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Found 4 results

  1. Test your memory and relive awesome moments by saying what is that fanfic that made you smile the most! Mine? Well it was called Lost and Fallen, it was about a swat agent that arrived in an equestria in which humans enslaved ponies. Unfortunately, it was uncomplete but it was awesome anyway!
  2. Hey guys, just looking for some good music to PvP to, any underrated bands anyone recommends, so far I'm loving Limp Bizket and Egypt Central - I'm creating a playlist so I'd like people to get the best variety. Feel free to post your favorite bands and songs and why Remember NO FLAMING other peoples opinion, each to their own.
  3. I've been studying and doing a bit of research in financial planning lately. I've recently came across a lot of articles that claim that although going without using a credit card is more difficult and requires some planning and establishing good savings, it is a much better option than having to rely on credit card to cover your expenses. I am still no expert on the fundamental economics and finances that comes into play here, but that's why I decided to post this topic. To gather some of your thoughts. A good majority of the community here is composed of adults ranging from their early twenties to thirties, with a whole lot of experience in the economic world where balancing budget, personal finances, and savings is a real necessity. So I'd just like to know your guy's thoughts on using only cash as opposed to using credit cards or both. Like how does one balance that out? How do you handle your credit and finance?
  4. Just a poll I decided to make. Please comment and discuss ^^ I made it to get some feedback on various ideas for my own fanfic, but the poll applies so generally, I'll do a discussion on my own fanfic elsewhere and leave this open to more generalized conversation about your own likes and dislikes in fanfic. If there's something you hate to see in fanfics and you see it a lot, this is the place to rant about it xD Personally, I think fanfics oughta follow the spirit of the show. They can be more serious and deep than the show because they don't have to be safe for children, but I strongly oppose erotic work (for ethical and religious reasons) and I just generally dislike very dark work (Past Sins was excellent, but I worked on a darker dystopian fic for awhile, and I'm somewhat displeased that I did that. I'm working on something much more upbeat, now. And it's a little sad, though, because I had such an extremely epic and complex plot planned). I also think changed characters are kinda neat. Writing a character well is always a must, but especially so in this case, so it can get ruined by that easily. Also, I dislike unrealistic stuff. For some reason, I can accept magic rather easily without it hurting my suspension of disbelief. The magic in Equestria is a field of study, like physics IRL, it's "sufficiently analyzed", yet there are still phenomenon that are poorly understood (like SA and Cadence's Love defeating the Changelings, or Twi becoming Twilicorn), so I'm okay with it. It manages to be both fantastic AND realistic, in a sense (it's so much like physics or astronomy IRL). But I prefer an Equestria that has to survive winters, deal with unions and corporations (Super Cider Squeezy 6000), and exist in a geopolitical environment, as opposed to "once upon a time". The show strikes a very odd and unique combination with that, with artificially changing seasons, but it requires what amounts to geo-engineering on a grand scale (the basic concept is fantastic/romantic, but the execution is pragmatic/realistic). Romanticized stuff like that never holds my suspension of disbelief. It's part of my over-analyzing of everything Your own thoughts?