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Found 3 results

  1. Sources for things I regularly debate. fite me
  2. In the new episode Griffonstone is clearly not what it used to be, Rainbow Dash accurately described it as a "dump". It heavily implies in the episode that Griffinstone fell due to the unity of its citizens being shattered due to the Idol of Boreas being stolen and still missing after many years (though I am sure there were other factors at play as well). It said that this treason and the king who found it and passed it onto his successors was the "pride of Griffonstone." Before this it was said that the Griffons were "as greedy as the dragons" this of course in the ponies very biased opinions. In the episode we see this greed though some argue that this greed is simply the result of desperation but the question is what caused the situation which could lead to said desperation? If history is our guide Griffonstone likely experienced a bloody civil war after the theft which has very likely left Griffonstone in shambles. There could still be warfare and conflict going on between the Griffons right now. This is likely due to a case of history repeating itself, Rome united much of Europe under its empire and after the Roman Empire fell it caused a significant power vaccum which lead to centuries of violence. You had Slavic and Germanic tribes invading from the east, Muslims invading from the east and south, and the Vikings coming in from the north. We know that before the Idol of Boreas was found that the griffons were divided and is likely that they much like the ancient Greeks, Chinese and other peoples had city states that often fought with each other. So where does this bring us today? Griffonstone is in dire poverty and desperation is quite high, there is no doubt of that. We saw that with Gilda trying to sell very bad tasting griffon scones so she could "get out of this dump". But we also saw some legitimate greed that seems to go beyond just mere desperation like when Rainbow Dash injured herself and needed a rope to help herself back up. The griffon's first response was "got any bits?" And at the beginning of the episode Twilight did advise Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie to "bring plenty of bits" which implies that the griffons former unity did not completely solve the greed problem. This of course didn't mean all griffons were greedy but does mean that it was and still is endemic in their culture. What irks me about that episode is that we saw plenty of greed but not that much desperation aside from maybe a hint of it with Gilda which is a bit unrealistic even with greed being so endemic in the culture.
  3. Do something real to fight global hunger and help people who are chronically hungry and living in poverty – donate to the 40 Hour Famine! 40 Hour Famine is one of Australia’s biggest youth events, raising community awareness and much-needed funds to help fight global hunger. This year the 40 Hour Famine will help support projects that fight hunger in Malawi, Ethiopia, East Timor, Nepal, Tanzania, and Uganda and helps World Vision respond to emergencies and other needs around the world.] $40 can help feed a family of six for a month! Please consider donating to this worthy cause and help make poverty history! Donation link: My Famine ID is: 2013010816 enter the famine ID here^ Thankyou to anyone who donates for your support