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Found 35 results

  1. Post the pictures of you as a kid too teen: Me as a kid with mom: Me as flower girl and my freind as flower girl and two as flower girl: (I'm the one way behinde them and with dora explorer hair cut and me as a kid) These photos were developed november 2007 and it was gonna be my birthday agin yes i had my other birthday pictures developed at november 2007 so my birthday was coming agin in october 23rd 2007. I deleted this: (If your adult you can post your pictures of your shelf as a teen). The last edit before this new edit came out on January 21 2014 here's what it said on the last edit before this edit: Edited by Lightfire, 21 January 2014 - 08:54 PM.
  2. Version 1: Version 2:
  3. "Spectra Flim-Flam" 18 X 24 X 3/4 inches paint on canvas sides painted signed on the front and back Sorry everyone, it already sold.
  4. First posted drawing! Yay! To see more of my art before posted here, click this link which will lead you to my PaigeeWorld account: Here's the drawing: file:///home/chronos/u-33e7f2aa7f2567c07d3e7645d82df93b6b94fef0/Downloads/IMG_20161213_202427.jpg Hope you like what you see!
  5. Don't be afraid to critique my portraits. It's well appreciated. Attention: Just a word of warning however. I do not want this thread to become a Debate Pit thread (because that is overall not its main purpose), so please be considerate and respectful with your critiquing. And please be sure to look through the entire thread (including the pages) before you post your comments, because this thread is also a gallery of my work. Thank you. Click here for the most recent update for this thread: This one here is just the 1st of many others I have in mind. I hope you like them! And yes, the guy that is beside Sweetie Belle is me IRL. (Click on them to enlarge the photos to see the detail if you want) Me & Sweetie Belle in colour: Me & Sweetie Belle in B+W:
  6. Side Portraits i started a gallery of portraits of all the oc's and random ponies i created in my head, so far i made my two main oc's Rick and Stealthy, i'm currently working on the third (careful, scanner quality is huge in some of them (they reached even 2500x1900 (because i rescaled the original 16400x11500 -.-))) Stealthy Rick Josh
  7. Hello! Been working on some cool least I think they're cool and would like some feedback as well as just a place to dump my art and let others view it Back when I was in high school, I created a portrait out of tissue paper and it was easily one of my favorite pieces. Throughout college, I focused on other things and didn't really recreate that process at all, until my senior year. For my senior show in college, I decided to create a tissue paper portrait series and hang them in the gallery. They got a HUGE reaction and people seemed to really love them. Now that I'm out of college and into graduate school, I'm trying to create more and sell my art in order to make a living for myself. While looking back at what I like to make, the tissue paper portraits came immediately into my mind. SO. I've been making "fandom tissue paper portraits" and they should be able to be sold soon. Before I add them to my etsy shop, however, I would like some what do you guys think? Do you think these will sell? I don't know...I'm looking for any kind of feedback really... Obviously, these aren't completed yet, but I like how they're starting to turn out, what do you think? Oh! I also made this Asuka one for Jesse Wood, Drowning in Horseshoes, and gave it to him a few weeks ago when I saw him because she's his waifu and I knew he'd love it...and he totally did
  8. Howdy! I just finished making this low poly styled lion portrait, so I wanted to share it here. First time doing something like this and took forever to do . Let me know what you think!
  9. Hi everypony :3 This is a portrait of Rarity I did today during my free time I hope you like it .
  10. So here is some new art of mine Hope you like it! Any tips or tricks? X me
  11. Hello! Today i would like to share 2 drawings i have made The first one is a portrait of myself and the second one is a drawing of Stardust Balance's OC
  12. Hi there, over the next few days I'd like to showcase some of my artworks, especially the traditional ones and thought I'd start with a portrait of Queen Chrysalis I did some time ago. I used pigment ink (and if I remember correctly just one pigment ink marker). I tried to create an artwork similar to old portrait depicting royalty so I included a stronger focus on the symbols of power (crown, royal coat) as well as designing a fitting frame, relating to the portrayed queen. DeviantArt-Link:
  13. simple rarity portrait i did yesterday. i hope you like it critique is always welcome!
  14. So I mean I had to start somewhere posting stuff because I'm kinda new so I just worked up this portrait of my OC. It's completely open for criticism of all kinds even if said criticism is it sucks. Like for real anyone who looks at this you don't need to be all nice about it I need to get realistic criticism to improve myself. Thar ya go... Edit: I looked at this thing like a few hours later and was like oh my god what went wrong so I changed some stuff. Chances are I'm gonna go to be wake up the next morning and notice more problems sooooo.
  15. Here is a drawing of Octavia that I spent the last couple days working on, she is one of my favorite background ponies so I decided to give her a draw.
  16. my current wip of a full detailed portrait! I really wanted to spend a lot of time on one piece to try out new things in my coloring, shading, and linework im really happy so far! the colors will be different! bright, sparkly, and galaxy themed!
  17. i did another thing. like i haven´t drawn this character enough already xD. tell me what you think about it^^
  18. Hello! I'd thought i'd show you guys my new portrait style that I have been working on! c: These two OC's do not belong to me - First pony belongs to That-Spotted-Unicorn on DA, and the second pony belongs to PrinceYui on DA!
  19. So here's my first official MLP fanart! I intend to do the portraits of the Mane 6 and then I'll probably try other characters or take requests. What do you think of the style? It's inspired by Andy Price (who made some of the MLP comics)!
  20. Final day of exams, plus I came up with a good sketch. Good day. If you've drawn yourself recently, post it here!
  21. Hey y'all! XD Anyway, I just randomly drew up this Applejack portrait for no reason. :3 Her hat isn't there on purpose, so don't worry. Critique please? Umm..yup that is all.
  22. What am I doing with my life? I draw too many ponies! D: Anyway, hey I'd like to know whatcha guys think? And also, should I just make whole topic with a bunch of different works on it? By the way, don't mind that little eraser shaving... xD
  23. Welp. Another portrait. It's not that I like doing portrait the most; I just find myself doing one. This time, it's a crossover thingy. Ariel from the Little Mermaid in pony form. I have, like, three versions of it. Normal W/out Post-processed Water Transparent Background I'd really appreciate a critique so I can improve on what I have. Thanks!
  24. Well, after some ponies convinced me to post it, here it is. A little sketch of my OC's head. I practiced a few heads lately. Damn pony heads. Heads... Ah, I digress. Here, one drawing: Criticism is welcome!
  25. I wanted to get back into drawing again, so I took a day or two to draw Rarity (for the first time) in my free time. Total time taken to draw this was around 1 or 2 hours. Feedback would be appreciated