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Found 36 results

  1. I'll go back and re-watch the series, I said. It'll be fun, I said. The show's not that bad, I said. Why must everything come back to BITE ME IN THE ASS?! "Power Ponies". I forgot all about "Power Ponies"! And I liked it that way! But of course it's the next thing I have to fucking review after I trench through three episodes in a row. OF COURSE. Giddy up, we're in for the ride of a fucking millennia. This is "Power Ponies". - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dear this episode opens up with immediate cancer. Spike spits out a bunch of exposition about the main villain of the episode and drops not-so-subtle hints regarding a useless sidekick in the story. This, all happening in the middle of the night when Twilight explains that they need to spruce up the Castle of the Two Sisters in the morning. Err....why? The castle's been abandoned for around a thousand years, and they now have a better castle in Canterlot. The fuck is the point of trying to rebuild the castle in the middle of the forest that's surrounded by moss? After the title sequence pours hemorrhoid cream through my ears, we see Spike trying to find his place in helping out the others fix the castle, in which everyone says they can handle it. Then what the fuck was the point of BRINGING HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?! For fucks sake, the WHOLE PROLOGUE involved Twilight telling Spike to GO TO BED so he can HELP THEM in the morning. NOW they tell him to fuck off? THREE MINUTES IN: INSTANT BULLSHIT "So, you had me get up early for nothing? How would you like a nice knife in your throat, Twilight?" If that wasn't enough bullshit for you, here comes some more convoluted storytelling. At the end of his comic, Spike spots a spell in small text that allows the comic book to open a portal that sucks him into the story, and subsequently all the other characters with him. How? No clue! Is it ever explained? Nope! It's just more "magic"! I understand this world has a really broad sense of rules when it comes to magic, but this is very convenient and uncreative. Like it came straight out of a fan fiction. Same thing for "Daring Don't", come to think of it. Even "Simple Ways"! This isn't the continuity season. This is the fanservice season. Greeeaaattt. 'Cause you know how much I love fanservice! So once everyone ends up inside the comic book, Spike reveals that each of the mane six have conveniently become the Power Ponies! Each with their own individual and completely shitty, tiresome, and forgettable superhero names! What a goddamned perfect little....what's that word? Oh yeah. GIMMICK. THIS EPISODE IS A POORLY-WRITTEN GIMMICK. I can't even embrace the cringe. It's too much! I can just imagine the board meeting. "Hmm? The Avengers are popular? Let's put that in the pony show we have going so that we can show girls can do it too or some shit. This is gonna make us a ton of money! Oh yeah, and while we're at it, Beast Hunters is the next big thing for Hasbro, I want the press to know this." I don't even remember if this got off the ground as far as merchandising is concerned, but this episode by premise alone feels like it's one of those "to sell toys" moments. Like, this was supposed to be the next big thing for the My Little Pony franchise. I remember there being a shit-ton of a commercials for this episode too. This episode was overhyped to fuck-all, and we haven't even begun to count the juicy reasons this whole thing crumbles. So, weak premise and a strong sense of gimmicky goodness, what's wrong with the story? Well, after the Power Ponies discover that Mane-iac has robbed a bank, they need to use their superpowers. So what's everyone's superpower? *ahem* 1) Pinkie Pie has super speed 2) Applejack has incredible lasso skills 3) Twilight can shoot power beams 4) Rainbow Dash can harness the mighty forces of nature 5) Fluttershy is the Hulk 6) Rarity can make anything she thinks of appear So, what's the problem? Most of these powers are powers THEY ALREADY HAD IN THE REAL WORLD. 1) APPLEJACK HAS INCREDIBLE LASSO SKILLS, SEE "APPLEBUCK SEASON" WHEN SHE HERDS AN ENTIRE GROUP OF STAMPEEDING CATTLE WITH JUST HER LASSO AND WINONA 2) TWILIGHT IS A FUCKING ALICORN, SHE CAN DO EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE SHIT WITH HER HORN THAN SHOOT BEAMS 3) RAINBOW DASH CAN CREATE TORNADOS AND HARNESS THE POWER OF THUNDER, RAIN, AND LIGHTNING, SEE "SWARM OF THE CENTURY" AND "LUNA ECLIPSED" 4) PINKIE PIE DEFIES PHYSICS CONSTANTLY, INCLUDING SPEED, SEE "GRIFFON THE BRUSH OFF" WHERE NOT EVEN RAINBOW DASH CAN OUTRUN HER Well, then they should be really good at these powers, right? NO. They all SUCK at their powers. Why? BECAUSE THE WRITERS OF THIS EPISODE ARE COMPLETE FUCKING MORONS. The bullshit. It never ends. Someone call Penn & Teller. *sigh*. So, as we continue onward with the plot, we see more and more of our main characters not being able to do shit with the superpowers they already had before being transported into the comic book, with no in-universe explanation for their sudden inability to do the amazing things they've done to save Equestria. Except for Rarity, of course, who's great at the superpower she's never had before. How inconsistent, you might say, but the writers manage to balance that one out by making her completely stupid in this episode. Instead of thinking of things that are useful, such as a bazooka, all she can consider forging with her powers are teapots and carpets. She's about as clueless to the urgency of the situation as Pinkie Pie. Hell, Pinkie Pie's more in-tune to what's going on than her. Because that's in character for her. Except for when it's not. Did I mention I hate this episode before? Well, allow me to make a shocking statement. I hate this episode, and if not for any of those completely valid and irrifutable reasons, then for the shear fact that they give Spike an inferiority complex that we've already seen him deal with in "Owl's Well That Ends Well". In fact, Spike has done plenty of useful things, from saving Applejack's life to return to salvation to an entire empire. Why in the flying fuck would he be doubting his worth? As a matter of fact, about 18 episodes from now, Spike will be tooting his own horn about how great he is for saving the Crystal Empire. But here, the writers make the other six complete retards who can't do a fucking thing for their goddamn selves just so that we can see Spike overcome this oh-so gripping "turmoil". Munch my dick. Perhaps I should talk less about why this episode sucks ass and more about what's happening in the episode that sucks ass? Right, so, how's the plot going? Like I said, everybody's an invalid except for Spike...sort of, and that proves true when trying to battle Mane-iac. They all suck so much that Mane-iac uses her paralyzing hairspray on all of the Power Ponies and captures them in her lair. Conveniently, it's up to Spike to stop moping about his newfound "uselessness" and prove himself to an audience that already knows he's useful. There's a parallel I'm going to make at the end of this review with another show that does a similar episode, but better. In the meantime, Mane-iac performs an excessive monologue to the captured Power Ponies that the episode half-mocks, but still partakes in, making it tiresome. All the while, the mane six explain to the idiot villain that Spike always comes through when they need him, in which Spike has an instant change of outlook on his worth. Because he realizes, "oh yeah, there's four seasons of story behind me", and from this point onward he comes up with a plan to foil Mane-iac's.....plans. So he ties some conveniently-placed fabric around some hooks, which with the pull of a chain allows him to miraculously capture all of Mane-iac's henchmen, allowing the paralyzing hairspray to soon wear off after its scheduled respraying is delayed by the unfortunate turn of events. This gives the Power Ponies the perfect opportunity to return to action and create more gimmicky fanservice: "Ah, yes, and the shy character? We'll make her the Hulk. That'll get the fans to buy our dumb shit. Hasbro reigns supreme!" Hence, they defeat Mane-iac by being suddenly good at the powers that most of them already had in the real world. Because stupid writers. And, of course, Flutterhulk destroys the hairdryer weapon, meaning they can all return to Equestria. How? No clue! Is it ever explained? Nope! They were all somehow able to trap themselves in a comic book, and the only way they could get out was by defeating Mane-iac. Because magic. And stupid writers. And gimmicks. And fanservice. And bullshit. And when they all get back home, instead of considering "what the fuck just happened?" and maybe deciding to burn that devil comic book, they all giddy in glee about all the "awesome" things they did in there. Of course, they "commend" Spike for being useful, as you would expect, and only now do they rush out an explanation that the comic book was enchanted. Well, no shit, it could've used some fucking detail, though. After all is said and done, the comic book disappears from existence, leaving for an absolutely useless experience! Good fucking riddance And so concludes "Power Ponies". Finally. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This episode sucks the dick of a thousand moose. Reasons it's vomit-inducing cringeworthy trash: 1) Sloppy prologue, having Spike show up for a job early in the morning that he wasn't needed for anyway 2) Gimmicky premise by having all of the mane six be "superheroes" right off the heels of the popularity of The Avengers (as far as when this episode was likely produced) 3) As far as Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash are concerned, the superpowers that they are given are identical to the powers that they have in Equestria, and for the Princess of Friendship, a huge downgrade, leaving this plot-point a mess. 4) As far as Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy are concerned, the superpowers that they are given are unique to them, and can use these new powers better than the other three can, but become doused in plot-induced stupidity by the former two being completely oblivious and Fluttershy being uncharacteristically too passive when it comes to the endangerment of her friends (See "Dragonshy" for how she should've reacted in the face of Mane-iac's paralyzing hairspray) 5) This episode is inconsequential to the overall plot of the series, hence why I forgot all about it. 6) Spike is going through an inferiority complex that we've already seen him overcome in "Owl's Well That Ends Well", and over the past four seasons we've seen him do plenty of useful things and be commended for it, making his whole arc in this episode irrelevant. Which brings me to my final point, the parallels between this episode and another episode from another show. Avatar: The Last Airbender did a similar episode in its third season called "Sokka's Master", where Sokka, a non-bender (lacks "superpowers") sees himself being a very useless member of the team even though he's done plenty of useful things in the series' narrative. Let me explain how that episode was better than "Power Ponies". Aside from the fact that it didn't make the other characters stupid or completely incapable, and that it didn't set itself up with a sloppy premise, Sokka was never specifically told by anyone else on the team that he was important to the their group beforehand, and realistically would feel out of place despite the audience knowing his worth from previous episodes. In this instance, one major change is made. Spike's been told his worth before. In "Owl's Well That Ends Well", in "Spike at Your Service", in the Crystal Empire two-parter, and many of the prologue scenes involving Twilight and Spike. Therefore, it's completely out of character for him to feel this way, and completely contrived as far as shoving it into the story is concerned. This, with all of this episodes unique flaws, is why this episode fails on so many levels and why "Sokka's Master" is ten times better. "Power Ponies" is a god awful mess. It's plagued with problems and inconsistencies and ultimately amounts to nothing. "Simple Ways" used to be the worst episode of season four, but I've just experienced an episode that's far more deserving of the title. I've only ever given one other episode the lowest rating I can for an episode, and that was "Crusaders of the Lost Mark". I gave that episode a 1/10. And you know what "Power Ponies" is getting? 1/10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- God, I haven't vomited so much diarrhea in a long time. "Daring Don't" is a masterpiece compared to this piece of shit. This episode even has to make me consider which episode is worse. "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" or "Power Ponies"? Ultimately, while "Power Ponies" is definitely worth the 1/10, I'd say "Crusaders" is a worse episode considering, like I've said with "Simple Ways", it manages to fuck up an entire series-long arc, while this episode is essentially a one-off. I guess that flaw is both a blessing and a curse. I'm going to need to drink myself out of this shit. My preferred alcohol is bleach. Anyways, I'll be back next week to hopefully review a more pleasant episode. Until then, maggot semen.
  2. My favorite Power Pony is Zapp, not just because she's Rainbow Dash, but also cause her superpower is weather related, with all the awesome lightning and thunder and twisters. But Filli Second comes as a close second because of her superspeed! <3
  3. Hey guys, guess what, I've purchased some Power Ponies funkos. Though I'm not seeking to collect them, just get a SINGLE specific of them: THIS Well, I've purchased my first wave two weeks ago or so, of only four of them..... but none of them was my Pinks. WORST OF ALL, i'VE GOTTEN A DUPLICATE . Well, got an AJ, a Rarity, and two Twilights. I've felt salty, so I've purchased more this time, twice as much (partly because of the clearance bargain, as I was going to buy six at first). Well, got my Fluttershy rearing (thankfully not the hideous transformed one ), which was the second I've wanted most (though I could live without it). Unpakced more, and more and more.... no luck . And well, lost all hope, and was preparing to offer to swap some of my duplicate ones with the one of Pinks I've wanted by the time only two packs remained unopened..... but guess what was in the last one . IT WAS THE PINKS I'VE WANTED
  4. Hey guys, I've purchased 4 power ponies mystery minis days ago, in hopes to get a Fillysecond ready to fight (she's cute ). Sadly, I didn't got her, AND got a Twilight duplicate (don't remember her super mare persona ). I can't work right now, so I have to cut expenses of unnecessary things like those, but I'm seeking to swap my Twi with either that Fillysecond, or the Fluttershy one (NOT her Saddlerager transformation :diamondtiara: ). Got tips? Or someone willing to swap close to Clearwater Florida ?
  5. Hi! This is a fanclub for the Power Ponies that were showcased in the episode of the same name. Feel free to discuss the episode itself, the Power Ponies as a team, or anything else you can think of. Have fun!
  6. Why does the Power Ponies resemble the Powerpuff Girls, and are they like the Powerpuff Girls, the Justice League, and the Avengers?
  7. I was gonna post it when it was done but I couldn't wait to show you all what I've been working on! about a year ago I did some power ponies in circles but I redid them and put them all on a divider for my binder. I'll post as I finish more. Enjoy what I have so far!
  8. For years, I've had an issue with one particular scene in "Friendship Is Magic" that burrowed inside my mind, occupying my brain to the point of obsession. This is a topic that has dominated my train of thought whenever I want to simply stray away from it. For years, my thoughts have led to a dead end, filling me with depression and keeping me away from my favorite interests. For months, I've tempered my obsession by focusing on other subjects such as school, video games, exercise, and the news. I knew the one way to make myself feel better was to ignore my problem, but now, it's come back to me. This may be embarrassing to admit, but I know exactly what I'm obsessed about: Flutterhulk from "Power Ponies." My first impressions were pure shock. I mean, Fluttershy becoming The Hulk? How could My Little Pony endorse a scene where this shrinking violet of a pony becomes unbelievably angry and transforms into this grotesque monster of freakish proportions over the abuse of a firefly? I seriously had to convince myself to believed that that scene actually happened. But immediately after, I felt simply outraged. Why would the writers condense Fluttershy's personality into something that wasn't representative of her personality? While I accept that Fluttershy's had some serious anger issues over the course of the series, basing a rage based power on Fluttershy's personality felt just excessive. Flutterrage felt like a crutch for clueless writers unsure of how to make Fluttershy stand out, the equivalent of a wrestler praising or criticizing a town he's currently in in a desperate attempt to fire up the hometown crowd, if you will. It didn't help that the other ponies seemed to gain powers based on their usual temperament (such as Pinkie Pie's Super-Speed or Rarity's Green Lantern powers). I would've expected Fluttershy to imitate Aquaman. Additionally, I never was bothered by Flutterhulk's design at first, but as time went on and grotesque imagery flooded my computer after I was in the middle of a creepypasta binge, a certain subset of bronies who were disturbed by Flutterhulk entered my mind, and I was instantly able to make a comparison between Flutterhulk and other nightmarish stuff such as Rap Rat or Candle Cove. I remembered among the praise Flutterhulk got were feelings of horror, disgust, and uneasiness, mainly due to her design. Flutterhulk looked more freakish than even Bulk Biceps with his uneven proportions and unrecognizable form. I've heard such comments as: "Powered-up Saddle Rager is the first thing I've seen on the show that I would describe as downright... ugly." "She's misshapen in ways that make me think of the .MOV series." "I could see it getting tagged grotesque by some sensitive f***ots if it were fanmade." Just how could Fluttershy in any single conceivable way be described as ugly, let alone not being cute? So Flutterhulk's physical appearance as well as her demeanor were hideous? What a great team up! Yes, Fluttershy could have an ugly personality in such episodes as "Putting Your Hoof Down," but this took it to a whole new level. I felt Flutterhulk was a complete perversion of everything that was beautiful about Fluttershy. Not even that shy, awkward hoof tapping at the end could salvage anything. But the biggest reason why Flutterhulk felt me with such despair was far more deep rooted into my psychology rather than ugliness or rage possibly can. It goes all the way back when I discovered this show on May 2011. When I laid my eyes upon Fluttershy, she defined the word beauty as far as cartoon horses go. Her long, silky pink mane coupled with her distinct drooping eyes and yellow coat was pleasing to the eye and made for an appropriate color palette. Additionally, her timid but with an iron core personality and desire to love and protect her furry woodland creatures were downright inspiring. Fluttershy was a breath of fresh air after I witnessed mean-spirited cartoon characters abuse each other in comical ways. I also saw myself in Fluttershy, being a socially-awkward introvert with a love for animals (particularly dogs) and occasional explosive outbursts. That means, whenever I saw Fluttershy on my screen, I vividly imagined myself being in her situations, such as being bullied as a child. On the other hand, Fluttershy faced some steep competition with another pegasus pony with a conflicting personality: Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash was the opposite of Fluttershy: bold, daring, loyal, but also brash, arrogant, and insensitive. I could imagine a bully I've experienced in my lifetime trash talking me as Rainbow Dash, insulting my intelligence and calling me malicious names. Now, I don't imagine Rainbow Dash being particularly cruel, but there were moments, particularly in Season 1 and 2, where Rainbow Dash could outright treat her friends harshly, especially Fluttershy. At first, I didn't really mind, but when I was reading a story about a wrestler named Randy Orton berating fellow wrestler Kofi Kingston, calling him, "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" after a botched sequence of moves, I realized that immediately after that scenario, Randy Orton ascended to the top of the WWE while Kofi Kingston toiled away in mid-level obscurity. Soon after reading about that story, I imagined Rainbow Dash saying, "NOT YOUR FAULT," while fixing a dirty look at Fluttershy in "Dragonshy" or Rainbow Dash taking her aggression out at Fluttershy for her feeble cheering in "Sonic Rainboom." I wondered if Rainbow's unfriendly treatment of Fluttershy in such moments would affect Rainbow's popularity positively and Fluttershy's negatively, like in that situation with Randy and Kofi. Speaking of popularity, Fluttershy seemed to be Rainbow Dash's #1 competition in terms of popularity polls. For years, I would obsess over the popularity polls in hopes that Fluttershy would lead a crushing victory over Rainbow Dash. Although Fluttershy won or tied a fair number of polls, Rainbow would dominate her in others. I would obsess over this information to the point of losing my original interests. The reason why I was preoccupied with the polls was the desire of being accepted within the brony community. Rainbow Dash was seemingly ubiquitous in My Little Pony culture, being the center of the most popular fan content. Therefore, I believed not picking Rainbow Dash as my favorite character would be a sign that I was a freak. I was tired of "not being normal," yet I loved My Little Pony mainly for Fluttershy. I also imagined the fanbase taking Rainbow Dash as their own personal pet, showering her with love, affection, and presents, while Fluttershy was left to rot inside a filthy cupboard, fed nothing but scraps and toilet water due to not being the "favorite pony." A ridiculous thought, I know, but Fluttershy felt so much like me that this issue really affected me on a personal level. I was confused as to why a pony with the ego on level with characters such as Trixie would be so universally beloved. Fortunately, at Comic-Con 2013, there came a glimmer of hope that would finally keep me in peace. They were organizing an official fan-favorite poll, and the winner would receive a marathon dedicated to episodes starring that particular character. Coincidentally, around the beginning of the poll, some sneak previews of Season 4 episodes were shown to the Comic-Con attendants. One such preview featured the ponies as superheros. I remember Fluttershy being called "Saddle Ranger." I never suspected anything else. When Fluttershy finally overtook Rarity in the official pony poll (admittedly, some people may have spam voted Rarity, making the poll somewhat corrupt), the time had finally come that the kindest, most beautiful pony to ever grace this show was the most beloved of the mane 6, a well-deserved outcome. Until December 14th when they showed who truly "Saddle Ranger" was in another Power Ponies preview, I was finally able to get on with my life. No more popularity poll obsessions. No more negative thoughts of Rainbow Dash. Beauty ponified had finally claimed victory once and for all, and justice may had well been served. Until the airing of Power Ponies, I was the happiest I had ever been. But when I saw Fluttershy Hulk Out, I was able to tie what I saw in the Comic-Com preview with Flutterhulk. "Saddle Ranger" was supposed to be "Saddle Rager," meaning Flutterhulk had already been confirmed months ago and no one ever realized it. Honestly, if they showed Flutterhulk instead of the introduction of the Power Ponies, it wouldn't make much of a difference to me. I desperately wanted Fluttershy to win because not only because I saw myself in her, but she was as beautiful as beauty could be. But when My Little Pony basically told us that they would subvert her beauty, both physically and mentally, in the complete antithesis of what I liked in Fluttershy, if only for a minute, then that devastated me for years. Eventually, I decided obsessing over such a seemingly inconsequential moment was a threat to my social life and education, so I turned to other interests because if I were to watch My Little Pony again, the faintest thoughts about Flutterhulk would arise in my mind, shifting me into the topic I so desperately needed to escape. So here I am now, finally getting something off my chest that disturbed me for years. The truth of the matter is, Flutterhulk didn't devastate me simply because she used physical force as opposed to "The Stare" and her words, she channeled some seriously extreme anger that I hated about Fluttershy's writing, or she was ugly. If Flutterbat was the one form people would be repulsed by, I wouldn't mind half as much about Fluttershy possibly being ugly. It was just that perfect storm of physical and psychologically ugliness that was hinted at the most seemingly inappropriate time. If Flutterhulk had aired over a year or so later, I probably wouldn't mind her as much as I did. I always love Fluttershy, and I was able to understand why Flutterhulk made sense as time went on, but I still can't believe to this day My Little Pony was able to air a pretty little pegasus morphing into a giant monster before smashing a hair dryer.
  9. So I started this like 6 weeks ago, threw it in my drawer and forgot about it. I've been studying all day for finals and decided I earned myself a couple hits to draw and color. Decided to work on this thing again. so here is what I have so far. Mind you I drew it 6 weeks ago and already lined it so I couldn't change anything. Which I would have done with a couple of the poses. I will post a new pic after each day until it is finished!
  10. HI! I'm looking for some help for my OC Morganite. I still haven't come up with a suit idea for when she becomes a power pony yet but if you have any ideas just post below thanks! I have all her details here they should be near the bottom of the page & I would suggest not reading the whole thing cause its just overflowing with chit chat! Sorry about that. Thanks everypony for your help! but I was able to find a design that I like for Morganite.
  11. HI, me again! I'm looking for a good power pony name that has to do with speed & teleportation for my OC Citrus Blast, I mention her in my other topic here I know I made this topic overflowing with chat but I already wrote all the details about Citrus near the bottom so if you can just read that part & if you come up with anything, just comment back to me here please & thanks! Thanks everypony for the great suggestions but I found a power pony name that I'm using for Citrus.
  12. So, there's always patterns each season of certain episode types that get aired: For example, there will always be at least one discord episode (since he's redeemed), one luna episode, some episodes relating to a meta-arc for that season (The box, the map), ect. Looking at Power ponies and DPDOMS, it seems like there's a pattern of them having an adventure episode where they throw reality out the window in some way in order to give all six super powers for the sake of an adventure. Power ponies placed them in another universe and gave them super powers, DPDOMS put them in a dream world and let them imagine super powers for themselves. This was in order to facilitate allowing them to have a more actionish adventure episode with the mane six able to do more fantastical fights than they normally are able to do as apart from twilight they tend to lack much in the super power department. Do you think this trend will continue and in Season six we'll get another Adventure episode where they find an excuse to give all of the six temporary super powers of some kind? And do you think its a good trend if so or do you dislike such episodes and giving the six other powers?
  13. I have been wondering on how i should make my main 6 into power ponies but needed some help on how i should make them. I haven't been able to make any HD pictures of them yet but i'll try to explain what they look like & i wanted their powers to be sorta similar to their talents so if it wouldn't be too much trouble, tell me how you think of them & give me any helpful ideas you think i should use, thanks! Starlight Shimmer is my main pony with a white coat & a rainbow mane, all spiky looking & layered with a side fringe. She has 3 shooting stars with smaller stars around them as her cutie mark which represents her talent of star gazing. She also has green eyes & her magic colour is yellow, she's a little shy but i was going to make her power pony name Light Year & her power is that she can travel ponies to other time zones. She wears a long light green cape & golden shoes, neck piece & horn piece so please tell me if you like her & tell me if you would change her in any way. Marguerita is a kind & caring earth pony & a substitute teacher but more of a gardener pony with a cream coloured coat & a short yellow mane that ends in a curl & her fringe is on the side like Rarity's & Fluttershy's but shorter. She loves all plant life & her cutie mark is like Daisy's but the flowers are 2 marguerite's that represents her talent of gardening & her power pony name is Meadow Mare because she can control all plant life & she wears a green body suit with a leafy neck piece & mask. I'm pretty happy with her but tell me what you think of her anyway. Quaver is my unicorn Dj pony that has a lavender coat & darker purple mane that flows on the side of her head, she also has purple eyes & purple magic colour. She's a cool pony that loves anything thats musical & her cutie mark is a pair of headphones with music notes coming out of it which represents her talent of music & her power pony name is Pitch Black because of the dark black suit she wears with a belt & purple cape, also a big collar with a big golden necklace with a diamond in the centre & when she activates the diamond it will allow her to set off a high pitch frequency in her voice so can deafen her enemies. She also has a set of mini disks that enlarge when she throws them towards the opponent but i don't think i will be needing any help for her but you can tell me what you think anyway. Citrus Blast is a pegasus & a tomboyish athlete that loves flying & she has an orange coat with freckles & a short black mane with a spiky fringe & has purple eyes. She has an orange that represents her as her cutie mark but with wings which is her love for flying & when she's a power pony she wears a dark grey suit with shoes that have wings on them & has purple eye shadow just like what Gilda has, her power is that she has super flying speed & her speed can cause her to teleport but i haven't been able to find a name that i like for her so if you could help me with her name that would be great thanks! Morganite is a glamourise unicorn with blue eyes & a light pink coat with a purple mane that ends in a big curl with a pink streak. She has a shining diamond as her cutie mark which represents her talent of interior decorating. Her power pony name is going to be Invisi-belle because she can camouflage into anything she touches with her magic but i haven't come up with her suit yet so if you have any ideas that would be great. Cupcake is an earth pony & a baker with blue eyes, a yellow coat & a pink mane with an orange streak that looks like Diamond Tiaras mane but with a curl at the end of her fringe. She's very cheerful & talkative & has a cupcake that represents her talent of baking as her cutie mark but i haven't been able to find out what power pony name & power she should have but i thought of her suit which will look like the suit Fluttershy wears in s03e05 but i will be making a couple colour changes but i basically need help with only Citrus, Morganite & cupcake so if you could help me with them i would really appreciate it! EDIT: Sorry that I made this topic too much to answer
  14. So, if you had to come up with different powers for the mane six in the power ponies episode, what abilities would you have given each character?
  15. I have an obsession with doodling humdrum. Idk why. Just so much fun to doodle.
  16. Okay, so I edited some pages of the 2014 annual comic... In reference to this (in case you couldn't tell the obvious)
  17. So this one came out pretty bad imo. But I did it pretty late last night, doesn't help that I feel really sick so I'm just gonna relax for a little bit and put the other 2 on hold and my painting on hold. I was bound to mess up one, but oh well. -_-
  18. So here's number 2 out of 7 so far! RADIANCE. Next up is Pinkie Pie! Yes, I know her outfit is supposed to be blue. I'm using my new prismas and I only have a 12 pack so oops. But I'm getting a 72 set for my birthday next month maybe so eh. the premier ones, not the scholar. I have a 24 set of scholars but they aren't nearly as good as the premiers so meh.
  19. Well it's not even dinner time and I've got one more power pony done and 4 more hours into my painting totaling 7 hours on that so far. AND YAS, it is a pony painting. Who should I do next? twilight, rainbow, fluttershy or spike?
  20. I'm super excited to finish number 4! Ended up doing rainbow cause she's always fun to color for me. rainbows are literally my most favorite thing ever I just love how vibrant and happy all the colors can look together
  21. Hi every pony i bought the My little Pony Annual 2014 and i thought it was awesome so i'm here to share my opinions and see what other people think of this comic. to start with I really love the way the comic was drawn; the details like the shadows are very well done and looks more "gritty" than the normal artwork. The plot was quite good and the power ponies designs were very interesting as they kind of look like the mane 6 but are unique looking still. The only thing i wish they did more was to develop the personalities of the power ponies a bit better because they are similar to the mane 6 ( not that the mane 6 are bad just wanted to see more distinct different personalities) anyway those are my thoughts sorry if my review is a bit hazy. Like to see what you guys think of the MLP annual 2014 comic.
  22. Preview for the 2014 Annual is available. This Annual will have a 40 page main story focusing on the Power Ponies in their world and an 8 page story focusing on the Mane-iac interacting with her human counterpart which was available at SDCC earlier this year. This preview covers the first three pages of the Power Ponies story.
  23. I know Hasbro made talking nightmare moon and queen chrysalis toys ! But would it be awesome if they decide to release the power ponies of the mane 6 as toys as well and another surprise we may have in store from Hasbro is we could get our very own Talking discord figure maybe who knows ?
  24. Edit: scroll down to post #9 for the completed, color version. All I've got so far is the line art, but I do plan to color the thing. Painstakingly, I'm afraid. xD Did I make her crazy enough? Is her mane tentacle-y enough??