better for the next ones. How did I do this time, and how can I improve?
  2. so um ask me stuff maybe???? yeah! ask things to me go ahead
  3. [21:19:41] questioner4: How is my fic? [21:23:00] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: your what [21:23:07] questioner4: My fic [21:23:31] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: OOOO [21:23:32] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: RIGHT [21:23:32] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YES [21:23:33] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YOUR FIC [21:23:35] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: OF COURSE [21:23:35] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YES [21:23:37] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: IT IS [21:23:37] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: FINE [21:23:39] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YE [21:23:40] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: FABULOUS [21:23:41] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ITS [21:23:43] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: DONE [21:23:44] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YEP [21:23:48] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: I FINISHED IT EARLIER TODAY [21:23:56] questioner4: Really? [21:23:59] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: yes. [21:24:01] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: nofs hea [21:24:02] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: d [21:24:03] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: nods [21:24:05] questioner4: You havn't started yet, have you. [21:24:05] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: nods head. [21:24:09] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: I started [21:24:13] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: I finished. [21:24:17] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: Here is da story: [21:24:21] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahe [21:24:23] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahem* [21:24:25] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ok [21:24:27] questioner4: ... [21:24:29] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ya listenin? [21:24:30] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: good [21:24:31] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: story time [21:24:31] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ok [21:24:36] questioner4: Reading, really. [21:24:37] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: lets get this story started [21:24:40] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ok [21:24:42] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahem [21:24:44] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: wait for it [21:24:44] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ok [21:24:45] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: lets go [21:24:46] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahem [21:24:50] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: once upon a time [21:25:02] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: the questioner found himself at a lake [21:25:14] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and then this person came along like "i am god" [21:25:24] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and then the questioner was like "who r u" [21:25:42] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and then the other person was like "im the creator of the multiverse" [21:25:59] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and then both of them make out and made babies and the end [21:26:10] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and then they gave birth to commander hurricane [21:26:11] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: the end [21:26:14] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: C: [21:26:17] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: blink blink [21:26:22] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: *halo* [21:26:41] questioner4: ..... [21:26:49] questioner4: That is terrible. [21:26:53] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: wait [21:26:55] questioner4: Where is the female me. [21:26:56] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: i forgot one detai; [21:27:03] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: the male questioner was the one who gave birth [21:27:06] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: AAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA [21:27:07] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: O [21:27:07] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: WAIT [21:27:10] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ONE DETAI [21:27:11] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: LL [21:27:14] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: YOU WERE BOTH DRAGONS [21:27:15] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: [21:27:27] questioner4: Right, now go post this on the forums. [21:27:33] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: alrighty [21:28:37] questioner4: And pronto. [21:28:58] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: i just died of laughtrer [21:29:02] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and my mum just walked in [21:29:04] questioner4: .................................... [21:29:06] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: and read this [21:29:23] questioner4: ............................... [21:29:26] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: jokes [21:29:28] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: lawl [21:29:31] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ur gullible [21:29:32] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahahaha [21:29:33] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahhaha [21:29:33] ๖ۣۜPurplepenguin26|Liv: ahah
  4. BEFORE YOU POINT YOUR KNIVES AT ME HEAR ME OUT by not a brony i mean just a fan of the show. I really like the show. The tumblr part of the fandom is great. Just not the 4chan side. Bronies will cry and scream if feminism is even mentioned Especially on one of 8-bit-goat's arts of rarity saying 'Ladies are not objects' I'd show you the comments but the pic is deleted off of derpibooru I don't want to be a part of the fandom but i watch the show. is anyone else like this?
  5. I have a serious case of tonsilitis. It's so hard-core, I've been prescribed an equally hard-core anti-biotic (Clarithromycin 250mg) after penicillin did nothing to combat it. It all seemed fine, until I looked at the list of side-effects: Rashes Breathing difficulties and facial swelling Severe diarrhoea with blood and/or mucus Mouth, lip and skin ulcers Stomach problems (vomiting, pain, indigestion) Pins and needles Headache Joint pain Muscle pain or loss of muscle tissue Inflammation of the tounge or mouth Discolouration of the tounge or mouth Thrush (should be fine here) Changes in sense of taste and smell Tooth discolouration Dizziness Difficulty sleeping Ringing in the ears of hearing loss Liver problems (eg. hepatitis and jaundice) How lovely. Now for the possible mental side-effects! Anxiety Confusion Loss of bearings Hallucination Change in sense of reality Panicking BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! TAKE CLARITHROMYCIN TODAY AND GET A SHOT AT THE RARE EFFECTS Fainting as a result of low blood sugar Kidney problems (eg.protein in urine or kidney faillure) Pancreas inflammation Convulsions Reduction of white blood cells in the body which increase chances of infection (like HIV) Reduction in blood platlet levels which increases the risk of brusing and bleeding (like haemophilia) Even better, there's two "super rare" side-effects: Inflammation of the eye Changes in heart rhythm
  6. Post all you'r favorite characters and episodes and random crap about Bleach and anything about it... Favorite character: Wonderweiss Favorite episode: I dunno know theres like 285 episodes Well just post whatever