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Found 32 results

  1. This show is awesome. I've only watched two episodes, but it is quite awesome. Who agrees with me?
  2. I really despise this reboot. The original show was golden until seasons 5 and 6 (they were alright, but they really weren't the same show) but this reboot is just half-Clarence, trendy garbage. Tell the story! Don't break your neck trying to make it trendy and for this generation! Who cares?!
  3. I am totally obsessed with Genndy Tartakovsky cartoons, and I have some fan theories about two of their movies that I've watched. Post and debate your own fan theories too. Powerpuff Girls Q: Why did the proffesor want to make 3 little girls? And, why don't the PPG have limbs? Theory: The lonely Proffesor Utonium wanted to make 3 women. The sudden addition of chemical X, and Utonium's carelessness suddenly accelerated their developement. The girls did not have enough incubation time to develop limbs, or to become full-fledged women. Dexter's Laboratory Q: In Ego Trip, why is young adult Dexter's voice high pitched, and older adult Dexter's voice low pitched. Theory: Dexter was using testosterone-blockers from his early teenage-hood to his young adulthood, thus preventing a testosterone-induced voice pitch lowering. When he fled underground because of Mandark, he stopped taking testosterone blockers, either because he forgot them, he ran out of them, to build muscular strength, or maybe because he no longer found them nescesary. Once he stopped using the testorone blockers, his voice deepened. Dexter started using testosterone-blockers that he manufactered in his lab because he was afraid that becoming attracted to girls would impede his progress, or serve as an achilles heal, just as Mandark's desire for DeeDee was Mandark's weakness. Or, he might have started using them so that he could permanently keep his boyish looks, so that his mother would always love her "little boy genius". He may have feared that if he grew up to become a man, just like his dad, his mom would stop loving him, and treat him with the same coldness that she gives to his dad.
  4. Why does the Power Ponies resemble the Powerpuff Girls, and are they like the Powerpuff Girls, the Justice League, and the Avengers?
  5. I have been a fan of PPG ever since I was 5, I grew up with this show and the reboot was something that I really looked forward to. But as the promos show up, I'm not hopeful. Here's my two- cents Animation/art style: Looks a lot like Steven Universe and Clarence. Very typical 2010s animation style. But the animation itself is fluent but a little off in some places. And the Girls designs are a bit off. I don't know, maybe it's because of the fangirl in me, but they don't look expressive or dynamic. They look kinda tame and a little bland. So it's not impressive but not the worst thing ever, it just doesn't stand out. Characters: They stay the same. But I don't see any indication that they're dynamic and show any depth besides their personality traits. In the promos we don't see much of Bubbles, Blossom fighting monsters or doing something unexpected of their character, like Buttercup reading a book or Bubbles seeking adventure. I know it has to be in character but CN is just reestablishing character traits when they don't need to. Because fans of the original would be tired of it since they already know what their characters are but at least the newcomers would understand (but I think they would get the gist of it) But still alienating the long time fans of the PPG franchise is a dick move. Voice Acting: Good fucking god, the Girls voices are TERRIBLE! The only one kinda worked was Blossom's, but Buttercup sounds like a pre-teen lesbian and Bubbles sounds way off! She's just got that pre-teen sound it just doesn't fit! In fact the girls mostly sound the same which is crap because it doesn't emphasise their personalities. At least the other characters have the original voices, although I'm still pissed that the original voice actors for the Girls were given the middle finger by CN. Story: Nothing much. The story synopsises are the same really. Just a standard PPG episode. So at least they got that nailed down. Only problem is that there won't be much drama, seriousness, dark episodes or character development. I know PPg was a comedy/action series but even the original had some pretty messed up episodes, and they were my favourite ones! I'm not expecting this to be Cartoon Networks version of Madoka Magica but come on, some depth and dynamics would be nice! Entertainment: I have to admit some parts did make me giggle, but apart from that I just feel nervous and uncomfortable of how the show will turn out and praying it won't be another Teen Titans Go. Overall: I'll give it a 6.5/10. A very noble try, CN but you need to realise when you do a reboot you got to please both newcomers and original fans. To do this, you must stay faithful to the original (voice acting, story-telling and all) but make it a unique show, don't try to be exactly like the original, just stay faithful to it but also try something different, like have character development, interesting stories or make a unique art style (and not just the exact same artstyle as Steven Universe and Clarence or be like Dance Pantsee for th love of God) Try to please both or otherwise you'll just alienate everyone and the reboot will be nothing but a corporate cash grab. Give us a hint that it will be dark, give us a hint that it will be unique, try to stay truthful to the original source material but also grow from it. Think of new ideas tha would fit in this show and try to develop characters, have clever parodies, good comedy. Just try to stay faithful but also improve instead Of giving people the same bullshit we've come to expect from Cartoon Network reboots. But I'll try to give it a chance. And if it turns out to be great then fantastic! I'll be glad to be proven wrong and CN can be misleading when it comes to promos. But if it fails, it just proves my point of how half-assed it all is. And considering me as someone who grow up with the show (heck it came out when I was 1!), just makes me sick to my stomach that the same network who supported this show and used to praise it is now milking it like a cash cow. Like PieGuyRulz said on his channel, t's so greedy and manipulative. But I want to like and look forward to it, but all I can do is await this reboot with anxious anticipation and a growing fear in the pit of my stomach. So what do you think? Do you guys think it's going to be great or not? Is this reboot going to be another Teen Titans Go situation?
  6. As you all know, I'm a huge fan of PPg and I'm cautiously excited for the reboot but I have been very skeptical about it since I was planning to do a reboot that would help me become a recognised animator and I wanted to continue the story of the original series. I'm of course taking about Sugar, Spice, Nice. It's about the Powerpuff Girls as teenagers. Now before you show your pitchforks and torches let me explain. This is a comic series is a follow-up of the Powerpuff Girls series. It is about the Powerpuff Girls now 16 years old and have reunited after splitting up due to their anxieties of the future. Now they continue to fight crime together and protect the city of Townsville, whilst also having the typical teenage problems in life. I know this concept is original as shit, but please understand that I just wanted the Girls to evolve as character and have it as a coming of age story. I always wanted to explore more of Townsville, Chemical X, what the Girls want to do with their lives and how they fear that no one will appreciate them becuase they're not little girls anymore. And there's plenty of dark and dramatic episodes such as the one I wrote called Don't Shoot the Sender When Blossom underestimates a monster's power and it ends up destroying half of the town, she feels incredibly guilty and the whole town, including her family, hate her for letting the monster destroy part of the town. A week passes and Blossom decides to make amends and starts by texting to her family and friends. But HIM takes advantage of this, and manipulates Blossom's cellphone to alter any text given from any sender, making her family and friend's forgiving replies appear threatening and cold to only Blossom. As HIM consumes Blossom's growing fear and sadness, he possesses TV reports, social media, newspaper to make things worse. And SSn isnt just all dark and gritty, there's a lot of comedy such as the episode called Mall-iCloud Due to a promise they made to Bubbles, the Powerpuff Girls go on the most typical girl's hobby ever, shopping. And only Bubbles is excited about it. However Blossom and Buttercup quickly find all the stuff they always wanted from video games to books and they go on a shopping binge. However, a bunch of robbers spoil their day and the Girls have to stop them. Or the episode USA Puff Yeah, where The Powerpuff Girls get invited to the U.S.A. (United Superheroes Association) where all the superheroes join together for a monthly meeting in Washington. So the Girls arrive and excitedly meet all their favourite superheroes, including Batman and Teen Titans. However, when they are placed in the teen superheroes section, they are angry that no one takes them seriously and consider them just another teenage superhero group because they are older. Heck, I'm doing a episode where the PPG celebrate their 16th birthday, and they do typical birthday activities such as fighting zombie birthday cakes, having a contest on who can overact the most in a Phantom of the Opera, dance battle each other like Scott Pilgrim, playing game shows parodies, reenacting the DC/Marvel Civil War, go in a limo only to find a family of badgers, do surreal, crazy stuff. You see I wanted to do this series so people can appreciate and like my work as an animator and artist but now that the reboot is out, Cartoon Netowrk has beaten me to it and now I'll just be another stupid fan with her retarded fanfiction. I want to liek this reboot as a fan of the PPG, but I can't like it becuase the show I have been Working on for nearly two years is all for nothing. People say I should be doing anyway and don't matter what people think, but seeing how the reboot is going to be good (which I'm glad for) what's the point?
  7. It has finished. For nearly two years, from the scripting to the storyboards. I have FINALLY finished my first ever series of Sugar, Spice, Nice. i have been building this up for so long and finally i can now show it to you! Heres a setup for the series in case, some of you don't know: Sugar, Spice, Nice is a web comic series which is a fan made sequel to the original cartoon series the Powerpuff Girls by Craig McCracken. As a fan, I always wanted to imagine the Powerpuff Girls grown older and face conflicts that normal teens experience whilst also containing the original show's campy charm, innocence, humour, and its dark side as well. The comic series centres around the Powerpuff Girls now 16 years old and getting back together after they split up years ago, and have now promised to defend Townsville once again whilst also having normal lives. The Girls also learn some newly discovered powers by channeling their inner ingredients (sugar, spice and everything nice) to still save the day but also have slice of life problems such as exams, social media, boys etc. And i know if its a little untidy, a little unprofessional and not as great as i expected but i tried my best and hopefully my artwork will improve over the weeks. And yes, Im uploading each page every 2-3 week, depending on my art college coursework. But i hope this to become a great series and I put my heart and soul into this, so please enjoy this. And no haters, please. I've just started off. At first, I was very doubtful because of the PPG reboot will steal my thunder, but I thought screw it, I spend god knows how many hours on this, I might as well carry on!
  8. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on eqtv, including our iconic friday movienight, where we watch movies voted by you guys. Unscripted saturday events, where we often do random livestreams, these can range from gaming events to comic readings. Our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest mlp episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movienight Starts about 3 hours from this post Huzah! A break from all the star wars, this week we get to compensate with our lack of pony cartoons with some cartoon cartoons All in the CMC_Clubhouse PowerPuff Grils: The Movie 6:00 PM EST 11:00 PM CET Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show 7:30 PM EST 0:30 AM CET Billy and Mandy's Big Boogy Adventure 9:00 PM EST 3:00 AM CET User Events Mr Dash's Anime Nights Every Saturday at 6pm EST More info here <--- FAQ (Non-user events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse.)
  9. I finally watch the most infamous - I mean "first" - fan made episode of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. Does it live down to the hype? To subscribe:
  10. So after 20 years since the original aired we're getting a new incarnation of a show that many of us grew up with. I was a big fan of the original as a kid, I'm looking forward to this reboot. Unfortunately, not all news is good. We still have a year to go before it comes out and it's already causing drama. Members of the original cast and crew (Like Lauren Faust, Tara Strong, Craig McCraken) aren't happy with the fact that Cartoon Network hired new voice actors and have been going on twitter posting angry and passive tweets. (Some of these tweets I'll link below) Now, I have to say this. Seriously? This is a reboot, yes? What the hell were you expecting?! This kind of stuff happens all the time whenever there's another entry in a franchise. I mean, yes, It would have been nice if they had asked the original VAs but I'm not expecting them to go around asking every single VA from the original show. This is a new generation, it's a fresh slate. This happens all the time whenever a franchise gets another entry. It's been nearly 20 years since the original aired, this isn't a shock. Allow me to throw in a comparison guys. As you all you all know, I'm a fan of multiple franchises. The ones I bring up mostly are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Spider-Man and Batman. Look at how many incarnations of those four there have been. You might get one VA back, maybe a couple more if you're lucky but you're not going to get the whole cast back. This is really nothing new. I know I bring up TMNT a lot but the comparison is fitting. When the next generation of TMNT comes out I'm not going to expect Rob Paulson, Seth Green, Sean Aston and Greg Cipes to voice the Turtles nor do I think that the original voice actors from the '87 series (Rob Paulson, Townsend Colemen, Cam Clarke and Barry Gordon) should be the only one to voice the turtles. It's the same here. You can't expect the same voice actors to voice the same characters all the time. I think this was really immature of the original cast and crew. I expected better behavior from Tara, Lauren, Craig and everyone else partaking in this tantrum. EDIT: My apologies to the original cast. If it was just Tom Kenny coming back, I'd still think they'd be over-reacting but since they brought back more VAs for the supporting cast and even the VA of one the main villains, now I see the issue. I still take issue with Lauren Faust and Craig McCraken's tweets though.
  11. Here is my concept artwork for my new comic series, Sugar, Spice, Nice. Where the teenage Powerpuff Girls reunite after 5 years of social pressure and life-changing decisions and now continue to fight crime and save the day. As a fan, I always wanted to imagine the Powerpuff Girls grown older and face conflicts that normal teens experience whilst also containing the original show's campy charm, innocence, humour, and its dark side as well. The comic series centres around the Powerpuff Girls now 16 years old and getting back together after they split up years ago, and have now promised to defend Townsville once again whilst also having normal lives. The Girls also learn some newly discovered powers by channeling their inner ingredients (sugar, spice and everything nice) to still save the day but also have slice of life problems such as exams, social media, boys etc. The comics features the villains from the original such as Mojo Jojo and HIM, whilst also establishing characters, like the Rowdyruff Boys and Professor Utonium. Blossom - the leader of the group. She has pink eyes, long ruffled red hair and wears a red bow with long ribbons. She wears a pink and black striped long sleeve top with dark pink leggings and black sneakers. Her signature colour is pink and her ingredient is everything nice. Blossom is the level-headed of the group, she is smart, kind and wise beyond her years. She is a huge fan of the 80s and is into retro culture, especially music, but people often think she's a hipster or nerd. Blossom always considers options before making a decision and always tries to save the day but to do it in the right way. She is also quite shy and socially awkward around her peers at Townsville High (although she is very good at Science and Maths) and normally is friends with her own sisters. But she is the best person in school to go for advice and can support her peers about their fears and doubts. She does, however, have a certain need to have everything in control and has self-confidence issues because of her introvertedness. Despite her being the most mature of the group, Blossom is also neurotic and can worry over small details or panic when she cant find the answer to a question. She has a deep devotion to her sisters and will do anything to be with them. Even in the pilot comic, a depressed Blossom reminisced about the days of fighting crime and was the first to try and get her sisters back together. Blossom gets along better with Bubbles because of her compassion and although she argues with Buttercup due to her stubbornness, Blossom admires her tenacity. Even though she may argue with her sisters, she acts like a motherly figure whenever they are scared or lonely. Her signature power is ice breath, which she can use to freeze anything that is in her path, and her new power is manipulating her element: everything nice (which is the positive emotions of her loved ones). Although she despises him, Blossom develops a reluctant crush on Brick, the leader of the Rowdyruff Boys. Bubbles - the sweetheart of the group. She has blonde hair in a ponytail with a curved fringe and baby blue eyes. She wears a black and blue striped blouse with a dark blue long skirt and black lace pumps. Her signature colour is blue and her ingredient is sugar. Bubbles is still naive and sweet as before but she has changed throughout the decade. She is smarter, braver and shows to be very observant sometimes. She is also very techno-savvy, has a fondness of anime and loves the Internet, particularly social media: Her kindness and good nature makes her very popular at Townsville High but she is quite good at schoolwork (mostly English and Geography) Even though she is beautiful, she always inspires others to be beautiful in their own way. But despite her popularity, her best friends are always her two sisters. She does get into fights with her sisters, like the rest of them do, but she is always the first to make amends. Bubbles looks up to her sisters as she tries to be tough and smart like them. Before the series, Bubbles left the group because she thought she wasn't good at being a superhero and was considered a weak link. She then left to join the popular girls who often use Bubbles' naïveté to their advantage and can push her around, even though she claims that they're good friends. When Bubbles' "fair weather friends" abandon her, Blossom was nearby as she fell down a cliff into the sea. Bubbles finds her sister drowning and saves her just in time. After a long talk, Blossom tells Bubbles that she has more courage and strength than she realised as she faced many villains and still beat them all. Her signature power is the sonic scream, but her new power is manipulating her element: sugar to increase her power as a last resort. She has a longtime crush on Boomer, one of the Rowdyruff Boys. Buttercup - the tomboy of the group. She has black punk style hair with her original tufts at the ends and has light green eyes. She wears a black and green striped tank top with dark green ripped jeans and black army boots. Her signature colour is green and her ingredient is spice. Buttercup is the most feisty and tough of the group as she's always ready to fight crime and save the day. She is more masculine from the others since she acts this way. Prior to the series' events, Buttercup used to think being a girl was a weakness and that she was too different from the other girls. She then left the group to become a bully to everyone, hanging out with many of the boys at high school, despite being tortured by them whenever Buttercup disagrees on something. Blossom eventually confronts her twisted sister and after a long talk, she taught Buttercup how to use words instead of violence to solve her problems, which helped prove to Buttercup that women can be tough and heroic just like men but doing ladylike things does not make them weak. So after reuniting with her sisters, Buttercup does things like playing video games and skateboarding but develops a feminine side by doing shopping and make-up. Buttercup is also very loyal towards her sisters and will crush anyone who tries to hurt them. She does tend to criticise them, which particularly annoys Blossom, therefore coming off as sarcastic and makes snarky remarks but only for having fun. Her signature power is lightning and electricity, but her new power is manipulating her element: spice as a one-only power needed for emergencies. She has a progressing crush on Butch, one of the Rowdyruff Boys. These profiles are still working in progress but they're a final draft The other characters such as the Professor are included as well as a new character I created, which is supplied to be the son of Talking Dog. Professor Utonium - he is the Powerpuff Girls' creator and their father. He is a self-employed scientist who cares deeply for his daughters and tries to do everything he can to be a good father. Since the Girls are the only family he has, he loves spending time with them but can get overly protective with the Girls, especially since they are fighting evil. In the pilot comic, The Professor was devastated when the Powerpuff Girls split up years ago and as the family split apart, he was lonelier than ever and became depressed. Fortunately, when Blossom was the only one who wanted to bring the Girls back together, the Professor gave her all of the support and advice to help Blossom get her sisters. Now that the Girls are back together, they not only treat themselves better, but treat the Professor better and the family reunites. Now, the Professor tries to figure out ways to control and train the Girls' developed powers and skills, while looking after them. He is also a shoulder to cry on whenever the Girls have a dilemma and he can always find some advice that will help them, but even he doesn't know all the answers. Despite being a scientist, the Professor does have an immature streak and can act childish on occasion, though it sometimes embarrasses the Girls (but they often join in) he is also a hopeless romantic and tries to find love but often fails due to nerves or putting the Powerpuff Girls before romance. He also likes doing puzzles, solving mysteries and reading retro comics. Neutron - the Powerpuff Girls' pet Dalmatian dog and the son of Talking Dog from the original show. Named after a sub-atomic particle, Neutron is a cynical, down-to-earth yet loyal pet with a passion for science, he is coloured white and covered in black spots with a black atom-shaped patch on his eye. After being adopted by the Girls, he is part of the family and even helps the Girls when it comes to crime. He's fed Chemical X by accident and becomes super powered like the Girls. Since the Powerpuff Hotline phone doesn't work anymore and the now teenage Powerpuff Girls are embarrassed to use a preschool toy phone, Neutron has a superpower skill of picking distress signals and can easily sense danger by his heightened senses. Despite being the son of Talking Dog, Neutron doesn't talk or even bark since the Chemical X he drank has severed his vocal chords as a side effect, disabling him to speak, so Neutron often uses body language and his mood is often shown in his expressions. He also has the same powers as the Girls such as super-speed, super-strength and can shoot lasers from his eyes. Neutron is very sardonic and can become a huge critic to the actions of other people, so he often goes along with it or tries to show what they did wrong since he does care; he maybe the most pessimistic of the family but he loves the Girls and the Professor to no end. Neutron is also very intelligent, even more so than normal Dalmatians as he can do most household chores on his own like cleaning the dishes, taking out the trash, reading the newspaper etc. despite being a cute little puppy, he acts like a practical, responsible adult. There are secondary characters, particularly Robin and the reformed Princess Morbucks, as well as that jerk Mitch Princess "Phoenix" Morbucks - one of the Powerpuff Girls oldest enemies, who is now the first reformed villain as she's now best friends with the Girls themselves. She has long red curly hair and wears a gold circlet, a yellow top with a small black belt, blue jeans and black boots. In the original, Princess was a spoilt, ungrateful, greedy brat who desired power and wanted to be a Powerpuff Girl (even though she lacked the powers or attitude of one). But after a decade, the teenage Princess has completely changed. She is now generous, loving, humble and apologetic whenever she makes the slightest mistake. This was because during the 5 years of the PPG split up, Princess' father suffered a kidney failure and that he needed a donor in order to survive. Princess felt terrible since he was the only family she had and that she would be left alone. Fortunately, an old man decided to give up his kidney as the donor to save Princess' father. And the donor was a success. However since her father never thanked that old man for the donor, Princess discovered the power of generosity and how important it was enough to save a life. From then on, Princess dedicated her life to reform herself and become a generous friend and person. At first, the Powerpuff Girls thought this whole reformation was just a trick, but after Princess invites them over to her family mansion for a sleepover, they find that Princess really is lonely and just wants to be liked and respected, especially after her spoilt brat behaviour all those years ago. She has no ill intention of destroying the Powerpuff Girls or even to become one, she just wants to follow in their footsteps and be a good hero like them. Princess isn't a goody-two shoes however, as she does have a feisty, no-nonsense attitude and hates it when others condescend her or her friends. She is a huge drama queen and is the most sophisticated girl, but she can use her skills to help the PPG in a situation. Princess sometimes acts selfish but when she does realise this, she deeply regrets it. Though reluctant at first, the Powerpuff Girls think of Princess as a generous, supportive friend. She also allies the Girls in crime with a superhero alter-ego, the Phoenix. Robin Synder - one of the Powerpuff Girls' closest friends since childhood. She has dark brown hair with streaks of teal, blue eyes, ear piercing and wears mostly nature inspired clothes, like a forest hoodie, tiger striped jeans and a circlet made out of branches. Robin is the most introverted of Townsville High as she is aloof, sarcastic and sometimes acts cold. But the Powerpuff Girls know inside her heart, Robin is still the same girl inside. Robin mostly hates Townsville High and is against with pretty much every decision the school makes, up to a point where she protests. Robin is diagnosed with dyslexia, so the school constantly condescends her because of her condition and think she can't handle anything. Robin becomes a rebel since the school treats her this way so people are unsure why the PPG like Robin as their best friend. Like Blossom, Robin is mature and a workaholic, but she has a strong sense of moral. Robin is also into nature and likes camping, hiking, kanoeing and dreams of being a woodland biologist. She is also best friends with Princess, despite them being polar opposites, and they have supported each other whilst the PPG split up. She also has an orange tabby cat named Ginger. And of course the Rowdyruff Boys; As the male counterparts of the Powerpuff Girls, the Rowdyruff Boys are considered one of the toughest villains the Girls have to face, but for a personal reason. It is explained that before the Girls split up 5 years ago, the Boys left Townsville and became homeless thieves. After finding out the Girls reunited and are fighting crime again years later, the Boys decide to get revenge on the Girls by returning to Townsville and manipulated the principal of Townsville High into enrolling them into school so they can get closer to the Girls. The Rowdyruff Boys are shown to be far more cunning, powerful and disturbed than before. They also develop a facade of being the sterotypical dream-boat boyfriend by looking handsome and acting sweet. Their main goal is of course defeating the Girls but they also try to seduce the Girls for their own sinister plans. But they also develop reluctant albeit sweet romantic feelings for the Powerpuff Girls but they often hide it. In the series, each of the Boys represent different elements of the villains that raised them: HIM and Mojo Jojo. Brick - the leader of the Rowdyruff Boys. He has dark orange ruffled hair, has blood red eyes and wears a red baseball cap. He also wears a red and black striped long sleeve shirt with black jeans and red sneakers. His signature colour is red and his ingredient is 'puppy dog tails'. Brick is manipulative, power-hungry and arrogant. He is the smartest of the Boys, rivalling Blossom's intelligence, which makes him the one who thinks of all the plans. However, he can underestimate the Girls abilities and his plans eventually go wrong, but since Brick is so stubborn, he often tries to shift the blame onto his brothers. While Blossom leads her sisters by kindness and respect, Brick leads his brothers by abuse and submission, he even mentally abuses Boomer due to his dimwittedness. He threatens anyone who cross him and can manipulate anyone in order to get what he wants. Brick also has a lust for power and can be the most formidable of the Rowdyruff Boys. He represents a element of Mojo Jojo, as he is incredibly smart and is a master manipulator. Brick, along with his brothers, have a special power that his kisses can hypnotise the Girls into lovestruck stupor, becoming their puppets. This especially is rooted by his ladies' man persona and can be almost like a male siren; seducing any girl and luring her into a trap. His signature power are (in contrast to Blossom's ice powers) fire powers. He has a hidden crush on Blossom but he often ignores this to trick or even kill her. Boomer - the klutzy one of the Boys. He has blonde tousled hair, has sea blue eyes, wears a dark blue and black shirt with black jeans and dark blue sneakers. His signature colour is dark blue and his ingredient is 'snips'. Boomer is the lesser evil of the Boys as he is nicer, optimistic and more polite than his brothers, but he still has a dark side that even his brothers are afraid of. That being Boomer is the most destructive, has constant mood swings and is obsessed with crushing things. While Bubbles is sweet and naive, Boomer is often scatterbrained, sly and very perverted. He is the dumbest of the Boys, as he doesn't know what his brothers' plans are half the time and even doesn't understand euphemisms. But he is the only one who admires the Girls and actually wants to be civil with them. Since Bubbles is the only girl that ever liked him , Boomer especially admires her due to her willingness to give him a second chance. (Although he's obsessed with her up to a point where he would consider holding her against her will), but he does show sweet gestures to her, such as planting a rare blue rose for and apologises whenever he goes too far. Boomer represents a element of both HIM and Mojo Jojo due to his ditzy personality, his violent, sporadic behaviour and that he cross-dresses in secret, which he was taught by HIM. But he is mostly the target of his brothers' abuse because of this. His signature power consist of electricity and energy which he can manipulate to his will and can form weapons from these powers. He, of course, has a huge crush on Bubbles and is never afraid to show it. Butch - the darkest of the Boys. He has black side swept bangs that cover one of his forest green eyes, wears a black and dark green hoodie with black jeans and dark green sneakers. His signature colour is dark green and his ingredient is 'snails'. Butch is definitely the cruelest of the Rowdyruff Boys due to his ruthless nature and has a psychological method of torture. While Buttercup is slightly sarcastic and feisty, Butch is very cold, calculating and is incredibly sour to anyone, no matter who they are. unlike his brothers who resort to fighting, Butch uses his cursed right eye (that's covered by his hair) to possess anyone and try to bring pain to them telepathically. Although Buttercup can be hot-headed, Butch has a hidden psychopath that is unleashed whenever there is a fight, especially if it's between the Girls. He also shares Brick's arrogance and intelligence, although he has an calmer temper and patience than Brick. Like Brick, Butch also hates Boomer so he often fools and belittles him. Having a borderline psychopath mind, Butch loves bringing pain to others and threatens to use a knife against any victim who even makes fun of him. He represents an element of HIM as he is the most evil and relies on psychological methods to stop the Girls. Butch's signature power are creating poisons and toxic chemicals which he can control to poison or severely damage enemies. He does have a crush on Buttercup due to her tough attitude and quiet nature (and that she is the only one who is immune to Butch's cursed eye power) but he struggles with facing his crush or trying to defeat her like his brothers.
  12. Last time I made a list of my Top 10 Nickelodeon Shows. Now I will do the same for Cartoon Network. Now Cartoon Network has put out some really good creative stuff over the years even though they have put out some crap cartoons and live action shows. So I will present to you my Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Network Shows of all Time Here We Go! #10: Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy This show follows a silly boy named Billy, a serious girl named Mandy, who become friends with the Grim Reaper and have quirky adventures in their town or different environments. And there are several monsters like Dracula and Boogey Man. #9: Chowder This is an interesting quirky show. It follows a critter named Chowder who is an apprentice for a chef named Mung Daal and helps him out. Pretty much most of the plots and themes are food based. #8: Ed, Edd, n Eddy This show follows 3 adolescent boys named Ed, Edd and Eddy with different personalities. And do some wierd quirky stuff that most teens like to do. I never really cared for the characters just the humor. #7: Steven Universe This show follows a boy named Steven who is a Crystal Gem which are intergalactic warriors who protect the world from evil. Believe it or not, I actually saw this show when it premiered in November 2013 before I even saw FiM. But I didn't fall in love with this show because it didn't relate to me enough which is why it's lower on my list. I noticed this show really took off in March of this year. I'm not exactly sure why, it became super popular overnight and I saw this over a year before that. I don't love this show but I do like it. Plus I also like the N64, Gamecube, Cloud, Pikachu, and Sonic references in it. #6: Amazing World of Gumball This show follows a cat named Gumball, has a goldfish friend named Darwin, and has several quirky adventures in his daily life. This show is unique in that it uses multiple animation styles all in one show, and it's got some really unique humor. It's a show that clearly doesn't take itself seriously. #5: Dexter's Laboratory The first Cartoon Cartoon follows a boy named Dexter who is a boy genius with a secret lab with several inventions. He also has a hyperactive sister named Dee Dee who usually breaks into Dexter's lab and a rival named Mandark. #4: Adventure Time Before I got into FiM, I was really big into Adventure Time. This show follows a human boy named Finn and a magic Dog named Jake who have adventures in a post-apocalyptic land named Ooo which has a lot of strange creatures and places. One thing really cool about this show is how expansive it is. And it also has a fantasy setting to it but doesn't take itself seriously. #3: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends This show is about a boy named Mac in a world where humans and imaginary friends coexist and Mac has an imaginary friend blob named Bloo and they also interact with other quirky imaginary friends. #2: Powerpuff Girls This show follows 3 supergirls Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles who fight evil, crime, and other problems facing Townsville. I usually don't care for superhero shows but this is one of the closest shows to superhero shows that I enjoy, and find the girls very relatable. There's a reboot coming out but I'm not excited for that. What do this show and Foster's have in common? Both are made by Craig McCracken and most of the staff that worked on these shows would later work on FiM including Lauren Faust. And my #1 Favorite Cartoon Network show of All Time is... Honorable Mentions: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Codename: Kids Next Door, Samurai Jack, Teen Titans, Ben 10, Total Drama, Megas XLR, Sonic Boom So thank you for looking at my Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Network Shows of All Time. Tell me what your favorites are if you want. Next list will be My Top 10 Disney Shows of all Time.
  13. Rowdyruff Boys Club A thread to talk about your favourite, badass and violent everyday neighbourhood Rowdyruff Boys. They featured in the TV show "The Powerpuff Girls" as their male counterparts they are evil, rude and totally awesome.
  14. Many of us watched this show as a young kid and may even enjoy it today. But I am wondering which of the Powerpuff Girls is your favorite. Here they are: Vote above and post reasons below. I pick Bubbles because she is adorable and is just so awesome. She is a crime-fighting superhero with a little girl inside. How could you not like that?
  15. In case you missed it, Cartoon Network announced a little while back that The Powerpuff Girls are getting a reboot series, due sometime next year. While we still don't have footage, the fact that CN hasn't completely forgoten where it came from is great news. Hopefully, they get someone competent to do it justice. Who knows, maybe this means FiM will have some competition in the "girl power" arena.
  16. Tired of being a punching bag in his current universe, he decides to be a punching bag in some other universe. He packs up his gear, opens up a universal transporter( he carries those now), and jumps to a random point in space-time. He gets to Equestria, and its wonderful. Its the most beautiful place he's ever seen. And he has to control it Mojo jojo gets a weeks time to prepare before Twilight Sparkle realizes something's up. He has anything His intent is not to kill anyone (if he can avoid it), but to rule the land of Equestria. All characters are in character(though plot and character induced stupidity are removed), and the Elements of Harmony cannot be used for this match. Celestia, Luna, and Discord are also nowhere to be found. How far does he get? If you need clarification, feel free to ask.
  17. On January 28, 2013, a new CG special titled The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed was announced to premiere that year, though it was later delayed to January 20, 2014. I just watched the episode and I LOVED IT Everything from the voice acting to the animation to the plot line, it was all close to perfect in my eyes! (Though I admit some parts were a tad rushed) You can watch the episode here What are your thoughts? Are you excited for this all new Powerpuff Girls?
  18. Is anyone happy or angry or unsure that there is a reboot on the Powerpuff Girls. I'm excited since I'm also I huge fan of the Powerpuff girls!
  19. So I read an article at about fantheories, and someone made this image composing more or less the same shots from both PPG and Samurai Jack: My mind was already blown with that theory, but then one of the site's members stated this: "Aku IS Chemical X. Think about it: one of the recurring tropes in PPG is that the Girls do a EXPLICIT of collateral damage when they use their powers. And that's just when they're little girls. Think about what happens when they become bigger, stronger, HORMONAL teenagers. Armageddon, guaranteed. Aku is infused into every cell of the Powerpuff Girls' bodies, and he is training them to be his Three Horsewomen of the Apocalypse." If you want to think about it, it was never explained what Chemical X other than a black gooey stuff Proffesor Plutonium found who knows where, and Aku iis made of such substance, what remained of an evil entity that crashed on Earth and killed off the Dinosaurs during impact, and whose black tar of death kept spreading until it was sealed by Jack's father, creating in turn Aku in the process, and we know what happens to Jack when he tries to get rid of him for good in his own series, but there is a chance between that and current time on PPG, that Proffesor found some of that stuff still in a cave or somewhere, and tested it, thus maybe even cerating without thinking some of PPG's most notorious villains (this is of course, speculation from my own part), then created the PPG again, with no intention of using said Chemical X because it was accidentally poured into the mix from the beginning. Or perhaps Aku IS the entire villains in PPG having a good time training them to be what the person above stated, thus destroying the world making it what Jack is by that time in the future. I mean, I would not pass the possibility that both worlds coexist somehow to be honest.
  20. This is a nice little surprise. I really hope my laptop can run the game.
  21. Tell me what you guys think! I have 3 chapters of it so far, so... yeah! Enjoy. Each chapter's about a paragraph long, because I'm lazy. LOL XD
  22. Didn't get any doodles except this one done today in school. Just wasn't feelin any motivation to draw that much. Man. I've just been obsessed with powerpuff girls lately. Bubbles is such a cutie. o3o