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Found 30 results

  1. Sometimes people will not visit my pages. Does shortening title help?
  2. i'm trying to bump this topic i made, but the post does not show up! there's only one post, there's no other pages. i refresh the page, the post i made isn't there. what is this? why is it happening? EDIT: i tried again, but this time, the post i made was added to the first one! i clicked the post button, yet my post was edited into the opening post! ahhhh! why???!!!!
  3. For the last few posts I've posted in the forums, it took a while for them to be displayed. All I saw on the post was "saving post". I waited for a minute and then decided to leave/refresh the page. When I did, it still wasn't there. However, when I reloaded the main page a second time, I saw the updated post. Any way to fix this issue, or is it because of heavy load.
  4. So, what is your favorite rank? Crystal Pony, Bird, Staff rank, Cupcake,...?
  5. My first post was I believe 20 hello, hello, hello, how low?What was yours?
  6. This is more a request than anything else; not something I wanted to specifically bug this-or-that staff member about. I'm currently Pegasus rank, and I would like to always be Pegasus rank. However, I kind-of also want to be able to post in whichever topic without having to worry about inadvertently careening into Unicorn. So, I guess what I'm asking is: Is there any way my rank and / or post count can be forever locked in place, regardless of / without hindering my future posting activity?
  7. I always feel embarrassed when a person who hasn't been on very long bypasses me in post rank. But I also like posting a lot too... So, I present... the 50 post challenge. :/ Its pretty straightforward. Try your best to make 50 or more posts in 24 hours. O.o
  8. I'm offering to sketch OCs (colored or uncolored at my discretion) in exchange for your posts in the Rainbow Dash Fan Club. That's all I'm asking. Go post in the RDFC (something decent, for goodness sake), link me to your post and a preexisting reference of your OC (MUST have a reference), and I'll get to the sketch as soon as I can. One drawing per post, and (tentatively) one drawing per member. And if you wanna be a pal and continue to post in the RDFC, all the better. Heads up: I post everything I draw to dA first, but I'll obviously put in the description that it isn't MY OC that I've drawn.
  9. I have a little suggestion about post edits. I am not sure whether I think it is a good idea to implement it or not but I thought I would share my thoughts to see what you think: Whenever a user edits one of their posts, everyone who has given this post a brohoof (a like) will be given a notification. Pros: If a user likes a post and the author makes major changes or additions to it, this user will not be aware that the changes has been made. There is a possibility that one of the people who liked this post may not agree with the statements made in the edited post. Adding this feature allows users to read through the changes and decide whether they still wish to "brohoof" the post or if they want to "un-brohoof" it. When someone creates a thread where he/she/it wants information or suggestions about something, the user who gives the "best" reply with the most detailed or relevant information is usually given a brohoof. In most of the times, the OP will then be satisfied with the answer and never return to the thread again unless more people post. This is very common among new members or in the "Site Questions / Tech Support" section since the thread usually is locked shortly after the question has been answered. If the person who gave this detailed answer wants to edit their post for various reasons (additional information, important things for OP to be aware of, etc.), rarely anyone will notice. With this feature, OP will receive the (hopefully) useful additional information. In the "Site Questions / Tech Support" section, posts has to be approved by a staff member in order to be visible for other users. Once your post has been approved, you can edit it however you want without the need of approval. I certainly doubt this would ever happen, but hypothetically you could make a proper reply just to gain approval and then turn it to a bunch of bullshit which can hurt OP if you so wish to. With this suggestion, a few modifications can be made to notify the staff members that a post that they approved has been edited. You can turn these notifications off if you want to. Cons: Giving users a notification for every edit can also be a bad thing. Sometimes there are people who make a lot of minor changes to their posts every now and then because of spelling errors. This would give the brohoofing members a shit load of notifications from the same post. This feature could lead to thread-revive spamming. Since this feature will not only apply to recent posts but to ALL posts you have ever given a brohoof to, the feature can be exploited to give attention towards older posts. Even if this is unintentional, there is a bit of a problem with this. "Want more comments on the drawing you made? Well edit your post and add like one character just to give everyone a notification and you got yourself some free advertising." See what I mean? I think this feature would be an obvious addition if there was a way to set a minimum amount of characters that is needed to be changed before people are given a notification so you don't say "hey everyone, look at my edited post" when you just want to fix some embarrassing spelling mistakes. Also, it would be great if there was a way to make the system ignore posts that are older than... let's say 5 months in order to prevent thread revival. So what are your opinions on this suggestion? Is it a good or bad idea? Do you think it should be added? And to the staff-techies: Yes, this feature is available for free download here:
  10. So how have all of you been doing? I was wondering if there's anything I can do to make my posts better and more enjoyable. Please tell me if you have any ideas.
  11. On my mobile, I am unable to italicise, bolden, underline or do anything to my text. Any solution for this? I also seem to be unable to use smilies either. At the very least I can attach a photo and link to something.
  12. I'm uncomfortable with some past posts of mine, I'd like to remove them but I don't how to delete them. Help?
  13. The time has come. It has been 3 years since I've joined the forums. It has been a long, great track. This year, instead of a recap, I'm gonna do something a little different. I'm gonna react to my old posts dating back to 2012 and see how stupid I was back then, and oh boy, do we have some generic posts today. Now, I'm only gonna pull interesting or funny in hindsight posts for this. I'm doing this quickly before the content breaks again, so here we go! This is the earliest one I could find, made on the day I joined. Yeah, I didn't even make a welcoming thread because either I didn't know you could or I didn't feel like it. This post was in a thread asking what the freakout episode of season 3 would be since only 2 seasons had aired at the time. And, yeah the fandom would freakout about it, but the other half would probably say it's "fan pandering." Wow, just wow. This was posted in a favorite and least favorite episodes of season 2 thread since season 2 had just finished at the time. And oh boy these choices are off nowadays. The only reason I said that Secret of My Excess was my favorite episode of season 2 was because at the time, I was sort of a Sparity shipper. What was I thinking? Also, Cutie Mark Chronicles is really only unpleasant in the third act. I find Baby Cakes a thousand times more unpleasant to watch nowadays. This post was in the favorite MLP shipping thread. Yes, I still love SoarinDash but there are problems with this post. One, it's probably the most popular Hetero ship in the fandom, how could I say I haven't seen much of it? Second, did I really put a + instead of an x? That was stupidity on my part. This was in a thread where you give your ideas for an episode. I must have been very into Sparity back then because I thought shipping Opal and Pewee was a good idea back then. That sounds completely pointless. Twilight becomes the mayor of Ponyville? That's funny in hindsight seeing her now. And yeah, Derpygate was recent at the time so that explains the last part. Yes, this was the favorite pony thread. Now, my post may seem normal and you may wonder why I take an issue here. Well, look at how generic it is. I've made a lot better blogs giving Pinkie the right justice love, then just, "She's funny and random and I can relate to her." If I'm explaining my love for something, I go into more detail than that. Thanks for reminding me that at one point I liked My Little Dashie. Yes, I did get teary eyed reading it, but that just reminds me why I now don't like sad fics. I feel like they use emotional manipulation to distract from poor writing so it won't get as much criticism, hence this fanfic. So, this was my life on the forums 3 years ago. I never posted outside Show Discussion and Sugarcube Corner, and I was never social with anyone. I don't even remember who was on the forums back then. I didn't start getting social on the forums until late 2013, where I started to hit my stride, especially once 2014 rolled around. So yeah, happy 3 years on the forums everyone.
  14. Has anyone else found the character limits to be annoying and unnecessary? While I can understand having such a limit in an attempt to create valuable conversations and limiting pointless spam, it can also be a hassle trying to find a few extra words to add to an otherwise-valid statement. I've made several posts in which I was a few letters shy, and felt that adding some words for the sake of a "requirement" was counter-productive to my message. As such, I often use those moments to make a light-hearted joke about the characters. The argument of SPAM can be counter-argued by pointing out that a true spammer can still post something spammish with no limit to letters and punctuation marks. Requiring us to type extra characters as a way to curb spamming is illogical, and unfair to those of us that can make valid points with 87 letters instead of 101. Are there other in here that agree with me on this? Should the limits be removed, or lessened?
  15. When you are searching for a specific user, you can pick "Post count is" [more than x] or [less than x] posts as seen below: However, I'm wondering if you could make them two seperate fields so you can specify Max and Min post count. Now, when you press your badge to bring up the page for the user groups, you can press the name of (for example) a phoenix. But instead of displaying the users who currently are a phoenix, you'll get a result with everyone who is a phoenix or has been a phoenix. So if you're looking for someone you know are a bunny for example, instead of just showing dem bunnies our search will show you like... Every user on the forums. Yeah that helps a lot. Please fix this if it's an easy fix. If it's not a default option and you need to write your own code or something for it then I guess it's not worth it
  16. I'm not sure if this is a moderation or technical issue, but since I didn't get any kind of warning or message I suppose it is the latter. I'll just quote myself from my Welcoming Plaza thread here: "Anyway I'm kind of confused, I already made two posts yesterday, in fact the whole reason I signed up for this forum was because I saw a topic I just had to reply to. But when I check it now both posts are gone, as well as the post of the OP in which he replied to the first of my posts. I can only see three possible explanations for this: 1.: I broke some kind of rule and a mod deleted them. But then wouldn't I have received some kind of warning? 2.: The OP deleted them. Unlikely as he seemed to be quite smitten by the writing talent I displayed in my first post and said I deserve to be in the featured box of FimFiction. 3.: Somehow all posts of newcomers get deleted automatically after a while if they don't turn up in the Welcoming Plaza as some kind of anti-Spambot safeguard. Grasping for straws here, as why would it have deleted the OP's post to me as well? Does anyone have an idea as to what happened here? I worked long and hard on my first post and would be quite ticked off if it was gone for good. The thread in question is this one here: Between Hyper NightFlash's and Colour's posts at the top there should be a whole three posts at least, two by me and one by Hyper NightFlash between them." Yesterday I contacted Hyper NightFlash and he told me he was just as surprised as I am by the sudden vanishing of my and his posts. I don't see what possible reason he could have to lie about this or delete our posts in the first place, so this has to be either a glitch, a stealth moderator or an elaborate setup for a prank. To summarize: My first two posts in this forum suddenly disappeared along with that of another user in which he replied to the first one. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. As it stands, I don't know of any way to resize images on-site. In other words, if I want to place images in my post, and they're too big, I need to save them all to my computer and shrink them all there, then re-upload them. This is time-consuming and horribly inconvenient x) One of those annoying little things that keeps me from wanting to make those huge gaphic-detailed Show Discussion topics I use to make. If Feld0 and/or Lavo could possibly look into this, I can't imagine it'd be terribly difficult to find a forum addition that allows you to grab the corners of embedded images and shrink them after you've embedded them into a post you're writing. I've seen it done on other message boards and sites that use forum-like setups. * If there is in fact a way to do this already in place, please point it out to me~
  18. When you edit a post as a Member, it leaves that obnoxious little tag letting people know you edited it. I personally detest this thing, because I am one who often does one of the following, immediately after clicking the Post button: Finds something that could have been worded better Finds a blatant spelling error that he missed Needs to add information he forgot to add when initially drafting the post It's all well and good to tell people to plan their posts better and to not so hastily hit the post button, but even if more people were cautious about it, there would still be an overwhelming amount of people who run into these problems anyway, simply because human nature is to be impatient and miss things when you have an entire forum full of content that you're trying to move on to, after you finish this one particular post. Plus, Subscribers are the minority in the forum population, it's not that big a difference if they can bypass it. As a former staff with intense CDO, I suggest Subscribers have the option to not include that tag when making posts, just like moderators and other staff do. It's a really nice convenience that sucks to not have, after having had it. Like keeping the increased sig, avatar, username, PM storage permissions, etc, this feature should be another little addition that former staff and those who donate/subscribe to the site should have, as it's a simple, minor thing that I know a lot of people would appreciate, and that doesn't really make any difference in the long run. Staff can view post history with or without the glaring public tag, and as a former staff member, I know for a fact that checking post history isn't even something that needs to be done all that often, anyway. If I remember correctly, there's a simple little button that toggles whether or not a particular member group can choose to hide the post edit tag or not, so this should be a simple change to implement, assuming that it's agreed upon. That is all :3 V See, welcome to my nightmare D;
  19. I think it would be awesome if new ranks were added. It feels a bit of an awkward conclusion to end being a unicorn. (If you're not an administrator or a royal guard). Maybe a cutie mark crusader rank or a WonderBolt rank? Just a thought!
  20. Hai. If you haven't heard of me, the name's CavyShy. I am the author of this blog. If you're wondering why I posted a pic of a kitten who is tilting his head so far back it looks like it might fall off, well, I decided to start out with an incredibly cute picture. So...yeah. Today my friend (might I add, BEST friend) and I had dinner at her family's house after school. That's the only fairly interesting thing I can think of.
  21. Ever seen a large thread marked with a star that says you've posted in it before and wanted to look it up? There's not really a good way to search by author within a thread. It's easy to do in a more general range with the advanced search, but unfortunately this isn't much help here. Scene: I want to post in the "Favorite Songs from the Show" thread, but it says I already have. Well, it must have been months ago so I don't really remember it and I feel like updating my views. Unfortunately, there are 51 pages and I have no idea where I am amidst them. Solution: copy/paste the link for the thread. Then, go to google and type the following: Moon Moon Pretty self explanatory, but obviously you would put the link to whatever thread you wanted and then your own username. The google search should turn up something like this: Clicking on the link will lead you to the correct page. You will then either have to scroll through the page or run a search: Boom. You've found it.
  22. I've been wondering this for some time now. What exactly is the purpose of the editing note you get when/if you have to edit a post anyways? I mean, it seems rather superfluous to me. Plus, with me being generally kinda OCD when it comes to small details, the little note at the bottom tends to bug me sometimes. Not all the time, but eh, sometimes it gives me the whole "your writing's not good compared to most other people's posts on here so therefore, you will be labeled :comeatus: " kind of vibe. I don't necessarily think exactly that, but for when and if I want to correct the simplest and littlest error in a post that I make, simply because I like making my writing look nice, I find it annoying that for one little error that I wanted to fix up, I get tagged with this seeming pointless note that just seems to be of little to no value to me or anyone else. I think that for editing it would be easier and a harmless nice change, especially for those of us who can't help but get all riled up over little details, if we would simply not get that editor's note whenever we want to edit a post and fix up a few errors. So I'm just wondering, what you do guys think? EDIT: See what I mean? lol
  23. Please forgive me if there was already a topic covering this. I tried searching and I skimmed through fifteen pages and saw nothing... I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have the gender of each member displayed on their posts, perhaps underneath the user's avatar next to where it says 'Members' or 'Moderators'. (Check Shifting Gears' second post below for an idea of what I mean) As one of the rare females on the forum, I'm constantly being called everything from "dude," to "man," and "he," despite the fact that my gender is listed on my profile page. I don't mean to be a sourpuss, but this is frustrating, because I want people to see me for who I am and as I am. I think that not only would it be more convenient, but it would help clear up some confusion all the way around, because a lot of members don't read profile pages before using incorrect pronouns in discussions and posts. And from my experience, other people just forget about it entirely. Thank you in advance.
  24. This 100 Character Count is becoming quite bothersome. I can't make a short post. Is there way to lower the character count down a bit? Maybe like to 50 or 25 or 10?
  25. I have a question that I have been confused about for quite some time. I did a bit of reasearch, and either I'm stupid or this hasn't been questioned yet. I have noticed that not every post I make tends to be an active post, my question is Why is this and what exactly is an 'Active Post' ? Thanks.