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Found 7 results

  1. One of the reasons I sought out this forum was to get an idea of the value of some of my collection. I have G1 & G3. I am looking to sell some to help finance a present for my husband. Which would be better value in general: MIB G3s - I have a cupboard full of lots of different ones and a couple of the first mail order G3 in bags) or various G1s (thinking of parting with a MIB spanish baby bowtie & buggy - I also have a MoC UK pose bowtie).
  2. .. I don't know what my work is worth. I want it to be a fair price but also enough for my living costs. I minimum wage job isn't enough to keep my a float. So! What would you charge for my work? Examples: (Sketch) (Sketch Colour) (Flat Colour) (Flat Colour With Background) (Painterly) I can also draw other things besides ponies! If you wish to see more, you can find my DeviantArt page on my profile. :3 Anyone? I just need your opinion. What would you pay for work like mine?
  3. I've been needing to make a little money drawing Cutie Marks but I don't know how to price myself. I have Photoshop, Illustrator and willing to use GIMP if need be. I could probably get it done in 30 minutes depending on complexity.
  4. My first chkdsk didn't find anything, neither did Malwarebytes... I am currently running a second chkdsk at the moment. My laptop symptoms are: After a few minutes, my HDD light is solid, then when I try anything that involves accessing the HDD (opening Windows Explorer, opening My Computer, Defrag) it freezes to the point where I have to hard reset. I could still move the mouse, but that doesn't help me very much. I also can't open task manager or anything else... Since chkdsk couldn't find anything, I have a feeling this might be more than a problem that I can solve... I also don't think fresh installing anything is going to solve anything anymore... I really hope these guys I see can do something... (replace the hdd or whatever else they can do) For now, I will either have to use my parent's Vista or my iPad for a while...
  5. Okay, i'm not going here to advertise that i'm selling something, but i would appreciate some feedback on what someone would be willing to pay for something. I have here a matte black machete almost two feet long, with a rope handle. I believe it is carbon steel, but i am not sure. It is sharpened, and is very usable. It has never been used before. The reason it is pony merchandise is because I had it come with a custom engraving on the side, (Vinyl Scratch's cutie mark). I have some pictures attached. It also comes with a sleeve.
  6. I have a Question! Hey so for bronies who know a bit about Keyboards and stuff like that I want to ask a question! So okay I really want to get a Keytar, but I know nothing about them and for people who are gonna say I was wondering if anyone knows of a plaace where I can get a Keytar for cheap I was thinking under £100 but I think I might be asking for a miracle, but as I said I don't know much about keytars, if you can't find a decent one for under £100 just post a load of links to websites with good deals on them in! If anypony was wondering why I want a keytar, I'm really into 80s electronic music so yeah! BTW for anypony whos gonna post: I already have! okay byee
  7. How can anyone be able to pay for an awesome animation program like this? I understand that big businesses are using this *cough*MLP*cough*, but why can't people like me be able to afford it? I know for a fact that it is the best animation program out there, so why not make it available at a reasonable price? I remember getting into it from one of my high school classes, I wanted it sooooo bad, but NO, can't afford it! Do you have any thoughts? BTW, I don't really support piracy or anything like that.