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Found 9 results

  1. Like the title says x3 For me, quite a few things come to mind- ~Exploring the lovely little park nearby for the first time, and feeling a lot of peace and appreciation for life the more I stayed around it ~Getting to give my girlfriend something personal for her birthday; I was kinda worried beforehand I might not be able to beat what I did last year, so it was a relief to figure something out that she got to enjoy ^-^ ~Realising there's a lot more vids from Vinesauce that I genuinely enjoy, because now I essentially have hours more entertainment available to me almost daily x3;; ~While it's not fully conquered, I feel like my shyness has decreased a ton since last year, plus I don't get into long periods (days) of keeping to myself anymore : D ~This year brought my attention to a LOT of music that I love to the point of looping them for hours D: And possibly some other stuff I might be forgetting~ How about for you guys?
  2. So. 2017 is here, and at the time I'm posting this, a lot remains to be seen about what will happen this year. Will it be an overwhelmingly progressive year perhaps? Maybe there'll be times in 2017 that'll bring about a lot of hardships. Or it could even just be a dull and uneventful year overall, I can't claim I know for sure what way it'll turn. But... regardless of how it goes, I think there's something that'll matter all the same- our mindsets. Don't get me wrong, having a positive mindset doesn't mean bad stuff won't happen, or that it won't matter. If you try your best and 2017 doesn't turn out to be your favourite year, then nothing wrong with that. But I think it's important all the same that one can see and appreciate the good that'll happen this year, for as much as 2016 was an unwelcome year for many, there was also a lot of bright shining acts of kindness and progress that had been discarded and forgotten. And that's kinda what this topic is for, I guess. I have no idea how 2017 is gonna go, but regardless of what it's like, I want to help make a difference perhaps and get some more of that positivity going at times when we might be missing it. So, what kinda stuff am I hoping for with this thread? Mostly stuff like this (not required to reply to don't worry- especially since some of these are intended for later in the year-, just suggestions x3): ~Things you're looking forward to this year ~Good news/acts that you've heard, seen, or even were a part of that took place this year ~Positive ways you're developing in 2017 ~Motivational words and such that feel relevant to this year to you ~Positive highlights of the year, be it a wonderful game, or a touching song; anything like that. I count these because I don't doubt their (sometimes inadvertent) power to bring a smile to people's faces, or to give them strength and inspiration at times when those are fleeting ... and possibly some other stuff too, if you can think of anything else that'd make sense for this topic. Obviously the year has only just started by the time I've posted this, but I'm impatient so sue me : D I guess to start things off; one of the main things I'm looking forward to this year is finally getting to move to my girlfriend! The change of scenery that'll come with that should be nice too, it'll do me good to see new places and push my comfort zone a bit further :3 And to an extent, I'm already spending a lot more time with my family recently than I tended to even two weeks ago, and it's a trend I hope I can stick to for as long as I'm still with them.
  3. Life can be a tough task sometimes. We all face trails and hardships in some form or other, all throughout our lives. Some have it more severe than others, but we've all been there, all had that moment where we could just sink into a dark corner and cry, feeling sorry for ourselves, the world, whatever. But I believe we also often take for granted, those things that make us feel joy, hopeful, and happy to be alive. I sit here on a beautiful sunny day, hardly a cloud in the sky, the greenery returned to the trees and a light breeze keeping temperatures pretty much optimum. Right now, everything just feels so tranquil, peaceful. It reminds me of the days that made me feel so positive about my life. Even through all the hardships, even through the many still to come, I've still had these wonderful moments, and nothing can take those away from me. It gives me the desire to continue, to push through the hard times in the hope of seeing more good times ahead. It really can be the smallest things that help us keep the faith. So with that said, I'm curious to hear about what sort of things keep your spirits up? What are the kind of things you find joy in? Do you maybe find it difficult to do so? Some may even find happiness in things others would think questionable. Everyone is different, and perhaps something you post here will help another who is struggling. You never know! ...And don't just say "Ponies."
  4. We all need to rant about things every now and then. What if I told you that there is a fun way to rant? Introducing aggressive positive rants! All you gotta do is what exactly the title implies. Rant about anything positive in your life aggressively. I'll give an example of myself aggressively ranting about my love for lemon flavored treats: Oh. My. GLOB. Lemon treats are like my rejuvenation food! I just wanna eat them all day like a lion chews on it's meaty dinner! Orange treats are no match for the lemony goodness of those new cake pops from Starbucks or the lemon custard tarts from my local market! Lemons on their own are good but LEMON TREATS ARE DA-BOMB!!!! I can burn people's houses down... with the lemon treats. Pumpkin spice treats? nah. Chocolate fudge treats? Maybe. Lemon treats??? HECK YEAH! .
  5. It's pretty simple everypony! you post one your minor flaws here the below user then quotes you, compliments your flaw or simply says something nice about you and then they also share one of their flaws and so on. This forum game is aimed at sharing flaws since nopony is perfect. (keep it light hearted) I'll start. One of my flaws is being lazy like I want to get smarter and stronger but I can easily sleep for over twelve hours lol.
  6. While there is a 'Give a Compliment to the person above you' Forum Games thread, I thought it'd be nice if there was also a place where you can freely compliment any member- including members that haven't posted on this thread- and even ask for compliments if you need a bit of encouragement Any kind of compliment is welcome, though of course the more thought-out they are, the better. Happy complimenting!
  7. Just watched this video, really important to all you YouTube viewers and YouTubers. Please watch it!! It's very important, and concerns the core of what brought about this fandom, believe it or not. We bronies have helped each other by posting YouTube videos (Joey-O, MagpiePony, and others). Now YouTube needs us. Short Version: Full Version:
  8. This is seriously the best quote ever: Is suffering really necessary? Yes and no. If you had not suffered as you have, there would be no depth to you as a human being, no humility, no compassion. You would not be reading this now. Suffering cracks open the shell of ego, and then comes a point when it has served its purpose. Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary. - Eckhart Tolle
  9. Edit: my comment on the blogpost this was a response to was removed, the author felt it was off topic and was concerned it would de rail things and create more conflict. I respect and understand this decision these are still the same words I said there though. It all starts with each of us as individuals, no place is perfect no matter how tightly knit of welcoming it is but it is up to us to do what we can to do the little things that make this place feel more like a community. Report trolls and flamers, be polite and civil even when it is hard, try to cheer people up when they are feeling down and be aware that there are various different people from all sort of different background and opinions and though you may not always understand their preferences that having certain preferences dosen't automatically make them monsters. As was pointed out there indeed was a thread asking which pony was most likely to commit suicide and while I can understand why some people didn't like that thread as someone who has had suicidal thoughts both recently and in the past I can understand how touchy this can be. But some of the people who expressed their distaste for the topic did the exact same thing they accused my friend of for making that topic and me for defending him from the unjustified shitstorm of hate he got for it. They spread more negativity by insulting me and my friend when if they were given fair warning about what that thread entailed and have only themselves to blame for actually clicking on the topic itself. While I do feel guilty for losing my temper I feel that accusing my friend and I of forcing our views on other people was complete bullshit and totally uncalled for. I can understand something not being someones cup of tea, but all this scapegoating and phony baloney moral posturing of the so called "dark sides" of the fandom and this desire to turn the fandom into some kind of hive mind among some bronies accomplishes is to, create flame wars and encourage haters and trolls. I of course agree that there is too much negativity here and there are some topics that I do not like, but what I do is I simply ignore them and move on and if I think something is inappropriate I report it and walk away. If those individuals who had such a distaste did that instead and the thread still got locked Inazuma and I would have been dissapointed but we both would have understood. Controversial topics will always exist and some of those topics might be things we are unfomfortable with, simply wishing them away will not make them go away but voicing any concerns in a calm rational manner will help create a more positive and productive atmosphere.