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Found 3 results

  1. One of the reasons I sought out this forum was to get an idea of the value of some of my collection. I have G1 & G3. I am looking to sell some to help finance a present for my husband. Which would be better value in general: MIB G3s - I have a cupboard full of lots of different ones and a couple of the first mail order G3 in bags) or various G1s (thinking of parting with a MIB spanish baby bowtie & buggy - I also have a MoC UK pose bowtie).
  2. I work at a meat locker. I have to keep tabs on the meat market (which I never cared about before this job), we learned that the cheapest meat available, pork, just went nearly $2.00 PER POUND!!! I know why this happening and it's not hard to find out why if you don't already know. But this something I'd like to talk about. Milk prices (due to the farm bill) is also going to go up a great deal. Crop prices themselves (especially corn) are dropping, so more farmers are going to ditch crop for animals or farm a more profitable crop than corn for this year. This will (down the road) drive up corn prices a LOT because less corn (which is mostly used for animal feed) and higher demand equals simple economics. I also keep up on crop prices in general because I live in the most fertile part of the nation as well as knowing that crop prices affect meat prices (and vice versa). All in all, food is going to go up in price while the economy elsewhere (i.e. our paychecks) stay stagnant. So with all that exposition out of the way, lets discuss! For you farmer bronies out there, what do you see in your area about the way the Amercian food economy is going in the next 3 or so years? For those overseas, how do you see the American food market affecting you? Also, what's the food economy like in your area, and how(if) do you see it affecting America? For those not concerned with the economic aspect of food, what do you, as someone who eats food (we all do) see as far your wallet is concerned? If you don't buy your own food yet, what do your see your family doing? Do you see your diet changing? What do you see in food economy, and where do you think it's going?
  3. Why do so many people hate Wal-Mart. I mean I hear from everyone It destroys small business it kills competition. I hear they destroy lives and underpay their workers. Some people say their lines are the longest in the world. And lastly they discriminate by not hiring minorities. But is all of that true. I mean I know the longest lines in the world part is true I mean come on at midnight there will be a line for batteries, and etc. But can anyone explain the somewhat ridiculous hatred of Wal-Mart???