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Found 23 results

  1. I thought this would be a nice topic to start off. Basically you have to say how famous/popular E.C.T you are on the forums. I think it will be quite cool to see what people think about themselves! So the rules are say how famous you think you are, and there is an option to say how famous the person above you is to! I think I am average, I am only a bunny and people don't see me that much. I would rate myself 7.1/10
  2. Hello and welcome to the discussion thread of all things Naruto! I, myself, am I huge fan of the series and I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well. Feel free to discuss everything about it!
  3. As per title. Why is anime so popular? I always keep hearing about it and almost every pony-to human fanart is anime styled. I have no idea what makes it so appealing, so I would appreciate it if someone could explain it to me.
  4. What are some words/phrases in vogue that you love or hate? For me... Love: - "hella"; I don't know, just has an adorable kind of feel to it, and it helps rid of redundancy with the words "very" and "really". - "facepalm"; because I do that quite a lot. - "ship"; because shipping your favorite characters can be quite fun and fulfilling. Hate: - "literally"; specifically when people say it but they're talking metaphorically... How could you have "literally exploded" if you're standing here in front of me telling me this and you're in one piece? - "YOLO"; just... stop. No. Besides, do you mean "YOLO" as in be careful and don't kill yourself? Or do you mean "YOLO" as in live life to its fullest and do reckless, possibly stupid, activities? Sorry, I fail to understand. - "faze"... but you mean "phase", right, as in a noun? Plus it's a bit uncreative and vague; instead of saying "it's just a phase" can you be more specific please?
  5. I hear a lot of older bronies say that 2011 and 2012 were the best years of the fandom. I can understand this as that's when it all started to blow up and exploded across the world. Also this is the time where the most famous fan content such as brony music and animations were made as well as popular fan fiction. Being a new member of the fandom, I would like to hear the opinions of both new and older bronies on which years of bronydom have been the best or are they yet to come?
  6. I was just thinking about this as I was looking at pictures of the Manehattan and Whinnyapolis delegates from Princess Spike. I noticed that the former barely has any pictures of him on Derpibooru, while the latter really has something going for her in the fandom. This support even seems to extend to other ponies like Berry Punch, Tree Hugger, and Octavia, who seems to be much more popular than her stallion bandmates. Is this just me, or does anyone else seem to think that female characters are much more likely to become Ensemble Darkhorses than male characters? If so, why do you think this is?
  7. What game do YOU think is currently popular all over the internet right now??? Is it a racing game ? Is it a shooting game? Is it a horror survival game? Or is it a fighting game? Any game matters! Post a picture and tell me about the popular game everypony's talking about ! PC Games, Console Games / Systems, and Board Games are the most common to talk about!
  8. It's become a very popular character archetype in cartoons lately. You know, that spazy, random girl who follows her own logic, and is enthusiastic about almost everything. Pinkie Pie, Mabel Pines, Minka Mark, Sticks the Badger, Star Butterfly, Patty from Back to Backspace. Why has this character become so popular all of a sudden?
  9. You might be worrying that such popular trends used in recent films may be at risk of becoming cliches ...
  10. All right, if any famous brony joined the forums, whether it be a reivewer, musician, animator or whatever, who would you want it to be? It would be cool to see people like Mr. Enter or VoiceofReason join or even DrWolf seems nice. Also, maybe people at Jan Animations would be nice. So discuss away!
  11. I was inspired by the drama the bronies had made on the Internet, and then teenage girls' obsession with high school dramas (and their sloppy plotlines), when I did this.
  12. Let's Talk about Bronies and Fandoms Hello, my name is Simon (At least, this is what I prefer to be called.) And I am doing a "Let's Talk" series on these forums. It's a project where I talk about different subjects, then when I'm finished, I leave it up to you guys (and girls) to talk about either with me or amongst each other. Now, you've probably already noticed what I'm going to be talking about because of the subject title. And that subject is "Bronies and other Fandoms". Now, first of all, many people already know what a "Brony" is. But for the sake of those who don't, I will explain. Bronies are an ever-growing fandom of late teen to adult male and female people who like to watch the show, My Little pony: Friendship is Magic. Now, you may either think that this is ridiculous, or maybe you think im lying, or maybe you already know about the fandom, or are even a part of it. But the fact of the matter is, bronies exist. They are a growing part of our society and they have been mentioned in many places such as television, the news, the internet, and celebrities talk about it. It's becoming more and more known throughout the world. Just like other fandoms, there are multitudes of bronies that range from Musicians, to writers, to artists. And every day this fandom is growing and growing, there are thousands of people that are becoming bronies every single day. Some people are rather skeptical about bronies, and they ask themselves, "Why, and how could something such as My Little pony, become so popular, especially amongst the fandoms members?" Seeing as how most of the members are in there late teens to adults. But before we get into that, I want to talk about other fandoms. And no I don't intend on "Bashing" anyones fandom, i just want to talk, How and why you probably got into the fandom that you are in now. Considering of course your even in a fandom, which in this case you most likely are. How people get into fandoms, is actually pretty interesting. These people who, before they ever joined any fandom, nowadays, have been essentially peer pressured into it. And what I'm getting with this is that these people who stumble upon these fandoms look at them at first and say, "Look at these people, how could they ever like that thing, or watch that show." But these types of people are ignorant, they don't know anything about the fandom. They're just judging it on what they think they know about it. But then they see this fandom growing larger and larger and before they know it, they want to be a part of it. It's popular, they want to be one of the popular people. They want to be accepted by a large number of others. Now let's take a look at the fandom that your most likely in, and that fandom is Video Games. Online games, PC Games, Console Games, Board Games. It's all part of one fandom that we all joined as kids. And the only reason we joined was because it was growing and growing, we saw that all the cool kids at school had a SNES or a Gameboy and we wanted to be a part of that. We wanted to be one of the cool kids, we wanted to be accepted. Now, let's go back to the brony fandom. Now, you have a different visualization of this fandom. Just like other fandoms, it is ever growing, it is becoming more popular. Just like the video game fandom. These people, bronies, that joined the fandom. They looked at it and at first they thought the same thing you probably do. "What is this? Is this a joke?" But they saw that it's members were growing and growing, these people read facts about it, even started watching the show and before they knew it, they were part of the fandom. A fandom where grown men and women like to watch the show, My Little pony: Friendship is Magic. And we ask them, "why?" Why watch a show that was originally and still is meant for little girls. and most of them reply with the same thing. The animation is great, they music is fantastic, the stories and the lessons learned are enlightening. But they don't know what theyre talking about. They're only saying this because the people who originally saw the show and liked it said these things first and so now. Everybody else in the fandom is saying it. But the fact of the matter is, they joined because it was becoming popular, and they wanted to make it more and more popular. They want to be accepted in a large quantity of people, just like other fandoms. And I have to tell you, theres nothing wrong with that. whats wrong with wanting to be accepted? Nothing! These people, these fandoms, are a gateway for people to get to know other people, like a cafe or an anonymous online chat room. We do so many things to get people to like and accept us, because thats who we are. Thats what humans do, they form colonies, groups, fandoms. all in order to forge a strong group of people together. And the brony community, is just another colony, forming together and making acquaintances. But let's say I'm wrong in all of this. Let's say that you joined the fandom on your own accord because you like what you see? If this is the case, then chances are, you probably didn't know it was a fandom in the first place. You like it for what it is, not to join a group. But later, you read up on it, and you realise. You realise that there are more people who like the same thing you do, and you get excited. Because you find out that there are others who enjoy the same thing you do, you have something to relate to with these people that you don't even know. But you want to get to know them, you want to be a part of their "Group". Their fandom. But let's say I'm still wrong about this, let's go far back into a fandoms beginning. Let's talk about Hipsters, the people who started it all. The people who first got into the fandom without realising what they were creating. These are the people who either first watch a new anime or get into a new hobby. These are the people, the origin of it all. And these people, look at what they're doing, and they see something. an idea comes to them and they tell their friends about their hobby. Suddenly they're friends start doing the same thing, and they tell their friends and those friends tell those friends and so on and so on. And after a while, the word goes out, the people on the internet find out about this through social media. Before we know it there are all these people who are doing this hobby, or watching this anime because this one hipster had an idea one day, and told his friends about it. More and more people join, and suddenly there are thousands of people all into the same thing because its popular. So just like this hobby that this one hipster found, the brony community came about the same way. And thats fine, im not saying its a bad thing, but an interesting concept to explore even more, so I need your guy's opinions on this topic. please leave a few messages, talk amongst yourself about this topic. and show me your intellect. Thank you for Reading.
  13. Well, it’s almost that time of the year again, the time for America’s yearly sporting event, the “Super Bowl.” Yes, it’s the “Super Bowl”; where thousands gather in front of the average TV in the average suburban living room to take part in an annual mass congregation of snack foods, soda, beer guzzling (not in every household), and watching a sport where oversized, puffed out, umm… men ram into each other like Army men at war to stop the other team from winning and to collect from corporate sponsors. It’s as if a large mass of the American public is reduced to spectators of Ancient Rome watching Gladiators make mincemeat of each other in the coliseum, or perhaps spectators of the middle ages watching Knights charge at each other in a joust to prove who’s worthy to be King in the silliest ways. Oh yes, and don’t forget about our nation’s National Anthem being sung by overrated pop culture artists (not saying there’s anything wrong with it, just feels silly), and the halftime show centered around overrated popular music instead of something unique and fresh. And when it’s finally over, people are rest assured that Football is America’s greatest past time (pfft, that ’ill be the day). Now personally, I don’t watch the Super Bowl (and I don’t’ think I’ll ever put any effort into doing so); but I’m perfectly ok with anyone who does. I personally just think the American Public can create a better annual televised sporting event with a much better culture. Perhaps the Bronies might be able to create something much better (but that’s not what we’ll be talking about in this thread). Still, the Super Bowl isn’t all overrated. Some of you might remember (and those who watched “Pirates of Silicon Valley” know) that it helped launch the Macintosh Computer in 1984 (; and we saw why 1984 wasn’t anything like “1984”), which by the way I would now recommend switching too with everything wrong about Windows 8; but this brings me to today’s subject: Some of you might not know this, but more and more people are tuning into the Super Bowl nowadays strictly for the commercials and could care less about the tackling ( Some commercials are overrated, immature, misleading and or stupid (like this:, others are an explosion of creativity and art and still others gather images from all around TV and our otherwise everyday lives and bring them together for an exciting experience the whole family can enjoy (like this:, or this I’ve even seen Sesame Street appear in a super bowl ad; but now how about the Ponies? I think everyone (even those like me who don’t go near the Super Bowl) would agree that the Ponies should have a spot in the Super Bowl commercials. If no one has started, I would suggest someone start a KickStarter campaign to fund the production and broadcast of a commercial featuring “The most interesting Ponies in the world”. Or perhaps we could simply fund a showing of my favorite Pony commercial (which could also be appropriate to show at the Super Bowl, being a parody of a series of beer commercials), the one the ends “Stay Pony My Friends” ( Who knows, if it happens, I’ll watch part of the Super Bowl specifically to watch the MLP commercial. Perhaps you’d all like to get started and share some ideas on what a commercial featuring the Ponies would look like.
  14. It seems that Attack on Titan ,or Shingeki no Kyojin if you prefer the original title, has just recently exploded on the scene. Yet it is rapidly becoming a multimedia franchise with the original manga, videogames and even novels hitting western shores in the near future (not to mention the imminent DVD and Blu-Ray release and the live action movie in the works). But what is the reason for it’s swiftly garnered popularity? This series paints a bleak picture of the future of humanity. A future where we were almost hunted to extinction by a „giant like” race called Titans. Not much is known about the new natural predators of humanity. They don’t seem to be very intelligent and their only goal seems to be the endless consumption of human flesh. To protect themselves the surviving population retreated behind three gigantic walls and has lived there in peace for over a 100 years. The story revolves around there main characters called Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Alert as they live their simple lives behind the walls. The tale Attack on Titan tells holds many twists and surprises. Some predictable but most of them are impactful and well executed. It’s characters are not particularly deep but they are all releatable and likeable. As the series progresses the viewer starts feeling real comradery amongst them and fears for their well being as they go through many hardships. For in this series all of their lives are in constant danger. The society, this story presents, is highly militaristic. It’s military split into three core groups one tasked with protecting and repairing the walls, one tasked with upholding peace far behind them and one tasked with making excursions on the outside for resources and information. Some may find this a social, political statement but ,no matter what one may think, it gives a certain feeling of uniqueness to this world and the views of it’s inhabitants. Attack on Titan is a tightly written story. It dispenses with most of the melodrama and filler that seems to characterize a lot of anime. Most scenes have a clear point and relevance in the story, setting up information about characters, build up for later plot points and character development and so on. It still retains that distinctly Japanese feel however (whether you find that good or bad my dear reader I’ll leave it up to you). It explores it’s character’s emotional state well, without it overstaying it’s welcome, themes of hopelessness and desperate attempts to fight back against an overwhelming force. It also looks into the way humans treat each other in a world where their existence is threatened everyday. How they might cope with this and how much they’d work together. The animation of this series is stellar. There are quite a few „wow” inducing moments to be seen here as we watch these gigantic creatures and the ones who oppose them in action. The characters express just as much with their movements and body language and facial expressions as with their words. The action scenes are fast, huge scale and brutal. Every suffered wound feels real and every blow has earth (or more often building) shattering impact. It really is worth the price of admission just for that. This series is an exceptionally well done effort. Enjoyable for everyone, even for those who don’t enjoy anime otherwise. It’s themes and characters are adequately explored and it’s story is exciting and holds quite a few surprises. At the end of Season 1, the current end of the series, we ended on a cliffhanger with many unanswered questions ,yet a still somewhat satisfying resolution. It’ll be interesting to experience where this story progresses and to see light shed on some of it’s mysteries. A truly remarkable anime deserving it’s popularity. Give it a chance and you might just find yourself swept away in this world of Titans!
  15. Thought i would share this here since a thread would be kind of silly. A few things that floats around as fanon that i dont/or refuse to accept 1: lyra and bon bon couple (or any same gender shippings really) 2: Berry Punch as a drunk...never going to accept that, cause well its a kids show and its just a dumb fanon thing. 3: Dinky as Derpies daugter...I still dont get that one... 3.5: derpy as not so bright. Mostly cause ive been around people with acutal mental issues and they are okay people so I really just see derpy as clumbsy. 4: ??? thought this list was going to be longer guess not. As a last note i know these are all just fun fanon things that people latch on to, i dont take them too seriously and this was just to get my thoughts out to anyone who cared.
  16. WARNING: If you are a brony and you tend to take things personally, this article will probably piss you off. A lot. If that sounds like you, I recommend either not reading the article, or first reading about who Matt Labash is and sampling some of his other stories (such as his last essay, Going Dental) before reading this one to get a feel for his style, which tends to be acerbic, cynical, and acerbically cynical. Some context may help. Or it may piss you off even more. You have been warned. The August 26, 2013 issue of The Weekly Standard features an article about bronies by senior writer Matt Labash. When the subject is bronies, most commercial media journalists are all over the map, typically unsure of who or what they're covering, or why, but with an overall bias that's at least mildy negative. There's usually a baseline level of gratuitous smirking and eye-rolling, slight head shakes, subconscious dismissal and the well-worn reporter tropes we know so well. That's not the case here. Matt Labash didn't just broach the subject of bronies for a quick human interest chuckle at the end of the evening news. He did background research at BronyCon 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland earlier this month, spending three days amongst the Herd, studying the assembled bronies in a manner not unlike a patrician British anthropologist amongst "primitives and savages", or perhaps a field biologist studying herd behavior in bipedal equinoids. His findings are, to understate things tremendously, somewhat controversial... The Weekly Standard: The Dread Pony by Matt Labash (click to read the article) Characterizing the story as "unsympathetic" would also understate things tremendously. It's downright hostile and calibrated for maximum negative effect. It's crystal clear that Mr. Labash is not a fan of bronies and sees the fandom as pathological, a subject worthy of utmost derision and ruthless deconstruction. So why am I bringing this up here, in these forums, and before this community? Because I think it is good for Pony fans to know how people like Mr. Labash see them. Because underlying every insult is an insight, a kernel of truth, and it is only that which gives it the power to cause pain. Because The Weekly Standard is a well-known magazine that influences popular opinion -- even the opinions of those who don't read or agree with its editorial positions -- and that means this story will get around, and it will get attention. Because in seeing how others see us, maybe we can better understand why they see us this way. And most of all, because if we understand why they see us this way, then we can use that knowledge to make things better, and making things better is at the heart of what this community is all about. Again, I don't recommend that anyone who is emotionally sensitive or prone to rage read this article. It's okay to ignore it, move on and let it go. But for those of us willing to face it and consider what it has to say, I think this article and others like it can teach us many important lessons about ourselves and others, and with that knowledge will come the power to promote positive changes, not just for us, but for everyone around us. Or so I hope.
  17. So I logged in to see my highest amount of notifications yet. (I checked my messages before thinking to take a screenshot if you're wondering). What's the most notifications you've ever had at once?
  18. I have thought about this question because I listen to and enjoy a lot of music that is decades old, mostly from the 1960s-1980s (with a lesser amount from the 1990s-present). Does the fact that I am listening to songs recorded before I was born make them timeless? Or do dated instruments/production, dated lyrics, or narrow appeal disqualify music from being timeless? Below I'll give a few examples. One way that music may be dated is in its instrumentation and production. I can often identify the time period and popular music trend from which songs came. For example, "Mr. Tambourine Man" by The Byrds sounds like mid-'60s folk-rock, "Get Down Tonight" by KC & The Sunshine Band sounds like mid-'70s disco, and "Keep On Loving You" by REO Speedwagon sounds like early-'80s arena rock. Even without particular knowledge of music trends, songs like these sound "old" because of the instruments played (e.g. cheesy synthesizers) and/or production techniques (e.g. the "Wall of Sound"). Songs may also be dated in their lyrics, message, or attitude. For example, the lyrics of Jack Jones's 1963 hit "Wives And Lovers" reflect a certain cultural attitude about the relationship between husbands and wives that many people today probably do not hold. The lyrics of Jim Croce's 1972 hit "Operator (That's Not The Way It Feels)" are about the singer getting help from an operator to try to call his ex, which is probably an alien concept to the current generation. The lyrics of many other songs make reference to current-at-the-time pop culture, events, and attitudes which may not have aged well. Finally, music may not be timeless in its marketing or appeal to certain groups. Genres such as teen pop, country, hip-hop, or even love songs arguably appeal to different specific segments of the population. It might be argued that a timeless song should have universal (or near-universal) appeal. What do you think makes music timeless? Do you consider the music you listen to timeless?
  19. So basically here's the deal, I dont really "explore" the internet, I have my sites and I stick to them (YouTube, MLP Forums and Facebook, mainly) So I dont really "Keep up" with modern trends. I was just wondering, how popular is this show now? And what do you think to that? It seems wherever I go I see ponies, literally everywhere. Being a brony of course this doesn't really bother me, but when I see ponies EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME... I dunno, I just get wound up when I see bronies arguing with haters - for the main reason that I actually agree with the haters on most points... main one being that we've taken over the internet... Now im tired, and about to head to bed so I have no idea if the above makes sense or even requires a reply...yeah. Oh, and merry Christmas
  20. How many popular posts do you have on this forum? Show us a screenshot, or just tell us what you did and what are people's responses to it!
  21. Hey there. I was just curious, who does everything think is the most popular pony out of the mane 6, and then just overall? Note that I'm NOT asking what your favorite is, just what ponies are the most liked by the community as a whole. Out of the mane 6, I think RD or Pinkie is probably the most popular. they just seem to pop up everywhere I go, on the forums, or just the rest of the internet. Out of everypony, I gotta say that I think Derpy is the one I see posted the most, followed VERY closely by Vinyl Scratch.
  22. I recently had a Rarity moment where I tried to fit in with a more popular crowd. One of the prettier and popular girls at school came and sat at the same table as me, a while later the rest of her friends joined us for lunch. I got talking with them and they asked me to hang out later. They were friendly and nice however I just felt I didn't fit in with them. We didn't have much in common either. I tried to conform because I felt I needed to(fear of rejection), I tried dressing more mature, wearing make up, getting a different handbag(had a hello kitty one before), reading up on typical girl things and even though I started to fit in, I felt I was giving up a part of myself. In the end I stuck with hanging out with the people I usually do and to my surprise the popular girls accepted me for who I was, not what I was trying to be. So now I hang out with my old and new friends. Lesson learned Has anypony else here been in a real life situation that resembles a friendship theme from the show?
  23. I might be SwaggerJacking Evilshy a little *weep* But this needs to be put down on the playing field Who remembers some good o'l games from the ages?