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Found 32 results

  1. One of the most vilified characters in the whole series. An antagonist who has been demonized and ridiculed to the Nth degree in many a countless fanfic. And he's only been in one episode. Never the less, Blueblood's infamy lives on. But should he have had a redemption/reformation episode by this point? Is it too late 6 seasons on?
  2. Most royals presented in the show, if I'm missing anyone please let me know(I explain the lack of Shining Armor below). What I now look back on and find interesting is that this whole idea started due to a 2016 show adapted from a 1992 work, who's music (the 2016 one's) sparked the inspiration. This was done on...basically an A4 fax paper with HB pencils. Yeah.... List of characters and their parallel poser [1-2] Poisoned Lovers (Prince Blue Dream & Princess Golden Dream according to the wiki) [3-4] Celestia & Luna [5-6] Cadence & Flurry [7-8] The Saddle Arabia delegates (Haakim & Amira, or "Ruler and Princess" when translated) [9-10] Sombra & Chrysalis [11-12] Rutherford & Tirek [13-14] Duke & Duchess of Maretonia [15-16] Torch & Scorpan [17-19] 3 Founders of Equestria (Princess Platinum, Chancellor Puddinghead, Commander Hurricane) [20-21] King Grover and King Groto [22-24] Ember, Twilight, & Thorax In hindsight, I don't know why I didn't just take one picture of all three of them. [25] Blueblood At first I was going to do EVERY royal from EVERY media from the current gen because I really wanted Princess Amore and Princess Parabola to pose together. But then I found out there's a King Leo (so somehow I'd have to fit a massive pool of water in there), Princess Platinum's dad (King Bullion), I didn't know whether to include (the fictional) Queen Trottingham, I wondered if that one time Trixie was a queen in the comics would that count, apparently they designed Tirek's mom and dad who were royals too, and I'd still need to find space for the Storm wasn't happening. I had no clue Shining Armor was a prince until recently. When I made a list of royalties I was thinking of those who acted in government. Rule makers, citizen commanders, foreign relation stuff. Shining Armor....commands the royal guard...which is below top level royalties, which is why I didn't think he was a prince. I mean even now he mostly just raises Flurry, I don't see him in big politcal matters (appearances don't count.) And I'm not sure of Pinkie's "official" title was serious in the Yak episode, it was way to late to put her in anyhow. Ugh man originally I had like 11 paragraphs & pictures of thought process/work because these characters were set up from scratch, so planning their positions and pose took 10 fold the time to actually draw them. Like these characters used pose refrences, but this whole set up didn't essentially pardoy something else. I didn't finish it but I did want to include the pics though: This took way too much time, and I overthought this to a useless extent. Definitely NOT going to do numerous character drawings for a while, I've been craving one-two character close drawings again, ones where I can actually add detail and style.
  3. Prince Blueblood. The most handsome, eligible colt in Canterlot. Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great nephew to Her Majesty Princess Celestia. (Yes, I actually counted the number of greats to get them right) But for too long, the hairless apes of these fora and beyond have refused to show that most majestic of unicorns - the *prince*,no less - the respect he is rightly due. True, the return of a dark and brooding second great-aunt he never knew he had has slightly bumped him down in the succession, but let's not forget who was receiving an expert education in diplomacy while Her Royal Highness was off in time out, hmm? And that, again, shows their lack of taste; For while in Equestria, the populace loves dear Aunt Celestia to the point of making Miss Grumpyhooves jealous, *these* types somehow like her irresponsible gothiness and spread the most shocking rumors about her elder sister! But I digress. This is about Blueblood. After a regrettable misunderstanding with a certain filly from the country - What was her name again? -, some of her "admirers" (so indecent, their cross-species amorousness) have seen fit to drag His Royal Highness's name through the mud, making even greater aspersions regarding his character than they do towards his dear aunt! Really, you might at least get to know a fellow before making such nasty accusations; Fortunately for you, Prince Blueblood is magnanimous and just, and forgives you your obviously misguided remarks. And he did patch things up with the filly - Rarity, that was it - during her recent trip to Canterlot, you know. Well, fortunately, not everyone has such poor taste; Following the efforts of a certain Mr. Jeremy Whitley to chronicle Blueblood's recent diplomatic mission to Yakyakistan with his new cousin-in-law - Shining Armor, fine stallion, really - Former Captain of the Royal Guard, and the royal family never felt safer! ...Ahem, following this chronicle, it has in fact been brought to light that perhaps some of you were mistaken about the prince. I think Mr. Whitley may be due for a knighthood shortly; But of course arrangements will have to be made with Aunt Celestia. Ah, forgive me. I'm so *rambly* at the moment. But yes, I do recommend you all take a look at the issue in question. You might just come out of it with the proper respect for your social betters. And for those of you who already did show the appropriate deference to royalty of the most ancient bloodline in all the land - Welcome aboard. I'm sure we have quite a bit to discuss, over a fine glass of carrot juice or two. The hay here is really quite good.
  4. Hello there! So, I run this MLP Webcomic, where it is about a young inexperienced Dragon, who does not know what he is doing. He is trying to help gain allies with the ponies, while his own homelands are under attack! However, Pony Politics is not as easy, is it seems. So the young and inexperienced ambassador, has to learn the hard way as to how pony politics work. I am the story Writer/MOD and my friend "The Professor" is the one who draws the strips. Will the Ambassador Gain the ponies as Allies? Will he make a fool of himself? Let's Find out! Link to the web comic in Story Order: Link to Front page: Below you will see a handful of panels from the web-comic and sending in questions or statements via Tumblr, does help influence the story. Come on down and help the Ambassador!
  5. I have noticed among some old comments made before "The Best Night Ever", in which they refer Prince Blueblood as "Prince Astron". How did he get the name "Astron"? Was it because of the star-shaped cutie mark?
  6. Always, these guys make me think we've seem all in terms of FF, but they always come with some doozy . Hope Bluedouche doesn't angers the yaks Synopsis Shining Armor will have his hooves full when Prince Blueblood gets involved in a sensitive diplomatic mission. Will Shining Armor be able to make use of the Prince’s unique talents?
  7. This is just a little something I did for Rena Anakwe, Peter New and Andrea Libman. First: Rena's drawing is Sapphire Shores commenting on Prince Blueblood and Whoa Nelly Second: Peter's drawing involves BIg Macintosh and Igneous Rock as Vampire hunters as they go up against DraColtula Third: Pinkie Pie and my character Wanda Young as Jedi from Star Wars. As a little joke, I made Pinkie's lightsaber a Party Cannon Of the three that I did, which one is your favorite? Feel free to reply.(Though knowing alot of you, you're gonna say what I gave to Peter New)
  8. Guy I don't know why but I couldn't stop making next gens for one couple and finally sketched them for reference after trying out the pony generator to get their coloring. I may post colored version, I hope I do. I don't even super love their parents but the pairing happened in my head so yeah I made the offspring of Trixie Lulamoon and Prince Blueblood and even some future for them being good in pony society instead of evil conquers or anything. *shrugs* Here's their 1st son: Has light pale blue fur and dark blue hooves, blonde hair with light blue streaks, blue eyes, blind in his left eye after trying to use and advanced spell at a young age backfired into his face. He is logical and very calm, sadly he has a bit of magic fear after the event that blinded him. He watches over his brother and besides his parents is the only one that can handle his high energy and helps him on "adventures". 2nd Son: Same fur and hoof colors as his brother, light blue hair with dark blue streaks and purple eyes. He found his cutie mark very early finding a love for magical explosives and being a small bundle of energy he wants to do magic shows like his mother once did before her retirement from travel and settling down in canterlot and becoming a teacher/husband's writing inspiration. (oops spoilers on my next gen universe for Trixie and Blueblood) He loves going on adventures and his brother being his trusty sidekick as they explore unexplored caves and steal dragon's gold. (not really Comet would never let him do that) So there are the next gen kids I have so far, I actually made story for their parent's meeting and how the ego clashing humbled them, yes both boys and Trixie are royal in title now but the boys don't care and Trixie kinda likes the parties they get to go to until Flair scares a woman with his amber bug collection or Comet fearfully hides from the many magic using unicorns in the gardens and then Trixie and Blueblood have to wrangle in/calm down their kids. They still love them but parenthood is never easy. If you have questions just ask, if you have critiques post those too. P.S. I don't have Trixie and Blueblood as my top pairing this just happened in my brain and I loved it.
  9. You can thank Rarity for doing this. Gonna show this off to Tabitha St Germain and Vincent Tong.
  10. Well, Celestia is an alicorn princess, as are Luna and Cadance, and when Twilight transformed into an alicorn, she becomes a princess. But Shining Armor and Blueblood are princes, yet are not alicorns, so why not? So are females the only ones who can become alicorns, and the males can't be alicorns like females?
  11. I just noticed that they are alot alike. such as: -both of them are famous -Both of them have White furr and seductive eyes -Both of them had cowardly traits -Both of them have fanmares all over them -Both of them were kinda stuck up So do you think the writers actually based Blueblood off Knight Shades? to those who dont know who he is:
  12. So how sketchy is the royal family lineage? You have the two royal sisters, Luna and Celestia, and of course some really weird related relatives. How did Prince Blueblood ever get into this family? Same with Princess Cadence - how is she Celestia and Luna's niece? You know, considering that Celestia seems to not have married anypony, same with Luna (or is there some inglorious scandal being covered up somewhere in background of the royal family?) Throw up your theories now.
  13. Things I'd like to see: Another Luna-centric episode. Actually a Celestia episode would be cool as well. A return of Gilda and/or Blueblood. A least a crumb of background for Scootaloo. Have them do something with Discord, at least some cameos. BRING BACK DERPY!!!
  14. Ok so this is my first time posting a new topic, so please be gentle. I saw this on facebook and my jaw dropped. Please tell me this is a joke? Has hasbro really gone down this bad? Thoughts? Personally, I'm petrified. Please tell me this is a joke? I have no idea what to believe anymore @________@ It looks fake but, considering the weird things in the fandom going on now Im not even sure
  15. Why wasnt Prince BlueBlood at the Canterlot wedding? Even Sweetie Belle was there. Hasbro. I am disappiont. Seriouse note Why dint they show him at the wedding?
  16. Well It seems that Trixe has been appearing alot lately since her return in Magic Duel. She appeared in Equestria girls, the comics, and others. However what about Blueblood and Gilda? Sure Flim and Flam, Iron Will, Teenage dragons and diamond dogs have no reason to return since they aren't really that important to the storyline. And Since The trading Cards say Lightning is still in the Wonderbolt academy she is almost confirmed to return later on. But What about Gilda and Prince Blueblood? Sure they both have semi returned as in Blueboods Background appearance in Sweet and Elite and Gilda teaming up with Trixie in the Crystal Heart book. But neither of them got an Important role in an episode i the show like Trixie had(And neither of them were in Equestria Girls.) Gilda has been Dashes friend since their childhood and they both were on good terms untill Pinkie Pie driven Gilda mad and started a fight between the two friends, Her returning might bring great character devolopment for Rainbow Dash. If she tries to apologize or something it might be a great episode as long as it has something new and intrestig in it so it won't be Magic Duel or kcafo no.2. And As for Prince Blueblood Even If he isn't as devoloped as the other antagonist (His trading card din't even say hes an antagonist) He Is still a prince, and the only Mortal pony to be blood related to the princesses( Cadence was adopted). So why wasn't he at the royal wedding or at Twilights princess coronation? Unless he was killed by a changeling or was given a vacation it doesn't make sense. Personaly I find him to be a Mix between Frollo and Gaston who Because he got his arrogant and show off attitude from Gaston and his "I am better than commoners" Attitude from Frollo. I hope he returns as a politicians villain in S4. Should these two Antagonists from Season 1 return or should hey never be mentioned again? Whyy isn't anyone replying to my thread? I held some intresting points and was looking forward to see other bronies opinions on this topic. It makes me sad.
  17. Hello All! So, I've been hard at work for an extended time on a text adventure based on my MLP fanfic The First Prince, which can be found on Equestria Daily. It's said that you are the worst possible person to test your own game, so I thought it would be a good idea to get comments on an early (prealpha, or whatever the proper name is) build so I can make sure I'm not coding myself off a cliff. I'm looking for comments about: Runtime (I still don't know how long it takes to get from start to finish in this build of the game) Bugs (I know there is at least one path in the game that completes the current main quest, but I'm not sure about the alternate paths) Story (If something seems too darn weird or boring, just tell me) General Design (different colors, more ascii artwork) Anything else you can think of. Again, it should be noted this is a very early build. Not only does it stop in the middle of the game's story, but there are a lot of typos and likely a lot of bugs to iron out. If you're interested in seeing how the text adventure turns out long term and are looking to play a more finished, polished product, I would reccomend waiting until a later build to play through it. The current build of the game can be found here: I hope you find it fun! Also I'm trying an experiment, could you try accessing the page I created first by going to: and then clicking on wounded.html from the list. I'm not sure why, but that seems to work pretty well for me. EDIT: Note, this is based off a dark fanfic, viewer beware. The game is not likely to be higher than pg-13 rated though EDIT1: If an error message appears, that's just because I'm currently using the old style of calling an applet. Just click the play button and I think it should work.
  18. As the titles says those two apirs should have a Celestia/Twilight kind of relation ship. Let me explain to you why for each Pair. Trixie and Luna: They are Pretty much a different Version of Twilight And Celestia. Also they have alot in common Like both lost to their Own jealousy, They Both Were corrupted By an evil force and both were redeemed. Also They both seem to have some kind of a self pride like the third person talking by Trixie and the Canterlot Voice by Luna. And Trixie Is right now the most talented Unicorn as In Twi is an alicorn, Sombra and Star Swirl are dead, And shining inly knows one spell While Trixie knows Alot. And since They both are given a Soft side By the fandom as In Luna is More popular than Celestia Even if tia appeared more and Trixie Is More Popular than Any other Pony except for The mane cast, Spike, Tia and Luna, and Barely the CMC, Then putting them Together would Make Most of the fandom Celebrate or something. and it would give them both Character devolopment Which alot of fans Want. Discord And Blueblood: Okay so these two might not have as much in common as tia and twily or Even Luna and Trixe. But they have one thing in common. There are both Annoying Manchildren, Just with different styles. Now How would these give any rewards to Discord and Blueblood? Easy. For Discord Being given a Choas Student It would mean That he can use that Student To Spread choas without getting in trouble with the princesses. It would also Help Discords character By having him Have a friend other than Fluttershy, I mean He cried because He almost lost her, Now the Princesses and him wouldnt get along Alot because of their past and He cant be in ponyvill around Fluttershy Because Ponyvill is a peaceful town who would be afraid of him. So why not Have him and Blueblood Have a Partnership or something in a comedy style Where they annoy eachother along side The ones who are close to them But still care for each other in some kind of way. For Blueblood It would mean His entire character. Because Right now He is even More hated Than Diamond Tiara, And the reason behind that is that He Only appeared in Three minutes which dint devolop him well. Which leads to him Being the Punching bag of the fandom. But Is he really that Evil and satanic? No he isnt, He is Just a douchebag Like Johnny Bravo and Kuzco. But at this Point not even him singing a song would end the hate torward him. The only Person Who can Make Blueblood a fan favourite Is Discord. Unlike any of the Good Guys Like The Mane six, Big Mac, Shining, The Princesses, Who would not Allow Blueblood to be a Jerk or even Beat him up for it in big mac and shinings case, Discord would Make Blueblood Look Funny and Be Pretty much a stepping stone for the prince. What do you think? Should these two Pair of characters Become Mentor and Student or atleast friends in the show? If yes Should both of them or only one of them and if one then which one.
  19. Prince BB: Ask me Anything You Peasants. Kaidou: *FacePalm* Ooc: Okay Ask this AuntBucker Anything. Prince BB : Go away this Is MY Ask not yours. Prince BB: Now come and worship me.
  20. Before I say Anything I would like to say That This is a different Threads than My other threads about him. This is about His Future Roles as A Villain In MLP FIM. Now you might say To Yourself "Why Would He be a Villain?". Well let me explain it to you Bob the averege User On MLP Forums. As We could See from His former Apperance in The Best Night Ever That He Takes Pride in being a royalty, Making it a Lifestyle than a simple Title. So If he takes So Much Pride in it he must care For the reputation Of both himself and The other royaltys, And Let us Face it, Celestia And Cakes and Luna Not knowing the norms of Equestria Yet Must give him a Hard time. And Now With Twilight Becoming a Princess There are two ways he would feel about this and each of them has a Role of its own: *If he was a Pro Twilicorn:Then He would Most Likely Try to Marry Twilight so He could Raise His Social Status, But we all Know that he is gonna Get Rejected Then He would become a Ponified Gaston And ALways Try to make Twilight marry him and always Either get rejected by her or Get Blocked By Rarity Or Shining Armour and It would become a Comedy gag Everytime The Mane Six goes to Canterlot. *If He was a Anti Twilicorn: Then He would Try as Much as he can to Convince His Aunts and the High Status Ponies that this is a Bad Idea and He would Team Up With Discord or some Ponies to Do Funny Videos and Photos To Mock Twilight and try to Break Her into giving up her wings. In the end He fails and he Becomes a Neutral Character who Hates The Mane Six and always Picks on them with Name Callings. So Do you think That He should be putten In One of these Roles, Would you like him better if they did, Or should they Just Take Him Off completly From the show and never make him return. Comment and answer
  21. Now you might ask Yourself "But Kaidou how did you know, we only saw seconds of him in the trailer". Now I must tell you, I Have complete trust in my senses. Now lets start analysing: 1) Both are There for love intrest(Assumation) However Blueblood Was a Jerk And ruint the chances of romace while This New Guy Who I will call Brad seems to be nice so I am oretty sure EQG will be full of romace. 2) Blueblood Is a Funny Jerk Which makes him more special than More of the princes in fiction. While Brad seems like A Gary Stu whos popular. 3) Brad is in a Spinoff while Blueblood is in the show and could return any episode while Brad cannot. 4) Blueblood Is a Prince and therefor more intresting than Brad. I hope I have enlightning you to the right path my fellow Bronies
  22. Prince Blueblood vs. CCW Commissioner Blaze in a one on one confrontation. CCW Tag Team Champions Quiltastic and Jinjo Bytes take on Flim and Flam. Can the two brothers keep their issues in check long enough to take advantage of the situation?
  23. Click picture for video! Trixie's Quest for Gold! (A WWE 13 Let's Play) 002: Shaming Royalty! Trixie gets her hooves on snotty, stuck-up Prince Blueblood.
  24. Card subject to change without notice! Noteworthy vs. Anapony U Soarin' vs. Fancypants Extreme Rules: Fluttershy vs. Prince Blueblood Last Man Standing: Big Macintosh vs. Crafty Crate SECW Champion Applejack vs. Twilight Sparkle Remember to like/fave/subscribe, and share with your friends! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at:
  25. Card subject to change without notice! Tag Team: Scootaloo & Braeburn vs. Score & Crafty Crate Jinjo Bytes vs. Vinyl Scratch Triple Threat: Anapony P vs. Canterlot Champion Scale Gazer vs. Rainbow Dash NLRCW Champion Ditzy-Doo vs. Presto Main Event: Prince Blueblood vs. Shining Armor Remember to like/fave/subscribe, and share with your friends! Also, you can now follow us on Tumblr at: