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Found 20 results

  1. The Mean 6 should return as a reoccurring threat throughout Season 9 as an MLP version of the Phycho Rangers from Power Rangers in Space/Lost Galaxy.
  2. So lately, I've been checking out this live action Super Sentai series in Japan called "Gosei Sentai Dairanger." The reason is because it's where the Mighty Morphin White Ranger outfit and the Thunderzords(Plus some of the monsters) came from. And I find it a fascinating series to look at. A shame we don't see all five Dairanger outfits in the Mighty Morphin Era(Not even as a power-up form for the rangers). That being said, Super Sentai is a different beast from Power Rangers. And I know some of you here may be fans of Super Sentai. Outside of Dairanger, I also have Samurai Sentai Shinkenger(BOught it for the Samurai theme). But what are your favorite Super Sentai series? Which ones caught your attention?
  3. So here's day 1 of Comic-Con. It started out having to wait in the hot sun to even get into the Convention Center(Yesterday, I just waited in line in the Sales Pavilion). First thing I did was that I went to the Cyanide and Happiness Booth to meet with Austin St John: The original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger(Red, plus Zeo Ranger Gold). Surprisingly, there was no line for him. So while I waited, I did have a friendly chat with him, and he apparently is intrigued by the Nintendo Switch. I gave him a drawing I did of his character Jason Lee Scott as an Alicornified Red Ranger(I'll show you all this image later on) Next up, I picked up an image from Jay Fosgitt of my characters Wanda and Abigail. He did a great job of the drawing. Then came the Star Wars: The Clone Wars panel. I got it prior to the previous panel ending, and while the cast and crew looked back at the last 10 years of Star Wars the Clone Wars, they announced that there will be new Clone Wars content on Disney. SURPRISE! Then I was able to catch the Rise of the TMNT panel. IT's a new Turtles series on Nickelodeon, with a new voice cast. Eric Bauza returns as the voice of Master Splinter while Rob Paulsen will join in as a Voice Director(He will also voice a member of the foot clan with fellow VA Maurice LaMarche. NARF!). I was able to catch up with Rob and give him my new drawing. Then I caught up with Greg Cipes, who I had a Skype chat with on Memorial Day. I gave him some new artwork of my own(Will show off later on), and he actually liked a paining I did of the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach. Afterwards, I went down and checked out the Rocket League playoffs. Note to self: Never eat a ton of popcorn, even if you got it for free. I got pictures of myself with the Batmobiles, plus pics of the Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler and the Delorean from Back to the Future. When I got back, I noticed that the Hasbro Booth was open season. But here's the interesting part. They were sold out of the MLP Toy for the day, while the Power of the Primes Optimus Primal toy was still widely available. I was able to pick one up, plus a Bumblebee gift for a close friend. Finally, I checked out two panels. The first one involved writing and tips. It was more about simplicity, making sure the lines you write match the character, and failure will be in the future. Nicole Dubuc was there, and I gave her one of the new drawings I did. I ended the day with the adventures in voice acting panel. Once again, I didn't get the shot to try out. Anyway, that's it for day one. Tomorrow, I'm taking my dad down to see the My Little Pony panel.
  4. It's not much of a preview night, but it will do in a pinch. First off, I went and got Jay Fosgitt to do a comission for me. It will be done sometime tomorrow. So before I go over to Petco Park to play Rocket League, I'm gonna go pick up my comission.Second off, I went ahead and checked out the Hasbro booth. They showcased a small amount of upcoming MLP toys, including the SDCC Exclusive, the Starswirl Twilight figure, the Starlight/Trixie statue, and the upcoming Best Gift Ever figure set(Gonna aim for the one with Shining Armor/Cadence/Flurry Heart).And apparently, as Hasbro owns the rights to the POwer Rangers, they also showcased the White Ranger costume from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2(Also from Gosei Sentai Dairanger). They're doing a signing with Jason David Frank tomorrow, but time will not permit me to do so. Besides, I've already met him in person. There's another ranger who will be at Comic-Con tomorrow. And his Austin St. John.Finally, I managed to play Smash Bros Ultimate. It felt alot like Smash Bros 4, and I was able to play as Ganondorf and Ridley. Sadly, I kept getting my butt handed to me. The game is as wild as ever.Tomorrow, we begin our trek with more Ranger, Star Wars, a meeting with a familiar face, and more.
  5. After 25 years of being under Bandai, the Power Rangers will now go to the company behind the licenses of Marvel and Star Wars, plus the toy company behind GI Joe, Transformers and (ESPECIALLY) My Little Pony You can read more about it at their official announcement page: I mean, as a long time Power Rangers fan, I find this shocking. Never would I imagine the AMericanized Super Sentai series to be in the same company as Marvel Comics, Star Wars, GI-Joe, NERF, Transformers and ESPECIALLY My Little Pony. Then again, all those Legacy toys I've acquired throughout the years? They're now going to be big collector items.
  6. I happen to be a fan of the Power Rangers franchise. I was when I was a kid and thanks to Linkara's History of Power Rangers series, I got back interested in the series. Now I want to know which are your favorite and least favorite Red Rangers. I consider Forever Red one of my favorite episodes and seeing all those Red Rangers from the past was a lot of fun. So, Which ones do you like and dislike the most?
  7. It's Rainbow Dash as the Green Ranger. enough said.
  8. Introduction 'CAUSE IIIII WANNA BEEEEE A POWER RANGER! The Episode The Rangers are at the park, playing volleyball, when Baboo and several Putties show up, unnoticed. Baboo has created a potion that will turn the Rangers into punks when consumed. After spiking the team's drinks, Baboo leaves. Kimberly and Billy decide to take a break, and then become angry after taking a few sips. They knock the other drinks to the ground, thereby sparing the other Rangers. Meanwhile, Rita wants Finster to create another monster. Finster already has one made: the Terror Toad. It has a large appetite, and unlike Pudgy Pig, it's sole purpose is to eat the Rangers and has no known weakness. THE NEXT DAY, Kimberly and Billy come to school dressed like punks (and unlike Bulk and Skull, who are wunks, K&B actually look like punks). Billy intimidates Bulk while Kimberly hits on Skull. Zordon orders Alpha to quarantine Kimberly and Billy, while the other Rangers deal with Terror Toad. Zordon explains that Kim and Billy can be cured, however: there is a plant known as the Singing Squash, located in another dimension. If Alpha can locate it, and grind it into juice, the duo will be back to normal. The Rangers find out that Terror Toad is actually a very difficult foe, as he eats Trini and then goes after Zack. Alpha fends off several Putties, then gets the squash. He cures Billy and Kimberly, and the go to help Jason. Terror Toad then eats Billy, then attempts to eat Jason. As he does so, Kimberly fires her Power Bow at the toad's stomach, releasing the Rangers. As a preemptive measure, Kimberly kills the monster by firing an arrow down his gullet. With the day once again saved, Bulk and Skull challenge the Rangers to volleyball...but end up getting caught up in their own net. My Opinion I enjoyed this episode for several reasons, such as Alpha getting a starring role alongside Kimberly and Billy. I also enjoy the fact that Terror Toad (and by extension, Rita) nearly defeated the Rangers. ...However, by this point, I feel sorry for Bulk and Skull always getting the short end of the stick. Sure, they may be bullying idiots, but you can't help but pity them. And, in my opinion, this serves as the catalyst for their popularity, and their eventual character development. Final Score 7/10
  9. Introduction By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes... The Episode Our episode begins with the Rangers enjoying a town carnival. Trini is babysitting her cousin Sylvia, who is fascinated by one of the clowns, Pineapple. She asks Trini if she can stay behind to play with him, but Trini reminds her they're supposed to stick together. She promises that when they finish watching a gymnastics demonstration, they can return to Pineapple. However, all is not that it seems... It's then revealed that Rita has taken a page from the works of Ray Bradbury and Stephen King, and has set up the carnival as a trap. Pineapple is actually her newest monster, the Pineoctopus, in a human form. Back at the carnival, Sylvia is watching the gymnastics demonstration when Pineapple lures her to him. She sneaks away without her cousin noticing. Sylvia is turned into a cardboard cutout, which Trini witnesses. She informs the other Rangers, who evacuate the other carnivalgoers. Pineapple transforms into Pineoctopus, and is soon joined by Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and a group of Putties. Meanwhile, Trini takes Sylvia to the Command Center, where Alpha finds a cure to Pineapple's dust: water. Sylvia is turned back to normal, and Trini soon joins the other Rangers. Pineoctopus grows, and the Megazord proceeds to freeze him solid. He is then destroyed, and then Sylvia thanks Trini for teaching her an important lesson and being a great babysitter. My Opinion Once again, I applaud Saban for taking not just one, but three ideas this time: Americanizing Zyuranger, the carnival from Something Wicked This Way Comes, and the clown from Stephen King's It. While I enjoyed the episode, there were two major flaws: Pineoctopus' outright campiness, and Rita's goons bailing out. Final Score 7/10 AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT After reading about two other shows created by Saban, Big Bad Beetleborgs and VR Troopers, I've decided to create two upcoming spinoff blogs: PRfan93 Reviews Beetleborgs, and PRfan93 Reviews VR Troopers. These blogs will review each series (adapted from Toei's Metal Heroes franchise), and the format will be similar to this blog's. May the Power Protect You, PRfan93
  10. Introduction This entry is actually a special one, seeing as one of my friends' birthdays was today. So, I'm dedicating this one to you, yayayayayala! THIS IS MY B-DAY PRESENT TO YOU! :3 The Episode Our episode begins in the Juice Bar (...HGHTHBGFHFHFHFHFHFHAAAAAAAAAAANOTAGAIN!...Oh, wait, they actually have a legit reason this time...), where the Rangers aside from Zack are setting up a birthday party. Ernie has his suspicions about the Rangers, so the gang tells him that the Rangers are space aliens. This seems to satisfy the bar owner, so he leaves the matter at that. Meanwhile, Rita plans to give Zack a "present" of her own: an ancient warrior of hers known as the Knasty Knight. Squatt and Baboo help forge the Knight's sword, and the creature is brought to life. The next day, Zack tries to get Kimberly to remember his birthday. She lies, and Zack leaves, rejected and disappointed that his friends don't remember his birthday. As he goes for a walk, the Knight ambushes him, and Zack morphs...only to find out he is powerless against this new foe. Zordon informs the others, and they go to help. Unfortunately for them, their Power Weapons are ineffective as well. Rita makes Knasty Knight grow, and the Megazord is summoned. After getting their butts kicked, the Rangers find out the monster's weakness: his own powers can be reflected back at him. They use this to their advantage, and at the end, they celebrate Zack's birthday. My Opinion After the previously three good episodes, this one goes back to formula...but subverts it a bit with the Knight's weakness. This, however, does not save it from a "Eh..." score in my eyes. Final Score 5.5/10
  11. Introduction ...Ticklesneezer? The Episode The episode begins in the Rangers' English class, where Hobby Week is taking place. Trini's hobby, oddly enough, is collecting dolls. Bulk and Skull mock her for it, while the Rangers demonstrate what they like to do for fun: Billy enjoys science, Kimberly enjoys gymnastics, Zack enjoys surfing, and Jason enjoys bo staffs. Bulk and Skull decide to screw around with Trini by playing keep-away with her favorite doll, Mr. Ticklesneezer. Billy's volcano erupts on them, giving the duo their usual just desserts. That night, when Trini goes to sleep, she places Ticklesneezer on her nightstand. Meanwhile, Rita wants the doll for her own purposes. Squatt sneaks into Trini's bedroom (Hide yo' wife, hide yo' kids...) and magically brings Ticklesneezer to life. Rita finds out the elf-man enjoys collecting things, so she sends him to capture the Rangers. However, Ticklesneezer is actually a good guy at heart, so he's quite reluctant to follow Rita's orders. THE NEXT DAY... Trini notices Ticklesneezer is missing, so she asks Billy to help her find him. They are met by Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and a group of Putties. Ticklesneezer captures the duo, so Zordon sends the other Rangers to rescue them. The other Rangers free Billy and Trini, and Rita, who has now made her first appearance on Earth, orders Ticklesneezer to capture the team. He refuses, on the grounds that he does not have a bottle. Rita gives him one, and makes him grow. Ticklesneexer captures the Megazord (HI, I'M BILLY MAYS WITH OXYMORON! IT HAS THE STRENGTH...TO CREATE MINI-MEGAZORDS!), but the Rangers free themselves using the Power Sword, and they order the elf to release all the objects and people he has collected. He complies... ...only to reveal it was all a dream. Trini wakes up, panics, then goes back to sleep, cuddling Mr. Ticklesneezer in her arms. THE NEXT DAY, FOR REAL THIS TIME... It's the last day of Hobby Week, and it's Bulk and Skull's turn. Their hobby, strangely enough, is a flea circus...but...OH NOES! WHERE ARE ALL THE FLEAS?! As it turns out, the fleas escaped, and are now crawling all over their teacher. My Opinion Like the previous two episodes of Mighty Morphin', I enjoyed this one immensely due to its breakage from the usual formula. Hobby Week was used as excellent foreshadowing for Mr. Ticklesneezer's abilities, and the twist ending was great. Final Score 8/10
  12. Introduction ...Eye Guy? Ay yi yi yi yi... The Episode Our episode begins in the Location-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, where Billy is helping a young genius named Willy at the science fair. Willy's invention is a virtual reality machine, which is actually very impressive for a kid his age, let alone the '90's. Rita, meanwhile, wants to capture Willy for his intellect (so Rita's acknowledging her stupidity? Surprising...), along with the other smart children of Earth. On Finster's recommendation, she creates Eye Guy and sends him down. Meanwhile, the antics of our favorite bullies Bulk and Skull inadvertently get Willy disqualified. Dejected, Willy heads off to the park, when he is captured by Eye Guy. Somehow transported to an alternate dimension, the Rangers desperately look for him, then go to Zordon, who informs them of the situation. They confront Eye Guy (without his main eye, mind you), along with Baboo. They blast him with the Power Blaster, but he reforms and curbstomps the Rangers. Zordon tells Billy that he can find the main eye in the forest. The other Rangers hold off Eye Guy in the meantime. Anyways, after the usual Megazord battle, Willy is freed (FREE WILLY 4 CONFIRMED) and ends up winning first prize in the science fair after an apology from the judge. My Opinion Aside from several unintentional double entendres and plot errors, I enjoy this episode for the same reasons as the previous one: it's an Americanized Zyuranger episode. Eye Guy is also very unique in terms of monsters: even after being blasted, he's able to reform his body, not unlike Majin Buu. Final Score 7.5/10
  13. Introduction GO, GO ZYURA-oh wait, wrong side of the pond. The Episode The episode begins in the Juice Bar (...GRRRRAAAAAAANOTAGAIIIIN!!!) where Kimberly and Trini are asking around, looking for a little girl named Maria, who they have become Big Sisters for the day to. They find Maria (or, should I say, Anti-Social Little Devil), who has deliberately turned off the hot water in the Bar, just to troll everyone. Trini and Kim admonish her, and then we get Maria's backstory: her dad is too busy for her, and she is an outcast at school, so she trolls simply to fill the void. The girls tell her that if she has any problems, they're by her side every step of the way. Meanwhile, the Repulsa Gang have just uncovered the ancient Power Eggs, which Rita plans to hatch and use to conquer Earth. Unfortunately, she simply cannot hatch them on her own: they require the touch of a child in order to awaken. So, what does Rita do? She asks Finster to create a chicken monster in order to capture Maria. When Kimberly and Trini find this out, they contact the other Rangers. Since teleportation and communication at the Command Center are down however, the Rangers use their newest backup ride the Rad Bug (a modified Volkswagen Beetle) to race to the rescue. Once they get there, they find that the Chunky Chicken and Goldar have teamed up. In the ensuring battle, the Rangrs toss the Power Eggs into the ocean. Still determined, however, Rita has the Chicken dangle Maria from a rope and (although it isn't stated outright) threatens to kill her if the Rangers don't give her the eggs. In a small gambit, the Rangers comply...but Rita cuts the rope anyway. The Megazord catches Maria just in time, and the Chunky Chicken is defeated. My Opinion This episode is one of my favorites in Season 1 mainly because it's in essence a Zyuranger episode with appropriate Americanization: Villain comes up with plan involving child, nearly kills child, child is saved, villain is defeated until next episode. While the Chunky Chicken looks like Big Bird filled with salt water and steroids, he overall adds to the campy nature MMPR (and by extension, all of Power Rangers) is known for. Final Score: 9.5/10
  14. Episode 5 - A Different Drum Introduction So, in our first (and only, for now) Double Feature Review, I will be looking at the 5th and 6th episodes of Mighty Morphin'. The Episode So, our episode begins (oh dear God, not again...) in the Juice Bar, where Kimberly is teaching a dance class. Billy, being the unlucky nerd he is, quite literally rolls into the class, causing a bit of havoc. Kimberly's deaf friend Melissa, meanwhile, is having a bit of trouble because of her disability. Kimberly encourages her to keep trying as our pal Zack challenges Bulk to a dance contest. Bulk ends up getting served. Rita, of course, hates the music, so she creates the Gnarly Gnome, a twisted version of the Pied Piper that looks like a demented version of Honeydew from the YOGSCAST (because of this, the Gnome will now be referred to as Mountaindew from now on), in order to get rid of the Rangers. Now, I'd just like to point out that in the original Zyuranger footage, Mountaindew was created to EAT CHILDREN'S SOULS. I'M NOT JOKING ABOUT THIS ONE. LOOK IT UP. Rita sends Mountaindew down to Earth, where he lures the teens of the Juice Bar to a cave... ...except for the Rangers, and especially Melissa due to her Chekhov's Disability. Melissa gets the Rangers to help, and after the usual battle, Mountaindew is destroyed, and Melissa teaches Billy how to dance. My Opinion The major reason that I want to give this episode a perfect 10 is because it teaches a valuable lesson: disabled people are no different than we are. This rings true, especially from my experiences with the disabled. All too often are disabled people coddled like young children/infants, which is all right in some cases, but not all right in others, to the point where I view it as abuse in the latter case. If you ask ANY disabled person who tries to prove their worth and is deliberately suppressed, they will tell you that special education was outright HELL for them. This episode shows that disabled people can, and should, be treated as normal. Final Score: 10/10 ------ Episode 6 - Food Fight Introduction ...IT'S CHEKHOV'S GUN TIME! The Episode The episode begins in the Juice Bar (...OH MY GOD NOT AGAIN!), where the Rangers are holding a Cultural Food Festival in order to raise money for playground equipment, because charity. Bulk and Skull, being the jerks they are, decide to turn it into a food fight. Mr. Caplan blames the Rangers, because EVERYONE NEEDS A SCAPEGOAT! Rita, meanwhile, is not feeling too well...which might not seem like a problem, until Squatt and Baboo show her the food festival. Rita tells Finster to make a pig monster so that ALL the food on Earth can be eaten. Finster tells her he has one made, but it isn't his best work. Nonetheless, he brings it to life anyway. Zordon tells the Rangers the situation: if the pig isn't stopped, he will eat Earth's food supply within 48 hours. The Rangers battle him...and then Ol' Piggy eats their Power Weapons. With the Rangers seemingly defeated, Pudgy Pig moves on to the Food Festival, where he eats everything...everything except the spicy foods. After finding this out, the Rangers slip some spice into food for the pig, who eats it, then coughs up the Power Weapons. The Rangers blow him up, and all is saved...but not yet. They still have to fix the damage done to the Food Festival, which Mr. Caplan now apologizes for. In order to get the last 20 bucks they need, the team gives Mr. Caplan a sandwich that Alpha prepared...which was originally made to defeat Pudgy Pig. He says, after a large swig of water, that it's "a little hot, but not bad". Then they all laugh. My Opinion Like the previous episode, I'm tempted to give this one a perfect score, specifically for its Chekhov's Gun that Pudgy Pig is weak to spicy foods. But rather, I'd like to discuss the flaws this one has: First of all, this plot wouldn't have happened if Squatt and Baboo hadn't been such idiots. If they had just given Rita ONE day off from conquering the world, this whole stink wouldn't have happened Why didn't Rita ask Finster if Pudgy Pig had any weaknesses/flaws? I can excuse this one as Rita's mind being a bit messed up from her cold, but still... Mr. Caplan...would Jason and his friends really have caused the food fight? I mean, they were doing this thing for charity. FREAKIN' CHARITY. Final Score 4/10
  15. Introduction Thank you, Nuke, for being my number one (and so far, only) fan. AND BY GOLLY, I WILL GET MORE VIEWS! The Episode So, the episode begins where else but the Juice Bar, where Jason is attempting to beat a benchpressing record. Unfortunately, his friends keep distracting him and he fails at another attempt. Well, it turns out that Bulk's record is the one he's trying to beat. When Jason finds out about this, he considers giving up after Bulk mocks him. Meanwhile, Rita sees how determined Jason is, and decides to use that flaw to her advantage in the latest plan: get rid of him so that the Rangers can be defeated. She creates a new monster named King Sphinx, and sends him down. Jason, Zack, and Kimberly attempt to face them, but the latter two get blown away (quite literally) and Goldar captures Jason, taking him to a desert that the others can't get to. Back at the Command Center, Zordon tells the other Rangers about the Power Crystals, created from the essence of their Power Coins and able to transport them to Jason. Meanwhile, Rita makes Sphinx and Goldar grow. (GO, GO, GOLDARZILLA! YEEEEAHHH...) Zordon gives Jason the Power Crystals, and he summons the other Rangers. And after the usual Megazord battle, they go back to the Juice Bar (DID THEY ATTEND SCHOOL FOR ONE DAY OR SOMETHING?) and Jason beats the record. Ernie decides to celebrate by giving the team a cake...which Bulk falls onto. My Opinion While I am getting tired of the whole Juice Bar setting, this episode doesn't have that many flaws. I enjoyed the moral of "never give up" and the return of GOLDARZILLA! King Sphinx was pretty good as well, and seeing Bulk get what he deserves at the end was gold. Final Score: 9/10
  16. Introduction Greetings, everypony. PRfan93 here with another Power Rangers review. Today, we're going to be looking at the second episode of Mighty Morphin', High Five! Watch along with me! The Episode So the episode begins with the Rangers at Ernie's Juice Bar (Big surprise there... ), where Jason is attempting a rope climb. Trini, who has a fear of heights (which doesn't seem to have been mentioned until now, seeing as she could JUMP INTO A 200-FOOT TIGER ROBOT IN THE FIRST EPISODE! ), is scared that he'll fall. Zack tells her to stop because she'll make Jason nervous. Billy, our favorite nerd, then arrives, about to tell his teammates about his new invention...but then he gets caught between Jason's legs (...wat. ) and tumbles along with him onto the mats. Then our favorite wunks (wannabe punks, FYI) Bulk and Skull come along and mock Jason for his failure. Bulk challenges that he can get all the way to the top of the rope. Jason, being a good sportsman, lets him have a go at it. Needless to say, he fails. After this whole debacle, Billy shows his latest invention: the Communicator, which allows the Rangers to both communicate with Zordon and teleport to the Command Center when needed. (Wait a minute...he's talking about this IN PUBLIC, WITH A VOLUME THAT CAN LET HIM EASILY BE HEARD. ISN'T THAT BREAKING ZORDON'S THIRD, AND MOST IMPORTANT RULE?) Meanwhile, the Repulsa Gang cook up a plan to trap the Rangers in a time warp, like Rita did with Zordon 10,000 years before. So, Finster creates a skeleton monster with the rather unimaginative name of Bones, and sends him to trap the Rangers. When Zordon hears about this, he analyzes the time warp while he sends the Rangers to investigate Putty Patrollers nearby. They try to hide, but the Putties end up finding them (which is surprising, seeing as Putties are often shown to be better than bare bulbs in terms of smartness). Jason suggests that they SPLIT UP, GANG so that they can spread out the attack force. Trini manages to escape the Putties following her, but poor Billy is-*le gasp!* STUCK! AND WITHOUT HIS MORPHER TO BOOT! Trini, of course, manages to overcome her fear of heights and saves Billy. BUT WAIT, I'M NOT DONE YET! The Rangers, of course, still have to deal with Bones, who is at the amusement park with his time warp (which, in the original Japanese footage, is actually a portal to Hell) ready for the Rangers. But then, as usual, they fight Bones...which ends with Trini throwing his head into the time warp AKA H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS. FREAKING AWESOME. My Opinion As I was writing this review, I took the time to watch the episode again to determine its final score. While its plot holes (ex. Trini's fear of heights, Rita's plan not relating to the abformentioned fear) put me off, the episode's moral lesson of "don't let fear hold you back" and its more awesome moments (TRINI CASTS A SKELETON'S HEAD INTO HELL) helped the episode redeem itself. Final Score 5.5/10
  17. Introduction ...Why is Nuke the only one reading this? Anyways, our feature presentation: The Episode So, the episode begins with the Rangers at school (they actually go somewhere that isn't the FREAKIN' JUICE BAR? ), where Kimberly and Trini are trying to promote the importance of recycling. Their principal, Mr. Caplan, congratulates the two on promoting a good cause. And then our favorite Neanderthals, Bulk and Skull show up. They cause trouble, and needless to say, they get what's coming to 'em. Meanwhile the guys are a bit caught up at the moment with their own agendas. For example, Zack is trying to teach Alpha how to dance, which doesn't seem to be going well. The Repulsa Gang decide that their plan for this week is to pollute the planet, making it uninhabitable. Finster creates a new monster, THE MIGHTY MINOTAUUUR, to accomplish this. Rita sends down some Putties to intercept Kim and Trini. Zordon tells the other Rangers that their teammates are in trouble, and they go to help. And then THE MIGHTY MINOTAUUUR attacks, and unfortunately for the Rangers, he beats the ever-loving tar out of them. To make matters worse, Goldar shows up to aid the Minotaur in the buttkicking. And soon, as always, Rita makes the Minotaur grow...which of course, requires the Megazord... ...or not, since even in the Megazord, the Rangers still get the crap beaten out of. Zordon summons them back to the Command Center, where he has created new Power Weapons. With these, the Rangers defeat THE MIGHTY MINOTAUUR, having learned the importance of teamwork. The episode ends with the team cleaning up the city and recycling. My Opinion While I'm not a fan of enviromentally-themed episodes of TV shows, this episode actually seems to downplay the "keep America clean" aspects in favor of showing the importance of teamwork, which is why I enjoyed it so much. Final Score 6/10
  18. Introduction Hey, there, everypony. PRfan93 here with my first blog. Every day (or every so often, if I can), I am going to post a review of every single Power Rangers episode ever, from Mighty Morphin' to Dino Charge, with pop culture references and snarky humor abound! So sit back, relax, grab yourself some popcorn and those old MMPR-era action figures you never play with, and enjoy the show! The Episode After listening to that iconic theme song for the first time, the first episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers takes us to what is presumably the moon (but it looks more like the planet Arrakis after it got rain after how-many years), where two astronauts find what looks like a "space dumpster" (but it looks more like an antique casserole dish). One of them suggests they open it up...and what happens? They set free an evil space witch with a grating voice and several minoins! WAY TO GO, IDIOTS! YOU JUST RELEASED A SEALED EVIL IN A CAN, AND POSSIBLY DOOMED THE PLANET! These fine people, my friends, are Rita Repulsa and her minions Finster, Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar. Let's run a bit of background on them, shall we? Rita Repulsa - The ringleader of this fine ragtag bunch, Rita Repulsa is an evil space witch who was sealed in the Anti-Evil Casserole Dish for 10,000 years. Once she's out, she decides to conquer Earth...because...why not? Finster - Rita's official monster maker who resembles a Namekian/Pit Bull Terrier hybrid, he creates the foot soldiers and monsters out of clay. Squatt - One half of Rita's comic relief duo, Squatt is...well, I don't know, exactly. The Power Rangers Wiki says he's a hobgoblin, but he resembles what would happen if Slimer and a pig had a baby...only Boo Berry was the father as revealed on Jerry Springer. The point is, he's comic relief, and he and Baboo are hilarious. Baboo - The other half of Rita's comic duo, Baboo resembles a cross between Dracula and a monkey. He is often paired with Squatt, and their chemistry works well together. Goldar - Rita's right hand man, Goldar is FREAKING SCARY. I mean, look at him. He looks like a demonic version of King Caesar from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Though he may seem like the only sane one in the nuthouse that is Rita's gang, he actually has a flaw: his overconfidence and determination. No matter how many times he's defeated, Goldar always seems to think they can defeat the Power Rangers. ANYWAYS, ON WITH THE EPISODE! While all this is going on, we're introduced to our heroes: Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Zack, and Trini. These five teenagers live in the '90s-tastic city of Angel Grove, California, where they spend time hanging out at the Juice Bar and Youth Center, run by Ernie. ...Not that Ernie. Jason (played by Austin St. John) - Jason is the typical martial artist of the group, and symbolizes what martial arts should be: a defensive art that should only be used wisely. He's the Red Ranger. Billy (played by David Yost) - Billy is your typical '90s nerd, always talking in technobabble and fascinated by the latest technology. He's the Blue Ranger, and actually sticks around for quite a while, first as a Ranger, then as Mission Control for the next teams. Kimberly (played by Amy Jo Johnson) - Kimberly is another '90s stereotype: the valley girl. She enjoys shopping, clothes, and other "girly" things. However, as time goes on, she develops and grows out of that, becoming more of an action girl. Zack (played by Walter Jones) - Zack is one of two token minorities on the team, representin' da hood, yo! He's your typical 90s hip-hop/rap fan, even going as far as to develop his own martial arts style: Hip Hop-Kido, which combines breakdancing with karate. He's the Black Ranger...emphasis on the black. Trini (played by Thuy Trang) - The other token minority of the team, Trini's the tomboy...or so we think. As seen in a later episode, she collects dolls. She's the Yellow Ranger...likewise, EMPHASIS. ON. THE. YELLOW. ...Now, I know what we're all thinking: "THAT'S RACIST AS ALL HELL!" But sadly, yes. The Black Ranger is black, and the Yellow Ranger is Asian. HOWEVER, I would like to point out that Tony Oliver, one of the executive producers, said they didn't know this happened until about episode 10. Likewise, Walter Jones was originally cast as Billy, but he wanted to be Zack, mainly so he could be recognized more. Anyway, while they're hanging out in the Juice Bar, we meet their comic relief duo, Farkis "Bulk" Bulkmeier, and Eugene "Skull" Skullovich. Bulk (played by Paul Schier) - Bulk is supposed to be the typical punk/bully, but, like Skull, he comes off as more of a class clown. He and Skull appear throughout the series starting with this episode, going though major character development. He eventually becomes an uncle to Skull's son Spike in Power Rangers Samurai. Skull (played by Dr. Jason Narvy) - Like Bulk, Skull is the class clown. He and his best friend go through character development, and he eventually has a son. ...Aaaand, then an earthquake happens. But this is no ordinary earthquake...THIS IS RITA'S DOING! Out in the desert, the mighty wizard Zordon asks his robot assistant Alpha 5 to "recruit teenagers with attitude". AND THUS, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS-IIII MEAN, POWER RANGERS WERE BORN! So, the teens are teleported to Zordon's base, the Command Center. He tells them their mission, they (unsurprisingly enough) don't believe him, and they leave. Zordon (voiced by David Fielding) - Zordon, a powerful wizard from the planet Eltar, fought Rita Repulsa 10,000 years before. He is trapped in a time warp, leaving him as a giant floating head whose lips are sealed open with Elmer's glue. He's the mentor to the Rangers. Alpha 5 (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz) - Alpha 5 serves as the Command Center's caretaker, and little brother to the team. His catchphrase is "Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!" So, upon leaving the Command Center, the teens are confronted by Rita's footsoldiers the Putty Patrollers. They then realize that Zordon was right, and they morph into the Power Rangers for the first time. After defeating the Putties, Goldar arrives. He and the Rangers battle, and upon losing, Rita uses her magic to make him grow into GOLDARZILLA! Realizing that they can't defeat Goldar normally, the Rangers use the Dino Megazord for the first time. The Megazord and Goldar battle for a bit, then the Rangers defeat him...again. Afterwards, the teens return to the Command Center, where they celebrate their first victory. My Opinion While the Rangers are bland, and the monster vs. robot fight cliche, overall I thought this was a very good introduction to the Power Rangers franchise. It sets the basic formula, and executes it perfectly. My Score: 7/10
  19. This is something I just slapped together to the tune of Ron Wasserman's Fight from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for all you Pony fans. The purpose of this project is just for fun, though it may be a chance for you bronies to anticipate Season 5 coming up. Enjoy.
  20. I grew up with a lot of great stuff, too much stuff to keep to one topic so I will only mention a few notables. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles classic series: the gritty, dark and violent comic may have come first but the 80's and 90's cartoon brought the turtles into the mainstream. I have been a turtles fan for over 20 years and still am, back when the cartoon aired I had nearly every toy you could imagine and watched that show religiously. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the first fandom I ever became involved with and am still glad to say I still am one. I saw the 2003 series and it felt like falling in love all over again and I have been eagerly watching the 2012 series since it premiered and with the exception of a few nitpicky things here and there I love it because it combines the silly humor from the classic cartoon with the darker elements of the 2003 series and the original comics. Power Rangers: This was another thing I was into where I had nearly every toy you could imagine and never missed an episode. I may no longer be into this fandom but still have some very fond memories of it. Batman the Animated Series: This show is what started a love affair with Batman that is yet to slow down. I have seen many different versions of Batman throughout the years but this is without a doubt my personal favorite. Animaniacs: I love that the HUB has started airing this show, it is like they took the best of the old school cartoons and combined it with clever modern (as in modern back then) and old school references into an entertaining cartoon that never took itself too seriously. Hey Arnold: Like MLP it had great morals and lessons and presented them in a way that while it was simple enough for children to understand were profound enough to where even adults could apply them without being too preachy. And it was an all around entertaining show with engaging, relatable characters placed in very interesting situations.