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Found 2 results

  1. The Mane Six were ALWAYS main characters of the show, there's no doubt about that! But then we have Spike who is considered a main character by the staff, and the CMCs and Starlight are in the supporting characters category. I find this to be rather odd with each part these characters play. Spike is considered a main character, regardless of not having an Element of Harmony, and not being called by the Cutie Map. Every episode where he's the starring role so far, Twilight always appears, regardless of Twilight having at least one without him (No Second Prances). Also unlike the rest of the main cast, Spike doesn't share many episodes with another main character. Plus, he usually has less starring roles per season than any of the Mane Six, AND even supporting characters like the CMCs and Starlight have more than him. Also, Spike wasn't treated that serious before season 6, and has the fewest amount of songs than even certain supporting characters. Now the CMCs, they get a ton of episodes on their own and a ton of songs. Starlight's been getting a ton of episodes and she was even called by the Cutie Map once! She was even a season hero in the previous season! Now all this is making me question who's considered a main character or not. It's either Starlight and the CMCs did enough stuff for them to be considered main characters, or Spike should be considered a supporting character since side characters seem to be doing more than him. Now I'm not complaining that Spike isn't doing anything, he is doing stuff now! So pretty much who's considered a main character or not in most TV media is who does the most stuff; and if supporting characters are outshining the main characters, then perhaps supporting characters should be considered main characters, or certain main characters who has supporting characters outshining them on a regular bases should be considered supporting characters.
  2. Spike is no doubt the number one assisstant for Twilight Sparkle. He does everything asked of him and more, from cooking and cleaning to climbing three-story high bookshelves just to retrieve a dictionary. But we've all seen the daily amount of abuse he takes at the hooves of Twilight. Whether she's dragging him into a furniture face-plant with her levitation skills or just outright lecturing him on things any sane person wouldn't give a second thought, Spike has to put up with an awful lot because of his not-so-stable friend's whims and worries. If you had to be Spike for a day, could you handle this kind of ragdoll treatment?