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Found 18 results

  1. FlareGun45

    Applejack Episode Ideas

    Sup brahs? Yeah, it's another episode idea post, big whoop! The big whoop about it is, this post is exclusively for Applejack episodes! Either AJ alone, or combo episodes with other main characters (ex: Applejack and Pinkie). So if you have any episodes that has AJ as the main character, or one of the main characters, post 'em here! In the meantime here's mine: * Little Farm of Horrors – Applejack and Twilight attempt to fight off a disease that's been plaguing Sweet Apple Acres before Shining Armor and Princess Cadance visit. * Lord of the Sings – When Pinkie and Applejack get sent by the Cutie Map to Vanhoover, crowds of fans argue on who has the better music: Coloratura or Cheese Sandwich. * The Green Apple – After Applejack gets sick, she refuses to stop doing her chores, which starts to worry her family. * There’s No ‘I’ In Team – The Cutie Map summons Rainbow Dash and Applejack to Baltimare to help their Equestria Games team the meaning of being a team. * The Replacement – The Cutie Map summons Twilight and Applejack to Fillydelphia to help a member of the Fillydelphia Hoofball Team who threatens to quit the team because he always takes bench. * Moving Out – When Big Mac decides to move in with his special somepony, Sugar Belle, Applejack does all that she could to stop him. * Try At A Ton – After Applejack gets injured before the Equestria Triathlon, Rainbow Dash decides to take her place and do all she could to make sure she wins for her friend. After we're done here, feel free to let me know which character you wanna do next! In the meantime, how about your AJ episode ideas?
  2. Hi everypony! KuvishMonk here. This is my first own-made topic, so I'll discuss of what I think the plot of the MLP: FiM should be. (To cover another thing, I think this movie will have six acts) ---- Act 1: Ten scenes Act 2: Four scenes Act 3: Two scenes Act 4: Three scenes Act 5: Two scenes Act 6: Three scenes Total of scenes: 24 ---- The story should be like Emperor Triton (a basilisk voiced by Dwayne Johnson) and Star Swirl the Bearded (voiced by John Goodman) walking across the barren desert but a conflict grows involving the true potential of the elements of harmony. Thus, it forms a friendship problem. Later, Twilight and her friends prepare to solve the friendship problem with Starlight Glimmer's help. But, when Spike keeps guard of the castle, he finds a secret demon lair and sees Princess Celestia assembling her army of demons to prepare for the invasion. As things get worse, a couple of friendship moments and fights later, the friendship is most likely over, and it's all Starlight's fault. Not! When Sunset Shimmer returns for a visit, she finds Celestia, or should I say, Koroleva, that she set everything up fro the start. Then, when the friends get back together, they reunite Star Swirl the Bearded and Emperor Triton to warn everypony that Koroleva's plan has been put in action. As the final battle begins, Emperor Triton rescues her daughter Clara (Luna) and reclaims the elements of harmony. THen, he, the basilisks, and all of equestria defeat Koroleva as the portals of both worlds collide into one. THen, there's a celebration of victory. (Roll credits)
  3. I have come to ask a few questions about the film, and would like to hear your opinions. 1. First off, the My Little Pony Movie has been continuously been advertised as "feature-length". But what does this mean? The Equestria Girls had similar advertising, but they're all only 70 mins. So what will this mean for the film? My best guess is it probably won't be 70 mins. But the actual running time itself. Will it be under the "1hr 30min" mark? Or could it possibly go past 100 mins? 2. Second, I was wondering if the film could possibly get a 3D release. It's an odd question, seeing as the show and most likely the movie are 2D Flash animation, though you never know. 3. Next, what rating do you think it'll have? It probably will have a G Rating, though you never know if it ever wants to take a drastic tone from the series and be darker, it could always get a PG. It is possible. 4. And finally, I want to know your opinion on the reception of the film. Will it be a Box Office Success? Will the Critics like it? What Tomatometer score will it have? What about the Brony Community? That's all my questions. Please respond and give me your opinions!
  4. Personally, I don't want any of the Elements of Harmony bull. I honestly think the princesses should do something at the last second in my opinion, instead of the M6 doing everything themselves.
  5. Sunny Fox

    Soooooo.... Toffee...

    Two warnings should be issued... first, this post is about Star vs. The Forces of Evil. If you don't watch that show, this blog entry will be mostly devoid of interest for you. Second, this post is being written by someone who has watched the entire first season of the previously mentioned show, so naturally SPOILERS will abound. Still here...? Oh, goodie. I'll just give it to ya straight... here are my predictions / thoughts about Season 2 of Star Vs. , especially as regards the now obvious main villain, Toffee. The very first on-screen appearance of Toffee is a shot of his right hand, which is missing a knuckle's worth of finger. Exhibit A... Which detail is pretty inconsequential... until we get to the first season finalé, Storm the Castle. Here, Toffee kidnaps Marco, drawing Star into a confrontation to rescue him. At one point, Star uses her magic to blast Toffee, vaporizing his arm. However, he later regenerates it, quite handily (hee hee): Exhibit B... The details are somewhat unimportant, but Star is forced into a final choice... watch Marco meet his doom at the (newly regenerated) hand of Toffee, or to destroy her wand... up until this point a McGuffin of literally universal power for whoever wields it. Toffee is apparently willing to forgo this power for his own purposes... SURPRISE! Having no other option, Star duly destroys the wand using the "Whispering Spell", which Toffee tells her is not only the first spell her mother taught her... (wait a minute... how would Toffee, a monster, and thus the ultimate antithesis of the Mewnian Royal Family, know a detail like that...?) but is a sort of Self-Destruct Button for the wand itself. And if there is one thing mad scientists have taught me, it's that Self Destruct sequences always are accompanied by giant explosions. (Thanks Invade Zim and Kaolla Su...) At this point, I tend to differ from those who claim that Toffee had prior knowledge that the wand would explode... for he clearly is surprised by what happens... at first. After telling his minions "it's been a pleasure"... (which just adds to the ambiguity. It is pretty much what a Big Bad might say to his minions either when he achieves his ultimate goal and nothing more, or if he knew that the result of achieving his ultimate goal would blow them all up... most commentators seem to go for the latter interpretation, although there isn't much to favour either idea) his expression when the wand starts glowing shows clear surprise... Star's reactions slightly earlier in the episode imply that the ghost of her wand's unicorn let her know that the explosion would happen. Toffee apparently wasn't privy to this. However, there is this later expression we see on Toffee's face: Now it's pretty deliberately framed so that we see this directly after the jewel in the wand is sundered, which would seem to imply that the sundering of the jewel is what makes Toffee smirk... however, this doesn't really gel with what I previously mentioned, and thus makes me suspect sea-animals of the scarlet persuasion... and the further revelation (later in the episode) that the sundered jewel is bad thing for the Mewnians just seems to be calculated to further this impression. I believe that Toffee was smirking for an entirely different reason. Namely, he knew that if this version of him got nixed by the explosion, there's still his missing finger: a backup from which he could regenerate if he were to be destroyed. So the first prediction I would make, is that Toffee will reappear at some appropriately dramatic point later in the series, explaining exactly what I've put down here... that his missing finger is insurance against his body's destruction. As for who he is, I suspect he is a missing member of the Mewnian Royal Family, possibly a sibling of Star herself, who was magically transformed into his monster form. First, we've seen that magic can permanently change a human into a troll (Ms. Skullnick), so it's not such a stretch to suggest that a Mewnian could undergo the same to become a monster. Second, it explains Toffee's knowledge of the secret wand destroying spell (which knowledge might not have included the explosion part - which it seems Star herself didn't know until the ghost unicorn told her about it). Third, it explains the line he said in his debut episode... "Yes, well. You're not the first monster to fall victim to their magic," and the look he gives towards the palace... which, admittedly, even a natural born monster might be inclined to say. But here's Exhibit C... why does a lizard have hair? None of the other monsters have hair, unless their design is clearly mammal, such as the bear and giraffe. The lizards, Lobster Claws and chickens don't have anything that could be construed as hair... even Ludo is a kappa, so his hair is expected somewhat. But for Toffee, a lizard monster such as he shouldn't have hair, unless something else is being hinted at here... So to summarize, here are some of my predictions as regards Toffee for the next Season of Star Vs: 1. Toffee will return, citing his formerly severed finger as the reason for his survival... 2. He will turn out to be a former member of the Mewnian Royal Family, transformed into a monster by magic and thus disowned, giving him a good reason to want to seek revenge on the Mewnians. What do you think? Is this likely? How do you interpret Toffee and what do you think Star Vs will give us in the future? Feel free to comment, and as always, stay sunny side up.
  6. With the release of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ manga chapter nine, more information has been revealed about the Universe 6 vs. Universe 7 tournament. Assuming that you are already aware of the events that transpired in the most recent chapter, I will be discussing my predictions for the tournament itself, and how it could possibly lead into future story arcs of Dragon Ball Super. Before we begin, I do believe that Goku transformed into a SSGSS against Frost. I know that this is a highly debated topic in the Dragon Ball community at the moment, but even without the proper shading, I do not see a feasible way that Goku could once again access his regular SSJ form. SSGSS is literally the same transformation as SSJ, the only difference being that the SSGSS utilizes God Ki (which is an integral part of Goku’s and Vegeta’s bodies now). That is simply my thoughts, though I could be wrong. I wouldn’t put it past Toei to whip another plot hole out of their ass. I mention this above because it could cause the battle between Goku and Frost to go two different ways depending on the situation. If in the case that Goku is a regular SSJ, I predict that the fight will be a bit of a homage to the original Goku vs. Frieza battle, in which case Goku gains the upper hand over Frost in his “final” form. Frost, realizing that he will need to ascend to a higher level, will obtain an “ultimate evolution”, similar to Golden Frieza. This will force Goku to transform into a SSGSS, and battle evenly with Frost. With three years of training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (or the RoSaT for you purists), Goku will be able to match Frost evenly in this form. Frost, who to me seems like an intelligent fighter, will most likely outsmart Goku, causing him to ring out and lose the match. If Goku is a SSGSS from the beginning, it’s still a possibility that Frost may have to tap into this ultimate evolution. It’s more unlikely, as it would make more sense for Frost to go to this form once he senses the power of SSGSS Goku. That being said, Goku will still lose to Frost. The next fight brings us to Piccolo vs. Frost. A lot of people have been wondering how Piccolo will even be able to stand a chance against Frost, but there are several ways that this could become possible. First, I’m hoping that they’ll give Piccolo a significant power upgrade. It was implied that they would train before the start of the tournament, possibly allowing him to gain a bit of power. At this point he’s been shown to be weaker than base form Gohan (who, keep in mind, is still a lot stronger than Goku and Vegeta in their base forms (before God Ki)). He’s definitely going to need to reach levels that are higher than Majin Buu to stand a good chance in this tournament. There are several scenarios that could occur in this match. The first being that Frost, the polite guy he is, may revert into one of his lower forms to give Piccolo a much more fair fight. Either way, I still think that Frost will outclass Piccolo, forcing Piccolo to rely on his strategy rather than his own power. By the episode title, we know that Piccolo is going to betting it all on the Makankōsappō (Special Beam Cannon). What exactly he will do with it, we can only guess. In one scenario, I picture that the power gap between Piccolo and Frost will be so great that the SBC will not be powerful enough to pierce Frost’s. Rather, it will knock him out of thing, leading to Piccolo winning the match. The other route is that the SBC does pierce Frost and leaves him too injured to continue to fight. Killing is against that rules, but if Frieza can survive with his body cut in half, than Frost can survive a hole in the chest. I honestly think that Piccolo will win either way. I believe the next round will be Piccolo vs. Maggeta. We really don’t know what to expect out of this robotic alien, but I believe he has a few tricks up his sleeves that will put Piccolo at a severe disadvantage. Initially, I believe that Piccolo will already be worn down from using the SBC, while Maggeta is starting fresh into the match. Some abilities that come to mind are energy absorption, heavy endurance, and possibly the ability to release toxic gases (taken from the fact that he appeared to be filled with some type of fluid). In any case, I don’t think Piccolo will make it past this round, and the fight will be handed over to Vegeta. Already aware of Magetta’s special abilities, Vegeta will waste no time in making quick work of him; most likely not even needing to use SSGSS. Next, we have Vegeta vs. Cabba. From the chapter nine, Cabba hints that he is able to transform. But what will this transformation be? Will it be a regular SSJ or SSGSS? I’m going to put my bets towards SSGSS, but it Goku was SSGSS in his fight with Frost, Vados’s statement would imply that SSGSS is not the typical Saiyan transformation in Universe 6. Either way, it probably won’t resemble any of the SSJ transformations that we’ve seen before. I secretly hoping that it looks similar to SSJ4 (best transformation), but that’s unlikely. Either way, Vegeta and Cabba will most likely begin by fighting in their base forms, and ascending into their super forms later into the fight. I fill like this will be a long and brutal battle, but the Prince of Saiyans will come out on top. Vegeta will go on to face Hit, the mysterious purple guy who’s giving off some bad vibes. I see Hit being a no nonsense type of character, and taking Vegeta out with ease. I feel that even as an SSGSS, Vegeta will not be able to match up to Hit’s level of power. This leads into our final round, which is Monaca vs. Hit. There could be three potential outcomes of this battle. The first one is a tournament interruption. A rule of thumb in Dragon Ball is that a tournament never ends the way it’s supposed to, usually introducing the next major villain. I will talk more about this in the next installment. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Toriyama pulled a complete 360 and had the tournament end with a definitive winner. I believe that Monaca will most likely pull out some type of ability (probably involving his nipples) or pull off a powerful transformation (also probably involving his nipples), giving Hit a hard fight. Monaca will either win, or lose due to Hit committing some type of foul play. Really, it could go either way. Well, that’s how I think the tournament will play out. Tell me what you think in the comments. If you liked this blog, then I’ve got some more coming in the future.
  7. Since season 5 was confirmed, I was thinking, what are my predictions? I thought that: 1. Celestia would turn evil and be banished to the moon from Luna. She would probably be called "Solar Sun". 2. The rest of mane six would become princesses. 3. This would be the last season. 4. Trixie would come back, BUT MORE POWERFUL! XD 5. Derpy comes back 6. Twilight marries Prince BlueBlood (Most likely not but it is a guess XD) 7. Twilight will be able to fly 8. Mane 6 will be secretly related some how 9. Surprise will take off her WonderBolt outfit 10. The last sentence on the last episode of the last season will be from Twilight, saying "Friendship is true magic." Hope you enjoy! Here are some pony emoticons! :mlp-pdastardly: :mlp-acute: :mlp-tsquee: :mlp-rwink: :mlp-dlaugh: :mlp-fgrin: :mlp-degrin: :mlp-surwink:
  8. Now that Season 5 is over, it shouldn't be long before predictions for Season 6 will be popping up, and I have decided to hear some ideas and predictions. Here are some of my predictions and ideas: An episode where Twilight's respect from everyone since she's a princess catch onto her and soon starts acting spoiled, rude and narcissistic to Ponyville (probably won't happen, but would be very entertaining) Another romantic episode, this time centered around Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich (possible, Cheese Sandwich will probably return one day and this would be a good comeback) An episode that focuses on the Mane 6 meeting a pony with autism (not 100% sure with the topic it's dealing with, but it is always a maybe) I'd like to hear some of these from you. Whether prediction or idea, go ahead and reply!
  9. A trailer for the Season 5 finale was released a few days ago, and I have quite a few things to say about it. This video contains my thoughts and speculation regarding what might transpire in the upcoming episode. Please let me know your thoughts, and whether you agree or disagree with any of the points suggested. ~ Judgement Day
  10. How do you guys think Starlight will be seen in the future? For me: I think there's a really really really huge chance she'll return as the antagonist of this season's finale. I'm not sure what her plan will be though? I imagine she gets ahold of something that increases her abilities and she'll try to "equalize" everyone in Equestria. I also feel we'll get some backstop on her. Maybe she has the potential to be even more of a threat than Tirek. My personal want but definitely not going to happen: she forms her own anti-Mane Six group that represent the opposites of the Elements of Harmony. She would obviously be the opposite of Magic/Friendship. And the Flimflam Brothers could be the opposite of honesty, etc. What do you think will happen in the future regarding Starlight?
  11. Binary Blast

    Gaming E3 Predictions?

    Please post predictions, be they well researched or wild speculation, for E3. E3 is the electronic entertainment expo, it's a game expo that gamers around the world look forward to every year, many developers announce their biggest and best projects, as well as show trailers to drum up hype for the games to be released in the coming year. My predictions Microsoft: another CoD game will be announced, probably a sequal to blops, i don't know though I don't really pay attention to CoD. Halo 5 will get a campaign trailer, as well as some gameplay footage. Rareware will announce their project they've been working on for the last 3 years (please be Conkers Bad Fur Day) Sony: Sony will focus a lot on indie games this year, the ps4 already seems to be the go to platform for many indie developers, and there are a lot of indie games that deserve a spotlight. I also think they'll give an official release date for Uncharted: a Thieves End, as well as some more info for No Man's Sky. Oh, and they'll delay Last Guardian again. Nintendo: Nintendo will try desperately to remain relevant again, they will lower the price of the new 3ds, and they will announce F-zero for the WiiU. I also think they will give trailers for Star Fox, Legend of Zelda, and maybe dlc for smash bros/splitoon Bethsesda: Fallout 4 will be announced (I hope with every ounce of my being), Doom will get a trailer, Dishonored 2 will get a teaser. Other companies: EA will just be sports (bleh) Tony Hawk pro skater reboot will get a new trailer, Rock Band 4, and Guitar Hero Live will steal the show These are not reaserched at all, just educated guesses I'd love to hear my fellow bronies' opinions EDIT: FALLOUT 4 IS CONFIRMED FOR E3!!!!!!1!!!!
  12. Okay, let play a game, make the most ridiculous and optimist 'Equestria Girls' predictions. Because everyone has been talking about how shit it's gonna be (and I don't blame them), so lets flip the table, and talk about what gonna be super mega duper AWESOME about Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. Here are mine: Vinyl Scratch and Octavia will turn out to be neighbors and get several 'HILARIOUS' scenes together. Several homages to Spinal Tap, including references to the black album and 'the amps go 11' scene. Plus, Pinkie Pie will exploding multiple times though out the movie. Rainbow Dash will have a Guitar Duel with Sunset Shimmer...TO THE DEATH! A parody-homages to 'Hot of a Teacher by Van Halen' (Well they did do Bohemian Rhapsody in Littlest Pet Shop, so why not!) A cover of The Four Horsemen by Metallica And finallly (and I think we can all agree this will one happen) Steve Vai will make a cameo near the end of the movie and performance 'Bad Horsie'. And that's it. Now it's your turn!
  13. Welcome to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Bracket Game! The 2014 FIFA World Cup is just one month away! Instead of predicting the winner of March Madness in USA, you get to predict the winner of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Pick the winner and runner up in every group, and then predict the winners of the single elimination rounds from the Round of 16 to the Final! The password is "ponies". HAVE FUN!
  14. MissShiningStar

    Rarity Takes Manehattan

    So, I heard about Rarity Takes Manehattan too. Since it's a Rarity episode (finally), I expect great things!!!!!! Perhaps Babs Seed making an appearance.....?
  15. Lightning-flickr

    twilight and flash sentry

    I was talking to this guy in school today and he was saying that flash sentry and twilight sparkle would be a thing. They will not be a thing. Someone back me up on this. Equestria girls was not part of the plot. you can watch season 3 and then season 4 and you wouldn't be able to tell there was a movie in there. It was just to sell toys
  16. So any ways we've had derpy, Sombre, and alicorn twilight (as well as magical mystery cure) in season 4 whats gonna make fans or soccer moms loose their mind? 1 I for on like the CMC being the cmc, but i'm not gonna whine (okay maybe the first day give me one day lol to pout), but I understand it's likely gonna happen. I'm gonna miss my favorite 3 stooges blindly blundering through life. Hell if i was a pony and i had a blank flank I'd just picture the cmc and smile. No one else could made failing look so awesome, so heart warming, so endearing. At the same time i'm gonna feel good for them when it happens. Provided they don't become boring. 2 Killing off another character. You know the show writers do something once, (EOH for example) they get it in their mind they can keep doing it. Just imagine if the introduce a new bad ass villian better than discord than kill him. Yeah i know it's hard to imagine, but that would just sit in my craw lol. 3 Cycling out one of the main six. And no not just talking about twilight. Rain bow dash is a full fledged wonder bolt. and.... she seems like that sucks up what less than 5 percent of her time? Seeing as how when ever you see any of the wonder bolts any where their always in full battle gear, just so dash can go "ZOMG A WONDER BOLT! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" As the main cast hits their goals its just something to think about. I mean raritys main goal is to get a dress shop in canterlot. How is she gonna hang out and run that bad boy? I mean when apple jack finally um.... um.. um... unleashes her mutant army of killer apples similar to attack of the killer tomatoes, but legally distinct is she really gonna have time to have slice of life adventures? Or when pinkie goes so far into the 4th wall (okay i'll stop) but I could totally see the writers slowly cycling one of the main six out. testing the waters. 4 and than there's discords song, which we all hope is so terrible it's awesome, J.D.s been warning us rather steadily on this one, "remember you guys asked for it." When ever a troll tells you something like that, you should at least be concerned not look up with bright eyed wonderment lol.
  17. So, what are some of your predictions for next year's Oscars? I've got high bets that "Anna Karenina" will definitely be nominated for Best Production Design (previously Art Direction), or maybe even win. Probably for Best Adapted Screenplay as well. I also have high hopes Anne Hathaway and/or Samantha Barks from Les Miz, as Fantine and Eponine respectively, will land a spot in the Best Supporting Actresses Nominees. Your thoughts?