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Found 6 results

  1. I don't understand social pressure completely. Why we have such thing as social pressure? Why you just can't say "no", when 20 other people say "yes"? I know it's a instinct, but in today times it's not as useful, as it used to be. Especially in cases of inteligent units, which are rejected from the group, because of that unit being smarter than the rest. I'll give an example: You start an important topic about finding valuable and worthful sources of information, but nobody is interested in the subject and everything is finding information on social platforms such as Facebook. I had a victim of a similar thing, but in school, when I wanted to show a long video about value of reliable sources of information. My teacher played it in class and after just a few minutes most of the class wasn't interested in it. I just don't understand. I feel like I blamed myself. So the purpose of this subject is: How to prevent from being a victim of such social pressure and which examples from your lives you can show up there? I'll try to answer, if possible (becasue I'm going to countryside in a few days for a weekend).
  2. Just a thought i had, and was curious about all of your opinions.. Back in high-school, all the pressure i had was Homework, Getting ready for school, and maybe the occasional drama in class. Nowadays, between moving away, paying for my tuition, and studying, it seems i hardly have time for anything or anyone. Still, it somehow doesn't slow me down. What about you? How much can you take before you start feeling cornered?
  3. Can you handle pressure? Do you feel the pressure? I'm very bad on handling pressure and expectations. If there is pressure on me or I'm expected to do something it makes me panic and I sometimes fail to answer the simplest questions. Time limits put huge pressure on me. Once I was in math test and there were time limit and I was 15 min late for the class. I was so nervous then. When I was halfway done the test I looked the clock and there were 10 min time left I was in big panic. I felt the clock running down on me it was so bad. My hands started shaking and the simplest questions took me so long. Questions were so simple but because of my panic and this huge pressure I did so stupid mistakes. After the test I almost cried because I knew that I had failed my expectations. If someone pressures me to do something I usually crack up and cry, because I can't take the pressure. I feel so much pressure if I need to make important decisions especially if they involve other people. I put pressure on myself if I'm expected to do something. What do you think about pressure? What are your experiences handling pressure?
  4. Should you: listen always to your fans, and let their fanons influence your work? prefer to do almost everything your way, risking their anger?
  5. *Thought of when replying to this topic! In the topic, a bunch of guys are talking about how they're too thin. Guys are expected to be big, strong, and bulky. (in a good way) Girls, on the other hand, have to look just like the *airbushed* magazine model. Girls have been known to overwork themselves and stp eating in order to be 'perfect.' But so have some guys. Everyone is under pressure to not become overweight, but... who do you think has it worse??
  6. Greetings. This is something I've been wondering about for a while, so let's share and hopefully get some opinions. At first, I've been thinking that what "hurts" the bronies or fandom, whatever you prefer, are the omnipresent haters and/or ignorant people who love to judge everything they don't like or care to know, but the more I get in, the more it seems to me like it's the fandom itself that produces the most pressure. What do I mean? The lesser evil - Let's divide (and conquer?)! Do we really need to point out who is -real- brony and who's not? I see the term "real brony" more and more often. What the buck, people. Who gave us the right to judge each other. Did we become a religious cult somewhere along the way and I just didn't get the memo with the tenets? Let's not do this "He writes fiction I don't like therefore he cannot possibly be a real brony." routine. The bigger evil - While most of us who travel around the world of internet probably met a hostile people going "your gay cuz your watches ponyez!!!!111!1", I doubt many were offended or touched by the intelligent display. Many also met self-righteous people who aren't really "hating" but will lose a giggle or a remark over a MLP shirt or avatar - while I see how it could make someone feel bad, especially if that comes from a friend or a family - it's really easy to ignore or turn the joke around. I don't really think either of those can be overly frustrating. On the other hand, what I find to be somewhat frustrating is the number of people within the fandom who keep going on about how embarrassing it is, how to hide that you're a brony, how to secretly buy pony stuff, how to confess that you watch MLP, et cetera, I'm sure you've seen a few too. As I've noted somewhere else, when someone walks to me, tells me that he or she is new in the community and immediately follows with "So, how do I keep it a secret?" I find it to be very frustrating, firstly I don't know whether I should be actually offended by that or not and secondly, what about some self-esteem and self-respect? This tells me that the people often actually see it as if they're doing something wrong and make me feel as if I'm part of some creepy fetish porn community. Or maybe the Illuminati. But more like the fetish porn. For crying out loud, there is nothing to confess to your family and friends, not even mentioning embarrassment or doing something wrong. Walk with your head held high, it feels good and you have every right to do so. Either way, that is how I see it, if something is not clear, ask me and thanks for reading and possibly leaving your opinion. Cheers.